Aviators - Undying Lyrics

Trapped in spirit to the earth
Where shadows find their due rebirth
My blade has fallen but rises new
The final blow will still strike true
A gift, a curse, but not my own
A wish to guide this power home
Through all the ghosts along the way
I'll live to fight another day

Breath of the unyielding wind
The dragon within
Keeps the flesh alive
To absolve my sin
I'm the thief with a mark
Redeemed by the
Will of the undying spark
The wolf in the dark

I am bound by monarch
The thief with a mark
The undying spark
The wolf in the dark

Land of conquest, age of war
The likes I've never seen before
With spirits rising, and dead unrest
This immortality's a test
A gift, a curse, but not my own
A wish to guide this power home
Through all the ghosts along the way
I'll live to fight another day

I rot the world around us
As the colors turn to gray
In a tale of death and pestilence
These footprints soon decay
So let us fade together
To a pure and mortal dream
I'll fight my way to get there
With this power in my bloodstream

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Aviators Undying Comments
  1. TheJollyTiger

    Hey man, your songs are amazing... Have you ever think to make a song based on the game "Salt and Sanctuary"? Because I think it could be an excellent subject for your works...

  2. Darkpony

    its been a long time since there beginnings in the magical land of equestria.

  3. Danvol [Covers]

    I sent you an important email, please check!

  4. da way

    Yes, it is 2 am
    Yes i have school and homework to do
    No, i don't care

  5. NyraLunaEXE

    I have been anxiously waiting for this.
    Absolutely blew away my expectations. Ya'll never cease to impress.


    Just one guy dude. Just adds to the incredibleness

  6. Jesper Falkenberg

    Hey Aviators, i was wondering if you've ever done a dishonored song, and if you haven't i would love to see your take on one. It is really among my favorite game series and i NEED to see how you'll do it <3

  7. deepstrasz

    Fits well with the action video.


    Hey guys I did a cover of your let there be fire please check it out.


  9. Julia Gleason

    Game recommendation: Bendy and the ink machine

  10. Oxfdg

    Yes! Now with new masterpiece from Aviators great Sekiro song trio is completed!

  11. Shad3rEVO

    I only wish I could listen to this song on Youtube Music.

  12. Onigiri Otaku

    I'm kinda sad sekiro was the one to get goty and not bloodborne or dark souls 3 sekiros really repetitive and has a very mediocre story compared to dark souls or bloodborne but hey I'm still happy from soft has a goty now heres hoping elden ring will still have the difficulty esk of the soulsbornekiro series maybe toned down a little bit if there building a true rpg

    Ананас Ананасов

    Dark souls has no StORy. It has lore. Its a different thing. Btw sekiro has a lore that can compare to souls' one. There is only one game yet so its not that big, but if actually read everything you'll get a lot of lore.

  13. Chaotic Sky

    In what twilight zone world is this 'hard' anything?

  14. Battran agon

    Yet another amazing song from Aviators, fantastic job!

  15. TerracatHero

    Mhw would be good

  16. Филантий Фёдоров

    < 3 < 3 < 3

  17. Nakedsnakes _84

    Aye perfect song for the game of the year

  18. Kyle Williams

    Honestly I thought the song would’ve had a similar vibe like Way of the Strong.

  19. Cyrus Bain

    Game of the Year for Sekiro. :D

  20. RaviencraftTV

    Sekiro is officially 2019's Game of the Year! Congratulations! Well deserved!

  21. Leshain

    *Game of the year 2019.* so surreal.

    dragon lord

    It definitely lives up to its new title.

  22. Heimskr, Prophet of Talos

    Uhhh stop posting weebshit thx m8

  23. Mythicalthings

    I have still yet to get the "Ashura" ending. And I refuse to.


    @Obeida Waleed Nah, I've seen it. He kills Emma and a weakened Isshin in some cool looking fights.

    Owl goes off and beheads Genichiro and places his head besides their corpses, he now has the black mortal blade, Shura awakens inside Wolf and he kills owl.

    Also I have a feeling that's a bloodborne reference. But I'm not quite sure why it's here. Also. Ashura, Shura, same thing.

    Zachary Cunningham

    @Mythicalthings You know, you may be right about the Shura ending being a bloodborne reference. For all intents and purposes, it looks like becoming Shura in Sekiro is ultimately like becoming a Beast, Mad With Bloodlust, in Bloodborne.


    @Zachary Cunningham Yeah but that's just. Kinda a thing in japanese story telling in general. Look at all the "bloodlusted anime character goes nuts/transforms!"

    Obeida Waleed

    Bloodborne reference? How?


    @Obeida Waleed Cause the whole point of BloodBorne is to "Open your eyes"

    That's what I thought you meant. What *did* you mean?

  24. Zelarith

    I had been waiting for an Aviator tribute to Sekiro, and, God damn, the wait was worth it !
    Thank you for this amazing song :)

  25. Kyle Marquez

    This is great!

  26. Elgion

    Wow, aviators are in 14% of people, who beat ishin

    dragon lord

    Is it really 14%? Wow, I expected about 25-30%.


    @dragon lord 14% on steam actualy, i don't know about consols

    dragon lord

    @Elgion Yeah, I would think probably around 30% there, People tend to play Souls-like game more on consoles.

  27. MR.GAMER 990

    Just as a #Wolf is forever loyal to its' pack, less he be cast off or exiled, the one-armed Samurai... Sekiro is forever loyal to his Master. He is his eyes, ears, and above all, his sword. Ready to protect him, for that is his duty, until his time has reached its' end...

    dragon lord

    Unless he becomes Shura.

  28. Lucius Faust

    I've been waiting for this
    I love it

  29. Jan Christoffersen

    The slowmotion makes everything in the video seem a bit more epic, along with the song

  30. Thomas Reed

    YEAAA BOI!!!

  31. Yevgen hildebrand

    took you a hot minute

  32. Donald Ervi

    First off, I feel that calling this a cool or epic song would be something of an understatement given just how well it fits the story of Sekiro and in particular Wolf quite well, especially the lines about how the dragons cure 'Keeps the flesh alive, to absolve my sin', and the way that is speaks about the power being both a gift and a curse to Wolf as on one hand it lets him keep protecting his lord, but on the other hand it rots the world around him. I can see how with such a thing would eventually lead to him joining Kuro in seeking to return it to it rightful home hence the lines about 'A wish to guide this power home,' despite the risks it poses to him. Secondly, I was wondering if you were considering doing a tribute song to some of the characters like Isshin, a guy who, even old and sick, manages to mop the floor with you, a man who wished for nothing but war and death to his final breath, and when brought back proceeds to show you why the Interior Ministry sent an army, not out of fear of the Ashinan soldiers, but out of fear of him being made immortal? Or maybe the young lord Kuro, who has to struggle with the knowledge that the country he calls home is dying and yet the knowledge that his power would only make matters far worse given just how dangerous the Dragon Rot could be if more than one person were stagnating others life forces. It could show how he comes to view the power not as a gift but rather a horrible cure and his resolve to see it returned home to where it belongs even though it means many will die. Either way, I just thought that i would offer up some suggestions and I apologize if they come off as me being presumptive or demanding. I hope you have a great day.

  33. Ws12

    Thanks for the wonderful music!

  34. ᾩ̶̛̳̩͚̰̜̔͌̈͘

    Gymbound Gamer Tune.

  35. Corvent

    Sekiro anime opening

  36. Frosted Flakes

    Make an into the unknown frozen 2 cover!!!!

  37. Brother Lorcalthe the loyalist

    One of my favorite Video games, gets a masterpiece by one of my favorite Artists. Great job, Aviators!

  38. Stagger Night

    This is an awesome track.

  39. Sue Sherman

    I love this song the most from the Masks EP and my new overall favorite from you.

    This song really shows off how gorgeous your voice is.

  40. Resilite

    Thanks for the birthday gift, Aviators! Knowing your style, it was inevitable you'd make a Sekiro song, and you couldn't have released it on a better date!

  41. Елизавета Малинова

    Oh, yes! That was awesome!!!)

  42. Leila Valens

    This is awesome. That said, I'm still patiently waiting (okay, impatiently waiting) for "Love Bites" to be released on YouTube. That song is fantastic!

  43. mr. Sy

    i'm inclined to thikn that the theory about every one of your songs being secretlly a brony song is true because theis song screams FoE

  44. Sir Real Gaming

    I wouldn't say Hard Rock per say
    but it is really good ya'll are getting better every song

  45. Arctic Soldier

    I love so much your songs. You are my favorite internet author. But I think your voice is better suit in symphomic or orchestral than hard. But still great job <3

  46. Roman Poltavskiy

    U rock man ! keep doing good music , hi from Ukraine.

  47. 神影Kamikage

    I really hope Nioh 2 gets an Aviators song or two.

  48. Quiznak

    Wow, little more intense than usual. I'd like to hear more songs by Aviators like it...

  49. Tender Rat

    If there were words to describe now, no words😢😭😭

  50. Trijosh

    Dope song and happy 5th anniversary to Mechanical Instinct.

  51. themambawarrior2

    Oh, that Corrupted Monk cheese hasn't been patched out?

  52. Nomekop Dimensions

    Sekiro for GOTY

  53. kagaribi

    I knew it was only a matter of time before Aviators came out with a Sekiro song! Loving the intensity and the chorus

  54. Groovy

    I’m honestly gonna be a lil upset if this game doesn’t get GoTY

    Danielle Asewala

    Well the judges are professional game reviewers, so yeah that's a thing.


    Danielle Asewala Yeah, you’ve got a point

    dragon lord

    @Groovy Haven't you heard? This game is apparently too difficult. Now please excuse me while I go bully / get bullied by Fire Isshin on NG+ (with Demon Bell on, of course).


    Our wish came true 🎉

    No Name

    The Outer Worlds is a solid contender imo

  55. Leonadas Arthias

    It gave chills a masterpiece like always

  56. Xbux 18

    I was just looking for some aviators and I found this just now

    I am not disappointed

  57. Loomin

    I wish there was another like button.

  58. The Mighty Narnio

    This is a banger.

  59. Rat Jam


  60. springlocked wolf gaming

    this is epic

  61. C.S. Gilmore

    Man, the delivery on those lyrics is so good.

  62. Rub Esobar

    I don´t know about you, but when I am playing Sekiro I don´t live to fight another day. I just die to die another day.

  63. Matt

    the heavy music and your signature soft singing go along remarkably well

    Sacred Yveltal

    Hell yeah!
    That is one of my favorite things about Aviators' music. Have you heard "Find Me" yet? That is another song where his soft voice shines the most :)

    William Whitehouse

    Thw acoustic version of building vetter worlds is also great

  64. Lord Hircine

    I won’t lie, I wasn’t really a huge fan of this song or The Red Hood at first. But as I kept listening to the album, I slowly found myself leaving them playing instead of skipping over them. Now, Undying is my 3rd favorite in the album! First, however, will always go to Me, My Phobias and I. Always.

  65. Scar Bros BlackSmoke2014 Scar Bros BlackSmoke2014



  66. speepeal

    oh hey you came through

  67. Hyndenburg

    This is so good! Gave me huge FFXIV Shadowbringers vibes.

  68. Anzhel Dilov


  69. SaZid

    Aviators reviews Sekiro, who wants to see that? :D

  70. Fluffy star

    Oh, GOD, I so like it!

  71. WarriorCicada

    Awesome song and while watching the video with it made feel as on edge as when I was playing Sekiro I even took a deep breath seeing Isshin as he took the sword from Genichiro.

  72. Conan The Librarian

    Damn, it's really an amazing and fitting tune for Sekiro :).

  73. Hunter Schneider

    This made my immortality centipede wiggle in joy.

    Carter H

    My immortality centipede is coming out of my head right now it wants to watch this on repeat

    Vincent M.

    Carter H Lucky it’s only coming out of your head

    Rik Henry

    ... uhuh, nope don't like that.

  74. Arj217

    1:58. "A gift, a curse, but not my own."

    The way you delivered that verse was so emotional yet epic

    Dark Nite Sunset

    I wish he had delivered it differently. It's NEARLY perfect.. but the "my own" is far too high pitched imo.. I wish it had a dip instead, a shame for me.


    Dark Nite Sunset i can agree with you, but it's still pretty epic.

    dragon lord

    @Dark Nite Sunset It wouldn't have fit in quite as well, The song was still climbing so introducing a dip or downward intonation would have sounded out of tune. Expecially since the lyrics until this point were mostly delivered without major tonal shifts.

  75. akaeron wolf

    Once again I'm amazed at how good yall are. The lyrics vice and audio are as alwayse perfect. Yall outdid yourselves yet again and i love it.

    No Name

    Just one guy, actually, but yes to everything else

  76. ⇔ジョッピ⇔

    Can we hope for some kind of early elden ring song or will that be too hard seeing as we've got nothing for it right now?

  77. Arj217

    I'm not the only one who jumped when I saw this in my notifications

  78. Таурен Морозное Копыто

    I fell in love with this one right when the album came out, though it took me a month to figure out what game it is about (I haven't played Sekiro) :)
    Perfect work

    My personal association was with Wrathion from Warcraft universe actually)

  79. Bakers

    This masterpiece should have at least 2 million views

    Lake Fish

    we'd better get it there, then.

    Míele SoftTronic

    It takes time for vids tae achieve higher veiewin' rates.
    As ah was reetetively told when ah was a kid, "patience is a virtue, all in guid time".

    Zero Starlight

    only 2 million views!? come on at least 10 mill, this chanel is so underrated

  80. Екатерина Серенкова

    I know what i gonna do for tonight! I waited for this song!

  81. Jolly Jester

    Oooh! I think this may be my favorite Sekiro-inspired song thus far!
    It's so...energetic, yet dark? I don't know how to describe it, really.
    Whatever it is, I freakin' love it!

  82. victorfalararo

    Still waiting for The Red Hood video :v

  83. Spin Harmony

    This is sooo amazing! I love it! :)

  84. Remnant Crusade Music

    I really like the different styles of vocals you used!

  85. Red Hellgar

    This is really dang awesome

  86. Mr. Stuff Doer

    Surprisingly intense for an aviators song, I like it.

    Игорь Башков

    This audio was inspired by super action game. I didn`t expect anything calm when i saw "Sekiro song" in the track name =)

    No Name

    Personally, I think almost all of his songs are intense in their own ways. Red Water Dreams, Godhunter, and Apocalypse State of Mind are quieter songs but are intense all the same. There's also Let There Be Fire and Song of the Abyss which are illegal to not call intense. I have so many more I could name but you get the point.

    Mr. Stuff Doer

    No Name Instrumentally intense. Let There Be Fire I’ll give you, but Godhunter is more of a “bop your head to the beat” kind of song.

    This feels like a standard rock song. That’s unusual for him.

    No Name

    @Mr. Stuff Doer Oh, I see what you mean! Yeah, Aviators doesn't do as many "hard rock" kind of intense songs. I think the chorus of Song of the Abyss also fits the bill, though. And maybe Immortal. But you're right, it's definitely not something he does very often.

  87. Dakota S

    This feels like A Thousand Eyes with more of your style mixed in. Super digging it! I can’t believe how much amazing music you’ve put out! Ever since I started listening to you after you worked with Gavin, I’ve loved a lot of what you’ve done. Keep it up!

    the steelkeeper

    loving this song and your songs you mentioned. look for the dark souls, prey, and soma themed ones by aviators and miracle of sound

  88. Myotic Tesseract

    Masks is a really good EP, thank you for being good at the music

  89. Joey N.

    ohh man, finally a Sekiro song 😭 great job, Aviators!

  90. Ksjsjs Ksndjd

    Hermoso ❤

  91. Avenphilus

    at last, the time has come!

  92. Philip Milburn

    1:47 Alright showoff, keep your hair on.

  93. The unprofesional professionals

    this is amazing, its surprising that you don't have more subscribers than you do

  94. Dark Eagle

    1:27 that whisper is so quite, Dark and hot.. Love ur voice 😍😍

  95. Денис Мамчур

    Epic as always

  96. Jeye

    The new album's comin together nicely with the videos! As always, amazing music.