Aviators - The Bells (Game Of Thrones Song) Lyrics

High in the crimson towers
Hate between a mother's eyes
Certain of a costly price
To pay when fire survives
When all she loved has left the keep
The rains above us gently weep
And wash away the blood as it goes cold

And so she spoke
And so she spoke
The lion of Castamere
When none remain
To mourn her reign
So proud yet founded upon fear

Gates swung open wide to wretches
Lowborn pay the price in blood
Placed upon the precipice
Of near rising flood
Terror in the hearts of children
Worried that the war's come home
As the sound of wildfire burning
Nears the lion's throne

Let it be fear she told them
Let it be fear they know
Let them become ashes now upon the fallen snow

Blind with the power and fury
Numb behind the dregs of wrath
Set to pay the costly price
And tread a father's path
When thousands battled in her name
She stormed the gates and showered flame
To break the wheel but then would forge her own

And so she spoke
And so she spoke
The lion of Castamere
When none remain
To mourn her reign
So proud yet founded upon fear

"Let it be fear" she told them
"Let it be fear" they know
Let them become ashes now upon the fallen snow
Burn them all down to embers
Servants and lords the same
Show them all fire and blood to win the mad queen's game

And with the swords lain down
They screamed 'til the bells cried out
In search of some mercy their hope became fear
Their hope became fear
And it fed her rage
Her lust for the lion's cage
She'll stand down for nothing
Until they all cheer, with no one left here

Let it be, let it be fear
Let it be, let it be fear

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Aviators The Bells (Game Of Thrones Song) Comments
  1. Gby P.2399

    It makes sense that the Red keep could survive any attack unless... it was from a Targaryen so it was fitting that only another Targaryen could end Daenerys's reign of terror (despite being badly executed by the writers of the show and her corruption and madness should have been enough for another season.
    This song better demonstrates the two sides of the same queen the show tried to make between Cersei and Daenerys

  2. Mykle Clyne

    This is so incredibly good that send chills down my spine everytime I listen to this song; and as well as others you have created.
    Sir, your music is amazing!

  3. William Smith

    The only good thing about the awful last season, The inspiration the Aviators found in them.

  4. Drowsy Witch

    Shoutout to the Golden Company, best mercenary company for sale.

  5. AtlasNL

    Goddamn. Getting back to this song, just wow. Even though I hate the ending, and the “mad queen Dany in one day” fills me with rage, this song is more than stunning, amazing, and all the other words I have to express the greatness of this song. Well done.

  6. Fenrir The Dreadwolf

    I can see what he tried doing but I think it fell apart. I think this was bad all the mistakes I don't think the one who wrote the song new enough lore to be honest

  7. Pavel Sh

    My gods, this song is gorgeous!

    I especially like the way the theme from the official soundtrack for the series is sung at 3:20 - how the Queen Mother theme from "Light of the Seven" is conveyed by voice. Organ melody perfectly complements the voice.

    Great job!

  8. Exicor

    This is probably the best thing that happened to internet. Like ever.

  9. brezzainvernale

    I love the idea of the reprise of the song "Rains of Castamere"!

  10. Konnos X

    Whoever said they didnt find the destruction of king's landing satisfying is lying

  11. Gby P.2399

    Two sides of the same Queen indeed...RIP Queen Daenerys your fans will mourn your fate and forever resent the awful execution of your GOT story arc for season 8

  12. bellamagne x

    Absolute magic ❤

  13. Nik Samohin

    Burn them all, Dany! 😌🔥

  14. fredhenry101

    Well. Um. Shit. I know almost nothing of GoT, only the basic characterizations. What I do know, is this song actually brought a tear to my eye. Beautifully written and performed. Not many musicians can create this kind of sound and do it right. You nailed this.

  15. Me Myself And I

    This song is among top 5 from you. An amazing piece

  16. Jesús Yeste

    The last roar... :-( Nice song

  17. Fuah Lee

    This deserves so much more attention

  18. Zuz ka

    I would say only one thing about Daenerys - I think she went mad because all people were saying her that she was daughter of the Mad King. Everybody said her not to be like her father and she always had to live with this words - "I can't be like my father", but for all time there were people who compared her to him.
    For me it isn't weird that she went crazy, I would have the same problem 💁‍♀️

    Zuz ka

    And sorry for my English, I think I had wrote this good, but idk

    Liam Cahill

    I don't know about Game Of Thrones but your English is very good :p

  19. Adeline Gabriela

    So beautiful..❤️ I m in love with this song. It s amazing 👑❤️
    Congratulations 💪🏻

  20. William Smith

    The Only good part of Season eight, This song.

  21. Tiger HoddyPlayz

    3:46 for climax

  22. Matusa Nightlight

    4:51 i just noticed that drogons wing went through the falling tower what the hell...

  23. Mando

    at least something good came out of that shitty season

  24. Alejandro Padilla

    The war of the two queens

  25. taliesin halliday

    she is not the "lion of castamere", as she is a lannister. the reynes of castamere was the family her father destroyed. that would make tywin "lion of castemere".

    Melvin van Zantvliet

    If I remember correctly, Castamere was the castle. The house that was destroyed by the Lannisters was house Reyne (which led to the title of the song becoming the Rains (Reynes) of Castamere) the Lannisters took the castle of Castamere for themselves. So you could say that Cercei was in fact the lion of Castamere, because she owns Castamere.

    taliesin halliday

    yes you are right, but as everyone knows the one that did was tywin lannister. so i will edit my first commnent. you cant inherit that kind of name.

  26. Sadia Tasneem Khan

    make a drogon song please!!!

  27. Queen Skeleboner

    This actually gave me chills. Amazing, amazing work!

  28. CatShark 007

    I should go ti sleep, its 1 am. Just one more?
    *2 hours laters*:Come on, Melanija, sleep!
    *30 mins later* :i hope this is it
    *falls asleep*
    *morning*:Oh s*** here we go again.
    Edit:i am realy triying hard to fall asleep, hopefully i will not be awake as long sa i expect

  29. Shipping Is Magic

    Huh, I kinda forgot that Aviators does great GoT songs.


  30. tman489

    Mate tbh I found you from Apple Music with this music. Fucking gold my man. Keepit up

  31. Ria - Zul - Zannah

    This is certainly a masterpiece!

  32. M Hanni


  33. Henry

    Would anyone else like to see Aviators make a Tomb Raider song or two?

  34. BralexWolves

    Castamere was the family Tywin "put down" in the Rains of Castamere named for the castle the Reynes lived in.
    So she should be a "lion of Casterly" but really great song!


    BralexWolves incorrect

    raven jade

    Exactly it really bugs me that they used Castamere instead of Casterly.

    Fox Die

    Pretty sure they knew that before coming up with this, I think it's meant to imply she's an emberassment, not fit to be a Lion of Casterly Rock.


    Pretty sure calling her a lion of Castamere is a reference to arrogance and how house Reyne, fellow lions, fell because of their arrogance and pride.

  35. Miarella Play

    Instrumental please:)

  36. Guewen Hemery

    You should do a version instrumental 😌🙌🏻😉😉😉

  37. Rémy Curiel

    Pretty good but wouldn't it better with "The Lion of Castral Rock" Instead of Castamere ?

  38. Lexi Lacina

    Still haven't seen Game of Thrones, but after binge-playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses for the past week, I can't help but relate this song to a certain major story point in that game...

    Samuel Wolch

    Lexi Martens you mean Edelgard vs Rhea and Dimitri?

  39. Angel Durham

    I love this song so much, and I didn't like episode 4, and it took me a while to accept episode 6, but this episode and the other three I liked, I just didn't like the confusing and sudden turn of Daenerys.

  40. Aryrix 1

    When will this be on spotify...

  41. Fox Die

    If only John would've fucked his cousin a few more times. They were cousins, right? But hey, John and Danny had a better love story than that Cloud and Aeris fan fic that's decided to resurface after years of hiding following their utter defeat.

    Edit: Christ, the scene at 3:45 where the Dothraki were charging King's Landing is so damn perfect, the closer the they get the more intense the the music becomes.

  42. Alex Vega

    "The Lion of Castamere" literally makes no sense.

  43. Katya Rozenson

    Wow 😍

  44. Arktos Sutcliff

    Thank you Aviators, for another masterpiece. It brought me back to the series with continuing it from season 5. No regrets and also who else would wish to hear Rain of Castamere in Cersei-Version fully from Aviators? owo

  45. TheAveon12

    I think this is a good song, but I don't think "the lion of castermere" you could of changed to "the lion of casterly" and it would still make sense in the song. Regardless still a good song.

  46. MsJennaWolf

    Gorgeous!!!! So many emotions in this song.... I got the goosebumps))

  47. Derek Porter

    Too bad DnD couldn't make a good season like how you make good music.

  48. Seraphina, the Herald of Malal

    When's to coming to spotify?

  49. SpeedyFM’s

    CAN you make your music + voice more higher

  50. Mariya Mus

    My Lord! What a masterpiece! I got goosebumps. I'm so blindly in love with Daenerys character. She's a kind-hearted queen, but they broke her heart, they humiliated her, they took her for nothing, she was made fun of and challenged so many times and she showed them a dragon in the end. Such a tragic hero!

    P.S. Watching Cercei in fear is such a satisfaction!


    I feel you and I think the same. And for me sad is that after all Daenerys became misunderstood and she's getting all flame from people who are watching the show ;/

  51. Dorian Winston

    Basically the only good thing to come out of GoT season 8 lol

  52. CrimsonLogic AL

    Everything about this video is beautiful

  53. aloorilurie


  54. demetrius pfifer

    A 5 Star masterpiece.

  55. Théo Ambrois

    God, I discover your channel with this song and listen most of the others right behind. i'm in love with your style. Wonderful job !

  56. How do I change my photo?

    This helped me to realize that they transformed Daenerys in Cersei in like three episodes; she had only fear, no one to trust but a close family member and died in a close family member's arms like Cersei. Look how they butchered my girl!

  57. Raye Song

    So powerful, so amazing. I'm impressed

  58. Haruka De Moon

    Боже, как же красиво вы поёте.

  59. Littlepip The Lightbringer

    I really loved Game Of Thrones

  60. Renko Hikawa

    I recognize this wasn't the intention but a part of one of the verses makes me think not of Game of Thrones but of the Fallen God of War Kratos.

    Blind with the power and fury
    His hunger
    to be stronger and defeat the Gods of Olympus

    Numb behind the dregs of wrath
    He thinks not of the consequences of his actions and slaughters the gods regardless of its effects in the mortals below

    Set to pay the costly price
    For the price he has already paid. His wife, His daughter, His brother, His mother, His soul. Because of the gods Kratos has lost everything and is unable to rid himself of his nightmares

    And tread a father's path
    His father was Zeus, a conquerer. Kratos himself was a conquerer and fought many battles only to be nearly killed and chose godhood over death.

  61. Pascal Giroux

    At first I thought that this was the greatest Game of Thrones song ever...but after listening to it again...

    I now think that it's simply the best song ever made.

    Continue making this amazing music...you're the best man!!

    Boris Cimprič

    Check out Miracle of Sound "When Winter Comes", " When the Wolves Cry Out", "No One", "Mother of Flame" and "Only Us".

    Pascal Giroux

    @Boris Cimprič yeah I know I already know them

  62. Shraddha k

    3.19-4.20 amazing, please make some more songs like this having theme music in it, please,I just love it

  63. Samuel Wolch

    If there are any Fire Emblem Fans in this comments section, please make an AMV of Three Houses using this song

  64. Shance

    Miracle of sound is better

    Lucien Clubb

    Shance Shots fired

    Liam Cahill

    He layers his voice way too much XD

  65. Rose Vieira


  66. Aleyna Byrum


  67. 65firered

    The song tells a better story than the episodes it's based on.

  68. Kryptic Kat Royalz

    I honestly was expecting a comment saying "take a shot every time he says 'fear' in this song''

    Kryptic Kat Royalz

    @Luke Auyeung F EE L THE F EA R

  69. Антон Казьмиренко

    I'd very much like to watch Dany burn down Bravos, especially the Iron Bank

  70. Tirnanog

    I want to cry, holy shit. I know everyone hates on the last few seasons of GoT, especially the final season, but I enjoyed them. I was at peace with how it all ended, but this just drags out that screaming and crying pain that was felt for the characters.

  71. Lucas Castro

    Daenerys Targaryen the QUEEN😍

  72. DestinyCrafter

    Two mad queens.

    Zero winners...


    @Pablo Pfrommer You haven't finished the last season, I see.


    @Simona mon Yup. It doesn't take an ounce of madness to burn kids to crisp.
    Good talk.

    Isa Loween & Eleven's Lore

    Cersei was mad in my opinion and always has been, what happened to Dany in the last season was just unfair. She did deserve better, if I would have been her... I would have burnt them all to ashes too. 🤷🏻‍♀️


    Bran won bro. he's king of the 6 kingdoms.


    @lmnop Wars don't have winners.

  73. MrExcalibur006

    sooooooo goood <3333333333333333333

  74. Simona mon

    This is what "making art" means

  75. Laura Sharp

    Need this on Spotify!!!!

  76. No Shadows Here

    This is perfection. Now I definitely need a "Rains of Castamere" cover from you, 'cause those parts gave me chills here...

  77. RingtoneCrash

    Congratulations on 200 000 subscribers!!!

  78. Hamster Man

    Dude this is amazing <3

  79. Lukas Wolden

    Really like the song, you did a great job. I just had one thought about it, instead of: so proud yet founden upon fear there could be so proud yet founded upon flame. As it's really the destruction of the sept of baelor that symbolised the start of Cerseis reign

  80. medramon masque de cendres

    "Let them becomes ashes now upon the fallen snow"

    Kryptic Kat Royalz

    I came across this comment as soon as that line played XD

    medramon masque de cendres

    @Kryptic Kat Royalz it was meant to be

  81. BRONX

    Aviators Thank you for making such interesting songs and I like them and your voice lights up :) I love listening to your music I want you to rate my animation for one song that I don’t pay On Russian messages ° ^ ° just here is a link to my animation https://youtu.be/009AHu8UiJ4I hope that you will like my animaytsya but I wish you happiness and health and that you become a popular musician) good luck.

  82. Maragas The Great

    If only the last season was this good. Great song as always.

  83. Pako

    Instrumentals are good, the lyrics however... not so much.

  84. Skit Fire

    Aviators killing it once again.

  85. Michael

    Its a good song but the lyrics make no sense. Cersei is a Lannister and not a Reyne of Castamere


    My guess is that it's a perspectivation to the song, like, Castamere saw himself better than the Lannisters and got utterly destroyed for it, Cersei saw herself better than Daenarys and... yeah. Although I think Cersei was afraid of Daenarys, but still didn't want to help her against the white walkers or wanted to make peace with her in any way.

  86. giorgi jishkariani

    OMG !!! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You...

  87. Greg

    Lion is the wrong gender lol

  88. Loïck Jouve

    Hear her roar
    Cersei is and will be my queen for ever

  89. Alexander Reid

    While I may prefer Lowborn, this is still spectacular

  90. M Matute

    This is so bittersweet. Like it's unbelievable such a beautiful masterpiece could be written from something as disastrous as the last season.

    Alas, I thank you for this beautiful piece you've decided to share.

  91. khalis deroubaix

    Not gonna lie, I hate the last season of GoT.
    But this sound make it *ROYAL*

  92. Zagzagel

    When can we listen this master piece from Spotify?

  93. The Phoenix Effect

    Sad that they rushed it though, anyways good music as always

  94. indiana201333

    Yes. Fuck the haters of this show. There was absolutely no way that any ending could make everyone happy so they did the next best thing. They did an ending that made them happy along with the fans that truly cared about the spectacle. Maybe it's not the best but I think it's not bad either. Good job GOT and good job mister Aviators for this amazing song too. To this day I think that the Cersei's church blowing up was the best moment of this show. In that very moment we got a hint that a bell would be responsible for the decimation of the entire city.

  95. Luca N.

    I fell in love with this song! <3

  96. Ender Gaming

    While I love your work and the song is great... Theres one HUGE issue.. The lion if Castamere is out of place, because Cersei is a Lannister if Casterly Rock not Reyne if Castamere, which was a house destroyed by Tywin and why the song Rains of Castamere exists, so associating Cersei with the work of her father, before she was even born is just really stupid, sorry 😅

  97. karleigh Dahle-Melsaether

    This is so great and leaves me with a feeling of how her arc should have ended.
    Always glad to see a new song from you :)

  98. bts nation worldwide

    Better than the episode