Aviators - Sweet Dreams Lyrics

Don't mind the noise outside the door
It's just a phantom, nothing more
No need to give yourself a scare
When you glance and no one's there
I don't wanna have to hurt you
It's not your fault I felt this rage
Just a child about your age
But something drives me to this place
I can see him in your face
You'll never know the hell I've seen

Don't fear what's coming
We can't fight off the urge inside
It's dark and you're afraid of
The devils that come out at night
Let's make this easy
Soon you'll haunt these beasts you hated
No need for sleep tonight
Sweet dreams are overrated

I'm just a whisper in the void
No one's there, you're paranoid
I'm just a trick of your own mind
Blink your eyes once and you'll find
I'm just a ghost inside your head
Don't fear your fate that soon arrives
It's a deadly lullaby
You'll be with us very soon
Another spirit in the room
Take your place among the lost

Don't fear what's coming
We can't fight off the urge inside
It's dark and you're afraid of
The devils that come out at night
Let's make this easy
Soon you'll haunt these beasts you hated
No need for sleep tonight
Sweet dreams are overrated

You can't wake
From this dream
No one will hear you screaming
So hold on
For the ride
I'll take you with me tonight
This nightmare
This prison
Inside the suits we live in
Don't fear me
We'll have sweet dreams forever

Don't fear what's coming
We can't fight off the urge inside
It's dark and you're afraid of
The devils that come out at night
Let's make this easy
Soon you'll haunt these beasts you hated
No need for sleep tonight
Sweet dreams are overrated

Don't fear what's coming
We can't fight off the urge inside
It's dark and you're afraid of
The devils that come out at night
Let's make this easy
Soon you'll haunt these beasts you hated
No need for sleep tonight
Sweet dreams are overrated

(Sweet dreams are overrated)

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Aviators Sweet Dreams Comments
  1. Dank_ Nightmares

    Wait, I can scene an, *old song that's still literally just as good as the rest of the ones from like 2017+?*

  2. A.O.X

    omg yes i found it i heard this song a few years back and couldnt find it till now

  3. Ido

    I love the sonf its the first fnaf song i´ve ever heard

  4. Rose Gaster

    Me*presses a button*

  5. Thiccfurryboi69

    Got recommended happy now

  6. JonathanAnimates

    "I can see him in your face"
    Idk why I like that line so much.

  7. Peppermint Boi

    Helloooo any one here

  8. greg77389

    GT New Horizons anyone?

  9. Space Dude

    I first heard this song on spotify, and I listened to it for a while, then thought: ”Wait, is this a fnaf song?”. Turns out it is...

  10. Chai Chai black killer 菜菜黑殺手

    let's make it easy i like this part !!!!

  11. Eduardo Lopez-Morfin

    2019 anyone?

  12. Frozone The Tank Engine

    Does anyone else want DAGames, Aviators & NateWantsToBattle to make a FNaF song together?

    Just me?


    I do! I feel like Aviators is underrated in the fnaf community

  13. Cyclonus5

    Excellent lyrical structure and powerful word choice. Creepy and yet energizing base music. Amazingly done.

  14. Andromeda Fallen

    This song is in gregtech horizon's background music

  15. Hashim Boss

    Cant fucking remeber the last time ive listen to this

  16. Meefo

    This song made me tear up a bit, mainly because of nostalgia. Or the fact that I feel like this song slightly touches my soul whenever I hear it.

  17. Toataly Original

    fnaf is never over!

  18. Toataly Original

    LETS MAKE A "fnaf is never over!" Chain!

    Crazyrotavis gaming

    Fnaf is never over!

  19. Dreaming Skys

    HOLY FREAK!!!!

  20. Dreaming Skys

    I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Dreaming Skys

    ..THIS IS MY SECOND TIME WATCHING....Im watching this to open my locks door....i will let you know if i can do it

  22. Dreaming Skys

    The devils that come out at night! YOU MEAN YOUR HALF ASLEEP SIBLINGS

  23. layla-chan GACHA

    Buena musica ^^

  24. Mevlana

    why does gtnh use this as theme song

  25. Allison Rose Luis

    Who else saw Nightmare in the closet???

  26. Jacek Wikiera

    People when they hear this song: hmm fnaf song
    Me: Aah shit, gregtech here we go again...

  27. Unkown505 :3

    0.25 speed is so spine-schilling

  28. legendary chimchim


  29. EllipticBird 7

    Who else listening to this after playing fnaf are special delivery 😂

  30. LoL Frame

    this song said "I dont need sleap,i need answers" before it became a meme

  31. André Gontijo

    The best!!! I love it!!

  32. Tsynami

    I randomly remembered this song after 4 years

  33. WeeAnimate

    I want my nightmares to be real.....

  34. Anar Abdullayev

    Happy Halloween 2019!

  35. Murmarine Daniel

    I am here for my yearly spook dose

  36. Tezzle

    Coming here from GT New Horizons, great song

  37. XxVanta_666 _BlackxX

    Sweet sweet October nostalgia

  38. D1ST0RDED

    Idk why but i wanna use this song and gonna link it to the original which is this on because it’s a little short animation.

  39. Michael Cheritto

    A siren's song of a child murderer, disturbing, haunting, and epic all at once.

  40. Synth-Sayin

    My girlfriend and i wanna use the toilet at the same time

  41. Elske Macon

    This is my lullaby. Hehehehe, I'm coooooooming~!

  42. Glitch

    Omg this reminds me of something (this is a true story btw):

    When I was really little I used to have a doll. My uncle terrified me with it, by making it have white eyes. I had a massive imagination as well. I had nightmares for weeks at a time. Until I overcame those nightmares, and turned into “sweet dreams.” But I used to have nightmares in general. I couldnt sleep at all.

    Also when I was younger, I used to hear noises in my house in the middle of the night, and I was so scared. The wind outside, I thought was breathing outside my door/window. I used to hear voices. And whenever I’d look behind me, there was nobody. I always felt like somebody was watching me, and I still do. I always look behind me, to make sure there really isn’t anybody there. I always feel a chill go down my spine. I’d see shadow figures in my room, standing in the darkest corners of my room, watching me (yea literally).

    When I first heard of fnaf, I was curious. I played the games, loved it. And to this day, I still do. For some reason, I can relate to the game series a little bit. In each game, ur stuck in one spot, in a cramped room, and not letting the animatronics kill you. That’s how I see life, a dangerous thing to live, or can be. There r gonna be things out there that can kill u/ur emotions. But u can’t let them. Don’t be afraid of “the devils that come out at night” overcome those.

  43. wampXs

    Greg fucking Tech New Horizons, the apex of minecraft mod packs

  44. Nikinabs

    Recently been brought back into the FNaF fandom for maybe 2 months now and I’ve been listening to all of the old songs that I used to love, just rediscovered this jam, and I’m glad I did

  45. Pablo Serrano Ortiz

    Who imagines😄 Nightmare Pikachu?

  46. Victoria McCulloch

    omg nightmare is in the whole video, he's in the closet

  47. ToastyEggs

    0:10 that shift from C to D cool!

  48. Draconicus the Reaper

    I like Nightmare in the closest, but in all truth he should be way bigger in comparison to the closest.

  49. Legendary Butterz

    "You cant wake from this dream"

    *Night 5*

  50. One Punch Man

    Swiss cheese is made of cream!!!! Wait, wrong parody.....

  51. Zombie2k

    2015 was a different time. FNAF was reaching peak cringe but my god there was one act doing some damn fine work to make this stuff rad.

  52. Victoria McCulloch

    ok i;ve got to say this is really good and your singing voice is amazing

  53. Wonder Wolf

    If someone is making a real fnaf movie GET THIS IN THE MOVIE

  54. Kaan Yildirim

    Sweet dreams are made of memes

  55. Никита З

    Tnx DreamMasterXXL, creator of GTNH, for pointing to this great singer!

  56. Ship Happens

    in 10 years, this will be the song I look back on and say "Yeah, that was my childhood. And it was awesome."

  57. Ship Happens

    other people: here from fnaf 4
    me: here from GT New Horizons

  58. SpookyPolar

    Not gonna lie this shit hit me hard in lots of areas

  59. Northstar3E

    I aint that big of a fnaf boi anymore, but this song is still awesome, even after all those years

  60. Roman Minaster

    When you realize Nightmare Fredbear is in the closet

  61. Ponenerve


  62. Boogy boy 1947gun

    Nice song

  63. Masuko No Ashiro

    Omg I have already learned this song in 5th class😅

  64. Evalarie

    This can one way or another

  65. Stevepocalypse Animations

    Will you have sweet dreams or SWEET NIGHTMARES

  66. AppleCat 8

    Is it just me or does this song remind you of freddy Krueger

  67. NubDiePieYT

    Whos here from GT-NEW HORIZONS

  68. Или Что?

    Супер песня!!!

  69. Mathilde Rybka

    I agree with those who say this song inspired them. I feel it too. I have been struggling with grief and for the first time in ten years, I haven't been able to write the pain away. I usually use my writing to deal with the world, good and bad, but it's been nearly two months since I wrote anything. I'm a serious writer so unless I'm working on my videogame I write/edit nearly daily.
    I returned to do editing a few days ago, but that's on other peoples projects. I found this song just now and suddenly felt one of my own series again. Granted, it's one of the darker storylines and character I'm connecting to, but I still get teary-eyed. The universe of this story is where my heart lives, even when I'm working on other books, so being cut off from it is soul-crushing. Before I got halfway through this song I finally felt my heart beating again. Thank you!
    'No More Heroes' was the only Aviator song I knew until today, and that one fits a character too. I often listen to it, but I guess I just need to listen to all the songs now. Seems stupid not to.

    Thomas Wallace

    I recommend doing "When Our Bodies Wash Ashore" next. That one hits pretty hard.

    Mathilde Rybka

    @Thomas Wallace Thanks ^^ I'll give it a try then :)

  70. ShadowX Gaming

    My first listen with this song gave me goose bumps.


    I am with them it's been so long we don't talk too much

  72. Mr. Black Bear

    whoa, what a classic.

  73. The Soviet noob

    Ironic that I’m listening to this to fall asleep

  74. Andrew Beckers

    ~~~ S~W~E~E~T ~~~ D~R~E~A~M~S ~~~ A~R~E ~~~ O~V~E~R~R~A~T~E~D ~~~

  75. Night Storm

    I imagine Nightmare Fredbear singing this
    Well my version of Nightmare Fredbear

  76. gab G


  77. Velidius di

    its 2019 and im still listening to this song

  78. Adayna Powell

    No nightmares here kids, sweet dreams

  79. Piper Barnett

    Ima get nightmare outta the closet for all u people *loads a cannon with bombs* I think you guys need to stand back.... like a thousand miles...

  80. Katherine S.

    This song is a thing of subtle beauty. It leaves me feeling unsettled inside. You're my second favorite fan musician. I hope one day you'll make a song about Bendy and the Ink Machine.

  81. Little Don

    My favorite part is “it’s dark and your afraid of the devils that come out a night”

  82. Emily C

    i just now realized that the two red dots in the middle of my screen is actually Nightmare hiding in the closet.

    i think i need glasses...

  83. Frozone The Tank Engine

    When the FNaF movie comes out, they should use this song in the credits.

  84. YesnightsRBLX

    First comment in 2019! :)

  85. Piggy Pig

    I like Sweet Dreams

  86. Edgeene Act

    Beautiful voice o god love it

  87. darealfloweydaflower Eva Burrows

    Anyone else agree that it sounds like "Monsters under my bed"? No? Just me? Alright. XD

  88. Katsuki Bakugo

    Nightmares... are underrated. There is only darkness.

  89. Kimberly Curtsinger


  90. okami buntaigēmu

    this is awesome dude keep the awesome work up

  91. Comborun 007

    Guys I will be making a extended version of this song later on the week

  92. Ezra Redgwell

    Why does nightmare in the closet look like withered bonnie??