Aviators - Run Away Lyrics

What is power without mercy?
Where's the contrast in the grey?
Locked inside the void forever
Life's a hefty price to pay
Deep in the void I'm calling
For angels to whisper a prayer
Vital signs are missing
And safety lies nowhere

Fall from grace
Run away from what's inside
Hide your face
You should leave me far behind
Can this flower find the sunlight?
Can this monster numb the pain?
In a soulless apparition
Love is never quite the same
For a runaway

Can the devil find redemption
Can the wicked learn the truth
Far away lies absolution
And my memories of you
Out in the rain I'm waiting
For someone to understand
Danger will always follow
So leave me if you can

Fall from grace
Run away from what's inside
Hide your face
You should leave me far behind
Can this flower find the sunlight?
Can this monster numb the pain?
In a soulless apparition
Love is never quite the same
For a runaway

I can't be your shining hero
I'm a villain deep inside
And no one looks for help in shadows
What kind of royal, then, am I?
May your thoughts of us be silent
I've got nothing left to prove
For all it's worth I'll keep on moving
If I can run away from you

Fall from grace
Run away from what's inside
Hide your face
You should leave me far behind
Can this flower find the sunlight?
Can this monster numb the pain?
In a soulless apparition
Love is never quite the same
For a runaway

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Aviators Run Away Comments
  1. Dank_ Nightmares

    ALSO WHY ARE THERE 46 DISLIKES?!?! Unnecessary.

  2. Dank_ Nightmares

    You ain't the one being late to the party. I was 2 years late..

  3. Skittle Gremlin

    Oh my goodness, this song is so nice even when I click on it by accident and don't really want to listen to it I have to!

  4. Trijosh

    Even if you're late, this song is sick

  5. Sans Dreemurr

    great song, I ended up having it on loop for at least 3 hours :)

  6. Seber LP


  7. Rafael Mehret

    Listening to this fills me with determination

  8. Monsicorn

    Having just finished a Pacifist Route, this song rocks all the more

  9. Gergen The Pickle Person

    This is going to seem out of nowhere, but I'm getting serious Catradora vibes

  10. никита атамас

    Please, man, make song for game from Toby Fox "Deltarune". pls...🙏

  11. Bonnie Moon

    10/10. TwT

  12. Peter Degilio

    When undertale was released I just thought it was a funny story , but now I play again and I see how beautiful it actually is. I think you did a great job capturing this. Thank you

  13. Nidhoggr

    Monumental was my favorite song of yours until I found this one.

  14. Somnum Exterreri

    Holy shit! It's less than six minutes!

  15. Artemiy Karpinskiy

    That's a lovely song. <3 Well done!

  16. Steven Neiman

    The really sad thing about Flowey was that he was so good but it didn't matter at all except in the true pacifist ending. Even without a conscience he still took a long time to fall from grace, but because of his power over the timeline it didn't even delay him from causing havoc.

  17. Melanie Skala

    The beginning of the song makes me think of the Jolly Roger Bay from Mario.

  18. Miner Nathaniel

    yet another amazing song by aviators ive been watching you since your first mlp song

  19. Jessica Caron

    Goddammit Toby Fox, either give us a perfect happy ending or don't call it a perfect happy ending!

  20. Rodney Kelling

    Hai Talon, hope you comment bck. Rodney Kelling is wut I'll be under, and hopfully talk to you under it.

    Liam Cahill

    Couldn't do this by Email, no? XD


    Hey, I have a new account. Sorry I haven't replied to you.


    Liam Cahill Yeet Off

    Rodney Kelling

    @TalonNotSkillz Talon? Its Kynzie.

    Rodney Kelling

    I haven't heard from you in so long. Just wanted to check in.

  21. Peri Walker ღ

    omg... ;3; this is beautiful. Poor Asriel.

  22. Nihat Clodra

    ... This sounds like it could also be a themesong for Severus Snape...

  23. ChaoticEvilCanary

    Poor Azriel. Flowey may be a heartless monster, but it is kind of hard to have empathy when one lacks a soul.

  24. Назар Барабаш

    I love this gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

  25. Назар Барабаш

    I love this gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

  26. Всезрящее Око

    Где перевод блэт? Я что ли должен все песни Авиатора переводить?

  27. Amazing Work

    Great song! And it bring some support for me ) Thanks!

  28. Fred Barrett

    One of my favorite things about this is that, judging from the petal position, Flowey is laughing.

  29. Anna Woodman

    That moment when you remember this song is about an evil sunflower

    SpyCrab Unlicensed


    Alexandra Margeurite

    *golden flower


    i think flowey is just insane


    i think flowey is just soulless so cant help it

    Dragon Slayer 359

    @Tweets it's not only because he is soulless. As we all know, Asriel died and became Flowey. Flowey's understanding of the world is "kill or be killed" because Asriel was murdered so he decided that killing everyone is his best chance at survival.

  30. A Bottle of Olive Oil


  31. Elian

    Same tune from pony wifu

  32. blue neptunes

    this is so spicy dude like this is so flowey

  33. PGA OctavianPrime

    HOLY COW, THIS IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. King Dedede

    go on bgt / agt!

  35. Emwara123

    Damn... now I'm crying ;^;

  36. melanie adam-glaser

    i love that song

  37. Brandon The Gaming Wolf [Official Dead Channel]

    Why doesn't this have more views? this song deserves it.

  38. Australium bacon

    * sees link for "a song that never ends" *
    Me: "That's this song, right? Oh wait, never mind, I've just spamming the replay button"

  39. GhostRangerToTheEND!

    That 80's like intro for your name is classy! Brilliant once more!


    Oh wait it says "80's" in the description. xD

  40. Vash the Snake


  41. skelly

    i love it so much.

  42. Darkiplier Box Tim

    I KNEW IT WAS UNDERTALE!!! I found this song on Spotify before youtube

  43. Echo Salvage

    Can you make more UnderTale songs, please? It's sounds not like "Stronger Then You" or "Secret Garden" but it's BEAUTIFUL SONG!

  44. fitter cape


  45. KittyGamer93

    awesome! you guys just gained a new fan and sub :)

  46. Emily Pearl

    Did anyway else scroll past the thumbnail and see the petals move?

  47. tails puppet

    OMG !!!!

  48. Millie Prower

    Aviators would make an epic/awesome song for Super Paper Mario.

  49. Deli73

    I love the vocal harmonies in the chorus.

  50. EthanRDoesMC

    I'm sorry, but the first thing to pop in my head when I saw this was

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail:
    "Run away! Run away! Run away...!"

  51. Mythical Ackerman

    Honestly this song really reminds me of Springtrap, in a way...

  52. DarkTiger83

    Dude, you may be "late" to the UT train, but it was so worth the wait! I didn't even know this was an Undertale song when I first heard it and it's quickly becoming one of my alltime favorites!

  53. EpicFroggz

    The vocal quality for this one is worse than usual, all muffled and difficult to understand, and the vocals sound like you're singing disinterested. Plus, the instrumental doesn't have much going for it. Maybe it is simply because I am not in fandom that I am not fawning over it, but in my honest opinion this is one of your worst. It's alright though, the rest of the album is amazing and everyone has that one bad day. Keep making good music like you do Avi! :)

  54. Kire Odranoel Zombified

    Wow avi, an Undertale song! Amazing, it's one of my favorite games :3

  55. Mythical Ackerman

    The legit sounds like a song that could play at the end of the best movie in history

  56. jan harald

    now I just have to reduce bass, create lyrics file with timestamps, boring stuff like that to enhance my experience...it's really good and I'm not sure how I forgot to bell you before...

  57. Ultimate Spesh

    *Emotional Floweypot intensifies.*

  58. Fritzy Magpies!

    Still haven't played Undertale enough to understand the full meaning of this song, but OH GOSH this sounds amazing <3
    Looove the melodies in this one, really powerful, and unique too~ :3 Nothing I've heard before.

    Awesome work Avi~ It's always a pleasure to see new music from you, but it's ESPECIALLY amazing when it sounds as brilliant as this ^^

    Steven Neiman

    Play the game, if possible without getting any more spoilers. It's an amazing game, especially if you can go into it reasonable unspoilered. My only advice is to be good first and then decide for yourself if you want to play again evil.

    Ragnarok the first

    1 year ago mate......

    Dank_ Nightmares

    I mean, hope you understand the meaning now. I love this song, love the game just as much, and well, then my mom burst into my room all like "tHe DeAmOn GAmE wAS NoT menT fOR chIld!"

  59. Rakdarian

    Names to run away from really fast

  60. Maka Makes Art!

    My favorite genre of music is whatever Aviators posts, not normally into rock but I love this so much!

  61. Aperture Gaming

    You should do live performances at one point. Also great song.

    Grep Apropos

    He occasionally does do live performances (though none of this song, yet.)
    AFAIK, his last performance was at BronyCAN 2016.

  62. Hiippa Lakki

    Oooh... Aviators doing Undertale music... This is what we've been waiting for! Prepare yourself for people wanting to do music video for this. X3

  63. Fiona.Rose

    will this be on itunes?

    Grep Apropos

    Yes, in a few days or so.


    thank you :D

  64. SerTRchannel

    Thank you for your work! Greetings from Russia.

  65. RebelJack

    I miss pony music.

  66. Dollie Cipher

    Close your eyes and listen, it's good for your health ♥

  67. Nightmare FNAF4

    i remember when this is like a music on radio (car) 😯😐😣😮😧😤😲😵😏😔😓😌😫 my react


    Nightmare FNAF4 That doesn't make sense men.

  68. Pignuglama

    I may not like some of the games that these songs are about but somehow the songs are always good and I always look forward to your next song.

  69. Thomas Buzov

    Would love to try to make a chillstep remix of this song or just listen to professional chillstep remix. At any rate, it could be a great remix, as cool as an original song :3
    Will there be any vocal stems?

  70. Phone Guy

    Hey Aviators! Sorry if this has been asked, but what musical artists, styles, and movements influence your music? You're my favorite artist and tbh I'd love to discover more of the genres you compose for.

  71. Wolk

    Does anyone know what the whispers in Psychoactive say?

  72. Uige

    somebody should really add captions/subtitles

    Grep Apropos

    I made a lyric video for this song. It's on an alternate channel of mine, so you'll have to search youtube for it.

  73. Clumsy Combo

    I think a good number of us could relate to Asriel/Flowey . When a traumatic experience takes place in our lives and changes you dramatically some will "morph " into this completely opposite person of who we really are. Some will become decisive and possible go after "power " or some others will have a goal to have a upper hand of using others to achieve that power. Others might hide their true spirit of image and shroud it in aggression and hate while your true self is begging for help for it to end. That would result a challenge for that person to truly come at peace with themselves and causes them to drift away from the ones they formerly loved. If you have a friend or someone close to you and they are acting in a unnatural way, do what you can to help that person into the light or they could become like Asriel/Flowey and be lost to the shadows. Just because someone stumbles and falls doesn't mean they are lost forever, it's then their chance to be helped and picked back up.

  74. Nephyness

    This song is incredible. I love the tune and the lyrics. Very very suiting for the game and possible one of my favorite songs you have ever done.

  75. Michael Wieland

    I love this song. really good

  76. Michael Wieland

    Very beautiful song.

  77. PeKaNo

    Nice ! I'm waitin for the CD ( and more zootopia songs ? °p° )


    Aviators usually makes CDs a month or two after the album release ^^ He'll put them on the bandcamp page as always

  78. Ilynalta - The works

    this song is awesome <3

  79. BlueBlur 1207

    I was wondering when this was going to pop up. Undertale has burrowed its way into the internet, and it's not going away anytime soon. Great song, as always.

  80. Doctor Crow

    Beautiful! <3

  81. Leonard godina

    Will "a song that never ends" hit google play music ?

  82. Anthony Rowan

    It's still amazes me that such a masterful musician such as yourself is still only around 100k subs.

  83. [CK9C] ChaoticCanineCulture

    This is fantastic!! Well done man!

    tracy gill

    notice me

    Xavi ZDΞ➌.

    tracy gill not as long as I'm here.
    mo ah ah ah ah aaah. >:)

    Sarcasm is fun... :D


    @tracy gill what's up jack

  84. MetalSonicDragon98

    Nice Aviators this was amazing. Keep up the good work.

  85. Happy Mouse

    omg this is amazing

  86. Colink

    I really needed this, more than words can describe. Thank you.

  87. Neptune

    Can you please make an Attack on Titan song?

  88. FasterNeoX

    Nice Song

  89. Max Thein

    waiting eagerly for "Waiting Games" on youtube...

  90. Anjoulas

    I have no knowledge of the game itself but this song is very well done I like it!

  91. влад поращенко

    good as always avi, but i'm still obsesed with desire that you can do a song about homestuck, but i'm don't insist, homestuck is dangerous, once you get read it, and you'r soul will be sealled to hussie, so be ware.

  92. Alpha Brony

    Как всегда, прекрасно.

  93. Album Interpretations

    Yes. Fall into the Undertale!

  94. supersendojarren

    has been a while aviators

  95. PonE - Sharp

    A lot of the old brony musicians I follow seem to have have lost their touch, but I'm so glad to say you aren't one of them. Your music just gets better and better, and you always have such amazing lyrics!

  96. PetFriendAmy

    I clicked on this immediately upon seeing it, one of my favorite musicians and my favorite Undertale character <3

  97. Mr. Bones

    Hey, that's pretty good.

  98. Abbas Zaidi

    "And no one looks for help in shadows" Yeah well what about the dark night people looked towards him!!

  99. YADAMAN o/

    Anothah fantastic song. I like the take on this, and man...I listen tah so many Undertale songs but I never played the game lol. With all these dope songs, I gottah see what the hypes about. Anyway, rock on Aviators o/ always great tah hear ya