Aviators - Remains Lyrics

Human minds
Frail and scared
Freed by death, and death is fair
Hopeless souls
Play a part
In my wicked work of art
Such relief
Every time
Taking life, to take what's mine
At the end
Here we lie
Here we're killers or we die

When the world was turned to gray
The hatred wouldn't go away
Resentment in chains
In the coldest of all hearts
A voice descends, the light departs
Madness remains

Play the game
Paint your scene
Taking this to the extreme
Dark design
Your last moments, only mine
It's a need
Here in dust
Kill the world that stole from us
Take your place
Let it be
In my crimson symphony

When the world was turned to gray
The hatred wouldn't go away
Resentment in chains
In the coldest of all hearts
A voice descends, the light departs
Madness remains

I feel it in my bones
A need to be your god
A need to strike you down
When order disappeared
And madness took control
The conscience in me drowned
I want to be your guide
Into the afterlife
It's a gift, look past the pain like I do
I want to see your eyes
Just before your demise
When only fear remains inside you

When the world was turned to gray
The hatred wouldn't go away
Resentment in chains
In the coldest of all hearts
A voice descends, the light departs
Madness remains

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Aviators Remains Comments
  1. Foxian

    An interesting song, one that can suffice the emotional and mental state of people who have lost their sanity, losing things important to them. That can be the loss of loved ones or, like Pickman, the fundamentals of society, like peace and order.

    Especially in a world where much of those living would rather kill and steal when you theoretically come from a place that honored those old values, it's enough to make a person snap.

  2. Joseph Perez

    Pickman is undeniably a monster. The sad fact however, is that sometimes you need a monster to fight the other monsters.

  3. Xinder X10

    This is quite possibly the best fallout song I have ever heard.

  4. hunter pepion

    Pickman. Killer of killers, the bigger fish

  5. Mateus Magaldi

    Plays in the back as the lone survivor leaves Nuka World to conquer the commonwealth.

  6. pcdeltalink036

    The beginning of this song has such an astral sounding quality to me that I expected it to be about something regarding space. Even though that wasn't the case it's still amazing.

  7. Countryen

    Somehow, hearing this song, the little melody reminds me so much of Dark Souls 2 - I think because of the music/bells at the Emerald Herald (Majula).

  8. DemonLord OTRT

    This song resonates with a web noval called The Death Mage that dosent want a fourth time for some dam reason along with God Slayer....

  9. Johnny Silverhand

    Wish Pickman was a companion. He's much more interesting than say Preston or Strong.

  10. Joshua Kennedy

    i love this song, it fits my character bloodleaf perfectly, it ok if i ues it as a theme song?

    W.A.R.Y Druid

    Hmm... And I thought I was going around the bend having to endure constant chatter from people.

  11. Nexis siempreaqui

    This is so good I might have a breakdown

  12. MuffledCornet

    I had just finished my 2000+ hour playthrough of non modded skyrim you son of a... welp, time to play fallout 4

  13. PewPewsAlote

    "kill the world that stole from us"

  14. sam whary

    Will the stargazers album ever be available in the Google play store? I've waited so long...

  15. Andy Doma

    And other thing, could you upload the instrumental version please? It will be cool

  16. Andy Doma

    Did you know, i have more of a year listening this song and really, is so amazing, is my favorite song and everytime I'm listening the song.

    This song has been spend with me much memories, for exemple, when I did my hight school admision test or when I travel, always when I travel to every parts I listening this song, anymore, too whith this song I recognize a so important person that I lose, but now, I have to be stronge.

    Anymero, Really I love your song, Remains for me is so important, thanks to created the beautifull song.

    Pd. Sorry for the my badly grammar, but I'm mexican and my English level not is so advanced.

  17. Drengade

    My butcher plays this on repeat. I don't know whether to applaud his taste in music, or be very, very afraid


    Tell him the music’s amazing behind bullet proof glass with police searching his house

  18. Zaidie Martinez

    I know this is about Fallout Pickman, but my brain told me Lovecraft Pickman

    Adorable Cockroach

    Well fallout Pickman is based on the Lovecraft story.

  19. Siara 051

    I love this song. It fits my mood very well on most days. This one and circle the drain, and welcome to paradise. Love me some aviators! I listen to your songs all day at work.

  20. ꧁•Tori The Fox•꧂

    can you please make a fnaf 6 song or a fnaf ultimate custom night song or a fnaf help wanted/vr song please

  21. RingtoneCrash

    Sounds pretty cool at 1.5x speed

  22. Jason Sorin

    And the award for least McCartney-ish use of "let it be" in a song goes to...

  23. do a flip

    2:22 entense mario noises

  24. Bull 1128

    Best song for describing what remains in the place of good game design at Bethesda nowadays

  25. Andrue Klements

    Play the game
    Painted Scene
    Taking this, to the extreme
    Masterpiece, Dark Design
    Your last moments, only mine
    It's a me, Mario!

    Andrue Klements

    The song is secretly about Mario 64

  26. random wendigo Rahjii

    evil within vibes to be honest

    adude withapipe

    It's literally a song about a serial killer.

    random wendigo Rahjii

    @adude withapipe i know, but that's what i think when i listen to this

  27. Żobel

    finally find original photo love the song and you

  28. Alkurth

    Holy fuck, the thunder from a storm here paired with this perfectly to add atmosphere.

  29. Iza Kremer

    I love this situation when you know song and in the start you hear melody and you know where exactly in song it is...

  30. Shameless Coal Burner

    Sister: Why is this song so long?!

    Me: Because its *ART,* Karen!

    Ya Boi

    @Random Youtuber hey, who do you think is going to be the "special guest" on the meme stream?

    Random Youtuber

    @Ya Boi maybe jacksepticeye or Markiplier I believe jacksepticeye since he's done the charity stream for this before but it could also be Markiplier since he's also done the same thing plus he's big on charities as well as being in the area (aka in California as well)

    Ya Boi

    @Random Youtuber never thought of those two, but yeah plausible since he said the person was big, 25 million subs and 22 million would qualify, but in my opinion he meant "big" literally. I think its gonna Ricardo. He said on a past meme stream that he was going to invite him. He also said he was going to invite Belle, but after what happened to Pyrocynical i doubt its her..


    I want to talk to the manager!

    Carlos Vargas Berrocal

    Say with british accent

  31. Ol' Dreäddy

    Anyone listening to this and playing Fallout while killing all NPCs you come across...

    Or is that just me?

  32. BlackEpyon

    Is this what happens when Omar pushes his PICKMIN too far?
    Oh wait... Wrong game.

  33. Broken

    You know, it takes profound art and profound insight into Nature to turn out stuff like Pickman’s. Any magazine-cover hack can splash paint around wildly and call it a nightmare or a Witches’ Sabbath or a portrait of the devil, but only a great painter can make such a thing really scare or ring true. That’s because only a real artist knows the actual anatomy of the terrible or the physiology of fear—the exact sort of lines and proportions that connect up with latent instincts or hereditary memories of fright, and the proper colour contrasts and lighting effects to stir the dormant sense of strangeness.

  34. ZachieJaganshi

    This makes me think of the Raven Queen. Specifically her role in CritRole...



  35. Angelus_Solus

    I have no idea why, but I feel this so calming to listen to.

  36. Angry Space Marine

    You say this is a Fallout song but I can’t see where the inspiration comes from.

    Moon Lord

    It comes from the Fallout 4 character, Pickman. He's a serial killer who targets raiders and uses their blood in paintings.

    Angry Space Marine

    Moon Lord I have yet to find him then I guess. But thanks for clearing it up.

    Moon Lord

    @Angry Space Marine I'm pretty sure he's somewhere in Northern Boston. He's in a building called "Pickman's Gallery".

  37. xXNovaStorm1698Xx

    Kinda fits Sander Cohen from Bioshock as well as it does Pickman

  38. Grim reaper

    Madness is a curious thing. They call me the crazy one but I'm perfectly sane.

    They say they can see it in my eyes, but all they see are my ocean blue pools. When I look at them, I see madness. Impurity, confusion doubt, insecurity. They all look at me like I'm crazy, but I can see with perfect clarity.

    It is they who are mad. They are the ones who seek to punish my knowledge, to cast me out, to say that I'm mad, insane, a liability.

    But when ever I tell them, they just say the same thing;




    I'm not sick, or ill, I feel fine. Everything is fine. I'm not crazy, they are. I know things they don't, and they'd have me castrated for that.

    I'll show them I'm not crazy. That I'm the sane one, and their the crazy ones.

    They will regret trying to lock me up, now I will lock them up.

    Grim reaper

    @Angry Space Marine it is what you think it is. Like I said you call it madness I call it clarity.


    Reaper, your comment is simply pure genius. Then again, it is said genius breeds insanity; or clarity, depending on who you're talking to. I say subjective semantics, simply for the fact that insanity to one is clarity to another and who's to say the one is right and the other is not. Who's to say the one is wrong and the other is not.

    Then again, one could argue that we're nothing but ethereal vapour that's moment by moment being deposited on the pages of some cosmic flip book to give it the illusion of existence and really shouldn't give a shit either way. But that's just words on the screen posted by yet another youtube comment crawler, giving his opinion on the words of another. So why should I be taken seriously.

    Angry Space Marine

    Grim reaper then it is a spicy bean burrito from kurger bing.

    Grim reaper

    @Angry Space Marine and you say I'm the crazy one.

    Amy King

    Grim reaper uh text me

  39. ???

    😭😭😭😭😭it sooo bootiful!

  40. thunderclaw1999

    See you around....

  41. Shelby Feltner

    Gives me hella Jekyl and Hyde vibes. I love this so much. The anciety factor is beautiful.

  42. Gregor's Evil Twin

    Fallout 4 had its faults, but two Lovecraft references in one game? Dude, sign me up.

  43. Place Holder

    How are you so amazing

  44. TheMkxKing

    To be honest this song fits more with Evil within 2 and the world inside stem. I can even see stefano being the main focus of the song and his obsession of turning people into his art.

  45. Rainbow Dark

    probably one of my favourite tracks from you, still

  46. stevenstrumpf7

    This is why I do my best to stay away from other people.

  47. Dontgotaclue88

    Why have I not found this amazing music sooner? I cant stop listening to this! Its that effin awesome!

  48. Silent Wolf


  49. Ziggma Gamer 101

    Aviators I love your Music You are fantastic I am your biggest Fan!!!


    2:22 :It's MEEE, Mario.

  51. Death watchDW

    i really love this song soooooo much

  52. Cooper Blackwell

    I feel like this is the most bloodborne song they've ever released lol tbh

  53. Sean Keoni

    Deasikoynoa ceatyiluyoko mityuangekyanauine dsaeetes.

  54. FlaminKitsune -

    I think the thing I love about Aviators' "video game music" is the fact that unless you look, you cant really tell it's a song about a video game. And the music in general but yah.

  55. Ayden Krueger

    Wasn't Pickman from lovecraft?

    As in... The Pickman Model?

    Just... Gonna leave that there.


    Pickman in Fallout 4 is a serial killer who kills raiders and uses their blood and bones for his art. It's also not unusual for Fallout to reference Lovecraft's work.

    Ayden Krueger

    @CrusixBlade I know who he is in the game, I'm not THAT stupid.

    Ok maybe I am but I know who he is in the game. I just wanted to point it out since most people I find talking about him don't know about the Pickman Model.


    @Ayden Krueger Fair enough. Aviator has fans from all sorts of fandoms, so it's not so far off to think there'd be people who don't know who Pickman in Fallout 4 is.

    Ayden Krueger

    @CrusixBlade Well I mean, Lovecraft fans and Fallout fans do intersect, but I've seen YouTuber covering Pickman and never know about the Lovecraft link.

  56. John Locked

    dude check out this video i added to my music playlist like 8 months ago. it's called like. playing diablo 3 with willey nelson or something. duuuude. some guy named adam did a duet with willie nelson and sang that shit. or was it toby keith? fuuuuuuuk now im gonna have to sober up to find the song. gotta put a note in my wallet so i remember to check out that sick song. wait. how's it go? what should i write on my note mom? and don't say honey no because i tried putting honey on my note and a bunch of ants got inside my bed

    Liam Cahill

    Shut the fuck up


    Yet another youtube dickhead looking for attention by feigning insanity. Is your life really that meaningless there John?

  57. John Locked

    why sit raining outside i thuoght it was snowing today i watched the weather man in the morning. he said the cia has a chance of flurries so why is my music playin g rain sounds instead of the amplified and distorted vibration of a real live snowflake hitting the ground next to a really nice clock that is also a microphonic s
    ound and vibration detector? oops, hit enter too lazy to fix guys no period this time

  58. John Locked


  59. John Locked

    Quit moving my periods around Apple! I don't appreciate you guiding my fate like a real balloon that floats in regular air with helium not hydrogen inside made out of ordinary rubber bands under ordinary humanlike conditions no supepowers just patience.

  60. John Locked

    @Aviators do you think being a dad is worth it? I don't really have time and am just curious

  61. John Locked

    alright sorry i like this music mix cd that i clicked add to playlist on like a year or ten years or ten thousand years ago. I AM ILLIDAN .. oops. don't say your last name kid, a storm might rage . OF COURSE STORMRAGE DAD ITS SUPER MAD LIKE THT ONE WARCRAFT 3 CHAMPION . DEMON HITTER? THE GUY WHO HITS ON DEMONS TO GET FREE PUSSY dot.

  62. John Locked

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  63. John Locked

    dear aviators i think you aer cool and im spamming you with comments wheee lookit me gooooo

  64. John Locked

    ,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,? <--tis is my dubstep remix to this song anyone like it. colon is a body part, so is being in a psychological phase state coma, so is a. question mark and period? shit i did an extra questio what do i do where did my n go DONT SAY THE N WORD THOMAS my name ist thomas mom, woops that damn n came out of nowhe*SLAP*stick comedy! Now on after Roseanne! Whoops! After the Connors! Watch the Dad! He's got eight kids he's gotta be rich.

  65. John Locked


  66. John Locked


  67. John Locked

    i just ate a crayon, time to poop a rainbow and fly to the moon! wooohooo the cia spy catellites got nothing on my rainbow dash poop, makes me go fast as a comet around a black hole. 2 centimeters of kryptonium. zuperfast. pardicles being created. universes unfolding. i used to want to murder people like you talk. then i found music and i am a writer. thank you for creating this music i hope it will help some see the light, although it was other music that helped me see the light, i appreciate your effort. <3E> machine parts with human hearts. JR

  68. Dr. M Hyde

    The music of edgelords right here.

  69. Vayos ReaperoftheVoid

    "Oh my dear boy, killers aren't born....they're made. Take a look around see the scene take in to the extreme. Police officers whom are often outnumbered , and what's worse their own seem to add to the number. How could we not fall prey to our own desire? Or to the very few, to our own brand of justice. To take what semblance of a life we have left, to make our neighborhood safe again , even if it means to become a bigger monster than that which lies out there. Bigger than the rapists , the murderers , to have a look at hell itself, the abyss and gaze back into it. While it stares back it grows scared , of what potential you have , what you can do when you finally have reached a point of breaking but you don't break, you bend find new ways of appeasing the abyssal hunger that gnaws at your mind ,your bones.... My boy. When you find that abyss and you stand in front of the nothing it offers you , you laugh at it. For you already have nothing , everything you do to try to make this world better, no one will thank you, no one will applaud you. For you have gone beyond what humans can comprehend and into the world of madness. But that's not madness , madness is the absolute knowledge of the world's manifestations of evil and NOTHING being done! We choose to say it's part of natural order a means nature takes to cull us. But...there's always the apex of the apex, a newly formed evolution that destroys entire ecosystems, devouring all that lies in its wake. I am natures divine instrument and I mean to do her justice!

  70. SpeakDaTruth11

    Gotta say the lyrics in this are so good they give me chills. Keep it up.

  71. Overseer 101

    Some of the songs created by Aviators make me think he has a degree in psychology.

  72. Jerkfaceman Jerkfaceman

    Madness remains...mad...M.A.D mutually assured destruction. was that intentional? If so that's really clever lyrics writing!


    Aviators is a genius, it's generally a safe bet to assume anything he does that seems clever is 100% intentional.

  73. Lunas Custodes


  74. Iron Templar

    Listened to this when playing an apocalyptic game, I regret nothing

  75. Cuan Chulainn

    One million views Avi, and for a hauntingly gorgeous song that deserves it! Congrats!!!

  76. Lanselot

    one of the last before 1mil. another dope achievement man

    Lunas Custodes


  77. sansation

    This song gave me chills ~_~

  78. Meowzers

    I love this and wish I found it sooner!!

  79. Chaoz 73

    Anyone else get chills multiple times during the song? Srsly this song is a mix of a little depressing, sadistic, and awesome.

  80. iman

    wahts the name from soundtrack ?

  81. Lyn Silvinia

    While this song works really well for Pickman....and he is in Fallout 4, this is not a song that really works in the context of Fallout. Since Pickman is literally a massive homage to Lovecraft, even down to the name of the character, this would sounds amazing for a Lovecraftian horror game. Then again, Fallout 4 as a whole....doesn't really work as a Fallout game either.

    Still sounds dark and creepy though.

  82. Bonnie Moon

    Aviators, wow....absolutely beautiful. I love how you guys capture the dark and beautiful. Absolutely adore the melody, its hard to find things that are hauntingly beautiful, and not just straight up dark, hard gothic rock or something else, which some of I like, but find difficult to listen to as I am prone to migraines and headaches. So Thank you guys!

  83. stevenstrumpf7

    The separating line between madness and savant is the ability to produce results.

  84. Bill Lee

    6:31 mah ass remains

  85. MCPunk55

    Hm... Pickman?! That must be it. The Psychopath who makes art works with the blood of the raiders he kills.

  86. Harley Q'en

    This song reminds me of the Joker

  87. Em the Gem

    "Resentment in chains... madness remains" whether the entirety of Fallout presents the symbolism of modern society as a scar on the face of humanity, or whether this song demonstrates the infallibility of guilt living in a world that builds itself off killings/residual inequality - I don't know.
    I am not unsettled by this song as it merely depicts plotted revenge which is 1 of the most common themes... the macro scale of human emotion portrayed through verbs is impressive, and oxymoronic when compared with the lyrix in quotes above.

    I feel this song suggests that the force of man against himself is greater than man against man, and in some scenarios, the latter wins because the former wins, therefor there are more oft stale mates than victories

  88. влад поращенко

    the vision of art that i adapted from you Aviators, helps me to find new exiting and beautiful things as fast as i want to, a collection of information, art, music, video, games, i would had never had that drive in life without you'r work, you'r art, i thank you for that.

  89. Dj Scarlet

    Hey guys be sure to check out my friends over at Gaming Grounds

  90. jacob pelzer

    868,866 views as of 10,13,18

  91. Kihra Martinez

    As someone who appreciates music more than my own music teacher, I just have to say that, I LOVE YOUR VOICE!! Seriously, it just seems to draw me more into your songs! Also, I've been listening to your music since middle school, and I'm already in the eleventh-grade of high school. I just can't get enough!

  92. Flak Owl

    I didn't read the description the first time I heard this, and I immediately thought of Pickman. Such a good song.

  93. Zombiehju Derry devil

    Like the songs Melity

  94. Android 19

    I have kind of a love/hate relationship with this song. Because I really like the parts with lyrics but there's just so much downtime. I don't mind downtime and the instrumentation isn't bad, but I feel like you could easily take at least two minutes off this song with no issues.

  95. Bailey Athena

    Sheogorath anyone? Seriously, I love Fallout, but was I the only one to put Jyggalag and Sheogorath together?
    "A need to be your god"
    "When order disappeared And madness took control"
    (Those where the two verses that truly made me think of them xD)

    For those who don't know, Sheogorath is the Daedric prince of Madness (Most commonly known for) and Jyggalag is Daedric prince of Order. I won't give you a full out novel of their history, but know it's from the Elder Scrolls series.

  96. SRXcraft

    wallpaper : https://imgur.com/gallery/Da7lcDW

  97. Cian O'Mahony

    I am a horror film

  98. Seraphendipity

    2:22 It's a me, Mario!
    (sorry if repost)

  99. B. Kyle Griffin

    All things die. 'By what hand?' now that is the question...