Aviators - Open Your Eyes Lyrics

I watched them change before my eyes
Destinies rearranged to my surprise
I tried so hard to make amends
But my mistake has separated my friends
White turned to blue, and blue to white
Harmony rewritten out of sight
What can I do to bring you back
My technicolor world has faded to black

Wake up now and see the truth
I'm here to show the world to you
The way it was meant to be
So follow your destiny
This twisted future isn't right
Let's bring the real you to the light
I'm going to make you realize
So open your eyes

I've made mistakes and failed before
But somehow this time it's something more
Broken your life and who you are
I'm afraid I've left a terrible scar
But apologies won't save me now
It's up to me to restore you somehow
I'll bring you back your memories
Piece by piece restoring harmony

Wake up now and see the truth
I'm here to show the world to you
The way it was meant to be
So follow your destiny
This twisted future isn't right
Let's bring the real you to the light
I'm going to make you realize
So open your eyes

I've got to find a way
To make this all okay
I've got to find a way
To fix my own mistake
Oh, but I promise to succeed
But I know you're still in need
I know you have been misused
And you're probably confused
But there's not much I can do
The cure is within you
So hold on tight
And open your eyes

Wake up now and see the truth
I'm here to show the world to you
The way it was meant to be
So follow your destiny
This twisted future isn't right
Let's bring the real you to the light
I'm going to make you realize
So open your eyes

Wake up now and see the truth
I'm here to show the world to you
The way it was meant to be
So follow your destiny
This twisted future isn't right
Let's bring the real you to the light
I'm going to make you realize
So open your eyes

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Aviators Open Your Eyes Comments
  1. Bela Shadowcat

    this song has gotten me through times of need. The line "i know youve been misused and your probably confused" hits me hard and makes me believe everything going to be alright and than someone will always be there. So thank you so much Aviators for bringing songs like this for people like me. It helps regulate feelings that allow me to function properly. Thank you very much. I hope your life goes very well!!

  2. Sunny Rise

    2020 :,( ?

  3. angel caleb moran araiza

    Me:* arrives for the songs of dark souls *

    Also me:* stays by the songs of my little pony *

  4. Jhulie Queen

    *Open up your eyes"

  5. Simply Pony

    I'm Pretty Sure This Song Got Fan Service In My Little Pony Movie!

  6. dissaproving covers

    They stole their song

    dissaproving covers

    Can't believe MLP copied the name😞


    Hasbro might not even know this song. The the whole meaning od different. So nothing was stolon here


    Your songs always touch my heart.

  8. Sedgehun

    Still beautiful:)

  9. Dżej Dżej

    dedykuję kurewkom :)

  10. Walter Clements

    Ewwwwwwwwww this is cring my litle pony is cring

    Instead of my litle pony u should do War Hamer 40k. Hrous is kinda like Luna and Celistia is the Empror of Man

  11. Delfina Luther

    I still love it. After all this years...

  12. mkssa

    Still love this song. I heard it 5 years ago and
    these are my memories of the fall of 2014. Very nostalgic. Very good song.

  13. Featherly Heather

    Nostalgia in the finest

  14. Colourgeist

    Open Your Thighsss~

  15. Icedwarf M


  16. Evernewb

    hopeful tone with dark manipulative overtones...this really IS an MLP song.
    I've honestly tried watching that show but good GOD does it ever get fucked up fast: even if you ignore the opening sequence by the time you're done with plot hook number 1 you've already got an unquestioned dictator who has been in power long enough to be written in as a goddess in children's mythology and significant evidence that she can probably back up the claim set up as The Popular One that everyone wants to please happily brainwashing her sister overnight. it's also rather disturbing that she gets late-teens-early-twenties age markers while the rest of the cast is infantilized and significantly smaller, now including the suddenly mentally and physically unrecognizable sister.

  17. jamari bruzual

    I just recently became an mlp fan and this is my favorite brony song

    True Edge

    Welcome to the Herd! /)

  18. wolfyboy11 Hitler

    Still love this hit summer 2019

  19. Sergey Shevyakov

    2019? Nobody forgotten.

  20. GrillNye TheScienceFry


  21. Minatozi Playzz

    July 2019?

  22. Sweet Cookie OC

    I grabbed my lighter ✌️

  23. Gary Pecoraro

    Opened eyes always see the destiny of each other ! A God send, embrace me and will see it all together , Belismo Mi heart! 👍👍👍👍💖👍👍👍👍

  24. Sujana Kadajari

    Ready Player One The Movie

  25. Heng Martin

    This song is very symbolic for me. It means a lot to me. thanks for the good memories. Honestly, thanks. You gave this music many memories 2019 -2020

  26. Pony Empires Unite

    No hate but it feels like a Minecraft song about the stronghold library.

  27. Big Mike


  28. Oreo Bisquit

    It was 5 years when I listened to this song for the first time. I just randomly remembered this...
    Its still good even tho im not in the mlp community anymore. Still holds a place in my heart

    Skittle Gremlin

    Yeah same

  29. Pony Empires Unite

    It's a internet edition of Linkin Park and Imagine Dragons combined! Awesome!

  30. Inefficient Liver

    I’m no longer a fan of MLP anymore but this song will never get old.

  31. Zavrolli playz

    what wha uh


  32. RCV

    "Im here to show the world to you
    The way it was meant to be"

    This keeps me going to share mlp to my friends.

  33. Archie Linke

    I recall a party cannon being shot off in the hallway of the old house I was in for my 16th birthday... The reality check was when my sister came back from her dance and said someone had "confettied" my hallway.

    Think on that when you try to sleep tonight.


  34. Jeffrey Halan

    I love this song

  35. True Edge

    This . . . if my memory serves, was the very first Brony song I ever listened to. It's not the one that convinced me to watch the show, that would be Lullaby For A Princess, but . . . if I hadn't listened to this one, and Aviators' Sweet Dreams before it, I would never have gotten Lullaby in my recommended. What a weird, strange trip it's been, so far. . . .

  36. EggyRepublic

    This song sounds a lot like Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

  37. Imaspecofdust

    Heart of courage mixed in with-
    Wait this was made before the mlp movie-

  38. BrickBuilding Compilations43635

    Who saw this song on Spotify?

  39. ShadoWolf

    God damn this song makes we want to go back and rewatch and catch up with it

  40. Florence The Bunny

    me: i aint no brony
    this song: *exists*
    me: you got me there

  41. Elijah Bryan

    I love this song from my little pony I miss that show so I can listen to this song

  42. silver vEXin

    When you sell a character to someone, and they completely changed their personality and backstory.
    Then they give them back to you.

  43. wolfyboy11 Hitler

    Love it for 2019

  44. William Afton

    I didn't expected this from you ㅁ.ㅁ

  45. Egde Goldie

    ..dude this song could be used as part of a convo with the movie's 'open your eyes'

  46. Jared Hart

    I judged this too quickly. I made a great mistake

  47. Erik Aguilar

    Can you make a cover of the complete MLP's intro pls? <3

  48. Sarah Kim

    Love it

  49. BirchX!

    Almost 6 years later, it's still a great song
    I remember listening to this years ago
    It brings back great memories
    Thank You :)

  50. The King Of The Cartoon World - AJ Elementia

    Anybody think of DDLC when playing this?

  51. Bob Semple Gaming

    6 years later

  52. Bob Semple Gaming

    I like the song because how it sounds not cus mlp no offense

  53. Moon Lipso

    WHY MLP?!

    Louksir Luna

    why not

  54. Mihail

    Идеальная музыка перед сном

  55. Nathan Doggy

    Listened to this 100 times before I found out it was a mlp song

  56. Cade Nailo

    one of the few songs i can listen to all day lol

  57. Heinrik Ivasaki

    8D AUDIO version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7GBJIfMc-g

  58. Levi Ackerman

    Oh my lord a fabulous song I think I broke the replay button XD

  59. Lord Chaos04

    This song us still one of my top 5 favorites of all time I swear aviator should become a big shot like Lucas Graham or something

  60. Peliam

    I opened my eyes. To what? That I'm scared to a point where I want to cry. I'm scared of change. I'm scared of time flying by so fast... I am scared of forgetting all of the memories of this show. And not just the show - the fandom as well. It all was my childhood. From the first grade in elementary school to present day, I never had a day when I wanted to leave the fandom. I stopped being so regular, of course, but I just couldn't leave it all behind. And now - it seems that I will have to. There's only 1 season of ponies left, and I'm scared of that. I will cry, but I know that my memories won't die with the show, and it will remain in my heart forever. I opened my eyes to that fact as well.

  61. Sister Friede

    Replayed this song after a few years and the quality is still great 👌

  62. 707

    Tbh I don’t even like my little pony anymore personally- but....I love these songs even if they are MLP songs. They are so good-



  64. Mr. Discord the Draconeqüus

    #Open up your eyes predict

  65. saphira daprile

    You have an amazing voice. Wish I could sing like that

  66. E. va

    Did you actuly made this? :O

  67. Makoto Chica lobo

    esto es una referencia a la canción "open your eyes" de la película de mlp 2017 xdxd

  68. Saùl 99

    I love this song, but for some reason make me feel sad 😢...

  69. Henna Siltala

    It has been so long...

  70. Иван Ганев


  71. King Westonian MLP OC

    I love this song so much it is similer to boulevard of broken dreams by green day which is also a song I love. Aviators made lots of songs within a year and all of them great

  72. RedLy _ 2X-BR

    Just Amazing!!!

  73. redthorn 2000

    I love her good music

  74. Jackal

    Found this song on Spotify, finally went to YouTube and searched it up.
    But didn’t realize it was of mlp.... pretty neato.

  75. Biscuit Cat Productions

    4 years later...

    "Open Up Your Eyes" is a song in the My Little Pony Movie.


    The Reformer

    The song in the film is titled " Open up your eyes" not Open your eyes like Aviators used.

    Just a coincidence.

    Drowgole Katagaria

    I mean I read a fimfic about Twilight ascending in the exact way they did it in the show a good two years before it actually happened. Im fairly certain at least a quarter of their content is taken from or inspired by fans.


    Easy there, Chamberlain.

    alexander wamsley

    @Rainbow Blazer I don't think you'll win that battle

    Draconicus the Reaper

    @Drowgole Katagaria it may not even be that... the fandom is just so creative and fast acting, that it was impossible for the show to make completely original ideas and concepts that aren't similar to things the fans have already thought up.

    Like the idea of Twilight being an Alicorn was up by fans from the very first episode... that doesn't mean the show took the idea because it eventually happened...
    It's mostly all just coincidences.

  76. Doodle Draw

    Tempest Shadow: "Well this is awkward.."



    Kayo Kioshi Stewart

    I’m with you on that one. Good point hahaha

  77. Destin-Furry

    It's weird to see that today, an actual mlp song have that name

  78. Michael Stafford

    I like this song

  79. redthorn 2000

    She best pony

  80. Puddles

    Didn't know this was uploaded years ago... I was expecting
    It's a really good song tho, not disappointed

  81. Vilaze Y

    Open up your eyes))

  82. Luke Eleven

    i love it

  83. Drawing Heart

    And then open up your eyes came out

  84. Biglink212

    Why does this great song have to be a dumb ass mlp song come on

  85. Leiaclock 狐

    Great music!

  86. Here's Hot Rod

    I thought this was the movie version. 😅

  87. Fire Freeze

    Damn I love this fandom

  88. Nathan Gamble

    Open Your Eyes.
    Open Up Your Eyes.

    Well, it's not the craziest coincidence with MLP song names (the craziest coincidence with MLP song names is that there are TEN different brony songs called "Luna's Lament")

  89. redthorn 2000

    Likes remixes

  90. Drummershy

    totally not a tempest shadow song :3

    Wolf¡e the Duckie Lover

    Drummershy lol

  91. Pink Diamond

    Wow I am only one who still listens to this

  92. Dylan Chester

    Dude, you’ve got an amazinh voice

  93. Formless Snow

    Best fan song for MLP I've ever heard.


    Is the best Music i ever hear, is my prefered music, The Vocal Work The Istrumental The Art Work, everything is perfect

  95. FearfulFloof

    i wonder how many people will come back to this and say something about the movie XD

  96. Michael Rempel

    nobody noticed the coincidence with the mlp movie?


    Michael Rempel There are about twenty comments that point it out

  97. Rupert Nightcalm

    Deus loquitur.

  98. hewo daw

    Aviators: open your eyes
    MLP movie: open up your eyes

    EDIT: congrats!