Aviators - One Of Us Lyrics

Fabled tales in history
Tell of what she wants to be
Only one of her friends know
And she tries to let it go
So dissatisfied on how
She couldn't change how she turned out
Well kept secrets deep inside
But that passion's hard hide
Wide dismisall as a joke
Pretend to laugh and not provoke
But what if she could get that chance
Experience her life enhanced
At least to her she wouldn't mind
Leaving everything behind
But reality can be so cruel
And she know's the truth

She can't be the one she wants to be
She just wants to look like you and me
Her obsession's not one to discuss
She just wants to look like one of us

Anything she'd sacrifice
To see the world through human eyes
Her desire is one in vain
One that no one can explain
To walk among the legends told
To live in the days of old
She wishes too hard sometimes
For a destiny she'll never find
Despising life within her skin
Hating the place that she's in
Her obsession's dangerous
The need to be one of us
She's lost her identity
Now she craves humanity
It's a disease of the mind
But she knows the truth

Lost something she's trying to find
Looks like now she's lost her mind
She's insane, dangerous
Desperate to be one of us
Locked up in her mental cage
A pony for all of her days
Given up on live itself
Sanity up on the shelf
Oh, she seems to be confused
She's broken, self-abused
Lost inside a wish that simply won't come true
She needs to get it through
That she's not like me and you
She's got to wake up and accept the truth

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