Aviators - Neon Sonata Lyrics

Dust in the hallway outlining the shape of you
Streams of light bridging the endless divide
Without a soul to keep part of you human
You cried out for death and the shadows replied

I am the line that's still holding you
Spellbound to pull you through
Life's breath will lure you to the night
Reanimate all my vivid dreams
Come true on neon streets
Hearts that weren't meant to be alive

Feels like the city stops dead in the wake of you
The resurrection of lights in this system of mine
Synthetic devil, my love turned insanity
Be my immortal, born of my mind

I am the line that's still holding you
Spellbound to pull you through
Life's breath will lure you to the night
Reanimate all my vivid dreams
Come true on neon streets
Hearts that weren't meant to be alive

The soft glow of neon drowns out the moonlight
A dark looking future, but now you're alive
Flesh held by metal bones
Less than the love I've known
Cursed to live on without drive
Living but empty
Reborn to forget me
Creation of mine
I'm turning back time
But I can't bring our love back to life

I am the line that's still holding you
Spellbound to pull you through
Life's breath will lure you to the night
Reanimate all my vivid dreams
Come true on neon streets
Hearts that weren't meant to be alive

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Aviators Neon Sonata Comments
  1. Bas de Jong

    I've got rougly about 30 albums in total of which 10 are from you, so I guess it's a healthy variant of addiction.

  2. Trijosh

    Happy 2nd Anniversary and Happy late Halloween!

  3. Spring Freddy

    Happy Halloween to you brilliant musical genius Aviators and to all the people who still listen to this song to this day. Let's show this song some love

  4. USS Zumwalt DDG-1000

    Is there any sheet music for this I really want to learn it

  5. Nakedsnakes _84

    This is probably one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever had the privilege of hearing! One of your best!! Can’t believe I’d been sleeping on this EP until recently it’s incredible. Keep it up aviators!

  6. Pig_catapult

    Accidentally put this on at 1.75x speed, and it sounds like it's on coffee, but it's not *bad.* Gives the singing character's madness a more frantic, urgent edge to it.

  7. NightRise32

    I love this song so much im having my Alexa device play it to me when im going to bed, I sometimes imagin myself singing this song and I just drift away, guess you could say this song is like a lullaby for me and I just adore the song keep up the great music work Aviator your the best musician I ever know ^^ (I problably wont be noticed since I commented in 2019 but eh why the hell not I LOVE IT!!!)

  8. MojoKing

    i finally found the real name of this track: Aviators - Symphony No. 2 in G# Minor (Harmonic)

  9. Jayden Harrold

    You did a synth wave version of a Beethoven song and gave it lyrics. Awesome

  10. Jason Sorin

    If Aviators likes Lovecraft, as seen in WOBWA, is this just Herbert West:Reanimator?

  11. Guy3nder

    It's fine. You can say moonlight sonata. No one will sue you now. Here, it'd easy: "this song is based on beethoven's moonlight sonata".

  12. DeroVonHesse

    I am so confused. I just recently discovered Aviators for myself and was instantly hooked. I keep finding new songs and thinking, 'No, THIS is my favorite song.' and I thought this was some new band that I had missed. How is this not topping charts? This is like encountering Mozart busking in a subway station. How have we failed this much? Outrage.

  13. Spring Freddy

    Happy Halloween

  14. Jeff Immortal

    this song is pure beauty

  15. Princess Kenny

    It’s an amazing job you did on the song. By far one of my favorites by you. (Along with Traveler’s Song and Sweet Dreams) Nice touch using Moonlight Sonata as the base of the song. Beethoven is my favorite composer.

  16. Orchestrizer

    oh. I get it. It's called "Neon Sonata". The intro is from Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata"

  17. Forestar

    This is my song... 🔽🔽
    But you have MUCH better

  18. Junk Bin

    Holy shit it has been eight months and im just realizing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata was playing at the beginning

  19. Dan T

    This just need an equally romantic and heart wrenching music video.
    Too bad im not creative enough to make one.

    Syd R


  20. Dan T

    This is pure ecstasy.
    I spent a full 12 hour shift with this in my head, and It was time well spent.

  21. влад поращенко

    yet you are the only one,the only bridge to music with lyrics for me, if it wasn't for you i would have had stuck with instrumentals forever.

    Berserker Armour

    Серьёзно, слушать инструментал больше чем настоящие песни? Так бывает?

    влад поращенко

    Ага, инструментал меня сразу уносит, а вот с лирикой проблемы, приходится шарахаться по всему интернету чтобы найти то что мне понравиться.

    Berserker Armour

    Я тут чекнул и у меня пол листа вк это инструментал, но это по большинству своему ost'ы к играм/аниме/vn, отдельных исполнителей и классики крайне мало. У тебя с чем проблемы то? Голос у большинства не нравится или что?

    влад поращенко

    ты уже пытаешься копнуть слишком глубоко бро, тут уже идёт психология,математика, и генетика, я могу максимум сказать что я редко встречаю случай когда инструментал построен коряво, и звучит уродливо, а вот наоборот-запросто.

  22. Jack Carroll

    You guys are seriously the first people to ever make me buy a song on impulse I've listened to well over ten thousand songs and yet ye are the first, such an amazing group deserve all the fame ye get

    Wolven Boi

    Aviators is one person, actually.

    Wait you probably know that after a month, why am I leaaving this comment?
    Eh, I hope your life is going swell and you can face any obstacles with unyielding wilpower ^_^

  23. The Phone Guy

    Such a beautiful song, I'd listen to it all day. I love the story behind the lyrics, fitting and kept at a pace that makes it feel like your walking through a neon city. Great work as always.

  24. Asa Krane

    One of my absolute favorite songs of all time. Great job!

  25. White Dimond

    Кто Русский и из 2018?

  26. White Dimond

    Кто Русский и из 2018?

  27. White Dimond

    Кто Русский и из 2018

  28. White Dimond

    кто Русский и из 2018???))

  29. Christian Bell

    Hey cris listen to nine inch nails just gonna leave that there- just a suggestion

  30. Natán Díaz

    This is so fucking huge! Cant stop listening. From the cassette-like sound, to the Scorpions-like vocals, the twisted arrange of Moonlight Sonata (one of my fav pieces ever). This song screams creativity and good taste like a black hole in the center of a galaxy.

    Thank you so much for making this, it feels like it was made just for me.


  31. BrightPlaysGames

    This is awesome as hell

  32. Spring Freddy

    Whenever I listen to this song and think about the story behind the song, I become sad. I mean it's a great song but with a tragic twist to it and I absolutely love it. But the feels...

  33. Mega Nutt

    I #@!^ing love this song!

  34. Heedfulconch3

    Why did it take me this long to realize that this is basically just Moonlight Sonata: Synth version + Lyrics?

    I've listened to MS for so bloody long, I should recognize that melody...

  35. Brandon Robinson

    Anyone else hear Beethoven’s moonlight sonata in this

  36. KittyCatAddict

    Augh, you're such a good musician. I love how unique your take on music is. ❤️

  37. Spring Freddy

    Can you make an instrumental version of this song? I would love to do a cover of this song :D

    Liam Cahill

    RetroGamer 2000 instrumental versions are available on his bandcamp on a separate free album

  38. Spirit Takoizu

    This song had me entranced holy shit

  39. Lili LilianeChen

    mr aviators .. Your voice like the echo of waves of the sea makes me live another world I love your voice and listen to it even during my sleep .💗

  40. SharpBalisong

    Your voice sounds amazing. Reminds me of Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth.

  41. PianoDude 6415

    This song could be elaborated into a movie
    With Aviators for the original soundtrack featuring this masterpiece

  42. Pierre Alexander

    This has brought me to try some poetry (I do not know if it will be so good, English is not my language)

    Am I alive or is this just a dream?
    That‘s not my eyes that I see through
    Not my flesh
    Nor my blood
    Yet I see you, As sad as on the last day of my life
    Your breath touches my skin
    Like the ravens that fed on me
    I am in hell
    That could not be heaven
    Or god is merciless
    Joke of live
    Joke of my life
    What did I do to get punished?
    Your body is warm, your blood is on my skin
    Maybe in a dream,
    maybe in a nihilistic abyss we will find each other again,
    Now I wander,
    in the light of false suns
    Until my bones become dust,
    My love, where are you?
    you left me alone


    Joe Hermann this is amazing...


    YOU SAY ENGLISH IS NOT YOUR LANGUAGE? I’ve spoken English all my life and I could never do this...

    Bas de Jong

    Neither is English mine yet I will make an attempt though it won't be long since poetry isn't my thing, but I guess I could give it a try and maybe this is some way to finally be able to express myself without shutting down.
    (Rhyming is neither something I'm good at, so it will just be coincidence)
    This loneliness is suffocating,
    I want to open up.
    Yet none would comprehend,
    These raging thoughts.
    Like a fire in my mind,
    My surroundings are like torture.
    When do I get to rest?
    How does it feel to,
    to be at peace and to feel again.
    The chances I couldn't grasp,
    With this weight pulling me down.
    I can feel it,
    I know it's there.
    The ground I'll smash into,
    but how deep does this abyss go?
    This blackness,
    this emptiness is blinding.
    When will I hit the bottom,
    and finally find rest?
    I don't want to be alone.
    I try not to be,
    but why does it hurt then?
    A last flash of light showing it,
    my chance to get out of here.
    Rationally I know I'm not alone,
    but why do I still feel like this?
    The emptiness disappears,
    yet still remains.
    I can't hold it in.
    Opening up,
    But will they comprehend?
    Please save me,
    It's so cold.
    This loneliness.

  43. Thanos Pope

    I am SPOOKED

    Thanos Pope

    But where it at on Sputify

  44. Olexander Boychuk


  45. AniCat Gaming

    So she's building an abomination through magic and cybernetics?
    The first Ascended, anyone? XD


    AniCat Gaming Not an abomination, but she’s attempting to revive her dead lover.

  46. The Dark Warlord

    When this be on Spotify


    It is now! https://open.spotify.com/album/70sZUxdOYdavWXktPwPrax

  47. Mlg pro player 291


  48. Kris Lord

    Wow god job!

  49. Timur Kutluev

    All these years I've been following you, you still manage to surprise me with every single song you release. This one is no exception. Keep up, man, keep making awesome music, keep being amazing.

  50. TheSwordofFlames

    This is such an amazing song. It's definitely in the running for my favorite song on the EP, right next to October Sunset. This is probably my favorite EP of yours so far

  51. CryTheRavens

    Spooky scary Aviators

  52. Karkenji

    Good, I have goose bumps also on my legs...

  53. Min Min The Ramen Bomber

    Lol this could have easily been a song about reanimator

  54. ijones36

    Damn it Aviators, stop producing such good music in such a high quantity.
    I dont have the time to listen to listen to ALL of it a 1000 times over and thats just unacceptable.

  55. oriana garrido

    I can feel the “Moonlight” giving you its power

  56. Solon Deusoz

    AAH! I love all the subtle musical references to DysFic songs. This song is amazing.

  57. Album Interpretations

    I t s S p o o k y T i m e B o y s !

  58. Bebecansada HT


  59. Topo

    Looks like Sonota Moonlight

  60. fishpaste2100

    This song is amazing, it’s so creepy yet it has a tone of hope running throughout it. It’s a great way to show the release of the EP as the entire thing has songs which are just as spooky as this one, it’s definitely one of my favourites from the EP.

  61. Blake chandler

    "I'm turning back time, but I can't bring our live back to life."
    Holy crap, does that mean they resurected them but it was all for nothing, in a emotional or even mental way, they are dead?

  62. EpicFroggz

    I’m speechless. This song is beautiful, absolutely beautiful, and I’m just gaping at its beauty. Thanks, ahhh.....

  63. BlueSpider

    The start sounds like Lavender Town... is that just me? Also, love the story behind this song!

  64. TumchieTheScot

    Yet another beautiful song from Aviators. You never cease to amaze me with the quality of your music and the storytelling within the songs. If I had any complaints at all, and it's barely even a complaint, it would be that you should experiment more! You're songs always have the same structure of B-A-C-A-D-A for verse and chorus. I'd love to see you switch it up, you're always doing different genres, but the structure never changes. Maybe it's just me but I'd love to see something different.

    Great song either way! And you can expect me to buy the EP in the next few days.

  65. Gray

    Symphonic Synthwave… there’s a genre I’ve never seen before. But once again, Avi, you’ve brought us the most wonderful track in existence.

  66. Centurion Fox

    Good music 🎶

  67. Centurion Fox

    Cat or dog

  68. Mr. Bones

    Another fix by Aviators coming in to feed my endless hunger for quality music!

  69. C.S. Gilmore

    Looking over the lyrics sort of makes me think of Edger Allan Poe's "The Raven" but more present time. Probably due to the connection of love and insanity.

  70. Darkest_Jewels

    This inspires me to wanna go out just make music for people to enjoy and I can speak for us all thank you for it

  71. war wolves.

    Wow dude its really sound like a Stranger Things soundtrack, this is fucking good !!!

    Leonard godina

    Tatsu - chan you should hear his stranger things song follow you down.

  72. Andrea Irons

    I love this! Another great hit. How do you do it?

  73. SimonEvo

    0 dislikes =D

    ShTHfan 1

    You jinxed it D=


    Oh noes! D=

  74. Greta Gesang

    YEEEES, THANK YOU +_+ now i can sing another beautiful song of you and scare the little kids away ringing at our door xDD No, seriously, i Love your music :3 it's so wonderful *__* have a great Halloween 🖤

  75. SKU1L

    This is awesome dude !

  76. 2mAs

    One day, I will see a Aviators song on New Retro Wave.

  77. Epstein didn't kill himself

    I don't know if anybody has ever told you this, but I absolutely love your references to older works in your lyrics. Some could claim it's coincidence with names such as "Bones" and "Moonlight", but on songs such as "The far side", _'The watcher's castle'_ is pretty obvious.

  78. Михаил Мурзин

    I'l put there one heart, but there is need more of them

  79. Peaches1202

    As always another fantastic job by Aviators! <3 I love the way you made this song, its beautiful and well pieced together!

  80. Soulless Pinkamena & Pinkamena Diane Pie

    I`v`e been with you since you were a brony, I love your music, thank you again for creating and uploading this music! :) Moonlight sonata is one of my fave`s x3 and you have really added to it :D

  81. R4DE BOX

    love you man! you have remained my favorite artist for years!

  82. Liam Cahill

    OMG just listening to the album and I actually laughed out loud when I heard you had revisited the Art of Survival demo from ASTNE on the song Bloodlines. This EP is outstanding!!!

  83. Nathan Grammer

    To put it simply, this is STUNNING. I absolutely love this, and the entire EP, too!

  84. SP_220_HawkFire

    Honestly this was a bit surprising. It wasn't as dark as one would expect, like Shadows, but it still hit that mood

  85. playerfrankie18

    I'm the 125 like good job

  86. MANNY~EmberDim

    oh, Man! Getting them Moonlight Sonata vibes! :D For a sec I thought it was a cover, but NOPE! just another fantastic song by Avi! :D

    Meagan the Marionette

    Hey, you're right!


    Of course! The song was in fact inspired by Moonlight Sonata.

  87. Futaba Naru Gonzalez

    Happy Halloween

  88. Futaba Naru Gonzalez

    I like this song

  89. Liam Cahill

    This beautiful, I can't get over how much your singing/vocal production has gone up in quality. The synths are amazing too, it kinda reminds me of the A Clockwork Orange OST by Wendy Carlos, since a lot of the music used in it was electronic interpretations of Beethoven and Bach. All my expectations have been shattered again just like they have with every other upload. Happy Halloween! ^^

  90. Explosive Turkey Sandwich

    Spooky. I love it! You didn't disappoint with this that's for sure!

  91. Garrett Percell

    This song tastes like ashes and flickering light. How curious.

  92. Austin Tessier

    love the songs you release. Haven't seen you release any MLP songs in a while, any reason? Keep up the amazing work btw. Stay awesome!

    Liam Cahill

    Austin Tessier he uploaded a cover of 4EverfreeBronys' House of Glass a few months ago, I guess Dystopian Fiction didn't really have room for one in its narrative

  93. Steven Liptock

    I honestly don't know how you put out such consistently incredible music at the rate you do. You blow away almost everything on the radio these days with every song and I hope you continue to do so for a long time to come. Thank you for the music Aviators, it's simply outstanding.

  94. Derpy Smile Attack

    This tune is very familiar to me ... it's as if I had heard it in a dream, but a dream that is hard to remember


    you arent alone in that. this feels like i know... something... like i heard this somewhere... or understand something i cant put into words.

    Derpy Smile Attack

    I feel that something is missing ... something that I should not forget ... something that I have lost and I must find


    Henning A You ruined their moment, Henning xD


    It bears a certain resemblance to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, and he did say this is a Beethoven-inspired song ;)

  95. Epstein didn't kill himself

    My music album is probably, 80% Aviators songs. I think I'm addicted. Addicted to music.

    Mr. Bones

    Welcome to my world. Music is the only reason I haven't merked myself yet.

  96. Shipping Is Magic

    I do hope this gets out soon on Spotify

    Greta Gesang

    Shipping Is Magic when i saw he uploaded i heard the Song immediatly and then jumped over to spotify hoping it would already be out ;-; i feel u xD

  97. JimmyMACfluster

    Pretty late for an upload, new the less WICKED.