Aviators - Me, My Phobias, And I Lyrics

If only I could
Step out of this shell
I'd escape this do-it-yourself hell
And I'd stand up tall
Taller than the trees
And see the path that someone's cleared for me
Now wait a second
I'm scared of the dark
The sun has set now
I've watched the light depart
My feet are frozen
I'm terrified
I'm struggling
To fight my fear tonight

So how can I face my fears
If they're all out to get me
And I'm getting tired of wearing a disguise?
Will you make them all disappear
So there's no ghosts left to haunt me?
Just me, my phobias and I

I'm only human
There's monsters waiting there
I can't stand the sense of danger in the air
I'm not a hero
I'm so afraid
I've never solved a single problem that I've made
Now wait a minute
In this haunted place
I think I see
Up there a ghastly face
I hear it whisper
It knows my fears
Do I have the courage
To make it out of here?

So how can I face my fears
If they're all out to get me
And I'm getting tired of wearing a disguise?
Will you make them all disappear
So there's no ghosts left to haunt me?
Just me, my phobias and I

If ever there was
A moment I found
Myself useless
Then it would be now
But I've made it this far
Even if I'm lost
I'll gather my courage
Whatever the cost
Because what's the purpose
Of living this way
I'm feeling my doubt swell
But I push it away
I may be afraid
I may be bruised
But I'm feeling like a winner
So I can't lose

So how can I face my fears
If they're all out to get me
And I'm getting tired of wearing a disguise?
Will you make them all disappear
So there's no ghosts left to haunt me?
Just me, my phobias and I

So how can I face my fears
If they're all out to get me
And I'm getting tired of wearing a disguise?
Will you make them all disappear
So there's no ghosts left to haunt me?
Just me, my phobias and I

(There's so much fear)
(So make it disappear)
(I'm not that strong)
(But you can try to prove me wrong)

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Aviators Me, My Phobias, And I Comments
  1. Trijosh

    Happy 5th Anniversary and Happy Halloween!

  2. Cole Behnke


  3. Shadows are living things too

    not related,but doesn't the kid look like robin(from teen titans(go))in that tiny room he had when he lived with Batman?to me it does

  4. Austin Tessier

    Is this a reference to Don't Starve? Even if not, nice song still. Hopefully you make one for this years Halloween. That would be epic!

  5. Brandon Robinson

    I love all of your songs they are amazing, it motivates me to push harder to make my own.

  6. Iris Thrush

    im used to the gatopaint cover so it sounds different and weird lol


    +Iris Thrush I can't find the song you're referring to anywhere. Could you send me a link?

    Iris Thrush

    +MiningwithPudding i found it on soundcloud and it was posted by GatopaintOfficial i think


    Oh... So, not on YouTube?

  7. Murzyński Czopek

    *Looks at the title* This must be a creepy song! *Hears it* I never was so wrong, great song btw.


    Could you give me an example of a ,,creepy'' song?

    Dibujante de Pesadillas


  8. 22Tesla

    I sense a Don't Starve/Limbo influence to the cover. Interesting song. Not my fav like the FNAF songs, but its growing on me

  9. Specta

    This is so me... But I'm only human, so it's natural, right? ...

  10. Ghost Assassin

    Aviators, you are a great artist! And out of all your songs Upside Down and The Surface are my favorite

  11. Cheyenne Dittman

    Hey aviators dude, is this exposed to be a song for "don't starve."the picture reminds me of this on guy from the game.

  12. Myotic Tesseract

    So my favorite songs from you include Fool's Gold and this now.
    So that's cool.

  13. Myotic Tesseract

    The first drum always gives me half a heart attack xD

  14. Jose Garza

    Amazing profile picture!

  15. Jeffrey LeSnake

    the guy in the picture kinda reminds me of Robin from teen titans.  
    any one els thinks the same?

  16. Doug Wester / Official Channel

    Haunted House, Rock The World, Restless /)/)/) that's the aviator I want, but still the voice is fuc*in' great!

    Myotic Tesseract

    I want all the Aviators tho :P

  17. The Faithful Student

    If Rush does another tour you ought to offer to tour with them. Seriously :)   This is an amazing song.  The first verse is the real impact but the ending catches an echo of it again.  Y'know, I don't think most people think of Halloween as being about existential terrors but I'm glad you do.  Very inspirational.

  18. ToxicBrony

    PLZ Make a MLP and halloween song mixed together


    Check the link in the description. Third track.

  19. Tenebrae Eques

    Very cool

  20. The Archmage

    I like to think this song comes before Haunted House and is the sequel when he faces his fears.

  21. Specta

    I liked the video and then it said 333 likes. You want that means...



    Half-Life 333* :3


    *Half-Life 333333333

  22. jorden repchin

    This belongs on the radio

  23. Heather S

    wats the red part of the pic?

  24. coolclaytony

    Aviators I know you have a very distinct style, but making HALLOWEEN songs in that style does not work. Both this and Haunted house really don't evoke the kinds of emotions and feelings that something Hallowwen related should. I'm not scared, excited, or having fun; I'm just bored.


    People need to read the descriptions. There's a whole album of this, and not all are light hearted like this. Some are very dark. Also, I think it's a bit closed-minded to think Halloween songs can't be upbeat. It's kind of like thinking Christmas sounds have to sound like old hymns all the time.

  25. Jeffrey Piet

    Not bad man!  Easy to listen to.  Definitely a different style than the norm.  I like it!

  26. Djentleman

    I was hoping for like a really creepy sounding song like shadows. That would be awesome! And then you could upload it on Halloween! Yay! :D


    Check the album. ;)


    @Aviators ooooooooo, your right! thanks!

  27. Justin Greenland

    Dang it Aviators! Why do you keep making so much awesome music? My wallet can't keep up with you :(

  28. 14anthony7095

    Another song added to my playlist :D

  29. Keen Blade

    Great work!

  30. Big Mike

    AWW YISS. 

  31. Jacob Kitts

    This sounds freakin' awesome!

  32. CuteOtterBitch

    My second favorite of the album! Love this song!!

  33. Arzonarex

    Im sure this has been asked before but am i allowed to use your musik in my Videos if i give credits to you ?

  34. Jose Garza

    Anyone else reminded of Limbo by the cover?

  35. GettinMeMallet

    It was great! I really liked it, and I'm looking forward to your next song!

  36. Take Walker

    This is one of my favorite tracks off the album. :)

  37. Henning

    When I listened to the album the first time yesterday, I was a bit weirded out by this song. Mainly because of the chorus, but I've got to say, it's really growing on me.

    My favorite has still got to be _Undead_. That one's like a rocked up, classic Disney villain song with very morbid lyrics. xD

  38. AbyssionQC

    I personally think this is the best track of the album

    and I need to troll the GH community with Hollow already~

  39. Don Callisto

    An odd song, but an awesome one nonetheless.

  40. Ascordian

    The pic reminded me Wilson from Don't Starve C:


    Reminded me of Limbo

  41. Brad P

    Certainly an interesting song. Not entirely sure whether I like it or not but hey, it was good nonetheless.

    The Asexual Jelly Bean

    You're not sure if you like it or not, but it was good.

    I may miss something here, because I don't fully understand :s

    Brad P

    it was a good song, it's just not the style of music that I normally listen to.

    The Asexual Jelly Bean

    @Brad P Oh ok.

    Honestly. I don't think it sounded that good, and that's coming from an Aviators fanboy. 

    The instruments just sounded really off, and the vocals didn't sound right, either. I guess it's just my opinion, maybe. 

    And maybe yours, I guess.

    Brad P

    I agree that something sounded off, I just can't put my finger on it. I liked the premise of the song though.

    Jake Moresea

    @MarneyGaming I think his vocals in the verses are abnormally soft, but his choruses are rock-on. And personally, I like the instrumentals a lot. And this is coming from someone who listens to Dimmu Borgir and Strapping Young Lad and such. xD

  42. CommentIsUnrelated

    I'm kind of disappointed that out of all of your songs on the album you chose to upload your two upbeat ones, but hey, they're still both really good! 


    I'm not done uploading the album's songs yet. xD


    Very good. Here's hoping for Undead, Beginning of the Nightmare, or Hollow. Those are my favorites from the album.

    Myotic Tesseract

    What about Delete and the remake of Shadows?


    @Michael T. S.
    They're all good, but uploading everything is just not what he does. xD
    Also, Delete seems to be on there just for the sake of being on a release. Don't get me wrong, I like that song, but I think the next upload/s from this album should be Halloween-themed.
    I'm hoping for Undead and/or Hollow, personally.


    @Henning A It's also unreasonable as he likely needs the upload computer for making new music, which, yeah, he does it for the main stuff. But, YouTube does it in this old way that was formed because they didn't find the better solution. And now haven't bothered to update it to an even better solution because, well, lazy and cheap and people would complain about change and downtime and shit. AKA, it's a long time of sapping lots of resources to upload to YTer versus just uploading the same video to a smaller site that did it right the first time, let alone audio only to a music site that did it right the first time.

  43. Visia Productions

    Brony or not, I love your music very much. It has helped me when I was down, and thanks for bringing me back. Thanks Aviators!


    A lot of these brony artists have diverged from brony-hardcore, despite their avatars and names, to make a lot of various stuff. PrinceWhateverer and Carbon Maestro, two quite different examples of this. That's why I actually go so far as to recommend them with "It doesn't matter if you are a brony or not; ignore the pics and some of the themes if you aren't." Hell, I even recommend Fallout: Equestria to avid Fallout fans who can look past the concept and image of ponies, which actually presents a unique challenge and swapping of image done so well by the writer that you just miss out if you love the deep and gritty of the Wasteland world-style.
    Ultimately, though, a brony is just a fan, male or female, of either the main show or the fandom thereof. As compared to the original definition, which is still mistaken to be true, of a grown male fan of the show.

  44. Jamin P, Rose

    This is a really cool song.

  45. GatoPaint

    You could asked me if you want help to make your tracks energetic :P ! Can I Re-make this track ? :3 I really like the idea =D


    @Nick Sesio It comes off like that to you. As it is mere words with no defined emotion, it can and will be interpreted to have many forms of emotions that it simply lacks.

    Derik Sesio

    Whatever you say. Although we'll put

    Puppie The Marionette

    hey MrKirbyXIII
    stop being a "know it all prick" because those kinds of people are really annoying
    no one cares about what you think


    @Puppie The Marionette Just because I know something you didn't doesn't mean I'm a prick. That's just you not being satisfied with not knowing something and learning from others.


    I love this! This song kind of explains myself and my feelings of life n' stuff. I really like the beat and how it all ties together. There are some songs out there that I've heard that aren't very in tune(Sorry to those who i'm talking to!) The songs themselves are really good, but they just sometimes flop out of tune, and that's why I really like the songs that Aviators makes, because they're always in tune to my mind when I think of the song itself.

  46. Gray Fur

    I freaking love your dark songs!
    And your lyric songs, and your remixes...
    I guess I love all of your songs.  ^^

  47. Fredrik Boström

    You've done it again! Simply beautiful.

  48. Emily Last

    I LOVE IT!!!! I have 4 phobias so i can relate. LOVE IT