Aviators - Love Bites Lyrics

Night of sin
The eve of curses
Wishing lust for
Wicked ways
Through the chants
And hellish verses
At the altar
We'll start to pray
Douse the candles
End the ritual
A mass of darkness
Gone too far
In you lies
Vain desire
To dance a hunt
Beneath the stars

Forbidden rites
For moonlit nights
Unleashed now
Essence of love
From above
I've made our
Hellbent mistake
The devil's take
At midnight
Cursed with you
The things we do
When love bites

No beast without
A passion
Yours chasing
Death it seems
For what else
Does lie after
It could end
This fever dream
Your kiss is
Laced with poison
You're turning
Hearts to stone
Huntress of
Blood and wonder
I feel the magic
In my bones

Out on the road through the midnight haze
She drove a thousand miles in a bewitched craze
To prey upon the one who began a cursed spell
Summoned like a bat out of hell
I didn't know and I didn't see
The grave warning signs in front of me
If the dead begin to dance we're running all night long
I need a way out of this love gone wrong

You've become a beast
That I can't tame
Your love's possession is a
Devil's game

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