Aviators - Losing Control Lyrics

I'm feeling watched
Like no one's on my side
And I confess
I feel the stress
We've got a problem to address
We're compromised
The truth unknown
A secret kept from me
The worst I fear
With traitors here
Our cause will slowly disappear
Into debris

One of us here's a glitch in the system
Someone's been hiding in plain sight
One of us set the gears in motion
Someone sent from the other side
To break us
Take us
On our knees
To sabotage
The movement we
So I've been told
We're losing control

No soul to trust
Suspicions are my own
I won't let go
Until I know
Who's engineered this undertow
The threat unknown
I'll never let
All that we've fought for fall
It's all for naught
Until we've caught
The founder of this evil plot
They'll never take us all

One of us here's a glitch in the system
Someone's been hiding in plain sight
One of us set the gears in motion
Someone sent from the other side
To break us
Take us
On our knees
To sabotage
The movement we
So I've been told
We're losing control

Are you a traitor or have I lost my head
This creeping notion's got me torn into shreds
Is there a spy
Here passing by
Or is there more than meets the eye
I've lost control, I've lost my mind

One of us here's a glitch in the system
Someone's been hiding in plain sight
One of us set the gears in motion
Someone sent from the other side
To break us
Take us
On our knees
To sabotage
The movement we
So I've been told
We're losing control

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Aviators Losing Control Comments
  1. Rafael N3rd

    I love this music

  2. Jakub Dodek

    I normall dont listen syntwawe,synthpop or kinds like this but Aviators always can do it just able to listening, I dont know how they did it but guys KEEP GOING, YOU ARE JUST GREAT ;) !!!!

  3. TheMoonGirl 222

    This song made me think of Spy movies!

  4. Hannah Metzger

    Who else besides me thinks that the neon of that image in the video reminds them of the Neon level in the video game _inFAMOUS:Second Son?_

  5. Colby Rhodes

    2019 Damn good song!

  6. Val.

    That here is a Delorean DMC-12. The 2nd best car for anything synthwavey after the Lambo Countach.


    Ah. A fellow car man I see.

  7. Gold Prime

    I just realized you used the delorean from Miami nights: 1984 accelerated

  8. Ignis King

    Aviators: Or is there more than meets the eye .
    Me: Transformers!

  9. Franny Francisca

    Getting Venom vibes from the lyrics.

  10. Dystopia69

    I absolutely love this song. But why is there a car for the background art? XD

    The Flash

    I think it's the Delorean from Back to the Future

  11. Winter Star

    This sums up how I felt when I found a T.Series sub in my Pewdiepie chat

  12. JCP Productions

    This song is so awesome! May have to listen to this when my friend and I go on a cruise in the DeLorean.

  13. Musicalknight

    Heh... I remeber listening to you in middle school, now look at how youve grown.

    Good job man

  14. Northz

    2:25 <3

  15. Tristone. exe

    This is one of my favorite songs by you.

  16. Leeams711

    so dude can i use this for intro music next year

  17. Tribesman

    Detriot become humans theme song

  18. SaY FarmeR7

    The best part with Aviators other than the songs is that you get enough time to read the whole description before the song starts

  19. E Flowers

    I love songs like this one with the non professional singing and the good electronic and guitar music! I just can't explain it it's so good!!😁 It reminds me of back to the future. If they had a new movie come out I would really enjoy listening to this music in it!!

  20. Wolven Boi

    Your music is so fucking GOOD

  21. Spartan War118

    It sounds like a rebellion crumbling under it's own feet because of a spy sabotaging them from behind the scenes

  22. o 'driscoll

    Is there an Instrumental version?

  23. Gerben van Straaten

    This makes me crave for a Knight Rider reboot

  24. UltraRed

    You own the rights correct? Can I use this song for an intro on my channel? I will give you credit.

  25. Len

    Your instrumentals are great, but your vocals always suck.
    All build-up, but no blast.

  26. Heron Maciel

    THAT is my religion <3

  27. Raphael Gomi

    wtf... this is too amazing to be real

  28. Aspect Entropy

    Someone please make a Matrix music video with this!

  29. Alexandr Belkov

    the best

  30. Mother Fcker

    Driftable enough

  31. Lee Bradley


  32. Lee Bradley

    this song rinds me of nerve

  33. Nonnez

    This is gorgeous!!!:D

  34. kirara2516

    you're like a perfect fusion of new age music and that amazing 80s vibe that made that era so great. i am amazed by your legendary talent.

  35. Josh Orlando

    lol ttt in a nutshell

    Spartan War118

    That's one way to think of it
    Except with 2400% more silliness
    Cause GMod and source engine

  36. curtiswatling

    I loze control sometimes these guys make feel good about my life and myself

  37. Keegan M.

    Aww yeah Nice Delorean on the cover mate!

  38. Shellshock 0607

    You guys know its just one man making these Awsome songs?

  39. Tyrranide

    was the line, "more than meets the eye" a reference to Transformers or was it simply a use of the same quote?

    Joshua Wilson

    Tank Overlord I'm not thinking it's a transformers reference. But, as Aviators said once, everything is open to interpretation.

  40. Montgomery Meyer

    Holy shit balls! This is probably my favorite song from you.

  41. neon ryder

    given I pretty much only listen to sabaton and ramenstein and mastodon, I've never herd or known what this genre existed but I'm happy I do know

    Lupo Exulans

    So...Thou are called Neon Ryder now...

  42. Ben Macaskill

    Aviators if my eyes don't desrsive me that is a DELOREAN DMC-12 Right?

    Ben Macaskill

    This Question Is Open To AVIATORS Or Anyone Else . If Anyone Is Wondering.

    Bence Jávorszki-Farkas

    Pretty much think so. The little rollable window is matching.

    Keegan M.

    Yep. That's a Delorean alright. One of the coolest cars

  43. Periwinkle [MiiOfTechnology] Pig

    I get vague SDR2 vibes from this song.

  44. ThePixelbruhs

    This spy has already breached our defences... You've seen what he's done to our colleagues! And worst of all, he could be any one of us... He could be in this very room! He could be you! He could be me! He could even be...



    ...What?! It was obvious!

    unit 3746

    look! I see red!...oh wait that's blood...

    The Minecraft Expidition

    or commies @unit 3746

  45. Dr. Phil wants your alimony

    I love the delorean for the cover art

    Rick Charles

    Liam Macneill agreed

  46. Grotty Statute

    Aviators: "Hmm, what song should I make now..."
    The Voice: "Well, since we are making a post apocalyptic album, why don't we display the horrors of living un-"
    The Voice: "..."
    Aviators: "I'm a genius!!"
    The Voice: "It's always the revolution..."

    aden entertainment

    hell yeah it is

    Spartan War118

    It's a concept that shows humanity at it's core
    A species smart enough to survive
    Edit: just smart ENOUGH

    Wolven Boi

    And smart enough to sabotage their life and the relationships they've built with the people around them through... just that... paranoia.

    aden entertainment

    true indeed with trust probs

    Nintendo Ryan


  47. Project Infinity

    imagine him and groundbreaking working together on a song, two lords of amazing and deep music combined into one song

    Nova BlockHead

    Project Infinity Groundbreaking Sucks TBH Man.


    well that is your opinion but i think we can all agree that there are many horrible musicians on the internet who get stupid amounts of fame for being total crap, cough cough ricegum cough lil pump cough jake paul cough 95% of all youtube musicians.

  48. random things

    this reminds me of red faction guerrilla, with the EDF losing control.

  49. Jenny :3

    Your Music is The best Music I Ever heard 😍😘

  50. MUSIC IS LIFE!!!!

    Your Music is amazing

  51. Дениска Клубнячков

    Ебать вот это трек

  52. Nate Vercetti

    DeLorean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Spartan War118

    Hah, you wish...

    I do too...

  53. Mr.Psy

    I'm guessing that the meaning of this one is to not be influenced by people around you because if you do, the person could be a bad influence and then that person could spread it to other people causing chaos and they would ,you could say, Lose Control.

    Atom Odyssey

    I just thought it some future apocalypse sort of thing. But that is a good interpretation I'm must say!


    I thought of it as some sort of leader facing a revolution or coup against him.

    Nestor Makhno's Papakha

    Holy Roman Empire Ball ayyyyyt


    @Mikhail Bakunin Bonjour mein amigo! (Yes I did just mix three languages)

    gabriel discord

    "But were is the fun in making sense?" Discord, god of chaos

  54. Moonyeen Deo

    Question. I know this might offend but are you still in the mlp fandom

  55. Ethan

    your music is great!

  56. Western Morris

    this is cool it sounds like something from satellite reign

  57. WarChallenger

    2:48 The cell phone knot, until we got the founder of this evil fart. That's what I heard the first time around.

  58. Dymond Malmstrom

    I've baught this album! its great!!! also correct me if i'm wrong but that album art is of a 1981 DeLorean DMC 12 yes? it looks to be. :D

  59. Nightyy

    "I won't let go
    Until I know
    Who's engineered this undertow
    The threat unknown
    I'll never let
    All that we've fought for fall"

    I can still hear Oblivion in my head.

    Darth Avenge

    Me too, it was at the end of oblivion XD

  60. Daffa

    I love your music

  61. WolfieBlitz


  62. Brian

    What font is that?

  63. Ferdinand Hlavac

    It sounds like a hotline mimai soundtrack. I love it.

  64. Pumpk1n127/ Wolfiez Fazbear

    this song is stuck in my head. it's the most awesome song I've heard. I was tHinking of doin a transformers prime animation or video with this song since knockout is always sneaking out to street race. it fits knockout perfectly!!!!! BTW I believe that aviators Is the AWESOME! Im glad u guys (aviators) exists! thx for the awesome songs!

  65. Renee Knezovich

    Anyone else gettin a "Matrix" vibe?

    Renee Knezovich

    @ultimate doge Lol

  66. pawelvg1

    i love the intro

  67. Bob Webster

    i feel like your music is almost perfect, because it's well done, self congruent, and varied, but also a bit simple and a bit cliche. keep working at it.

  68. Myotic Tesseract

    Reminds me of 80s sci-fi dystopian movies, like Blade Runner and The Running Man.

  69. Rogue Flutters

    Congrats on the 100k!

  70. CameronG

    Oh my god this music is fucking incredible.

  71. DeMi

    Congrats on 100000 subs Avi ❤️

  72. Vivaldin

    I'm dying of awesomness.... Please help.

  73. MDGLee

    I like the DeLorean DMC-12 on the cover. And the song.

  74. Ted Tunion

    Congrats on 100k avi. I've been here for 2 and a half years, and it's been wonderful watching you grow. I'm sure I can honestly say, you're one of the few people who deserve this much. I'll keep loving your music forever. 💜

  75. MiningwithPudding

    Congratulations man, 100,000+ subscribers.

  76. killbop

    this is very good, PLEASE release instrumental version.

  77. Squeaky Clean

    Dude just bought the new Star Gazers Hard copy and love all the songs. GG

  78. Spectrum16

    I really hope "Game Over" is next!

  79. Kellyn Nova

    new Aviators song and I missed it 6 days after release!? wtf YouTube you gotta let me know this shit

  80. just trash

    Perfect beats for any situation

  81. John Smith

    Very good.

  82. Yume

    Oh shit, amazing as always Aviators! This was featured after "Oblivion" for your new album, I remember. Just, incredible! :D

  83. Atom Odyssey

    Congrats on 100k subscribers!!!

  84. Brandon Robinson

    Congrats on 100k subs

  85. Timur Kutluev

    Is that DeLorean by Florian Renner? Nice!

  86. 98mrrico

    good job aviators, good job.

    losing controls is now the 100000 subscribers song :D

  87. Starlit Meadow

    I feel bad for that one person who disliked this. They must have done it by accident.

  88. Drew Sifur

    Love the new profile picture😄 and also I have the same headphones in black

  89. EpicFroggz

    I made a mashup of some or your songs, hope you enjoy!


  90. Girl Whatever

    Hu? You finally got 100K subs?! My congratulations, you deserve it :)

  91. Cassy or luv

    happy 100K dude

  92. ProspektMLP

    100k subscribers!!! Congratulations, Aviators!

  93. Will Simkins

    Those seven dislikes lost control


    @SoSucculent I love Aviators that's how.

    Antonio Marino

    +Yum Yum Rainbows

    Simboulis Xbox

    SoSucculent it's 12 now....


    They are 38 now,maybe you will be next,maybe I will be next!!!

  94. Nicrus27

    peterpie brought me here

  95. Nukewave

    Great album, amazing song :), no complaints!

  96. Silent_Noise_

    Congrats on 100k subs!!!

  97. Mystical Wolf

    does anyone else do this. get a notification when aviators uploads drop everything and watch it then wish you can subscribe twice...