Aviators - I Don't Want To Hurt You Lyrics

The rain feels colder now
The plague has left this town
I'll heal you
I'll heal you
The red and poisoned sea
Calls to the hate in me
I'll break you
I'll break you
Headstrong for the comedown
Mind heavy with a faint sound
I'll hear you
In your prayers tonight
Bastion of the white lie
Heads turning with a blind eye
I'll see you
In the candlelight

I don't want to hurt you
But I can't stay away
I don't have the strength
To know myself and keep you safe
So wherever you are now
I hope you will forget
The flaws I had before
Because I haven't lost them yet

The devil's fever dream
Holds the most cursed fiends
I know this
Symptom only mine
In crimson memories
The watcher always sees
The fallout
That I leave behind
Burned palms of the wasteland
Floods rise to the blood on my hands
And I want to forget you
Or take you far away
Safety for when I fail
World's gone with the last death knell
The distance
I could never stay

I don't want to hurt you
But I can't stay away
I don't have the strength
To know myself and keep you safe
So wherever you are now
I hope you will forget
The flaws I had before
Because I haven't lost them yet

Somebody's gonna get hurt
In the wake of my emotions
In this bottomless sky
In all your memories, I
Am a distant ghost behind you
Through the veil of my lies
I could pretend that I'm cut
But the truth is I can't feel it
Am I something less than real?
There is a part of me left
That remembers how to love you
And the memories heal
My spirit in the darkness
Is in a prison I must know
To run to you, free
But I don't want to be free

Not really
Not really

Not even in my dreams
I don't wanna be free

Not really

I don't want to be free
Not really
Not even in my dreams

I don't want to be
I don't want to break free tonight
I'm safer in the dark
When I can't see in the light

I don't want to hurt you
But I can't stay away
I don't have the strength
To know myself and keep you safe
So wherever you are now
I hope you will forget
The flaws I had before
Because I haven't lost them yet

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Aviators I Don't Want To Hurt You Comments
  1. Embercille Mage

    Till this day, I can still relate to this song

  2. Viridian

    When you love someone so much you must suffer insanity and loneliness to keep them safe.

  3. Sangita Mahanti

    For this track, I got just one word:- Mesmerizing

  4. Saskiaza Aza

    I just come to here to search good songs. But , it is awesome. Same with Bleeding Sun. 👌👌👌

  5. Gary Pecoraro

    Aviators! I love this song ! Beautiful writing👍👍👍❤👍👍👍

  6. Anthony Lay

    It's real, from the Heart. Thanks for this emotional roller coaster of a journey you send one on with this music. Truly for the soul.

  7. LilyRoseHeart

    4:15 is where the best part starts. You can't change my mind.

  8. Dormin

    Wow this gave me chills... Masterpiece.

  9. Taniuska Lopez

    This is really great music

  10. Halfdeadboi

    This is so beautifully eerie sounding

  11. Sheeta Avalon

    This song is so powerful I'm so glad I listen to it.

  12. Bobby Boswell

    anyone else feel like this could be about fallout 4? it does have addictions in it and it says fallout and wasteland a few times in the lyrics

  13. josh fritz

    masochism son
    we harden in response to physical trauma


    This band is awsome im more of a speed metal type but i love this

  15. Iced Shadow

    you made the best music...
    Keep having fun doing it!
    ... its what truly matter....

  16. Charlie Murphy 96


  17. The Fallen Human.

    Does the man in the song kill himself, so that he doesn't hurt his daughter?

  18. Lord Potato

    This and No more heroes are my favourites!

  19. Miss Milisecond

    Lyrics please

    Blake chandler

    In description

  20. Blade Cioppi


  21. Shrub Plays

    That single note 6 seconds into the song adds so much intensity. Instantly liked it.

  22. Artur E.

    The melody has an Undertale feeling. I like it.

  23. Panda Bear

    Bless you for making your songs so damn long! I was sitting here like NO DONT END * looks at time* AYYYYYYY

  24. Aried Byrd

    This kinda reminds me of Kellogg for some reason. Anyways, this is one of the first songs on my driving playlist.

  25. Kylie

    Stumbled on your music while combing for writing inspiration and wow I'm glad!  Great vibe.  You really nailed the chorus on this one.

  26. Luke Auyeung

    I've just been staring at the candle flame for 2 minutes.

  27. PixelGlitch

    this is the best

  28. Silverfox Gaming

    You should try a song for Darkwood. I'm sure it would be amazing :000

    Love your works as always!

  29. Liam Cahill

    100th comment woo ^-^

  30. Zach E

    This song is so atmospheric...

  31. Miguel Gamer

    those 6 dislikes are probably people who missed the like button

  32. Cookie Craft

    Interesting fact, I found the channel about 2 months ago, by listening to "Our Little Horror Story"

  33. Cookie Craft

    Hey, I was wondering, could we work together on a song? If you don't have the time, I'm fine with it :)

    Liam Cahill

    Cookie Craft try emailing him ^-^

    Cookie Craft

    Liam Cahill he hasnt shown his email in any of the descriptions...but YOU can even help if u want :)

    Liam Cahill

    Cookie Craft idk, see if he responds first :P [email protected]

    Cookie Craft

    Liam Cahill Alright, thanks for the email, ill let u know what he says


    Cookie Craft ?


    Why is your music so damn good?

  35. Frex


  36. Ben Relic

    This song brought me to tears. First song to ever do that. Thank you Aviators. Your music is always Awesome.

  37. Freddy Faztube!

    Hey dude every song I like by you are your fnaf ones. And fnaf 6 just released by Scott cawthon. Got a new song coming?

  38. Mr MIKE

    Youre really cool guys

  39. GatoPaint

    eyyyyy that's a good one :D

  40. aden skalski

    the song for a broken despiar btw this song is awsome

  41. 1God1Fury

    Aviators, You're an incredible music artist! loved your music since 2012
    May your passion for music never fades away! =)

  42. Caveman81

    The feels... can really relate to this song.

  43. 山田Yamada

    4:50 - 5:10 best part! ♥

  44. Lectro Dub

    I like how somber and tense this feels. Nice, dude.

  45. Eighty Six

    This is easily my favorite song that Aviators has done in a long, long time. There are the ones that make me go 'meh.', there are good ones, there are great ones.
    This is one of the great ones.

  46. Hellbringer96

    Dude. Never stop making masterpieces.

  47. Cakelefore

    Love it!

  48. WolfthatRocks1995

    I went into this song expecting it to be about an anthropomorphic wolf who is stereotyped as "big and bad" encountering a small, frightened child, I ended up being reminded of one of my favorite comic book series: Regression. :)

  49. Mylittlebaboon

    this is sooooo good i know i say that all the songs on the album are my fav but this one really is my fav heheh

  50. Brenden Pischke

    Is it just me or does this melody have traces of rhythms from Stargazer's Oblivion?

  51. Kami Rhodes

    A few years ago I always said, 'His songs are to long.'

    Now I'm saying, "His songs aren't long enough!!"

    This gave me chills! Probably add this to my favorite song list right next to Bulletproof! Good work my friend!


    Twice as long, twice the joy

    Myotic Tesseract


  52. Valkyrie Howard

    Look, an Aviators song under ten thousand views. That'll be fixed soon. Blame The Far Side for twisting my arm to finally subscribe to you Avi, that guy's persuasive :3

    Seriously though, sad to see this album has seen it's last song, they are all great and I love the depth and story put into each one of them. Have to add to this one though, this seems like it could have more than one meaning if it has to only do with some addiction as the description says, or maybe its just me having close personal ties to someone with mental illness. This one's definitely one of the more low key ones of this batch with the slower more subtle instrumentals though I think for this one I'll stick to the others. Yeah right, I already played it twice and liked the video. Your music is too good so I better go listen to more of it, I'll get through your entire list here soon enough

  53. Epstein didn't kill himself

    The Watcher... He knows what you've done...

  54. alilrosepetal

    your voice is absolutely perfect

  55. Dargaia's Nectar

    Christ fuck why is everything you write so damn amazing??? 💯💯

    Please go on tour, man!

  56. E BG

    Love this song!
    Your voice is very calming.
    Thank you for sharing your talent of singing.

  57. Squipy Cheetah

    As much as I love every song on the album, the dark tone of this one really speaks to me, solidifying it as my favourite <3

  58. 5ickD0g

    why do I get such a blue man group vibe from this?

  59. TheLoyalBro

    Honestly, I found this track truly defines your style of music the most. I could get into technical details, but it would be a waste because overall this song just hits the tone it was going for perfectly. Emotional, somber, and even emptiness. Outstanding work Avi!

  60. Rat Jam

    This song... it gives me chills beyond compare. The piano on that off beat at the beginning is really unique, and that temp change... holy crap... Most feels I've gotten since Waiting Games. Thank you so much for this.

  61. Kitty star

    I love it ❤❤❤

  62. Butters the DoppelDragon

    i regret not listening to any of your original songs until now

  63. Myotic Tesseract

    This song is so. Fucking. Beautiful. I think I'm gonna cry.
    Thank you so much for this song Aviators, I don't think much anything can compare to this. I love it so much.
    Every part of this, especially the bridge, sends all the shivers down my spine.

  64. Starry Sunrose

    emotionally, this hits me harder than possibly any other song you've ever made... just really close to home on a lot of painful experiences.

    honestly brought some well-needed tears on my first listen. i'd have to say it's my favorite track from Dystopian Fiction.

  65. Sebastian Marlow

    When are you going to upload October sunset

  66. Neri

    This voice is perfect!

  67. EpicFroggz

    Literally my favorite song, I just, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s just an indescribable feeling listening to this song, thank you so much, ahhh!

  68. Blake chandler

    Holy shit this is dark. Guess that's what the point it was. It sounds very depressing.

  69. Squeaky Belle

    Aaaaaaa nuu ;-;
    I've been refreshing this over and over again and it's just received its first dislike. :<
    Ah well. At least it nearly got to 500 likes before that c: Nice work Aviators!

    Ben Relic

    It's at 1000 right now, with 6 dis. That's pretty good.


    Aaaaaaa nuuuuu chiki briki i v damke

  70. OwO OwO

    Hey Aviators, how 'bout doing a song about Warframe?

  71. Lord Oreo

    So nice and beautiful soundtrack <3 I love it !

  72. HD_boy12 HF

    Aviators, I must say your litterly the only musician that with every song makes me feel emotions
    Up to the point it almost make me cry.. Great job man! Absolutely fantastic!

  73. Neninq

    Holly Jesus. This song is so freaking amazing! the lyrics the instrumentation, the rising tension, the soul and spirit that lie in this song are so precious.
    You my friend are Awesome,
    Snzrly John N

  74. Hmhya

    So it's about Ice King?

  75. Knight Artorias

    Amazing as always keep up the great work

  76. Mubin Ullah

    Personally... This beats neon sonata. Great job my man. Keep it up. I wish you best of luck on this journey and pray that someday you'll be a better song creator than linking park,imagine dragons etc.

    Mubin Ullah

    By be a better song creator I mean you'll have more fans than them. Cause personally you beat them in the songs department

  77. Toon Pikachu

    I mean I loved every track of this album...
    But part of this reminds me of my childhood and how I've changed...

  78. TheEMC

    Yes! This one!

  79. Make Londor Whole

    I love the direction your music has gone over the past few years, keep up the great work

  80. ThexSunxPraiser

    Gave me Goosebumps!

  81. Ardub23

    I'm a little disappointed that the candle doesn't get shorter over the course of the video.
    Not disappointed with the song though, it's fantastic.

  82. Nevermore Titan

    I can’t wait until another album comes and and burn another 10$ straight off the bat.
    Dystopian Fiction and the Howling albums were probably the best albums so far!

  83. ink Monster bendy

    Fantastique work
    ! I love your song x3 💓

  84. Faceless Being

    Idk what I will do if Aviators stops making music. I feel like my life relates to a lot of their music 😭

  85. Вячеслав Скрипник

    Your music is so fucking amazing.
    All tracks , which i listened ever , I want to listen again and again.
    Continue in the same spirit , and I sure , all your next tracks will be so exciting too.
    Good luck :)

  86. Patrick ProjectMusic

    It is beautiful song year and video music power good and nice


    good video continues like this do not give up

  88. Rascal Studios

    I'm currently writing a story and your music always inspires me. Thank you for doing what you like to do =D

  89. Isabella Quinns

    Another legendary track! Loooove it :3

  90. Mlg pro player 291


  91. David Potts

    Not bad at all. Always love seeing a new song pop up in my notifications box :)

  92. Arcrasis

    Damn, this is good

  93. Mira legend.

    Fantastic track! One of my new favorites! Sends chills down my spine
    Well done bro!<3

  94. Fan d'Aviation !

    This is great ! Aviators, you are my favorite singer because you do an excellent job and your musics are great !

  95. Po Tato

    You're making me depressed, because you're so good at making songs, that by comparison im terrible at everything i ever try to do .... Still, good job on another great song!


    Don´t be depressed. If you have passion for something, you just have to train and work hard to get better. If you listen to Aviators older songs (e.g. his Debut Album) you will see that he also started small.
    It doesn´t matter if you are an author, a painter/ drawer or a musician, you have to take long road to get good.
    You can also be good at things, you just have to find what you like and have passion for and try to get better.
    I also make music but I am surely not so good like Avi, but when I listen to my old tracks and to my newer I hear that I get better with time. And Aviators inspires me to get better, especially when I see that he started small.
    So don´t hang your head.

    Po Tato

    :D thanks


    no problem ^^

    Cookie Craft

    So caring for others...thats what I like to see in a youtuber. I'm subbing you for that :)


    thank you ^^. But I would appreciate if you only sub to my Nightwolf channel, if you can german (because I only upload videos where I talk german there). I don´t want a huge number of subscribers, and then they are not able to watch my videos because they dont understand the language. I hope you understand ^^. But if you want: this ( SoundsOfNight ) Channel is my music channel. And if you are interested you are definitely welcome ^^.
    ( I hope understand my point, but still thank you. Nice to read your comment ^^)

  96. That guy

    I regret not listening to this one as much as several others.

    I sure do feel stupid.