Aviators - I Could Believe You Lyrics

I could be your lifeline
But you cut me long ago
I could give forgiveness
But your heart is far too cold
Blame it on my own pride
Place the fault on anyone but you
What would be the difference?
No one sees the wicked deeds you do
Breath of fire and poison
Words are laced with lies and twisted truth
Cure me of temptation
Save me from the devil that I knew
Nobody can help me now

Wish I could believe you
When you say your love is fair
Wish I could believe you
When you say the feeling's there
Wish I could erase the marks you left
From clawing out my soul
Wish I could believe you
But faith has left a burning hole

I could be a wise man
But you'd whisper in my ear
Death could bring me silence
But you've manifest through fear
Trapped inside the madness
Demon on the earth and after life
Lies and disappointment
Drawing from my blood without a knife
We can make it through this
So long since I managed my escape
Is it best to follow
Or is it best to give in to your fate
Trapped inside with no way out

Wish I could believe you
When you say your love is fair
Wish I could believe you
When you say the feeling's there
Wish I could erase the marks you left
From clawing out my soul
Wish I could believe you
But faith has left a burning hole

Held inside my head
A heart I thought was dead
Rises from the dust
Still the bane of us
I don't want to see
I don't want to see
I don't want to see
I don't want to see
You replace me
I don't want to be...
I don't want to be...
I don't want to believe
Your voice somewhere in me

Wish I could believe you
When you say your love is fair
Wish I could believe you
When you say the feeling's there
Wish I could erase the marks you left
From clawing out my soul
Wish I could believe you
But faith has left a burning hole

Wish I could believe you
When you say your love is fair
Wish I could believe you
When you say the feeling's there
Wish I could erase the marks you left
From clawing out my soul
Wish I could believe you
But faith has left a burning hole

Wish I could believe you
When you say you'll never die
Wish I could believe you
When you say you're still alive

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Aviators I Could Believe You Comments
  1. night mare


  2. EssayOfThoughts

    I had a pretty nasty relationship a while back and honestly the lyrics for this? Specifically, "Wish I could erase the marks you left / From clawing out my soul / Wish I could believe you / But faith has left a burning hole"? Absolutely the mood after getting out of a shitty relationship. Where all your old instincts say trust and all your experience goes NOPE, and how it feels to realise how much of yourself you just /weren't/ with them?

    Yeah uh, this gave me a lot of feels when it came out and it's giving me a lot of feels now.

  3. Mario Wolfe Art

    Damn, Glaze has gotten a LOT better at singing...

  4. Embercille Mage

    Omg I absolutely love your music, it's amazing and unique. I admire the work you put into the lyrics of each individual song and the different ways you make the (melody of the) songs sound from like... mystical, to eerie, dark, and mysterious, to soft, etcetera. You really make it all come to life to perfection, you're extremely talented. I've even learned quite a few new words just by reading the lyrics to your songs, and your music has inspired me in many ways, thank you for that. I hope I get to see you guys live some day. Keep on being awesome Aviators👩‍🎤
    Sincerely, your #1fan

  5. Sean Cassell


  6. Delta7242

    "Nobody can help me now", since I am out of words to describe this amazingness. Great!

  7. Vicky Violet

    I've been listening to Avi for years, and I've been listening to his music nearly every day. It's hard to pick a "favorite" song, but this one has had that label since this piece's release.

  8. Medine Sağ

    Realy very good🎶 TURKIYE

  9. Qristine Chitaia

    cool :0

  10. Bianca T.

    *Geeeeeeez!* _sighs_ How to not fall in love with this voice?!? 💗 _drool_ 😊😊😊

  11. CelestialGlitch

    Anyone else notice a Binding of Isaac kind of...bit in some of the song? As in the instrumental has a bit that sounds like the original Isaac soundtrack?

  12. LazarusIvan

    Is that final verse implying that he killed her?

  13. AdventureKitty101

    I know aviators voice so you can't tell me that's not Glaze(Avaitors has a deeper voice and sings Sonta. So Glaze sings Aria)
    Ok holy cow Glazes voice sounds different when he's not using whatever he uses to make his voice sound robotic!

  14. k1 reed

    rock on GLAZE rock on!!

  15. Drockomoush

    YAY! I haven't heard glaze in forever! Tell him I miss his songs. I need more and so do thousands of others


    Blue Pixel He will return, soon perhaps. Jasper just finds it exceptionally difficult to motivate himself at times. Although when he makes his return it will be very interesting.

  16. Mica Alexandrias

    Is there like an instrumental link available anywhere?

  17. Brenden Pischke

    The Wooden Toaster doing things with his voice that I've never heard him do before.

    "Is it best to follooow-ho"

    Sounds awesome, keep up the good work man.

  18. Ivo the Moth

    I wish you had more views so that you can be honored.
    Damn you Youtube!

  19. komrade Snoipah

    love the songs

  20. Dr. Watchspring

    This has to be my new favorite song you have made.

  21. TheSwordofFlames

    Damn, Glaze may take a long ass time to make collabs, but this was definitely worth the wait.

  22. Daria Dunaras

    not bad

  23. PinkStar Gaming

    I can hear glaze.... I'm so happy to hear him again

  24. Jacob Jimenez


  25. EssayOfThoughts

    As someone who has been in a manipulative relationship (and got out and started to get my head fixed from what was done to it) there are parts of these lyrics which are /incredibly/ relateable. Excellent job, Avi.

  26. A Hoekstra


  27. Jenny :3

    This song is awesome!

  28. Pandoras Actor

    Wow new song and its a Collab with Toaster! Amazing, truly

  29. RadioCorrosion

    I'm proud to be the reason the like counter says/said 1,420.

  30. morgellons.

    I missed Glaze! :D <3

  31. Andrew Fisher

    Just stumbled across this song and I think it's got an amazing feel to it. Nice job aviators.

  32. Boyardee Prophet

    Wow with FNAF and Undertale alot of my brony channels are either stopping or walking away from bronyisim keep it going avi and glaze.

  33. iain paton

    Excellent, very very Bond theme.

  34. PrinceCadance

    I don't hear much Glaze... but nice.

  35. lucas needs a nap

    HY P E

  36. wario1226

    The opens Ng reminds me of a song from Terraria but I dont remember what it is.

  37. Delusional Dreamer

    GLAZE?! GLAZE?! IT'S GLAZE! The two greatest musicians I've ever heard, together again. Dreams do come true.

  38. Robbie Dwyer

    Yo glaze is still alive?


    Robbie Dwyer Indeed he is very much so, and he shall return soon with something very interesting.

  39. KiNg Of LeOs

    I still love jaws a fnaf song by avitors

  40. Golden Dragonoid

    Nice job with a carved out moonLove the songCan't wait for 2017s songsKeep up the great work

  41. Hamnuna Kohler

    i am a hate commentary

  42. Aaron Moore

    I love this song so much!! Its funny because "faith has left a burning hole" my ex girlfriend is named faith. xD

  43. carebearcave

    oh man! this song is exactly related to a character I made! this is awesome!!!! I love it aviators!!! keep up the good work!!!!


    carebearcave lol saaame

  44. Isaac Wyatt

    Will there be a CD for this album? I'm holding back on pre-ordering so I can buy a physical copy. So excited!

  45. DeadPon1

    WOODENTOASTER!!!!! I almost flipped shit seeing he's still making music!! THANK GOD!

  46. GatoPaint

    hey ! I like this one :) . I couldn't hold myself to not pay attention to the distortion of the guitars and the drum groove tho , wish I could see some progress there in terms of "humanity" quality ( the feel like you can actually perceive a drummer playing for example EVEN if you're doing it through midi ) , your guitar playing still need some work as well . You've got really obsessed with the robotic vocals lately ! haha , I really liked the Structure , the songwriting and lyrics , this 3 points are your strongest way to get through your audience , I hope to see some more progress in the next one :D

  47. [SOAT] NiTrojan

    Dear god the time has come, our Savior has come back to us!

  48. SlayerOfTheBad

    Glaze isn't dead? O:

  49. Warded Thorn

    Is that Glaze singing? If so, why does he always edit his voice so much? He's an awesome singer!

  50. Zachary Lind

    Song popular because it gud or it Glaze?

  51. Silent_Noise_

    Hey Avi, I remember when you first set up stargazers to be preordered it had a song titled "how to bleed" and then when it didn't come out on the album I watched a lifestream and I saw a file on one of your open computer windows titled "how to bleed for real this time". Are we ever gonna see that song? If not that's fine, you do you. Sry about the long comment.

  52. Katrina Sample

    I finally read the description. That's pretty sad, since even after her death the dude can't be free from her abuse.

  53. Felix


  54. Surv1vor1993

    Love that preview at the end. Keep up the awesome work Avi

  55. Fritzy Magpies!

    YES <3 Yes yes yes please. This is good. Yes.
    *throws approval*

    Crazed Feel

    FritzyBeat Hey Fritzy ! :D
    What's up ?

    Fritzy Magpies!

    @CrazedF Nothin' much, just listening to a cool new Avi and Glaze song ;3

  56. Remix Jenos

    oh damn, featuring glaze?! haven't heard him in forever

  57. Iteration

    this is on par with open your eyes (plz don't hate!)

  58. Nightyy

    Maan, the teaser at the end! Can't wait for the whole song. Also, great job once again, Aviators!

  59. EpicApple


  60. juliette henri


  61. TwistedSailor

    You just keep getting better, aviators!

  62. DragonFartMaysa


  63. Hrodebert Coad

    glaxe is alive?

  64. Ratallion 01

    So... putting glaze with aviators.... interesting... I literally never even would have come up with this myself wow you guys are tye best

    Ratallion 01

    And it also feels somgood to know that glaze is srill doing his stuff. Aviators you must feel slightly down, with all of us rambling on about glaze, haha. You both did great, this was truly a song to remember if anything


    Raydyn Murdoch They made another song together back in like 2013 too

  65. Prexxov

    Ist this song on spotify?

  66. Toon Pikachu

    Who is Glaze and where  has he been all the time I spend on [email protected]

  67. Alexandre Petra

    i cannot wait for the new album!!

  68. Starway Engineer

    Oh, and if you make a t-shirt with that album art on it, I will throw money at you.

    Just sayin'.

  69. Lanselot

    glaze. that guy who releases a song just before you start thinking he died.

  70. Brenden Pischke

    Glad to hear that Glaze/The Wooden Toaster is still doing music stuff. That's a voice I never want to stop hearing. Too many memories are reminded with that voice. A voice that lit a dark world, like so many others from the brony days of old. (You too Aviators.)

  71. Nightmare Juju

    omg this song is wunderful ^^ it's so beautiful! I love your music ♡

  72. Starway Engineer

    You have such a unique sound. I could pick your music out anywhere.

  73. Aviators Fan

    Another unique, great sounding piece of art! You're amazing... Way to go you 2

  74. WolfieBlitz

    how you do this beats me, but you do so well that i wish i could at least do good with mine

  75. John

    This is awesome, dude! Keep up the amazing work.

  76. princess gamer

    yay I love glaze, I'm glad he's back again. I miss u glaze.

  77. Kmn483

    Glaze is still making music!? :D

  78. Jack Orton

    get this on the top 40 charts.


  79. h man

    Glaze is alive 😱

  80. Zetriax

    This is so good. Rivaling my old favorite of yours, "Mirrors".

  81. JohnBlooms Tale :: Moved to Cakelefore

    Another amazing song! :D

    Is there any song he did that was NOT good? XD


    Personally? I've never been a fan of his remixes of both 'Shut Up and Trust This' and 'Terrarium'. They really cut short compared to the originals, but that's just my opinion.

    JohnBlooms Tale :: Moved to Cakelefore

    Duly noted, and i won't bash you :)
    -(This Is Only Considered My Opinion After All)-


    @JohnBlooms Tale
    Someone with manners in youtube comments? What trickery is this!? What vile plans art thou planning, thy creature of darkness!?


    JohnBlooms Tale :: Moved to Cakelefore

    Lmao XD

  82. Soundbound Firefox

    hey Aviators! I love your music! You give me ideas for characters, music, and stories, and inspire me to never give up! I wish i could sing like you! i have so many ideas for music! here's a few titles i made up for songs: The Fire Inside, The Sea (of broken dreams), A Tree For Us, Places To Find, Left Alone (with a beast), and so much more! I haven't made any songs yet but im working on it! I might have to get help with the voice though...im horrible at singing! at least thats what i think. Keep making me smile!

  83. TheMattster5000

    I really want to know whether requiem for the hunter is about bloodborne. It's sticks with me like that so hard

  84. Chroma Spark

    The music sounds like the menu theme from The Binding of Isaac

  85. Ilynalta - The works

    Who is hyped for this album ? Meee :3

  86. DJ Shadzstar

    Very well made love it

  87. Knight of Breath

    Wow! This song is amazing! :D Wicked awesome collab <3 And Glaze lives!!! X'D

  88. Zmugin37

    Mothpai is back.  Missed his and Aviators voices.

  89. 1HardDan1

    It's Wonderful!

  90. duvagr007

    Glaze lives! Welcome back to the real world mate, and great song fellas.

  91. Webzic

    Once in a while I'll come across one of the youtubers I subscribed to from back when I was in my "brony" phase. Always loved Aviators and Glaze too. Brings back what we're great memories (despite the hate and laughter I felt with from family and friends) to hear this. Fantastic song, keep at it guys.

  92. Lightning Collector

    This was very awesome Aviators!! you and Glaze are awesome!

  93. Dave_Lenno

    quality has just skyrocketed! holy shit!

  94. Nathan Grammer

    Hello, guaranteed album buy!

  95. Kiomy Avalos

    Genial :) Esta canción es excelente :) :) :)

  96. Shadow Heart

    Aviators and Glaze... gotta listen to this. *listens and melts into a fangasm* The sheer awesomeness... can't be topped. RD would be jealous of this song.

  97. Mister Salty

    I get my first paycheck ever tomorrow and one of my first purchases is going to be one of your albums(no idea which one though). You and so many other brony musicians are the reason I like pretty much every genre of music. Thanks for expanding my view of music over these past four yeas and doing what you do.

    Thomas The Average

    You should preorder this or get Stargazers, that album is amazing.

    Tyler York

    Thomas Young Isn't Lewd stargazers is seriously one of my favorite albums ever... i have never liistened to a collection of songs as many times as i have with that album...

    Thomas The Average

    @Tyler York I agree it's great, but I can't say it's my favorite because there are albums I enjoy more (obviously x3)
    But I do love songs such as Requiem for the Hunter, Stargazers, Who's Gonna Stop Me Now?, Meet You at the End, Losing Control, and Acid Rain. It is a great album all in all

    Tyler York

    Thomas Young Isn't Lewd yeah, i felt like all of the songs had a unique character and tone, and i just love everything about his style! i liked certain songs from some of the other albums, but that one was the best by far in my opinion.