Aviators - Holy Ground (The Ascended) Lyrics

Sickened by their equals
And disgusted by the signs
Burning down the records
Now they're taking back our minds
So untouchable
They rose above it all
Livid in the moment
That division wasn't law
Tracing in the footsteps
Of what twisted leaders saw
Our true superiors
We are inferior


Here we stand on holy ground
I have heard the thunderous sound
Of millions saying wake up, set us free
I am not the enemy
They have found the worst in me
Bleed it out and drown them in the sea

Sickened by departure
From their wicked way of life
Gods among us fight
To keep their thrones out of the strife
So they threw us out
Sowed the seeds of doubt
Made the noose the artist's savior
And the thinker's cold demise
Restless into cults
To tell the people pleasant lies
Our dystopian
Home we're rotting in


Here we stand on holy ground
I have heard the thunderous sound
Of millions saying wake up, set us free
I am not the enemy
They have found the worst in me
Bleed it out and drown them in the sea

We are building better worlds
For the future to endure
Kill their misdirection
So we keep our minds pure
Fight for all the dreamers' love
Stargazers looking above
Fighting grave injustice
Knowing what we're made of

Here we stand
Here we stand
On holy ground
Holy ground

Here we stand on holy ground
Joining in the thunderous sound
Of new resistance in this bleeding city

Here we stand on holy ground
I have heard the thunderous sound
Of millions saying wake up, set us free
I am not the enemy
They have found the worst in me
Bleed it out and drown them in the sea

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Aviators Holy Ground (The Ascended) Comments
  1. DaSaxonDude™

    I have that image as my background on my computer XD

  2. Pop Gheorghe

    @Aviators, can you tell me where can i get those backgrounds what you use in your videos?

  3. R Flick

    why are there 15 dislikes

  4. Ignis King

    So yeah, I'll take 3 scifi book series to start out with and 2 scifi movies all based off your music and the vibes it gives. Oh, and a once every 10 years on a shooting star over the top scifi tv series.

  5. Raziel Ewald

    I really want to hear a collaboration of Aviators and Gunship

  6. Rachel Woods

    You got inside my head, I want you out! 'Cos I've been betrayed on holy ground!

  7. GloryBax

    Almost two years on and this song still holds up. I love it so much.

  8. Lupo Exulans

    OMG, incredible!

  9. Ignis King

    Almost sounds like Celldweller.

  10. SKdaGamer


  11. David Berroterán

    Majestic!!! I'm fliying...

  12. Lucius Meyers

    Dear baby Jesus, I'm late! I remember downloading Dystopian Fiction in... what was it, November? Yeah. This song and Fading Light are the songs that caught my attention. I especially love the string of references in the bridge, pretty much leading me down a river of feels. The chorus is *sick*, and the instrumental is absolutely amazeballs! Good one, Avi! I can PROMISE a cover!

  13. Damian Starks

    Love these futuristic pictures and soundtracks glade I pushed the thumbs up !

  14. Red Cross

    That cloud in the background looks like godzilla.

  15. The Ecotron

    This song is godly

  16. WinterPianoPrincess

    Did anyone else hear the broken Chicago tornado siren at the end as it fades out? Or am I just crazy? Either way love the song, and tornado siren was a good addition :D

    Liam Cahill

    WinterPianoPrincess he uses it on this song and "Fantasy". It sounds so ominous, I love it😅

  17. Metal Warrior


  18. Henry Toler

    Now I know why I wasn't getting notified of when you upload..... It's because somehow I missed the subscribe button! I've been missing out but I have fixed my problem

  19. Matt LaTorre

    Ever had a song that you somehow feel connected to on a spiritual level? For me, it's this one. Wow. What a masterpiece. Definitely my favorite song from Dystopian Fiction. Though the entire album is also pretty amazing!

  20. That Random Guy Down the Road

    I just realized the third Chorus contains multiple references to other songs by you...
    You seem to remain one of my favorite artists, even throughout all these years

  21. reNINTENDO

    Me: "What's 'Synthwave'?"
    *listens to five seconds of the song*
    Me: "I know what Synthwave is."


    Really cool song by the way. For being seven minutes long it sure goes by quickly.

  22. Zhen Nirvana

    I'm finally far enough to say that you, aviators, had made most of the songs I love and use as a inspiration for my story. This songs let my emotions explode while I make my story, and your voice fit so good to the main character. I love your songs and hope for more :)

  23. Game and Movie Community

    oh holy ground
    i see a monster in the clouds
    who could this be who i found
    it's godzilla back to the town

    Liam Cahill

    Game and Movie Community 😂😂😂

  24. Chicken Sandwich

    After having seen Blade Runner 2049 I need this kind of thing.

  25. TheLoyalBro

    Hands down my favorite track off the album. It has those groovy drums reminiscent of old tracks like Losing Control, amazing synths, and memorable lyrics. Amazing job Avi!

  26. Lord_ Xonaz

    this is great but, Its hard to hear your voice its being drowned out by the music if the vocals volume was raised a bit it would be easier to hear your voice. but thats just my opinion.

    Cuan Chulainn

    +Lord_ Xonaz tbh I feel like this is one of Avi’s songs where the real star is the music itself, and his voice is just providing a beautiful supplement to it. 😅

  27. Watermelonbreak

    EEEEEY. I live in Miami!

  28. William T. Williams

    I really like this song. However, the words are somewhat hard to make out.

  29. Nikita 86

    Synthwave. NICE!

  30. Landwalker 7

    All these albums look like they are coming together as one story. I just luv it!

  31. Man of many fandoms

    Please continue uploading these videos. It is interesting to know what these songs are about instead of just making blind guesses.

  32. defandj

    Legitimately Retroviators

  33. lobinha kase

    best song

  34. FlutterShaman


  35. Blue Spring

    You know those artists, where you can't help, but adore everything they release? Aviators sure is one of them.

    SaY FarmeR7

    Chrysalis imposter He sure is.

  36. Toasty Waffles

    Wow, everything about this song sends chills down my spine, from the vocals to the synths! Can't wait to buy this, along with the rest of the album!

  37. TheHeatRush


  38. Rat Jam

    7 and a half minutes of my life well spent.

    Ryan Roy

    Excuse me, it is actually 7 minutes and twenty-nine seconds of your life well spent. XD

    Perry Atwood

    Ryan Roy Considering how much I have rewatched this, it is a little more that 7 minutes and 29 seconds


    already 42 likes ... sorry


    I think we all know damn well we’ll listen to this enough to last a lifetime

  39. EnchantressRaven

    I kind of get the feeling this song is kind of the Opposite perspective of Oblivion, Where Oblivion is Aggressive, this feels more Defensive. the Conflict here also seems more Personal, while Oblivion seemed more broad.

  40. Heart Span Music

    Evey fucking time man you get me
    this is just incredible.
    keep this up lovin it

  41. Kaciekk

    Only Aviators can make me like 80's style music

  42. Grotty Statute

    One of the best songs off DysFic imo. The chorus (the build up thing and lyrics) sounds amazing, really giving it that epic feeling

  43. zigadox

    Good at 1.25x speed

  44. Ryan Tay

    Aviators uploaded on my birthday? Thanks Avi, best president ever. :P

  45. DragonaxFilms

    This is incredibly well timed. I just went in a huge 80's kick :D

  46. MichalPlays

    Sounds awesome 10/10 🔥

  47. The Humble Turnip

    I only wish the vocals were a bit louder, but other than that it's a great song!

    Update: Got a new headset, and sounds great! Disregard first statement.

  48. Ambient Light Of Darknesss

    Is it just me or does the cloud in the background look like godzilla?

    sean -

    not just you.

  49. Winter Star

    As it was in the days of Noah...

  50. Maks2103

    Another beautiful song by Aviators! I love it!

  51. Dwayne Petray

    That is a beautiful description you got there. And song of course.

  52. Tomsn

    Oh good the beginning sound to me like stargate universe soundtracks :O nice job Avi :33

  53. Star S.

    Lovely! Your newest albums give me inspiration for my dystopian fiction ideas always when I create and draw.

  54. Elias Wattier

    Also man i hope your doing well with all things, and continue to make music. You are an awesome musician, and i think i say this for everyone here, you are one of the best musicians and pray/hope you do keep on making greatness and one day become great.

  55. Elias Wattier

    is this form a novel, if so which one.

  56. Muzzled Flash


  57. Gamekatz

    I get an Oblivion feel from this song and I love it!

  58. Carnivore the killer

    Aren't you going to make a Halloween song? Please make it scary


    No reason to doubt it. We KNOW it's happening from watching his streams.

    Carnivore the killer

    Henning A this guy stream's?


    Yes. Every thursday, 7PM EST on Twitch. https://www.twitch.tv/aviatorslivestream

    Carnivore the killer

    Henning A when was this a thing for him and what does he even stream?


    He's been doing it for years. And I posted the time and link to his Twitch channel in my previous comment.

  59. Nestor Makhno's Papakha

    Amazing work dude

    Edit: as always

  60. Album Interpretations



    SaY FarmeR7


    Griffin McKenzie




    How was that,😁
    A little unoriginal but,meh

    eluvian camaris

    I crie evritim

    Foxy Fox

    Album Interpretations COMMENT FOR ATTENTION

  61. Talos Save Me!

    I would've been out of material by now if I made songs like you. how do you do it?

  62. Henning

    That intro and outro is my aesthetic.

    Honoured Knight-Wanderer



    I love the Blade Runner-esque synths is what I meant.

  63. SimonEvo

    Best song I've heard in 2017. It alone makes DF a masterpiece. And the way it's connected to Building Better Worlds and Oblivion...

  64. Михаил Мурзин

    keep moving, I listen

  65. My Strange Nightmares

    wow just WOW

  66. Bumblebot 245


  67. Artur E.

    Why does this cloud look like Godzilla?

  68. RedLightning


  69. Myself

    Can you please make a rock Song?


    Bernd Gockelman There are several rock songs on this album, such as "Bleeding Sun" and "Catalyst". There are more on the way as well!

    Artur E.

    It comes, when it comes.

  70. TheSwordofFlames

    Been waiting for this for a while. Glad it's finally up on YouTube! Now we just need Bleeding Sun (pls) and I Don't Wanna Hurt You. Keep it up, me boi!


    If he doesn't release bleeding sun there might be an actual riot lol.

  71. Mlg pro player 291



    Yo im here!

  72. Gray

    Oh, man. I actually had this on my mind this morning. The synths here are just beautiful, especially in the beginning and end. I do find myself getting "Pegasus Device" vibes from the bass, for some reason. And I'll say, this is an amazing song.

  73. Sebastian Marlow


  74. Necronus

    If someone ask me what is synthwave, i will show him/her this song. This is one of the best songs i have listened, thanks for that Avi.

  75. The dragonborn

    There was a city long long ago

  76. Myotic Tesseract

    Avi oh my gooood this song is amazing I love it

    You must be on holy ground because
    You're god

    froggz had to steal a good pun .3.


    Myotic TeSeract You shuddup, I’ve been sitting on my pun ever since DysFic came out boi

    Myotic Tesseract

    I meant steal the opportunity for one :P

  77. Hugo Santos

    Worst part 7:29

    Sebastian Marlow

    Cafezinho do Poder definitely

    Bumblebot 245

    Cafezinho do Poder I can agree with you , and I'm not even there...

    Artur E.

    Cafezinho do Poder


    Well, you're not wrong.

  78. Vector

    when you dab

  79. Assasintpe

    I love your work, it inspires me so much! Please keep it up! And also, do you make the art on the background of the videos? Cuz i love them too.

  80. Unicat productions

    Thank god, now I have something wonderful to dream about!

  81. Mr. Bones

    This is just great, like, what else is there to say? You make so much great stuff it's truly hard to come up with new ways of praising your work!

  82. Elewana

    I'm speechless... It's amazing ★w★

  83. Mini Brony

    I'm sorry... I broke the replay button.

    Mini Brony

    +MCmaster2014 Thanks!

    Hugo Santos

    Mini Brony me too

    Sebastian Marlow

    Mini Brony don't worry we all did because no one can stop this masterpiece


    Double right click


    Mini Brony It’s cool, I think we all did

  84. Blake chandler

    Yo, I got chills when the song said "We are building better worlds." Great call back or call forward either way that was fantastic. Your music is truly the original stuff I have been waiting for.


    And that “Stargazers looking above” name drop too, perfection <3

    Blake chandler

    EpicFroggz ikr I love this guy

    Matt LaTorre

    I wasn't surprised when I first heard that line. The whole album is meant to fit into the same sort of storyline as Building Better Worlds and Stargazers, so it makes sense that both would be referenced.

  85. fishpaste2100

    This is definitely one of my favourites from the album, it's just so good!

  86. Amalagus

    This is... magnificent...

  87. Kryo De Crystal

    These effects tho...

  88. EpicFroggz

    Are you sure the genre isn’t gospel, because I have a religious experience listening to this synth masterpiece! <3

    Kryo De Crystal

    EpicFroggz top kek

  89. Thatguyonyoutube

    Notification Crew

  90. Nevermore Titan

    All these stories with songs and all... just blow me away! *Not sexually -.-*
    It’s all so amazing!!!! 😍🙌🏻😁


    Nevermore Titan What do ya mean “not sexually”- wait

    Nevermore Titan

    EpicFroggz ya that’s why I stated that 😅😂

  91. Liam Cahill

    Definitely the best Synthwave song you've made. I love the BBW and Stargazers name drops. I really think this album has some of the best bridges you've ever done, 4:21 being one of the best ^^