Aviators - Heroes Lyrics

The battle ends tonight
It's time to fight our fight
Hoping somehow we'll have the courage to be the
Light in the darkest hour
When things are turning sour
Blind hope is worthless if we all we do is
Wage our wars and fight in vain
Suffer all this worthless pain
We've got to answer a cry for help
The world won't save itself

We can be the heroes, we can dare to save the day
Standing up to those still in our way (to those still in our way)
With courage we'll keep fighting for
The search we're on for something more
Pushing through until the war is won
We can be the heroes we've become

Too late to be afraid
Now we can't run away
We've got to hold fast and embrace the strength we've
Found in our time of doubt
Somehow we'll make it out
We'll find out who we really are
Tonight we're never backing down
It's far too late to turn back now
Not afraid of the perilous
Oh no, we were born for this

We can be the heroes, we can dare to save the day
Standing up to those still in our way (to those still in our way)
With courage we'll keep fighting for
The search we're on for something more
Pushing through until the war is won
We can be the heroes we've become

Now we'll make it out
We'll stick together and get through this storm somehow
It's too late to back down and run
Hope is gone, but harmony's strong
We've had the power in us all along
To embrace the heroes that we've become

We can be the heroes, we can dare to save the day
Standing up to those still in our way (to those still in our way)
With courage we'll keep fighting for
The search we're on for something more
Pushing through until the war is won
We can be the heroes we've become
We can be the heroes we've become
We can be the heroes we've become

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Aviators Heroes Comments


  2. True Edge

    Who wants him to do a re-record for the Series finale?

  3. RockHoppr3

    Just came back from the theater, and all I can think of is the Avengers jamming to this song.

  4. Elijah Bryan

    I agree with Henning a in 10 days, there will be no more heros

  5. Wilbur Cutter

    2019 here, WHO ELSE?!?!

  6. Brent W

    When I first heard this song, my WoW guild was trying to get Lei Shin down in Throne of Thunder. Ever since then, I always visioned it being played during an epic raid boss.

  7. Jason

    I read Fallout: Equestria, then read Pink Eyes and Project Horizons - they're the best books nobody's heard of. Bought the hardback books. Listen to these tracks, especially the acoustic version and it will make you tear up.

  8. Snowball g a.k.a Lumiere G


  9. cristian jose camacho limache

    Aslo música de fallout equestria

  10. DragonaxFilms

    This is some Two Steps from Hell level coolness :D

  11. Sky Kid

    I love this song!

  12. Aaronatorr

    I have absolutely no clue what this song is about but I love it

  13. Metal Brony

    another beautifully made video in this beautiful fandom that I can't express in words or anything but emotion

  14. TigaLiga

    Am I the only one who hears heart of Courage from 2 steps from hell?

  15. Friday Pie

    SOmeone, make Fallout Equestria video for this :P

  16. El Hetalianés

    Who's listening this song in 2018?

    Sol The Lion

    Me my dude XD

  17. Wolfbane8

    Sounds like some Overwatch or Avenger stuff right here

  18. Lemoncoffee

    I dont normaly like rock

  19. Jason Vines

    The Mane 6 and the princesses and ember thorax discord starlight and trixie are the heroes to stop the forces of darkness to bring peace of equestria

  20. Redeject

    Does this sound vaguely like the perfect pear to anybody else?

  21. Timeturner

    After drifting apart from the fandom for a few years and now recently catching up and loving it as if I never left at all, it's amazing and so nostalgic to re-discover all your awesome songs. :D

  22. Toothpaste (Minty Fresh Productions)

    max volume club

  23. Henning

    In 10 days, there will be no more heroes.

    Elijah Bryan

    I agree with you

  24. ImpulseSugar8

    This was posted in my bday.

  25. Llamame Blue

    I need the instrumenta of this

  26. realanonymousguy

    Perfact for when I play an FPS.

  27. Dark_Tail

    They need to use this song in the movie coming out this year. If that does not happen, (Which most likely it won't, :( ) I can see an epic PMV of this being made. :)

  28. Myotic Tesseract

    This reminds me of Nightwish I just realized. I love it.

  29. Ashley Flores

    You guys make amazing music btw! Keep up the incredible work

  30. Ashley Flores

    This would make an incredible anime opening (if mlp was an anime)

  31. PhoenixFire596

    I actually prefer this original version of this song over the acoustic version, but that's probably just my own song preference speaking. Both versions are really good to listen to, don't get me wrong, I just prefer this one over the acoustic

  32. warhammer6661

    1.5 speed sounds so epic

  33. LunarWave Gaming

    Who, during the part "We can be the..." was waiting for it to say "... very best!"?

    Pandoras Actor

    LunarWave Gaming LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS!!

  34. zublAHgnambahe

    Fancy pantys!

  35. [Oriana] Dreamer Blackhood

    Nice song!

  36. Equestrian Lucario

    this song should be in the show. aviators ftw

  37. Sterling Fusion

    Where is teh instrumental? Isn't there normally a link?

  38. Mr. Noonlight

    Now that Kirby is popping into my head recently,I'm starting to think of non cannon Pony & Kirby crossover.Now the Mane 6,Kirby,DDD,MK,BWD,Knuckle Joe & Chilly must save Popstar & Equestria from Dark matter & the non reformed villains.

  39. Lenny Tripon

    It's been such a long time since I listened to this masterpiece the last time.
    Oh dear oh dear the memories...

  40. dragons race to the edge 2016

    I like it and this is very good.

  41. Atom Odyssey

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

  42. Jose Manuel Martinez

    la mejor cancion que he escuchado gracias esta canciòn tuve la inspiraciòn suficiente para crear una de mis mejores creaciones (POWER PONYS: HERA DE CAOS. EL ORIGEN DE DARCKO SKRILL)

  43. Draw and Feel

    Si lo escuchase sin auriculares se escucha genial pero con auriculares se escucha ¡ÉPICO!

    Ashly Rodriguez

    siii xD

  44. Andrew Brigmond

    The Mane Six of the Nightmare Moon timeline finally unite and end Nightmare Moon's reign of darkness. Anyone think that listening to this?

    Llewelyn Shingler

    @Andrew Brigmond Yeah, ideally with a ton of background pony action.

    Andrew Brigmond

    DJ Pon-3 blasting away Sombra troops with her bass cannon? Yes please.
    Maybe Twilight and Starlight will battle Sombra.

    Llewelyn Shingler

    What about Lyra flicking minions with magically generated hands?

    Andrew Brigmond

    We should have Gilda and the yaks involved in this battle, too.

    Macaroni Pepperoni

    +Andrew Brigmond
    Did you know in mythology, Harmonica, the Roman God of Peace, was turned into a snake then reincarnated into six different beings?

  45. Serpenoid

    OMG 1.25 speed

    Hyper Dash

    OMG 2.00 speed

    Titus H

    OMG 0.5 speed


    cool Hyper Dashi :D

    John Smith

    OMG 64x SPEED!

    Emperor Flick

    Serpenoid OMG x1 speed!

  46. Luis Rosado Rodríguez


  47. Holly McLeod

    I was doing an MLP role-play while listening to this, and in the role-play (I was Rainbow) Twilight had just sacrificed herself to destroy King Sombra once and for all. I basically was flooded with feels

    Just Noob

    I role play as white worgen(werewolf) who lead the alliance army to the war and fought aganist who claim to be dark lord

  48. Kong jungle

    my wrestling theme song

  49. Alex S. Archive

    Best Aviators & Bronyfied collab without a doubt

  50. Majorspacebirb

    I like that even if you don't watch MLP this is still freaking awesome

  51. Dark Cat

    Rarity Modens

  52. SolarSabotage

    That moment you head bang so hard your headphones fall off.

    Timo Heijnemans

    That moment you head bang so hard you headphones fly off and shatter on the ground...


    That moment you are about to start headbanging and your wire"less" headphones cutoff despite being plugged in.

    Reverend Revenant

    That moment you head bang so hard your *head* fall off, but your headphones remain on.

    Timo Heijnemans

    That moment you head bang so hard, your head stays in place as the fastest object and time and space move around it.


    That moment you hit the like button so many times you break your mouse.

  53. Vince Lim


  54. Ractrin

    Acoustic version? I can't head-bang to that...

  55. Ilona Kendell

    I tried listening to the acoustic-for about 5 seconds. This is a piece of art that everyone should adore and wonder how you have the power to create such an amazing thing. Never put yourself down by saying one version is better because I doubt anyone can make a better version of this

  56. socially inept recluse

    the acoustic version was so good that I actually PAID for it

  57. Cerebret Cerebrate

    Anyone imagine a unity between all the existing villains we've seen in the show so far, to defeat a common enemy, even after the Mane 6 and the Princesses have been defeated? No? It's just me then.

    Fergus Lyons

    that sounds amazing. Get the Gilman would be Diamond Tiaras mom

    Fergus Lyons

    that sounds amazing. Bet the villan would be Diamond Tiaras mom


    +Fergus Lyons lol auto-correct?

    Timo Heijnemans

    That should be the show's finale

  58. Illyana Dotson

    Why is Aviators music so prefect for songs in my MLP crossover fic with Mianite


    +Illyana Dotson Link?

    Doc :3

    +Illyana Dotson link please

  59. Josh Layng

    Listen to it while playing something like Animal Crossing. It's hilarious.


    I DID
    I DIED

    Devan Elwell

    Josh Layng I was playing Animal Crossing and listening to this, and then saw this comment

    Starman Jr.


  60. Jacob Jimenez

    Still better than the new one

  61. LunarServant

    The begging for some reason reminded me of the overwatch theme :|

  62. Luna Mistery

    Is cool aviators ya y suscribe

  63. Chadley Greenall

    For some reason I think of Luna and Celestia against Discord

  64. King_Exe

    *head banging intensifies*

  65. gunmunz

    I picture the 6 standing their ground against Crystallis and changelings in a 'Bolivian Army Ending' like scene

    Meike Tempel


  66. Second Don

    For this song alone you earned a sub! can't wait to listen to the rest of your songs.

  67. Alejandro De Yavorsky

    why is the acoustic version sad and this badass?


    This is the "Final Stand in the last battle" theme. The heroes are giving it their all, even knowing that it could be pointless in the end. The acoustic version is the reprise, the "Main character has died" theme. They sacrificed themselves to save the world, and it's playing at the funeral scene or something similar.

    Scar Claw

    We need that XD

    Scar Claw

    Or just a song that starts out slow but then progessively becomes faster and upbeat. Kind of like freebird but maybe it starts with acoustics and ends with electrics or something, and more spread out than just a turning point. I dont know, it'd make something interesting I think.


    This version: The first time the hero's stand against evil
    The Acoustic version: The last time the hero's stand against evil.


    That's Aviators' magic.

  68. StingRay

    *goes super saiyan* TIME TO WRECK SOME BITCHES

  69. Zabzibolt 53

    I'm a Brony and a Pokéfan so I would say this is a good song to listen to while fighting the champion, in my opinion. Don't judge me, I like CoD and Assassins Creed as well

    Izzy Lebasi

    +MiningwithPudding Hahahaha I know right! xD This guy. I may not like it, but I won't criticize people for liking it. I get bored easily, so first person shooters aren't (personally) my thing.


    +Izzy Lebasi
    You don't like TF2?

    Izzy Lebasi

    +Celestia The Master Of (Barman Arkham City) Joker:"°dramatic gasp° Never heard of it."

    Izzy Lebasi

    +Celestia The Master Of All (°ω°) What? I'll be honest... I had to look it up. What was it called again battle fortress or something?

    Izzy Lebasi

    +Celestia The Master Of All Oops my bad xP Tower Fortress

  70. Lux & Alan

    qqn sait ou je peu trouver l'instrumental svp ?

  71. lovelife27

    Oh my gosh how in the world have I never heard this song before! It's hard to believe such awesome music can go unheard! Right now I pity the non bronies out there who will never get the chance!

    TheLastOne ThatYouSuspect

    @lovelife27 We can solve this just get it on the radio and they shall hear it.

    TheLastOne ThatYouSuspect

    You can send songs to radio stations.


    @TheLastOne ThatYouSuspect That explains why Z-93 played Let it go...

  72. Austyboy

    Listening to this song while fighting the Burnt Ivory King in Dark Souls 2 with a couple of friends is probably the most epic thing ever!!!  

  73. Niveleur

    Dude this song kicks ass.

  74. Jusey1

    "Click here for a newer acoustic version". Nah mate! This version is still one of your BEST songs so far.

    Kraegan Epsilon

    +Celestia The Master Of All I like ponies to. Not really anything else. Just ponies and TimeLords

    Rainbowcraft 2

    +Kraegan Epsilon Yes, ponies and timelords. Doctor whooves.

    Kraegan Epsilon

    @Rainbowcraft 2 aw heck yea

    Connor Swatzyna

    +Jusey1 Personally I like the slower feel of the acoustic version.


    that is quite true

  75. David Wagner

    woahhh far out mannnn

  76. Bearded Frog

    I don't care how old it is! It's epic and I'm going to listen to it forever.

  77. LilyTheDoof

    Is it possible I could have the instrumental so I can cover this?

  78. Shadow runner

    does anyone beside me think of the toa when listening to this? 


    +Josh Layng ?


    +Shadow runner * looks over to Onua and Tahu *

    * sniff *

    Cooper B

    Bionicle MLP fans? I now know I'm not alone.

    Josh Layng

    I should recommend a crossover fic on FIMfiction. It's called "Toa of Harmony" and it's by ToaofTwilightZ

    Shadow runner

    +Cooper B you are definitely not

  79. JoeBobWhitney2017

    I listened to this while I played the Good Karma ending of inFamous 2.

    Lemme tell you, it was fucking majestic.

  80. Neaxus

    Ok, this shit. That shitty music. This. Is. Epic. I fucking love it.

  81. Dwaggy

     This is the closest song I have ever seen to relate to my book and the main characters. :D

  82. Remember Falling

    I often imagine the Mane Six fighting against the Changling Swarm, possibly at a future date. Chrysallis returns for revenge with another army, so they have to save the world once more, maybe even with the help of Discrod.

    Peri Odiik

    I think Hasbro looks at comments like these

  83. Unseen Phantom

    as soon as it starts I think of the justice league intro music.

    Hunter Springhart

    I love the main riff

  84. TheShadowflash5

    Instrumental and or midi?

  85. Levi Ackerman

    Loyalty is an o

  86. THEDedicatedFlashlightMan

    Omfingg isn't that the most beautiful final boss fight music ever. You know what they should make mlp vedio game and use this song as the final boss music

  87. GymbalLock

    My favorite from Aviators so far!  I always imagine epic jet combat dogfights with this song.

  88. DarknessMohag

    i love this one its so awesome, it really got me thinking.

  89. Alphys Hedge

    This would be the final boss theme.

  90. Meme Inquisitor

    I think of Fallout: Equestria and Destiny when I listen to this

  91. Jerad Mal

    I don't watch the show, but I find this song very good.

  92. koregamer1996

    I found a new song to listen to while playing Destiny.

    Lightning Chaser

    Yep, definitely makes the gameplay seem more epic.... First time I showed my friends this song, we were about to enter the final chambers of the Raid with no idea to what was behind the door.... it just made everything seem epic considering the near impossible odds when only 3 of us were rank 28 and above..
    We still haven't finished it but we are getting closer, and this song is always playing in the background.


    @Lightning Chaser This is the song that pushed me through the raid first time :D

    Lightning Chaser

    @Zomie XD awesome to hear, just wish I had 5 high level friends.... 3 level 25s are pretty useless really...


    @Lightning Chaser Yeah it is difficult to find a group of high levels willing to do it at the same time. What console you on? I'm level 29 hunter on Xbone :)

    Lightning Chaser

    @Zomie god damn... I'm PS4... :( 

  93. The Cynical Brony's Official YouTube Page

    Easily Aviators best song. 

  94. Necromancer King

    cool song 

  95. Shadowking58


  96. Tsuria Dragon

    I liked the acoustic version better but this is an more upbeat version of the music great job aviators ^^

  97. Spectrum16

    God so much better than the acoustic well its opinion but still!