Aviators - Have Faith Lyrics

Lord explain what I'm seeing
Now I'm down on my knees
Devil's been in the backwoods
Came to whisper to me
I need to get back
Mother Mary protect me
Into the black
Cry your heavenly tears
Is my confession loud enough
For you to hear?

You gotta have faith
To deliver from evil
You gotta have faith
In the shadow of death
You gotta keep pace
Looking over your shoulder
You gotta embrace
Your final breath
You gotta take up
Your sinner's burden
To wear it on trial
Like a crown of thorns
You need to hold tight
Like a man on a mission
You gotta cut off
These devil's horns

Lord, allow me repentance
Let me hear what I've done
Seek the devil's acceptance
Show her mercy and run
So where does this end
With a bullet or silence
Won't let you pretend
That the father can't hear
Can you show me some strength to
Wash away my fear

Here on earth your own demons dwell
Like miracles but instead from hell
Now the enemy shows herself
But father where are you?
Through the darkness I've become lost
Searching for this to bear my cross
Now I'm ready to pay the cost
But will you be there too?

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Aviators Have Faith Comments
  1. Jaxir Raywhisper

    Is there anything you do that isnt a masterpiece? Like seriously... I need to know. Listening to perfection is getting boring all the time. (it is not getting boring, I lie...)

  2. Marko Milacic

    10/10 made me stab me stab myself with a key

  3. Ledger Balance

    "My God. In him, I will 'rust.
    I shall not be afrai-- FFUUUUUU"

    Ledger Balance

    *M O R ' I S*


    *YOU ‘RE DED*

  4. Lins Lihuura

    Just discovered, this song is damn great!

  5. Dragon Lover1401

    Wouldn't have been a Faith video without the Mortis at the end.

    Jokes aside this is badass and didn't know I needed this in my love. So glad that it now is.

  6. Prince of hell Elmo

    Best song i heard in 2020

  7. Lt. Dcaz11

    Это одна из лучших песен, которые я когда-либо слышал.

  8. Cyberdemon 9001

    Kinda was hoping for the deer ending tbh

  9. Ciel TheFangirl

    IF you guys ever tour please play this and come to CANADA

    Ciel TheFangirl

    And The Watcher, both are like my favourite songs 😍🥰

  10. Angst Queen

    This is so incredible, but it also makes me want an Until Dawn song for some reason. Even though, it's nice, and I'll be playing it for quite a while!

  11. Fyo Fyoriosity

    I love that they made a song in the style of FAITH <3
    The animation, lyrics and theme are spot on~
    If u don't know, FAITH a really cool old-style horror game, I recommend you play (Or watch a play-through if you don't like playing horror. I think I remember watching it on Markipliers channel)

  12. Rebel Son

    Noice 👌

  13. Krzysztof Suswał


  14. Robin_Hood05

    EVERY TIME I’m listening to this song and go outside, the wind begins to pick up and the sky gets a little dark...
    ...coincidence? I think not

  15. The Trusty Scavenger

    Ok I like the song and all...
    *_But I don't appreciate my vodka turning into blood, not cool brat_*

  16. Fomalhaut


  17. Kerry Mei

    all these songs will be used when this nutjob shoots up a church

  18. Alekz Fangs

    Is this based off of the game, or is the game based off of this song?

    Liam Cahill

    This song is based off the game


    Alekz Fangs | Airdorf Games, the creator of the *UNHOLY TRINITY* commented on this video.

  19. Mike Dragon

    It's really difficult to tell which Aviators song is my favorite. Every new song becomes an instant favorite, dang! I'm commenting now but I have watched/listened to this when it came out. I _still_ can't stop enjoying this song, it's so good!

  20. James Blades

    For some weird reason I pitcure fnaf location being in a coniferous forest.

  21. MuffledCornet

    I’m curious if you could do this in latin



  22. Hunter Mcintosh

    M O R T I S

  23. Wither Rose

    Are we sure this isn't a song about dutch?



    i can’t tell if u’re joking or not but...

  24. Spiral

    M O R T I S

  25. Nightingale12

    Lol, it's match to Far Cry 5. Nice song btw ;D

  26. MaronaPossessed


  27. Lottie H

    God this pixel art would make amazing merch ngl

  28. alex milligan

    This game is so underrated it's a SIN! 😈

  29. Victor Ramieri L.

    ... is perfect to preacher series

  30. Kaboom Luong

    Yee, and I cannot stress this enough,


  31. Jolly Jester

    Anyone that says country music sucks clearly ain't heard this song! :D

  32. John Erlwanger

    Atheist: *carefully researched and reasoned argument presenting irrefutable proof God does not exist and religion is a sham*

    Me: *Plays this song for them*

    Former Atheist: DEUS VULT!!

  33. fred jacobs

    blessed, ive been getting into this kind of music!!

  34. Trijosh

    I'm a Christian, and I have to tell you this is amazing! Keep up the good work.

  35. Trijosh

    Remember he did a play through of this.

  36. -Untitled Suit- INC

    this channel needs more subs

  37. TheGamerDarius

    This is so damned good. And I'm not really one for Southern Rock too. It's just that damned good.

  38. SnowEdwin

    >no "What I am about to do has not been approved by the Vatican" reference

  39. Nicolas stuardo

    Will you still make mlp songs?

  40. Ennard _

    This is beautiful.

  41. Meme Inquisitor

    This made me go check out and buy Faith, very spooky hour of my day

  42. Leon

    yep, definitely making a Cleric now.

  43. Брони пинки

    Brony to you

  44. Shadow Society

    Can you pleaaase make a plague doctor song?

  45. Morgan Pauls

    aviators- what will you do about FTC?

  46. Deathly Drained

    "You wanna know the best thing about being haunted? The demons can't escape you" -Hellsign

    Extrnal Sorce

    Sing or sign? Because Alucard is pretty badass.

    Deathly Drained

    @Extrnal Sorce https://youtu.be/F9MEjOin_wk

    Extrnal Sorce

    Deathly Drained oh that’s cool

  47. Titanium Pickaxe

    I have feels for this song I cant explain other than "I like this a bunch", aka you did good!

  48. Acheron River

    Let me sing you the song of my people.
    ::Proceeds to prove I've memorized every word and every beat::

  49. Mario583

    Aviators: What I'm about to do has been approved by the Vatican

  50. Camila Cuevas

    Just recently finished both chapters. Quite impressive how terrifying a bunch of pixels can be.

    This song is fantastic too, i've been listening to it non-stop for hours now lol.

    Can't wait for chapter 3.


    Just an glitchtale fan...
    Yep is a VERY cool song to

    Drac Drix



    Drac Drix | the game is gonna become an *UNHOLY TRINITY* when the 3rd chapter comes out.

    and yes the game is split into 3 chapters
    Trinity’s suffix “tri” means 3

    Drac Drix

    @RBLX_Amanrockstar ngl, didn't realize this was for a game lol

    Chong Ming Tan

    @Drac Drix it also costs a minimum of like 1 dollar good price

  51. mous 1941

    i know it is unlikely but i would love for this song to be used on future faith games.

  52. Arkeeny

    I love your music. I really love your music. I just have one complaint. Lately your new music has been drowning out your vocals more and more. I love songs like Impossible, Mirrors, Eye of the Storm, Especially Apocalypse state of mind and Follow you Down, etc. You got so many good songs it's hard to list them all, Meet you at the End, no more heroes, Wake me when it's over. Shit all those songs kick ass BECAUSE I can HEAR your voice! I can understand the lyrics without help! I really would love if you emphasize your voice more in your new music. This is only my constructive criticism and I hope you read it and don't take it negatively. Your music is awesome regardless. Its just my opinion. Keep rockin', man.


    Arkeeny it’s fine how it is

  53. Macabre Gaming

    When you use aviators as you ost when gaming anything epic racing shooting boss fighting or just looking at scenery on a great game.

  54. Joya Lewis

    the song gives me Ozark vibes

  55. Staremastershy

    1:42 Sing her song and become nothing!

  56. Jacob Scott

    Didnt expect this game to have a song

  57. J A

    Aviator, you make such incredible music.
    Would you consider making one about Dungeon Keeper (1 & 2)? I think you could do it justice.

  58. Stinger Johnny

    I gotta ask, given the theme of this song, will you consider a Blasphemous song? I think you’d do a great job with it!

    Henry Arreguin

    I was thinking the same thing, and I happened to see your comment. He should totally do it.

  59. Yggi11

    I love the song but I really wish it didn't end on that awful racket.

  60. Remy Shapiro

    I'm here to MORTIS *holds out cross*

  61. Xera Dragon born

    Thankfully this popped in my recommended because I listened to fading light last night. Another good beat to add to my work playlist 👏

  62. ProduccionesPaquito

    *M O R T I S*

  63. Blade not-Runner

    This game made me more afraid of demons than seventeen years of paranoia-based religion ever could.

  64. Dreamwalker

    PriestCop, Heaven yeah!

  65. Animatic Dream

    I love dark country, this is so good.

  66. Mr nobody

    This song has been approved by the vatican.

  67. Andor Radnai

    The music: amazing as always..!
    The Video: Hunt: Showdown 2d… (=awesome)

  68. AndrewChicken

    This song has kept drifting in and out of my thoughts throughout the past week. It's honestly confusing how it makes me feel; on the one hand it's a beautiful work of art, but on the other it's strangely cursed. I think it's the dark vibes mixed with the religious theme and creepy retro visuals, but all in all it's another amazing work.

  69. Lisa M

    You've come a long way since your MLP days. I absolutely LOVE this and I hope to see more of your work in the future!

  70. LegendaryRomania

    love the song =] has that old fnaf fan-song vibe

  71. maya5000000

    Such epic song with awesome animation and acting cool thru the song too die at end by our boy Michael. RIP

  72. NirvanaKartana

    Glad to see some love for this game! Stellar tune as always!

  73. HanDsOmE InCcuBuS

    Totally awesome, dark haunting western style, post apocalyptic, incredible lyrics. Okay then aviators I have only one question. When will this song be available on Spotify?

  74. nintandrew13

    Faith is a pretty cool game, gives a feel like Poltergeist or The Exorcist.

    This song matches it very well and has a good sound

  75. IPushHard

    Southern Rock?
    More like christian rock. ...some freeking English minstrel, BS..
    Just because you call yourselves Southern Rock...or record it in Alabama ...DOESNT MAKE IT SOUTHERN ROCK!!!!!!!

    Stinger Johnny

    IPushHard it’s based on a game dude. And it is an example of Dark Gospel, which classified as Southern Rock.


    @Stinger Johnny
    Doesnt really matter what kind of bat shit crazy logic youve put in place.
    A lot of people lived most of their life establishing what Southern Rock is. Most of those people are now dead...and here you come disrespecting.
    Im done wasting time on this shit.

  76. Team Ender

    Is it just me or is this kind of reminiscent of Constantine? The lyrics almost match constantine's original story and troubles perfectly.


    Team Ender | I just finished the Rome Unit in Social Studies, and the only things i know about Constantine is that he converted to Christianity by his wife and changed the Rome Capital to Byzantium, aka Constantople, which is now Istanbul.
    also he made reforms.

  77. Tristan Jusola-Sanders

    New Hozier is dope.

  78. LibaGaming

    You got to HAVE FAITH
    Just play it for God

  79. TenacityXL

    This gives me the impression of a disillusioned person who’s lost their faith in what they believe in. Or, alternatively, someone who’s seen so much but is still hanging onto their last shred of faith.

    Catherine Phan

    The alternative explanation is basically John in the game.

    Fyo Fyoriosity

    Great description of the main character of the game xD I think you're pretty much spot on

    Will the shyguy

    I mean that is kinda the plot of faith. He had (and depending on the ending still does have) doubts about defeating this demon through God.

  80. Grant Daily

    This is amazing! I'm playing Bloodborne RN, and this song works so well with it

  81. Lexril Frosvale

    The new opening for Rick and Mortis seems nice.

  82. Sethierot

    Without the explanation it was too christian for me personally now i get it tho and must say great work again :)
    Will give the game a try too

  83. Sir Real Gaming

    This game was pretty fun to watch
    This song is Fantasmic Nice job as always

  84. Clary L

    What's haunting me the most is the seemingly footsteps in the instrumental. They weigh on my heart.

  85. Clary L

    1:28 wyd in HySy

  86. Clary L

    am i seeing this? is this for real?

    by the angel.

  87. Ren Orion

    I love it. Gives me encouragement to keep my depleting faith. Thank you. I'll hold tight.

  88. Ciel TheFangirl

    This song is sooo gooooood!!!! I love slower beated songs

  89. Azorok_KL

    Huh rhe intro instrumentals of this are all starting to sound the same to me

  90. NaN

    * sends the link to all friends in pure happiness *

  91. NaN

    absolutely breathtaking, thanks!

  92. Forsaken Pumpkin

    You did such a good job with this one, has a perfect feeling. I'm singing that chorus at work all the time it's just so catchy.

  93. Vincent Valentine

    Aviators can make anything badass. Whether it's a pixel game or My Little Pony.


    I'm especially impressed with the MLP songs... I had no idea Chaos Theory was one at first.

  94. LordNelsonGamer

    I miss the Five Nights at Freddy's songs you done. Don't get me wrong, I love the other songs u done
    My most favorite ones is "Have Faith, Masks, and Shadows." I just miss seeing the songs that told the story's of certain animatronics like for example:
    ennard (Alive), springtrap (Our Little Horror Story), the night guard for FNAF 2 (Mechanical Instinct), and Withered Freddy (Jaws)

  95. Mr. Kitty Saves The World

    FAITH is the last game I would've expected a song for, but I'm certainly not complaining.
    This is extremely good.

    That little clip at the end was a very cool touch as well. I’m kinda disappointed it didn’t make it onto the album version, but I understand why that’s not possible.

  96. Cerou Luxray

    What killed him in the end? That's what's unsettling for me.

    As a note on that: Too many people complain about how realistic games look, especially in the horror and and other violent genres. The ambiguity of that white thing and what it did to the preacher is far more unsettling than anything rendered down to the pores in the skin simply by virtue of it's ambiguity. Your brain is left to twist it into whatever you fear most that fits that shape. Good call on the artwork in this regard.

    Starwish Armedwithwings

    That's one of the ending in the original game, and the white thing you see crawling throughout the video is explained more in chapter 2 of the game, which is what that is in the car at the end.

    Cerou Luxray

    @Starwish Armedwithwings I didn't know that this was actually a game. I'm tempted to try it, and yet, not for the above reasons.

    Starwish Armedwithwings

    @Cerou Luxray chapter one of the game is free and short so why not, good luck and remember: MORTIS

    Luminous Lead

    The white creature is the game's first antagonist. It repeatedly stalks and ambushes John as he makes his way through the woods.

    One of the five endings will result in that video clip. Game's definitely worth taking a look at.

  97. Airdorf Games

    ... I’m speechless. This is so freakin dope!

    Forsaken Pumpkin

    Wait, are you telling me this is based off a game? My mind is blown away right now. Amazing!

    Dustin Kehr

    @Forsaken Pumpkin Just look up FAITH, or even better, FAITH The Unholy Trinity! Or just check out Airdorf's Channel.

    Ms Chapman

    Airdorf Games this should be the ending credits song

    Essex 37

    Look at that 666 likes, hell yeah!

    final element

    Dear Aviators ! u got some talent ! but u should know earth is flat and german forcesi n ww2 fought for our freedoms.
    Check out the documentary the greatest story never told .

    And Europa the last battle . From bitchute !

    God Speed God Hunter !