Aviators - Alive Lyrics

Vessels of enjoyment
For the servants of my pain
Ghosts of rusted silhouettes
The system knows my name
Who lies behind the eyes that always follow?
Is there a heart inside or are you hollow?

Puppets pulled by strings
A cursed circus underground
Find escape in silence
Haunted echoes in the sound
If I'm the ending to this exhibition
Survival overcomes all superstition

Free I want to break free
From knowing you
Somewhere in the dark a voice is screaming
One of us is going to leave here bleeding
Breathe I'm trying to breathe
Inside of this
Trap you set to keep me from the daylight
Fighting for my life tonight, 'cause I'm still alive

Portraits of the monsters
Show the malice by design
Keeping onwards fearful that
I'm running out of time
The struggle to escape is growing harder
This victim of the night won't be a martyr

Free I want to break free
From knowing you
Somewhere in the dark a voice is screaming
One of us is going to leave here bleeding
Breathe I'm trying to breathe
Inside of this
Trap you set to keep me from the daylight
Fighting for my life tonight, 'cause I'm still alive
'Cause I'm still alive

I am staying alive
For even just one more moment
The chance won't pass me by
The passing of time
Ghosts in the shadows watch me
Tonight I can't seem to survive

Free I want to break free
From knowing you
Somewhere in the dark a voice is screaming
One of us is going to leave here bleeding
Breathe I'm trying to breathe
Inside of this
Trap you set to keep me from the daylight
Fighting for my life tonight, 'cause I'm still alive

'Cause I'm still alive
'Cause I'm still alive
'Cause I'm still alive

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Aviators Alive Comments
  1. FuntimeLefty XD

    Is it weird that I feel like this song could work for Will Byers in Stranger Things too? Idk why I thought of that lol. This is SO GOOD!!!

  2. Em-Rock Dessinateur et métalleux

    This song is perfect with this picture of Ennard, I love it. 😁👍

  3. Pony Empires Unite

    If I didn't know any better, this would be playing on a radio or on a record made in 2002, it's that good!

  4. Twisted Wolf

    I love this song so much, I honestly miss this type of music being popular, I wish more FNAF songs- and songs in general- could be like this... I'm a 15 year old still living in the past rock era.

    Moonshine Victory

    Same here ^^'

  5. Chris W

    He is cool anatonics

  6. kittycypher 1856

    At 4:03, why does it sound like something familiar? I could have sworn it was from another FNaF song.

  7. Diemand The Animatronic Wolf

    How did I miss this for so many years?

  8. Golden Wolf

    I love your song

  9. Daths the premium rock

    This is underrated!

  10. Calder Cockatoo

    Wow, this song is seriously unknown and underrated.

  11. Deancopguy

    Sounds like a Really Cool 80s Song! by the way its sounds

  12. Ember Wolf

    This song deserves more attention, really well done!

  13. Dutch Creepy

    These songs can be enjoyed by people who don't like videogame songs. I don't know how you mamaged to do this but it's amazing

  14. gacha meme

    I like this

  15. Ember Wolf

    Man you can always count on the Aviators, The Living TombStone and MandoPony to make some great Fnaf songs.

  16. Twisted Wolf

    I hate these comments, but anyone listening in 2019?

    Moonshine Victory

    Yeah, but usually not on YT :P

  17. Alura H-D

    omg i love this sm


    This is bad😑. And I expected better...

  19. Kayaba

    Why I found this song that late? It's amazing!

  20. Csongor Borbély

    Spectacular work!

  21. John O'Neill

    I can’t say anything else except outstanding.

  22. John Frank

    2 years ago today... Ah sweet sweet memories of Avi and Sister Location
    Still awesome!

  23. TheDemonWithin 115

    I'm kinda hoping they make a FNaF 6 song...(hint, hint, wink, wink Aviators) Pls.

  24. Hip4na

    Posted on my birthday wow im shocked

  25. Matthew Crandall

    Sounds like a Nirvana song

  26. ZT Squid

    There's a little of me inside of every video.😈

  27. 1Way Road

    God I love the chorus of this song.

  28. Shad3rEVO

    After reading the book, this song is perfect for "The Silver Eyes".

    Екатерина Серенкова

    Shader Evo welp they in the same universe , but in different timelines. So obviously yes . But I think to TTO it would work better.

  29. Shad3rEVO

    I can hear a lot of similarities to Mechanical Instinct.

  30. Electrik

    Yah now this song can fit with other game series and that’s good because with animations and slide shows it will show people that the song is good for almost everything

  31. APMusic

    This was an awesome conclusion to your saga of Five Nights at Freddy's Songs. I can't play Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location on my tablet, but I might download the game on my phone or something. I have the first four games on my tablet, and all four games work (They're also very fun to play. I managed to beat all 6 nights and 20/20/20/20 mode in the first game, and I beat all 5 nights in the third game [I didn't play the hidden minigames, so I got the Bad Ending.], but Nightmare [An alternate name for the hardest night in a Five Nights at Freddy's game.] proves to be a very tough challenge. I managed to get through four nights in the second game, but the fifth night is very hard. All 11 animatronics are out to get me! I managed to get past the first night in the fourth game, mainly because I got lucky. Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Chica left me alone, Nightmare Foxy doesn't appear until the second night, and the Freddles were easy to deal with. It is entirely possible to beat the first night in the fourth game without having Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Chica active. I know that beating the second night won't be easy, because Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Chica will be more active, Nightmare Foxy will officially become active, and I think the Freddles will appear more often, making Nightmare Freddy a slightly bigger threat.), so I don't know why Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location isn't working on my tablet. Unfortunately, I'm not the only one with this problem. Many other people have the same problem. This is the problem: Obviously, before you start the first night, you use an elevator to go to Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental. The HandUnit gives you an introductory greeting while you're in the elevator. However, the introductory greeting automatically stops after "Welcome to the first-", and you're stuck in the elevator, which means that you can't even start the first night, basically meaning that the game stopped. I just hope that Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location will work on my phone (If I download it.), so I can join in on the fun. Anyways, this song is awesome. Five Nights at Freddy's is a huge part of my life, and the songs that people make for all 6 games, FNaF World, and the Ultimate Custom Night fill me with happiness. PEACE OUT!

  32. Connor Moran

    put this at 1.5 and it sounds amazing.

    Pony Empires Unite

    Usually I disagree with the speed up suggestions but this one makes sense.

  33. Pennywise

    this reminds me of something but i cant put my finger on it

  34. hewo daw

    Im getting 80's vibes

    hewo daw

    I also here jaws in this

  35. Theortheo

    I love the feeling of it. made my back chill. good job mate ! keep up the good work !

  36. Jarod Tate

    You have a song in the works for simulator (fnaf 6)?

  37. IMirFälltKeinNameEinI

    It's so WONDERFULL

  38. tbarbdrills

    This song reminds me of Eggs Benedict/Michael Afton's fight with Ennard in the fake ending. Great song and I agree that it could fit a lot of survival horror games.

  39. Tuse Ttheus

    I can't stop hearing this from both sides.

  40. Proto_Dodo

    *avaitors see's fnaf 6* welp...

  41. Captain Starflare

    This song be so good


    if you guys like this whel then you should listen to our little horror story.
    oh and aviators you should make a song for fnaf pizzeria simulator.
    : ]

  43. Eggy

    Alright now i gotta make a video of how I imagine the FNAF Movie Credits with this song will end up like...

  44. Franny Francisca

    Not gonna lie. It gives me a Rainbow Factory vibe for some reason. But it's awesome!

    Екатерина Серенкова

    It has similar style and idea behind

  45. Cookie Craft

    I need help making a song, ANYONE HERE IS WELCOME TO HELP!!! Just reply I anyone wants to help me

  46. Bug Livestreams

    Do a Silver Eyes or The Twisted Ones Song. No one has done one yet and I think your voice would be PERFECT for one.

    Paris516 MSP

    Nightcove fox did a twisted ones and silver eyes song

    Bug Livestreams

    It’s been a little over a year since I posted this. I’m actually most likely gonna write a Twisted Ones or Fourth Closet song myself. But thanks for the reply n_n

  47. Echo The Youtuber

    I love these songs that create a grim feeling. Especailly when it is about a horror game. It just fits.

  48. Pansito Crocante

    Its a combination of all aviators fnaf songs!

  49. Cornel Stanci

    ow aviators I love your songs for fnaf like for this.

  50. ShadowBolt

    *And the science gets done*
    *And you make a neat gun*
    *For the people who a--*
    Wait, wrong song.

  51. Serrated Skies

    Oh man, I just noticed the screaming in the background. Such an improvement from Revenge.

  52. Zacarías Villafuerte

    no doubt, my favorite song

  53. Gardanoth Daedra-Blood

    I can just imagine that in some other alternate timeline just one of the security guards that has ended up being torn apart and put back together in the middle of some technological apocalypse fighting his way out that timeline to get into another one.

    And along the way gets assisted by sane robotics.

    (Don't ask why I can imagine that.)

  54. Bruzer

    Lyrics plz?

  55. fenway fan forever

    it sort of sounds in a part like Skillets Rise P.S good job I love this song so much

  56. Matjan Thking95


  57. UFG_Studios

    Can we all appriectate the fact this song hardly mentions it a FNAF song? Like the only part is mentioning a "Circus underground" and "Monster protraits" showing the F'ed up design. It's amazing!

  58. Starfather Apollyon , Seth Lewis

    the best ennard song in my opinion reguarding mood

  59. JeleFoXs Xs


  60. cloudedthoughts

    Breathe I'm trying to breathe

    Me singing this song on nightcore

  61. Danvol

    If I sing in Russian under your instrumental, I will get copyright right?


    cool song ✌

  63. tiffany jane

    OMG best song ever love it can't listen to it enough 👍👌👏

  64. tiffany jane


  65. chococokie XD


  66. GamingWithKaylee64

    This is literally one of the best alternative rock songs ever in my opinion!

  67. Dartforce 17

    cool. 80's song.

  68. The Lucky Builder MC

    I love it so much

  69. Random Gamer

    Six songs, six games(including Fnaf world) coincidence?

  70. Sammy Lawrence

    Thank you

  71. Rafhael Vicentin

    Esses caras são muito bons

  72. Jaden Diaz

    and how many BPM in this song?

  73. Stevenation 42

    The word ALIVE is in the Hotline Miami font. I need to stop playing that game...

    Also, could you please do a Hotline Miami song?

  74. Jon Birch

    hey aviators, quick question, do you watch game theory?

  75. Cybno

    You need to get yourself out there.

  76. yeet yeet

    I'd say my favourite fnaf singers

    Living tombstone
    Daddy's little monsters artist ((mind gone blank))

    Isaac Clyde

    FOBsessed _gamer98 The last one probs is TryHardNinja.'

  77. Mightyhorse9 Black&purple

    This song is just . . . I don't know the words, besides, AMAZING X3

  78. TheComedian

    Who knew the game "Five Nights at Freddy's", A Horror game, has brought people together to create great things like Fan art and music.
    Feel free to hate on FNAF, but you have to admit it's brought great people together to make wonderful things.
    *How cool is that?*

    Nightcore By Design

    True story coming... I Literally had never heard of Five Nights at Freddy's Until I listened to the song from Living Tombstone... After that I didn't want to play it, but after awhile I got curious and tried it... I was hooked and I haven't left since


    @Nightcore By Design nice

    Esther Keeler

    I learned about it from my friend,she gave a bad description but I was interested and now I'm a fnaf fanatic.

  79. Avelion-chan

    It sounds pretty similar to one of Apocalypticas songs.
    Like really, really similar, just speed and lyrics of the song are different. Was it your inspiration?

  80. /Awakened\

    This song has such quality it could be on the radio!!!!! Love your music!!!

  81. Sally Cat


  82. Isabella Quinns

    Wow, this is perfect! I am 100% in love with this song! You are amazing! Thank you! By the way, I was wondering if it's ok to make covers of your songs in the future with, of course, giving you the credit?

  83. Nuclear Sugar Bomb

    I love your songs so much! You deserve so many more subscribers than you do now. I love how you have an 'old school' kind of taste to your songs unlike most FNaF songs that have more 'electric' kind of themes. Keep up the good work!

  84. Dino king

    just to ask could you make a Godzilla song plz I think you would do great

  85. Pxxp

    is it ok if use this in my first sfm animation? i will credit you and provide a link to this video and your channel in the description?

  86. FrostFireDemon

    I love your FNaF songs they're so cool
    Please make more FNaF songs

  87. Gilp Man

    it's so awesome

  88. Emiley Greenhaw

    * Starts Pretend that i have a Guitar and rocks hard*
    Cuz im still Alive!!!!!

  89. Sarah Hatfield

    Fun fact for you undertale fans! Undertale beat ocarina of time in the best game award from gamefaqs by alot of votes.

  90. Sunny Figueroa

    this song is so fucking awesome!!!!!

  91. TJ Bolton

    wait, can it be on iTunes as well?


    Tj Bolton This is on iTunes, on my album "A Song That Never Ends"

    TJ Bolton

    Found that out already, but thanks for the heads-up.

  92. 04mario04

    You are one of the best singers out there...and i have heard alot.

  93. マイマイ

    The last song, maybe... who knows...

  94. Savannah Kirk

    *The system knows my name*

    Welcome, *Eggs Benedict*


    OMG I laugh every time! But it is true! :3

    Sebastian Wharmby-Hancock

    lol. the system f*ed up and got the name wrong


    Mylittlebaboon no SwordofFlames meant the end cutscene from SL custom night


    *E g g s B e n e d i c t*