Aviators - Acid Rain Lyrics

Hello, don't be shy
I'll take you to the sky
We'll fly away
To better days ahead
Hello, take my hand
There's poison in the sand
Don't worry I
Can purify
What's dead

I can't let you slip away
The world's in disarray
No one should have to stay
I will take away the pain
When only I remain
To feel the acid rain

Hello, I'm the wind
Guiding as you ascend
So far away
From better days ahead
Hello, I'm the one
The night sky and the sun
I breathe this air
In rivers running red

I can't let you slip away
The world's in disarray
No one should have to stay
I will take away the pain
When only I remain
To feel the acid rain

I'll take you away
To somewhere that the skies aren't quite so gray
I'll be your escape
The stars that lie above us will embrace

I can't let you slip away
The world's in disarray
No one should have to stay
I will take away the pain
When only I remain
To feel the acid rain

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Aviators Acid Rain Comments
  1. Tamara -therian

    This is one of my forever favorite songs I have listened to this atleast a hundred times it never gets old

  2. Dank_ Nightmares

    hah haa.... funny story... the first time i heard this song i was going somewhere with my dad, and whenever he would connect his phone to the speakers this song would come on because it was the first song that played on the album he bought. I hadn't even heard of your music yet, so my first thought was, wait... i thought my dad liked electronic type music... and then i found out about Sweet Dreams from the fricken title screen on one of my new favorite minecraft mod packs.... and then I started listening to your music.... and here's the kicker, I got a good look at the song, and saw the name of the artist..... yup... im stupid.... and now this song is great ..... dont judge a book by its cover people

  3. AwrieeTGB

    Is it supposed to be The Watcher?
    If not, who?

  4. 100bullets miranda

    lan yard

  5. 100bullets miranda

    im a magic wearwolf i dont even touch bleach

  6. 100bullets miranda

    silver bullet

  7. 100bullets miranda

    really i dont like being held in a place like that they can take the fire alarm and magic wand it into bleach shots

  8. 100bullets miranda

    school was held hostage

  9. 100bullets miranda

    my shoulder pads i shouldnt have to worry about poison in the sand thats how i pick up level T at criminals

  10. 100bullets miranda

    i survived cancer without treatment at all

  11. 100bullets miranda

    thats a buff for the marked

  12. 100bullets miranda

    putting poison in my sandy beaches?

  13. Baptiste Hamelin

    When I started to learn the guitar, this was the very first song I learned.

  14. Podpeople

    I think of Joel and Ellie front the last of us when I listen to this song.

  15. Connor Swatzyna

    Opening guitar gives me an Eagles vibe

  16. Kiper Rainarch

    I always manage to come back to your music to help get myself out of a rut in life.

  17. L. Wolf

    This song is amazing, wonderfully written and of course Tarby's amazing guitar work.

  18. Clare Nicke

    This is one of those songs that you didn't know you needed but now can't live without

  19. Doc903

    This really sounds like a piece of classic rock in the beginning. Nothing quite like a slap from the old times.

  20. Alec Danigole

    I am far from a music snob, but I still know what I like. I listen to you because it takes me back to when I was a kid (i'm in college, so dont feel old) and with it being such a rich mix of everything throughout all of your tracks, I can always find something to suit my needs.

  21. Sunshine _

    we need more like this.

  22. haloisepie

    Really love the way you sing the chorus, great job as always

  23. Alec Damon

    Does anyone else put this on when a radstorm hits in Fallout 4?


    Someone got the point of this song after all

    Epstein didn't kill himself

    I see this song as Death offering his services as a gift of mercy to those that have been left behind.

  24. Clare Nicke

    You have one of the most gorgeous voices I've ever heard

  25. Badger's Den

    Fallout NV all over...

  26. ABronyAnonymous

    Love it!

  27. Tom C

    Keep up the good work.

  28. Eric Alley

    Makes me think of Nausicca and the Valley of the Wind for some reason...

  29. Jordan Ryan

    Allmost at 100,00 subs aviators! Keep up the good work!

  30. Gurgleschlortz


  31. Soundbound Firefox

    please get more CDs please! I want one for my birthday on August 10th! I love you guys!

  32. XENOC

    my french

  33. XENOC


  34. XENOC

    je suis frencais

  35. XENOC

    like the musique

  36. Vaizo

    pretty good x)

  37. BlVck Cypher

    +Aviators can u please make some Brony-Songs? that where awesome from u


    I believe he's moving away from brony music, he's spoken about it in his livestreams, but his next album won't have any pony songs on it.

  38. Creeperlou Mc&More

    It's sad how not many people like the video even though they enjoy the music

  39. Alpha Brony

    Как всегда, великолепно!

  40. Syaz The Fox

    I was listening to your songs & remixes back in 4 - 5 years ago. You're a true singer, Avi! :D

  41. Cloud Zapper

    Aviators i am really enjoying all the music you are making and you are getting a lot better for sure <3

    keep making them because i would love to hear more of your songs <3

  42. Prexxov

    Your so good why you only have 97.995 subs?

  43. Choco bear

    Amazing Song, Avi

  44. Sseroxy Hydz

    y Does it sound like ice heard this before


    It has a similar melody to Behind Blue Eyes.

    Sseroxy Hydz

    +JoeBobWhitney2016 I just figured out that it's from the end of every other song in Stargazers

  45. Prexxov

    Your awsome man

  46. Mylittlebaboon

    Please, please, please upload Remains. Easily one of my favorite songs on the album and any other album.

  47. Molly

    amazing song. I'd already listened to it a dozen times after downloading the album, but it's great to have it up here

  48. Makenshi179

    Love classic rock a lot <3 You guys totally nailed it!! Great work :D

  49. Steven Liptock

    Outstanding as always!

  50. The Humble Turnip

    Awesome song!

  51. Mystical Wolf

    How come some of the best artists are so unknown. Aviators and so many other YouTuber artists deserve more credit

  52. eggrole7

    this song kinda has a collective soul feel to it, with just a hint of pink floyd

  53. Ardub23

    This song makes me think of Shaymin.

  54. Justin Greenland

    Is this related to the visual novel "Planetarian", which was recently announced as having an anime adaptation coming?

  55. ATrickyLife

    Best on the album. I loved this one

  56. prussiaslilgilbird

    Love it, love it!!
    I'm surprised I'm not sick of this song yet considering how many times I've listened to it xD
    This and Open Your Eyes

  57. Alexander Thorsen

    I think this is my fav Aviators song. it' awesome!

  58. Ronja Rönnback

    Awesome as always !

  59. ThePotatao


  60. Jasper Synth

    A nice song, but the snare is kind of thin imo.

  61. Akuryo Rasseri

    This is rather ironic to see in my subscription feed. I've had an OC named Acid Rain for almost 3 years, and you guessed it, she originates in a post apocalyptic wasteland XD
    I have to make this song fit her story somehow now. :D

  62. Blue

    I've always loved your channel, but as of late I have not been the biggest fan of most of your most recemt works. Not bad, but just didn't attract me, but I really liked this one, and Tarby also did a great job.Overally, amazing job guys!

  63. Just Eric

    Man, I freaked out when I saw this in my subs box. Little Sister is one of my favorite songs ever, so it's nice to see you two work on another project.

  64. Frogdunker

    Nothing against this song, but I'm still waiting for you to post "Who's Going to Stop Me Now?" because it's my favorite song on the album

  65. Tea God

    Oh I love this song!

  66. Youngblood1701

    wow, absolutely amazing. way to go guys!

  67. Forderz the Fabulous

    Damnit Tarby make more music

  68. Squipy Cheetah

    Even though I already listen to this song constantly, hearing it again, just renews my love for it <3

  69. Julie Lorick (SMS)

    Cool song love the beat and lyrics!

  70. PeKaNo

    One of my favorites from the album :D

  71. Radley

    definitely one of my favorites.

  72. cAPS lOCK

    This song has one heck of a crazy chord progression... but dang if it don't sound amazing

  73. dashie

    This is wonderful...

  74. Spectrum16

    Cmon 3k more subscribers
    Get someone who truly deserves it 100k subs!


    @Sierra Komodo Lets not make it 1.7k away for much longer!

    nosraL tinmaD

    if you like his songs now, then you'll like them more if you change the speed of them to 1.25 or 2


    +nosraL tinmaD nah that doesn't make a song better, just different


    +Theseus Cmonnnnnn lets do it!!!


    +Theseus better make it 400!

  75. Jessie Pony


  76. Kellyn Nova

    very good song Aviators another great piece of music

  77. Ted Tunion

    Probably my second favorite only to remains (plz upload soon)

  78. Drew Sifur

    Hey avi, I have a question, can you do like a monthly vlog, like so we know how you're doing?:) It's okay if you say no though

  79. callmeJack

    Ive been waiting for thisto be uploaded :) One of my favs from stargazers

  80. Lynn

    Two people were reminded of the Acid Rain glitch.

  81. Frex


  82. R3kEr314

    I was listening to some of your earlier electronic songs and i am glad you decided to stick with more acoustic type music the songs you have from back then are not bad not by a long shot


    Also this song is just amazing Avi really

  83. Amel!aArts

    Lol only 1 disliked the video XD

  84. Darth Zombie

    Check my channel

  85. Joel Forsen

    Listening to this reminded me of Pink Floyd in some way. Mainly Brain Damage, anyone who digs? ^^

  86. 6c33 3374

    Damn Aviators, back at it again with the sick beats!

  87. Adam Akhtar

    oh yes its finallychere

  88. Louis

    This is one of the best of Stargazers :D
    I love post-apocalyptic atmospheres and I feel this one is the one that nails it the most

  89. Princess Luna

    Cured my skin insanity. Praise Chin-chin!

  90. MetAL Bron-E

    I have a cover of this song on my channel)))

  91. cheeky Cat

    Best one yet

  92. Geoffrey Stokes

    love love love this song from Stargazers! so happy it's here too!

  93. jonnyo98

    I like it, but a little too acoustic for me I think though.

  94. Cray Panda

    Aviators: Hello-
    Me: (cuts him off) ITS ME

  95. - Grayson360 -

    I Loved the song! I hope you never stop making this songs! :) ☺


    amo tu musica 👍

  97. Felix Egadrik

    Incredible! :U

  98. Andrea Irons

    I love this one. I don't care how many times I have heard it. I love it