Aviators - A Song That Never Ends Lyrics

Never heard your ghost
Passing through
Gotta be a gift
Sent from heaven
Wrapped in you
Passions of the flesh and of mind
Push to make you kill
Serve, and conquer, or leave behind

I'd take bullet for you
In a minute, falling in it, I'm driven
Sounds like the feeling we knew
Sounding like a better harmony to live in
Under pressure, bound by pleasure
Weighted just to make us bend
A voice above, it's the sound of love we hear
A song that never ends

Lying through your teeth
And I don't care
Give me just a taste
Of disaster
If you dare
Like a siren call in the dark
You might be a star
I could worship
From the heart

I'd take bullet for you
In a minute, falling in it, I'm driven
Sounds like the feeling we knew
Sounding like a better harmony to live in
Under pressure, bound by pleasure
Weighted just to make us bend
A voice above, it's the sound of love we hear
A song that never ends

I never knew
There could be a song quite as beautiful as you
Bullet through my heart
No mercy left to send
Just one exception
A light that never dies
A song that never ends
It's our affliction

I'd take bullet for you
In a minute, falling in it, I'm driven
Sounds like the feeling we knew
Sounding like a better harmony to live in
Under pressure, bound by pleasure
Weighted just to make us bend
A voice above, it's the sound of love we hear
A song that never ends
A song that never ends

A song that never ends
A light that never dies
A love that's going to change your world tonight
A truth that never fails
A beast that's never tame
And I don't know your name

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Aviators A Song That Never Ends Comments
  1. Ashleybradbury

    The ending bit starting from 4:23 has that resemblance from the chorus on the new NO TIME TO DIE track by Billie Eilish, i noticed that when i first heard the song and came back to this song. Aviator, keep making new tracks!

  2. Guy3nder

    the reason it ends is that youve just been _BAITED!_

  3. Zedekiah King

    in less than a month, this song will be 3 years old. i remember when this was released like it was yesterday! still one of my favorite songs you've produced, i can't believe how much time has flown and this still sounds as great as the day the vid came out. doesn't get old at all, no matter how many times i listen to it on repeat.

  4. Skittle Gremlin

    as soon as i saw the title i thought the song that never ends

    this is the song that never ends
    yes it goes on and on my friend
    some people started singing it not knowing what it was
    and they'll continue singing it forever just because

    this is the song that never ends
    yes it goes on and on my friend
    some people started singing it not knowing what it was
    and they'll continue singing it forever just because

    this song is more awesome though

    Skittle Gremlin

    I just realized that my comment could be seen ask like the song that never ends more than the avi song but I like the avi song way better

  5. Kamomile Tea

    Man, this really did mess with me. I was on autoplay and it came up and I thought it legit was from a Bond movie. On another note, this song has been on loop for 30 mins now and I'm gonna keep it on for a while so it doesn't end.

  6. V_T0cix_BOY_V XxX

    Like 2019

  7. Synth-Sayin

    After hearing it for the first time when the album dropped, this still is my fav Aviators song, and probably song in general. REPLY TIME!


    007 shatterhand

  9. charles s. sturdivant

    I like it

  10. joiless

    I love that it ends on the line "I don't know your name..." because it works as a pretty good reference to the 2006 Casino Royale theme.

  11. Gary Pecoraro

    I think this is it, ala Casino Royal ! And ala Chris Cornell , beginning and end !! Love it!!

  12. MindPetrol


  13. whiteKnight -

    I was worried that he would troll us and just do the song that never ends.

  14. The Fallen Human.

    Turn on loop. Now it never ends. c:

  15. Lira Së

    The first song of Aviators that I hear r No one Will save you... The lyrics just sound very good, but that one have a beautiful instrumental.

  16. Brandon Bascom

    When you put a song that never ends on loop

  17. Aperture Laboratories

    Put this song in a loop. :D

  18. Dart Devious

    Sweet opening

  19. Starwarsdude8221991

    Sounds familiar to soE of your other work cant thumb it but this sounds familiar

  20. KWSH

    The cool thing about your songs is the fact that one can listen to them without any context or knowing of whether it's about a certain game, television show, or if it's entirely unrelated to any of the previous statements and not have a biased opinion because its a song about a game. Take Our Little Horror Story, for example. I first heard it on Spotify, and I liked the song. I didn't know it was about Fnaf at all until my seventh or so listen through it, and that was only after catching a few hints and looking it up on YouTube. Same thing with Fading Light. That is one reason why I find your music appealing and great. Keep up the good work, Avi.

  21. tnmv1984

    Woaaaaa...... perfect bond theme , with the title SHATTERHAND

  22. Merletastic

    This sounds like dark chocolate tastes.

  23. Planet Benji

    You guys should be hired to write all the themes from here on out!

  24. LockeRobster

    >song ends

  25. Blitzkrieg

    1/10 it ended

  26. Blake chandler

    False advertising. This song DOES end. Jk this is great.

  27. Miguel Sanchez

    Biggest lie since "never ending story" <.<

  28. Shellshock 0607

    Hey you Know what this could be a love song to Princess Celestia.

  29. DestinyCrafter

    Kinda nice song, but I just personally don't get the Bond vibe off of it. *shrug*

  30. Soundbound Firefox

    Which movies are Snowblind and A Song Thast Never Ends is based off of? I gots to know! Btw, love your music!


    I don't they're based off of specific movies. Just the concept of james Bond in general.

  31. rue

    this is the song that never end yes it goes on and on my friend-

  32. Godzilla Holocaust

    This definitely deserves to be on the next James Bond's movie opening credits

  33. Zachariah Smith

    -loops song- "Now it definitely won't end

  34. Philip Milburn

    R.I.P. Roger Moore, 14/10/23-23/5/17.

    James David

    Looks like we won't be getting anymoore from him

    Dragodan Vasilijevic

    @James David r424w3w3r🎂🎂🎂

  35. Andrew Lopez

    I spent like an hour learning that drum beat. Great song as usual!

  36. Sebastian Sandoval

    unintentional homestuck clickbait.... SPOILE: it never ends

  37. Gamer Olyrick

    I really want an instrumental version of this.

  38. Rossco OldeLion

    This. This is EPIC.

  39. Daniel Crooks

    This is well done! I am currently making a comedy spoof James Bond style short film for charity while raising money for Comic Relief: Red Nose Day and I would love your permission to use this sound track? Please get in touch.


  40. Cameron Bloesser

    Love it!

  41. Cecilia Carr

    Hey there! I wanted to say I like what you do. your a great artist I admire that

  42. Ashleybradbury

    I'm a 3d animator and graphic designer, you guys fancy me have a crack at making some bond titles with this song?

  43. Ashleybradbury

    This is way better then Snowblind, as it does give that Bond style to it, especially Daniel Craig's first 2 bond films

  44. cute melon

    I'm listening to this while watching a James bond movie :) a licence to kill

    Liam Cahill

    Who's your favourite James Bond? Mine are Timothy Dalton then Daniel Craig

    cute melon

    @Liam Cahill skyfall made a modern and cool looking impress. It's a great and young movie . Even when I'm more fan of the 80's James bond movies. Octopussy is probably the best in my opinion

  45. TheSwordofFlames

    I loved everything about this album

  46. Kazetu Seawolf

    Very nice job at capturing that Bond esque theme!

  47. Drew Sifur

    I'd love to see the smile on your face Avi if they asked to use this in a bond film

  48. deepstrasz

    Man those aaahs really reminded me of MJ.

  49. Jerryfan271

    Ends at 5:44. Busted.

  50. The #1 Lapidot Hater \my tears are deadly/

    looks like troll romance

  51. Neuroscythe

    Yet another impressive piece of work by this amazing and brilliant artist. I can already see the ladies made of smoke and Daniel Craig pointing a gun at nothing in particular- the perfect typical James Bond title sequence.

  52. 野龍

    (Also, USD to CNY rate has been raised from 6.7 to 7.2, which means it's literally almost 10% more expensive for me... I just hope that USD can be a bit cheaper next year since I'm planning to buy a $79 software. Well, at least video game price won't be affected...

  53. 野龍

    To be honest I love the last album (Stargazers) more, but, this is still awesome. I missed the release date since there's no release date prior to release... But, still grab the album immediately. This is by no mean one of my most favourite album but it's still quite Aviators style, aka, still make me think a lot. Well, maybe we don't have to always push the limit of the mind that hard, like in From Ocean to the Sky or Stargazers, which I love for, it's almost yelling, I guess.

  54. Fionn Oneill

    i thought it was "a dong that never ends" lel

  55. Midnight Loyalty Gaming

    Great song, i wish there will be more like this :p
    other then that. ~have a nice Day!

  56. Killer_Greag

    Back to the ass kicking huh?

  57. Jenny :3

    This song is so good!

  58. Myotic Tesseract

    You should upload Psychoactive~

  59. Caleb Tueller

    Do you do anything with pandora?

  60. Cosmo's Universe

    I can't believe such a variety of emotions and motifs/007 references have been packed into only 5 minutes 44 seconds with such passion clarity. This is truly one of your best, Avi, well done!

  61. Gui Arisato - AngeLord

    I just heard your new album on Spotify, and this is one of the best albums i've ever heard! You're amazing, every time i listen to a new song of yours, it just gets better. Thank you for sharing your art and talent with us, and i look forward for your next work!!

  62. DaFrigginTOASTER

    Of course in missed the release livestream

  63. Radley

    da jok is dat it ends

  64. Chroma Spark

    Could you do a Borderlands song?

  65. Bawdybelt 82297

    is this golden dragonoid

  66. влад поращенко

    h the part "and i don't know you name" just make me laught, cause it's all our life, keeping going to nowhere, keeping knowing the nothing, and listen the song that newer ends

  67. Зина Андросова

    I like your songs.

  68. mr. stark i don't feel so good

    Oooh I love the Skyfall vibes in the beginning!

  69. GameWiz1305

    I actually thought to myself when I listened to this the first time "Wow this sounds so much like a James Bond song". Turns out it was!

  70. Steven Liptock

    Your music is some of the very best out there..... FAR better than most new big record label music.

  71. Ardub23

    For some reason the chorus of this reminds me of the bridge from "This Means War". (Which is great because I love that song.)

  72. Shay The Wolf!

    Now I know why this is called "A song that never ends" because I can't stop pressing replay...

  73. Luksis Landain

    I can not accept the suit of cards as before, for me it quadrants :3

  74. lune

    anyone wanna guess which one's the discord song? i'm putting my money on psychoactive.

  75. TwistedSailor

    Hey, are you going to put this one on CD?

  76. XJBG1001X

    I can't believe I almost missed this!

  77. MysteryProduction

    Really great! <3

  78. PAW Team

    one step for James bond one big step for Aviators

  79. Opal Shade

    A song that never ends~

  80. Cole Lynid

    #adongthatneverends Got to be one of my favourites in the album, great work!


    Uhhh... A dong?

  81. Serious Pony

    Well, Bandcamp, you done f-ed up. I received reminders about a ton of artists I couldn't care less now releasing something but never got any mail considering the release of the long-awaited new album by the only guy whose music keeps on delivering joy to me.

    Time to erase this mistake and get the album. Keep up the great work, Avi.

  82. Another Broken Soul

    As allways such a good song man, that's amazing!

  83. Crazed Feel

    Damn I've been waiting for so long for that one, but it was worth it thank you avi !

  84. Darth Biomech

    I liked "Snowblind". I like this even more!

    Andrea Irons

    Darth Biomech Same. That was one of my favorites by him. I don't know how, but he always manages to top himself.

    Alan Cisneros

    Wow this should be in a filed

  85. Anjoulas

    I was never even remotely interested in James Bond and never really liked the themes. But this one tho. I don't know how you manage to always impress me with the songs for fandoms I show no interest in xD

    Miscellaneous stuff

    the same


    lol same. I never was a brony, nor a bond fan, but damn, Avi's music almost makes me ashamed of that. =D

  86. Kevin Morton

    love it

  87. McKay Cheatham

    Despite the fact that Aviators makes up a quarter of all the songs I own, I'm sure I needed another. Thanks.

  88. Shadowlord Titan

    All of you're songs are freaking amazing. God damn I can't stop listening to them! 😅👌🏻

  89. Jarod Judd

    i love this new style you have compared to your older works, keep it up

  90. JohnBlooms Tale :: Moved to Cakelefore

    Amazing! :D

  91. Myotic Tesseract

    I would've waited to get this album on Spotify, but you're so awesome I already bought it a few days ago on Bandcamp anyways. <3

  92. CHahs98

    Just wondering, any chance we may see another Acoustic Ep type thing in the future with some of your recent songs? I always enjoy the acoustic versions of your songs (and lowborn was no exception.)

  93. Coffee #XMG

    im in 2099 and the sound ended :)

  94. The Dark Warlord

    I love our songs and the way u sing them

  95. Youngblood1701

    An amazing song! the bit around 3 minutes really reminded me of the Sherlock theme. I wonder if that was intentional at all?

    Liam Cahill

    I thought so too :)