Avi, Zee - Poppy Lyrics

My baby he don't act like himself no more
He lost that smile I used to adore
He spent his nights slapping his veins
He lost that glow he used to have in his face
Empty burned bottle on the carpet
My baby lying beside it
Tin foil and melted sugar everywhere

He said his provider was his
Pharmacist friend Ben
I swear I'm gonna kill him because
I swear I'm gonna kill him because

The poppy took my baby away from me

My baby used to repeat the news
And now he talks about dragons on the walls
He used to love German expressionism films
Now he drinks until he falls

I was confused
Didn't know what to do
So I called his mama
Have her come on over

She got him off the ground
Started slapping him around
And as she cried she said,

The poppy took my baby away from me

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Avi, Zee Poppy Comments
  1. Iaia

    She's AMAZING

  2. Mark Sullivan

    Love this, but Ben should be Tim...

  3. Brendan Garvey

    Your boyfriend likes German expressionist films... that's the problem right there, he's a fucking hipster. If he liked the Star Wars franchise, or was a Trekkie for instance, the chance of him being a loser junkie is considerably lower.

  4. jonabarr

    :'( So Sad!!

  5. Jiwan N

    She is talking about Cocaine. Drugs took her baby. :(


    I believe she is talking about heroin, which is made from poppy. But yes, it's a very sad song :(

    Jiwan N

    @FutFraggle yes. Heroin, rather. :)

    Carmine Devecchis

    Jiwan N

  6. Chocolate Vanilla

    Oh My God! I think this song is very cute, until i really read the the whole lyrics.. Zee Avi's songs are very easy listening but also tells ironic stories *sigh* but still love her voice :)

  7. victoria cervantes

    beautiful song but painful message

  8. Nurul Syafina


  9. rulerdarius91

    such a beautiful song, and so sad at the same time.

  10. Mayflower86

    Really like this song - but sadly the sound is very poor quality... :-((

  11. shaneandpoppy

    my names poppy not liking this song lol

    Jupiter smith

    My name's poppy as well 👋

  12. Nadi Warna

    poppy means drugs..

  13. Avery White