Avi, Zee - Milestone Moon Lyrics

This is either the first or the last house
This river
Runs through
And my mind is a mad house I only share
With you

Legs are dangling over
This old jetty here
And my light is
Supplied by
Nothing but the brightness
Of the Milestone Moon

Ripples in the water
Tells me that you are near
And as always it's a false alarm
If you wait too hard

Not long now
You'll be in my arms

Sitting patiently
For your return
When will I learn
That soon
Time will burn

Wondering and pondering
If I've been here before
Or am I a new born
Waiting to learn more
I want to learn more

Not long now
You'll be in my arms

With nothing but the brightness
Of the Milestone Moon
[repeat until the end]

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Avi, Zee Milestone Moon Comments
  1. zoeyhui

    zee avi you seriously feel super proud for being an asian !! swaggggy.

  2. Peter Maandag

    Beautiful song !!

  3. sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst

    Got this Malaysian vibe feel to it, classic C:

  4. Trà Mai

    Just wanna say: I LOVE YOU, ZEE AVI!

  5. jennyvendiagram

    zee avi i love youu

  6. CierraGunderson

    This song just soothes my soul. I can't get enough of her.

  7. Tayamrhodera

    So sad... but so beautiful