Avi, Zee - Concrete Wall Lyrics

(Boom shi clack clack, Boom shi clack clack)

What is this all about?
Settle down please don't yell or shout
The landlord, he lives downstairs
We'll get evicted, please don't be too loud

You say I'm passive aggressive
How can I not be, when you're always talking at me
You say I'm unresponsive
And here you are talking over me

You make me wanna throw this shoe right through that concrete wall
Maybe you should pack your things
If it's that dreadful
Then just leave it all

Oooh Oooh Oooh Oooh

Don't wanna keep on sharing my bed
With someone that I have to love less, and less
Every time I try to make you smile
You say that I'm being a child
Well I tried my best

Say that I need therapy
Well, my darling so do you
Don't need for you to tell me
What is wrong in all I say or do

Please don't try to throw this shoe right through that concrete wall
Maybe you should pack your things
If its that dreadful
Then just leave it all

(Boom shi clack clack, Boom shi clack clack)

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Avi, Zee Concrete Wall Comments
  1. Emylea Edruce


  2. Emylea Edruce


  3. Justin Persie

    January of 2020 !!!

  4. Rhonda Mitchell

    Took me forever to find this song again ...now I have it again I will play it on repeat. ❤

  5. lovelymeforeverful

    Why isn’t this on Spotify

  6. Emma M

    Gossip girl 2020?

  7. Benjameen Benjamin

    Can't wait for her new album, "Ellipses" 😊✅

  8. Rinnaialia

    Just binge watching Gossip Girl for the first time ever (late) and I immediately grabbed my phone to search for it on Sound Hound. It didn't find it so I typed in the lyrics. Love her voice and the beat mash up. This song is everything for me in 2020!

  9. 1000 subscribers with no life challenge

    Rewatching Gossip Girl after about 4 years and I still love this song so much

    Happy 2O2O

  10. Mauricio Diaz

    2020 gang

  11. Emylea Edruce


  12. Emylea Edruce


  13. Yessy Rodriquez

    This song is about how parents argue and than they send you into your room and aslo we are doing this song we are using this song in dance class so ya that’s what they told me and if you just heard it and Magine that parents are sending you to your room

    Yessy Rodriquez

    And aslo you can see that she is crying

  14. Kaavya Selvakkumar

    I typed " boom shi QUACK QUACk" to search this song... 🙄

  15. 1strongsoulkarma


  16. phantom phantom

    Yup season 5 ep 11 of gossip girl is why I'm here

  17. Tiffany Meg

    Forever grateful Gossip Girl

  18. legend 99

    im here listening to this song. 2019.

  19. Rishika Kankipati

    Gossip girl brought me here ♥️♥️♥️

  20. nuraisyah othman

    gossip girl :')

  21. Arianna Ramirez


  22. Nancy Chaclán

    Gossip girl 🥰😱

  23. Deni Nuryanto

    I love you zee

  24. Deni Nuryanto

    Smua song nya oke

  25. Ben Fauzee

    I heard this song before! Omg Zee Avi guysss!! Tot omputih mana nyanyi 👍👍👍

  26. Scrappinology

    I got here because I have been following Zee for a long time 😁

  27. ipshita lahiri

    anybody searched this song by typing boom shi clack clack :D

  28. bedheng hirochi

    i like the song.

  29. Yasmine

    Gossip girl here :) xoxo

  30. Thirsty?

    My vocal jazz group is singing this :)

  31. Et Sk

    2019 and it's never getting old ♥️

  32. Sammmuela

    Still into it!!

    Heard it on the radio 3 years ago📻
    I’ve never seen Gossip Girl 🤷🏻‍♀️


    Thank you Paris Jackson!

  34. Leah Hall

    This video was just great

  35. Desmond Gross

    I Still Love This Song So Much

  36. Hajili Jukerin

    Better than yuna

    Just K

    No they both better than you scumbag! 👏

  37. Anila Goswami

    Chuk Bass❤️

  38. Erika Corona

    Very good song 💓 and yes I am watching gossip girl in 2019 10years from when it was released and yes gossip girl brought me here

    kim l


  39. Muhammad Zein

    juli 2019????

  40. Amega’s Life

    Gossip girl send me here 🥺❤️

  41. Kali Love

    Anyone else listening 2019?? Still loving this song!!

    Ashleigh Waszak

    YES just refound it

  42. Thamires Inácio

    Eu amei essa música vim por causa da Paris Jackson no vogue 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😍😍

  43. Rst Acr

    Paris Jackson brought me here

  44. vaneza Trujillo :3

    Thank u Paris Jackson 💜

  45. Kirtahl

    The Boom She Clack Clack reminds me of a pump shotgun and that makes this a bit harrowing.

  46. diefledermaus79

    Watched Zee and her band perform this live at UCSD years ago. She’s got a beautiful voice and puts her whole heart and soul into her performances.

  47. Ayang Tekseng

    Her songs are always great!

  48. susie vasquez

    I subscribe to you cuz you're my friend cuz you said bye

  49. lucas

    this song smells like strawberry bubblegum

  50. Patty Sayarath

    Thank you Paris Jackson for showing me this beautiful music

  51. Naydelin Quintero

    De dónde es está cantante? saludos desde México 🇲🇽

  52. Jett Verona

    I was listening to Kimbra and then I stumbled across her❤️. Wow I am not upset about it at all. I love her now💃🏾💖💖💖💖

  53. Jo Di- Jo Jo

    This voice its like every gurl now and days have it the same. That same voice i hear it everywhere.

  54. bianca tirabasso


  55. xiamengbaby

    What is that background chorus, "boom she quack quack" is it?

  56. Ahmad Wazir Aiman Mohd Abd Wahab

    Came here because of my good taste in music but cheers to all the gossip girl fans here

  57. miss adele

    Thanks to paris jackson for bringing me here..

  58. Ryan Raymond Tham

    26 January 2019 😍🤗😍🇲🇾

  59. Link Rider

    You know how I'm here? Because it was in my Spotify suggestions 6 years ago lol

  60. 강시현

    진심으로 이노래는 차분하면서도 중독성 쩌는 노래인것같음
    하루에 2번씩은 꼭 듣게되는 마성의 노래임❤

  61. Gaming With Satyam

    Deserves 1 billion views atleast

  62. Tom Duggan

    Only person here who hasn't watched gossip girl?

  63. Just K

    2019.??!! And still listen to this ♥️

  64. 백선영

    뿡 시 클렉클렉 뿡 시 클렉클렉

  65. kazumy

    I remember when this song wasn't that known among Gossip Girl fans and people who listened to it had come here mostly by accident. I remember people talking about the song, instead of what made them come here. I remember one person from some part of Asia (Philippines? Malaysia? Indonesia? dunno), who wrote that there's this legend/myth/belief they have there about a woman dressed in white, being a personification of some very scary creature/ghost, and how they couldn't help but find Zee Avi here creepy because of that connotations they had in their mind. Now 95% of the comments is this Gossip Girl bullshit, as if people couldn't read and as if one comment of this kind wasn't enough. Sad.

    Just K

    So just chill and listen to this gem 😂😘

  66. Cobain Shakur

    My girlfriend who passed away used to play this song everytime were together, when she's alone or whatever she is doin

  67. Marcos Avila

    Me suena más a "Las chicas del cable"

  68. Ns Mz

    Paris Jackson brought me here..

  69. Mic key

    I am looking for Zee Avi Decadence of my love from main title track the bridge vui original


    Mic key you are not going to find it anywhere..for now.

    Mic key

    @mohdridzuanzainal not able to found it bro but that song is very nice to hear

  70. Ayyash Ahmad

    This song has just the right amount of booms and sha clacks

  71. 적선

    LG가 날 이곳으로 이끌었다........................ 갓갓곡.......

  72. Didier Carvajal

    Missing your beautiful voice. I love this song ✨💎 💛 💎✨

  73. eccentric jaz

    i am so glad i found this

  74. 오티

    Anyone from Lg's object AD?

  75. Solomiya Sotnik

    This song describes my life in ways I never thought I could put into words

  76. M T


  77. qw er

    붐 쉬 클랙클랙

  78. MANGO

    lg 광고 보고 오신분ㅋㅋ 유튜브 광고 중 유일하게 음악 좋아서 찾아들음 뿡~시 클렉클렉

  79. David

    Chills every time

  80. Liji8

    November 2018..? anyone?❤️
    have a nice day😊

    Just K


  81. haley dillard

    gossip girl thank you

  82. Matt Pacha

    I just remembered this song, Takes me back to an abusive relationship. I can really understand the emotional power behind the lyrics

  83. BRAVO 69

    Made in malaysia

  84. Skinny Potatoe

    its 2018 and I still love this song

  85. The nugget Sherlock

    gossip girl ha

  86. WolfEyes Narina

    One of her most beautiful songs ❤❤❤.

  87. Nadine Schneider

    Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 11 THANK YOU

  88. iamonlybetty eats

    Gossip girl brought me here!!!

  89. Bianca Gonzalez

    gossip girl brought me here in 2018😝🤪

  90. Rosy Cavalier

    Gossip Girl 💋

  91. idk sks

    Am i the only one that came here after Paris Jackson’s interview with teen vogue 💞💞💖💗

    Just K

    What related with paris jackson?

  92. Jebbie

    So glad I watched Paris Jackson's vid listing her fav songs. This song is great. So different from anything I've ever heard.

  93. leah A

    Gossip girl is my all time get away from all stupid things in life

  94. missy anonymous

    Paris jackson knows really good music

  95. chahat Periwal

    komal pandey made me come here😍😍

  96. Christianah Lovato

    The 1st time I heard this song was 2012, in 2018 I’m still bumping this track on full blast and singing my heart out 💖✨