Avi, Zee - Bitter Heart Lyrics

Sun rays come down
As seen when they hit the ground
Children spinning around
Til' they fall down down down

I wait for you
It's been two hours now
And you're still somewhere in town
Your dinner's getting cold

I rest my case
You are always this late
And you know how much I hate
Waiting around, round, round

Bitter heart, bitter heart
Tries to keep it all inside
Bitter heart, bitter heart
Shadows will help you try to hide
Bitter heart my bitter heart
Is getting just a little fragile
Bitter heart bitter heart of mine

And then you come
And tell me the same reason
As you did yesterday
So tell me what's her name

Du du du du...

Bitter heart, bitter heart
Tries to keep it all inside
Bitter heart, bitter heart
Shadows will help you try to hide
Bitter heart, my bitter heart
Is gettin' just a little fragile
Bitter heart, bitter heart of mine

Of mine
Of mine
Of mine
Of mine
Of mine

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Avi, Zee Bitter Heart Comments
  1. Luis Ernesto Glenn

    Waiting for my sis and niece at a Forever 21 store brought me here....love it!

  2. khir iskandar shah

    im hear this song on retun of superman

  3. K G

    It is such a beautiful song.

  4. NN_RJ 90

    Your song was played as the background music in Boss in the mirror EP16!!! Ohmaigod. Time flies so fast! I'm used to listen this song during my high school :)

  5. Nur idayu

    Watched the latest ep of Return of the superman when this song came out as the bgm and i thought .. "isnt this Zee Avi's song... 😱!!"

  6. FJCD

    Wow what a beautiful voice! Hugs from Mexico!

  7. Matthew Benedict

    Sick trumpet for the trombone solo. I love it

  8. Maira Sarah

    Im watching this on dec 2019❤️


    i love this, so much soul.

  10. Fairuz M.R.

    Boleh tak #gegarvaganza2019 jemput Zee Avi sebagai juri jemputan? Mesti ramai yg belum kenal lg sbb beliau jarang ada peluang utk muncul di kaca tv Malaysia..just a suggestion from a fan :-)

  11. Asraf Acab


  12. rijelyn magpusao


  13. Qyu Ray

    24 decmber 2019 and this song is 10 yrs old

  14. Qyu Ray

    Did she experienced bitter heart?the song was released bfore christmas though xD

  15. Shawn Smallwood

    Never forgot this song...time will try though

  16. shanif lokman

    Skrg zee avi ini kat manaaa us ke

  17. Seth Last Name

    This is so amazing to hear again, my dad used to play this when I was a little kid. It pretty much brings a tear to my eye. 🤗

  18. Bujang Senang

    Ow yeahhhhh

  19. love pet

    Tik tok 😋😋

  20. fayeanna

    This song never gets old. ALL TIME FAVE ~~!!

  21. Lily _SweetPastelVibes.

    I love this song

  22. Muzzammil Yusoff

    2019 🌹

  23. Cotton Ball

    this woman was the music of my childhood lmao, returning in 2019 on a nostalgia outbreak and everlastingly thankful for her existence and amazing music

  24. afiq thaqif

    The return of superman really love this song... It has been featured 3 times already at naeun and gunhoo segment

  25. Suzilawati Kamsun

    I'm here cause the TROS variety show and found these mv.

    Emaz Maung

    Same here🥰

  26. Mell Melll

    Today 25 August 2019 while watching my favorite korea variety show the return superman this song been played as bgm. Bringing back my teenager memories.

    ellysha harman

    Me too😜

    Mell Melll

    @ellysha harman overwhelmed right. Kekekek

  27. Letian

    Seriously, 10 years?

  28. mohamad shah elme mohamad raffe

    I love you

  29. the zofiroh

    Korean programs played this song a lot 💕

  30. Rofaiszlina Jaafar

    This song was played as one of the background music for Korean reality show, The Return of Superman today. CONGRATS!!!

    syafiqah ibrahim

    Me too😂😂


    Which episode?

    Fyda Tan

    Me too! I just realize it just now 😍

    under amour

    @Mia Jamal her other song played on Gossip Girl series..end up here coz I didn't remember which song..😂 still searching


    Not long ago already famous with walmart US commercial using this song..

  31. Diela Yacob

    2019, ANYONE?

    xbard nasrudienx

    Diela Yacob 😘

  32. YEANZ Mukbang

    2019 08 07

  33. eyman tk

    2019 still listening.

  34. Kely Hernandez

    look it video: bitter heart(zee avi) - 백서현 Back seo hyeon

  35. HopeThisIsntSOPARela

    Just heard this song today for the first time while on hold during a call.

  36. Jerome Rungul

    manah sada nyawa zee avi😍

  37. azrai razali

    24 July 2019

  38. Hayabusa Hanabi

    Wow this bring back memories 😁😁

  39. njel' my name

    sooo who is watching in 2019?

  40. neil nayari


  41. Sofea Erni

    I was 10 when I heard this song. Now I'm 20 & still listen and sing this song♡

    raijaku rei

    Ah I was 9. Time flies so fast..

  42. Muza Lee


  43. Abby Tan CatzWolf

    Who is watching 2019 🙌

  44. Alia Adnan

    M E M O R I E S💫 2019❤️❤️❤️

  45. Pixellix

    Your song appeared in The Return of Superman Ep. 289.

  46. ikonforyoursoul

    after years this song is still legendary. today i watched the korean show ‘the return of superman’ and i was amazed that this song was played for a while as the bgm. im proud of u zee avi!

  47. Azrul Anwar

    June 2019🙌

  48. 启强洪

    Hmm such a good song

  49. umi jamu

    So sweet

  50. lien lien

    Amende sial

  51. Muhammad Daffa

    Saya dari indonesia sukaaaaa zee avi

  52. syed hud


  53. My Mimi

    2019 and still counting..

  54. Dark Cloud

    Looks like Bunga Citra Lestari

  55. Maryam O'Brian

    She's beautiful

  56. Muhammad Wildanun

    Kirain nagita slavina

  57. R & L Clark

    I watched your video on what you were thinking like we were talking to his kids and about your music career and I want one just like yours I love singing and dancing is my passion I hope you never quit and I hope I never quit thanks goodbye 👋.

  58. Aurora Queen

    2019 gais!

  59. trinitrojack

    So beautiful I have no other words.

  60. Sabrina

    YAY! 2019 revisited. I like this MV style, its very indie-pop ish feel to it.

  61. Zuran Ridzuan

    Who’s watchin in 2019 😍

  62. Siti Radziyah

    2019 ????

  63. Mumtazatun Nisa'

    Me in 2019

  64. Ismal

    who is watching in 2019 ? pls like

  65. Boon Mel


  66. jasmine roselyn89

    I'm watching this in 2019

    Pendekar Ryukyu

    jasmine roselyn89 yeah !!!

    Pendekar Ryukyu

    X keseorangan

  67. Hastungkara

    Bring me to memory of 2010 that i found this song and play it all day long

  68. A.J

    Ok i just listened to this song this year . This song is catchy and i love it and i didnt lnow zee avi is malaysian ❤

  69. Garab Dorje

    beautiful voice.. and expression

  70. Melati N0rman

    am watching in Feb 2019

  71. efy lois

    World class

  72. Afif Lawas

    FEB 2019👌😍

    ร้าน เอสบี


  73. Huy Trương

    2019 hey hey


    who is watching in 2019


    avinosh was here

  75. Adam Mansor

    who is watching in 2019?


    Salam dari indonesia bray januari 2019

  77. Olin Nawawi

    2019!! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  78. Hirman Kabri

    2019 i.love you zee avi

  79. cosmic latte

    Coming because of Chanyeol Exo and i like this song 👍

  80. Mic key

    I am looking for Zee Avi Decadence of my love from main title track the bridge vui original

  81. Adik Tan

    Dec 2018 👌

  82. blitzkrieg

    Childhooooooood. Oh the good ol' days. First time listen time msih tahun 4. ahhahaha skrg tngah tunggu last paper sains sukan nti 10 dec. cepatnya masa berlalu :')

    Hail The Sarawak Songbird!

  83. sky flowers

    What's the genre of this song??!

  84. sky flowers


  85. haziq affami

    November 2018

  86. Lazy Rabbit

    Jadi inget iklan vitamin di Indonesia.. pake lagu ini.. iklan apa ya lupa..