Avett Brothers, The - Divorce Separation Blues Lyrics

I'm gonna keep on living
Even though I sometimes do
Fantasize about disappearing
Down in the ocean blue
Just to get some peace and quiet
From the warfare inside my heart
Well I've been under ear-splitting fire
Ever since we've been apart
Well I'm gonna wash the dishes
Pay the bills and watch the news
I've got the tough education
No celebration
Divorce separation blues

Yodel eh hee yodelo lodi lay he yodel lay he

Well I'm gonna keep on waking
And rising up before the sun
And lying in the dark wide awake
When everybody else is done
And sleeping in their beds so peaceful
Dreaming with the love they choose
I've got the tough education
No celebration
Divorce separation blues

Yodel eh hee yodelo lodi lay he yodel lay he

And I'll sign on
The line beneath my name
The road is gone
I can't go back the way we came

Well neither one of us
Really wanna hit the town
We try to keep our friends at bay
Try to keep the gossip down
Well some folks just want the dirt
And don't even care if it's true
But then again who cares who's talking
I'm worried for myself and you

And I'll sign on
The line beneath my name
The road is gone
I can't go back the way we came

They say one of every two
Bound to be set aflame
Every level of resentment
Responsibility and blame
Well now I'm bound to break a promise
One I made to God and you

I've got the tough education
No celebration
Divorce separation blues

I've got the tough education
No celebration
Bad communication
Worse interpretation
Love deprivation
Pain allocation
Soul devastation
Cold desolation
Life complication
Divorce separation blues

Yodel eh hee, olay hee, olay hee, olay hee
Yodel eh hee yodelo lodi lay he yodel lay he

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Avett Brothers, The Divorce Separation Blues Comments
  1. dwra tsinari

    Ry Cooder...

  2. nikki leigh

    I needed to hear this... PERFECT TIMING

  3. Wakachickawaka Records

    This song speaks for me

  4. Josh Taylor

    Thanks for writing this song!

  5. Rah Damson

    Something about this song makes me. . . Makes me. . .

    . . .Oh no. . .


  6. therealmustacheorange

    jim croce inspired this song i'm pretty sure of it

  7. Michael Penny

    A little Todd Sniderish here

  8. Manfredi Urso

    do you sell the album in Sicily? i'd kill to have a copy of it

  9. Renato Piereck

    Damn, this song is my life.

  10. Memphis Poston

    What is that song that starts with ba dee ba dum that the avett brothers do?

  11. Kristi Bonus

    Sandy Cheeks should sue.

  12. Minimah Billings

    I'm allergic to the word divorce.😷 Praying in advance. He's going to be stuck with me until Jesus returns.😁😘

  13. Minimah Billings

    That yodel just killed me! Ha ha! That makes me smile indeed.
    I don't mind if they came this way again for a concert. I'd love to see them again. 🎼

  14. James Butko

    Odd that they would choose to cover Sandy's "Texas" song from Spongebob...


    James Butko YESSSSS!!!! I've said this since I first heard it


    Lol thats awesome


    Nah dude. Waaaaaaay different

  15. Janet S

    I saw you guys many years ago when you were starting out at the Albino Skunk festival and I sold your CD's at the artist's tent and you just keep getting better.

  16. Ethan Bayless

    Awesome song!

  17. vicki1233

    So annoyed I only discovered these guys yesterday. Instantly hooked!

    Grewe Bear

    I hope youve discovered all their older albums in these past 2 years

  18. Massimo Scotti


  19. Lauren Crawford

    Ok but doesn't this sound like I wanna go home from spongebob lol

  20. Michael

    I've got those blues too...

  21. CodyAlushin

    Is this super compressed to the point on clipping in typical & terrible Rubin style? Or is it just my speakers?

    Evan Hill

    It's way worse on Magpie

  22. Darcy Tetreault

    As well as Jimmie Rogers clearly a reference to Long Gone Lonesome Blues, Hank Williams Sr influence on it too.

  23. jacob weathers

    How is this the same avetts that recorded that version of Satan Pulls the Strings? What the hell is going on!!?

    kyle raines

    It makes me depressed just to here that song

    Cameron Wood

    they've always been a mix of country, folk, blues, with a little rock and roll listen to some of their older songs and some have crazy riffs on an electric guitar.

    jacob weathers

    +Cameron Wood Yes, they do; but it worked. The album version of pulls the strings is not that. It's borderline edm folky weirdness. It's studio driven. Hearing that song live was amazing. Hearing a great song bastardized into a sound that takes away from their song writing, talent, and voices is saddening. I want artists to grow and find new sounds, but the tone of that recording is pandering bs. They don't need that over production, they're amazing all by themselves.

    Jeremy Black

    They make my heart smile.


    you think they joined the freemasons? OTO? occult? this song threw me off.

    Please Avett brothers, tell me you are not Luciferians!

  24. Dave Reger

    saw them last month, couldn't be more excited for the new album

  25. Francesco Marano

    dig the country vibe. here's a write-up I did about it http://zumic.com/music-videos/237858/divorce-seperation-blues-avett-brothers-youtube-official-audio-stream/

  26. ISAC DC

    wow! justo lo que esperaba. es mi canción favorita desde ahora.

  27. vvasia

    book brought me to this band

    Bia Lanna

    Slammed <3

  28. irenicum

    Oh my goodness, this is so ridiculously brilliant.

    Jack D

    Not just brilliant but "ridiculously" brilliant.

  29. Nikki Ward

    OMG I love it

  30. heather b

    Seth. Yodeling. What's not to love?


    Strong yodel! Hard to do. My grandma used to yodel to me while tuckin me in to bed.

  31. Kelpasaurusrex

    So hyped up for this new album!

  32. Dylan Wells

    Amazing Music! When the world is going crazy the Avett Brothers just calms me down!

  33. Ashley S


  34. Keegan Matheson

    They must have been inspired by Jimmy Rodgers.


    I thought the exact same. Jimmie Rodgers, is that you?!? Peach Pickin Time!

  35. Drennan Evearitt

    Me- Is there anyway I can be more excited for the new album

    Divorce Separation Blues is released

  36. brodank

    Jimmie Rodgers is that you?!?

  37. Maddie Lewis

    Just saw you guys in Atlanta. Thanks for making the world better with your music.

  38. Will

    Super siked!

  39. Mariella Gutierrez

    Love you and your music. -From a 19 year old :)

    João Vitor Garcia

    +Mariella Gutierrez Brazil uuuuuu

    Jack D

    What does your age have to do with it?

    Mariella Gutierrez

    +Jack D It's just that I grew up in an environment when I am judged with liking these types of songs, saying they don't suit my age at all but i know on other places I can meet a lot of ppl on my age who like this.


    Because you're above your peers intellectually & musically!

    Mariella Gutierrez

    +reints74 In a good way, you have a good point. ^^

  40. Nico Wilde

    Fantastic 😊

  41. Matthew Jacob Olivares

    I need this album already


    Target will offer bonus tracks


    +Georgia E the target logo is a satanic circumpunct. fuck freemasonry.