Average White Band - Walk On By Lyrics

If you see me walking
Down the street
And I start to cry
Each time we meet
Walk on by, walk on by
Make believe that
You don't see the tears I
Just let me grieve in private
'Cause each time I see you
I break down and cry

Walk on by
Walk on by
Walk on by

I just can't get over losing you
And so if I seem broken and blue
Walk on by, walk on by
Foolish pride
That's all that I have left
So let me hide the tears and
The sadness you gave me
When you said good-bye

Walk on by
Walk on by
Walk on by

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Average White Band Walk On By Comments
  1. Mike Yorke

    Great band seen them live 3times

  2. J.S. Volgers

    hihi now i hear daryl in it too..:-)

  3. Guy Herman

    Very Cool.:) Thx,AWB.:)

  4. Heinrich Redekop

    Great groove, nice job by all! Love that 70's groove. Also check out Isaac Haye's version of this song.

  5. Liz Jones

    Luv this song from anyone🥰💓💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

  6. Skinnyman

    Whelp, when you hear the phrase "like fine wine"..... there you have it. Bucket list: standing right there behind Elliot, to the left, with a set of Tito Puente Timbales, Congas and an LP cabassa...the big one.

  7. Wadjet

    *he studied Hamish😍*

  8. H AFitz

    I was in college in the early 70s. They out then. I live them and still do. Their music is soulful and solid. Yes, they are one of my favorites. Love of my own was the song.

  9. Gaby López

    Qué lindos tipos....!

  10. Ron Wylie

    Hamish Stuart is impossible to replace but wow this young man has a great voice, he fits in perfectly.


    *...and Hamish is probably his idol😍*

  11. Sharmyn Kelliehan

    I loved the AWB!!! This is music!!!!

  12. Gregory Johnson

    Started getting serious about girls at Pitt pa Civic arena show bout 76 ...so many women their..n I went w couple guys ...wtf ...grrrr lesson learned jack

  13. Carrie Crawford.

    Eliot has been a secret to me for most of my life. I am so glad and feel so privileged to have found his gift of music in middle age. Found treasure to add to my play list. Thank you! #eliotlewis

  14. Carrie Crawford.

    I Love love love Eliot;s voice. especially when he goes high!. #obsessed

  15. S Haney

    Way above AWB...

  16. tom rawley

    pretty good, but nothing comes to close to Hamish Stuart , sorry

  17. Will MacLeod

    Bloody awfull, .............

  18. Vic Biggar

    feel now thret x elliot lewis ace vocals x

  19. d hart

    Dude sounds black. Great vocals !!!

  20. Patricia Mejia

    They are one great band that I will always remember

  21. Suzanne fka Mimi

    Hamish was the bomb when it came pulling off some awesome falsetto. you could not tell he was a white boy. the were awesome111

  22. alex brown

    im sure hes in darylls band i think

  23. Grace Sawyer

    Eliot Lewis has an incredible voice


    Hamish. Hidden too long from America.

  25. dave11222

    Eliot Lewis plays keyboard and sings at Daryl's House.

  26. Marty Emmons

    These guys are STILL awesome! I wish they would come to San Francisco, I'd go to see 'em.

  27. Jean Francis


  28. Alan Eisenberg

    This band keeps getting better and better as time goes by. Just fantastic version of this old classic.

  29. Lou S

    Saw these guys I think in 1976 at the Akron Civic Theater, a smallish venue of maybe 3K seating.
    We were on the mezzanine level about half way between stage and entrance and there were people dancing EVERYWHERE in the aisles. What a concert. Never been to one that was better for the AUDIENCE energy they evoked. Fantastic group.

  30. Richard Leonard

    Just Average , lol

  31. Ernest Butler

    A Real Dionne Warwick Classic.But it sounds more like the US song was for and by AWB.IF YOU SEE ME WALKING DOWN THE STREET AND I START TO CRY EACH TIME WE MEET WALK ON BY😎

  32. Elizabeth Dunn

    Eliot Lewis...did not know you could sing like that. Just wow!

  33. Melba Johnson

    OH YEAH!!! AWB showed me that my blue eyed soul flat had it going on in the early 70's in the Mile High City of Colorado!!!

  34. david gamboa

    People were shocked that they were white goes to show u soul comes from the heart not the color of ur skin

  35. Sandra Nelson


  36. Sandra Nelson

    THIS IS COLD WE IN SCHOO!!!🙌🎶🎶🎶🌹😊💕💯

  37. zdrumdude

    Daryl should feature him more. He’s always just high harmonies at his house.he needs to be featured more. Wow, what a voice

  38. Bill Mcbride

    Best version ever...period!

  39. Dianne Lo

    Oooooh YEAH

  40. Tina Alderson

    Damn they sound good SMH

  41. HC H

    Played the original album (Graphics were white background and outline of woman's back and derriere. Sexy but not salacious) 3 or 4 times a week in the 70s. Great, great party music in addition to listening. Didn't know members were Scottish or that so many other talented artists covered them. Long live we Celts!

  42. Michael Walsh

    This song always moves my heart!!

  43. Calum Maxwell

    45 years and still going strong. Dundee Horns / Glasgow Guitars. I've seen the AWB more times than I can remember (last time Nov 2017 in London) and they are still the best by far soul / funk band of all time.

  44. Stewart Mathers

    Seen them glasgow concert hall November 2017 still amazing can't wait till the next time

  45. Bruce Cerrato

    Great band

  46. Kiwanis Hinton

    AWB is the truth, the 70s was the height of music creativity talent

  47. Nancy Carol Hickman

    Always one of my most favorite bands. Such extremely talented musicians/singers. I'm a 60's faithful lover of good music!

  48. Steve Birks

    Absolutely Fabulous Loved AWB since late 70s - Still sound great today great seeing Eliot Lewis too !

  49. Vic Biggar

    Eliot Lewis was as good as hamish stuart ,, but wat happened to him he wasent with the white band long ??

  50. A jedi Skywalker

    ♡ I love this music ! ♥

  51. brian dineen

    ooooooooohhhh whuuuuu yea J Boog gotta do a ne w version after nehru way after

  52. Rebel Chatbout

    hits my soul

  53. Gerald Johnson

    Average White Band. 'Nuff said. They killed this! Thanks for the upload, Odack Costa. Blessings

  54. bigman9099

    Eliot is that dude. So, so talented.

  55. Rocky Martin

    isn't he Daryl Hall's keyboard guy?

  56. McQuester Hooks

    One of my MOST favorite cuts by "AWB"! Tight!  Thank you for our era. We did set the pace.

  57. Rayne F.

    I have one COMPLAINT......this song AIN'T LONG ENOUGH!!!!!! especially the chorus. I loooovvvvvveeeee his voice. He makes getting dismissed sound like a good thing.

  58. Frank Marino

    Most excellent from a long time HUGE fan.

  59. Gerald Johnson

    Average White Band. 'Nuff said. Thanks for the upload, odack costa santos. Blessings

  60. Stewart Nicol as BILLY CONNOLLY

    Gimme an F.....Gimme a U.....Gimme a C........F U C me walking down the street! 😀

  61. Grace Sawyer

    i love singing with Eliot,,, he really knows how to rock!


    first time I saw this! I was like holy [email protected] I love it..

  62. Michele Jenkins

    the best version of this song.great vocals can't stop listening to it.x

    Wendy Matthews

    Michele Jenkins me too then repeat 4 times already Wendy matthews love me Elliot!!

  63. Mar Mar

    If I could only see them once live....The best funkband ever!!!

    LIsa McNeil

    +Mar Mar They have a website with their schedule. Fantastic live!!!

    Mar Mar

    +LIsa McNeil thank you, so kind of you! I live in The Hague, The Netherlands so really hope they'll visit us one day....Greetings Mar.

    Wendy Matthews

    Mar Mar yes i love it sounds so good tonight Wendy matthews

  64. John Wylie

    One of my favourite bands of all time and definitely not 'average' posted by an aging MOD

  65. luz gonzales

    good!!!! es una de mis bandas favoritas.

  66. Mar Mar

    Funkyyyyy AWB

  67. Gavin MacNeish

    The young guy singing is terrific, but he doesn't have the grit of Hamish Stuart. Would love to see a reunion of the original band, even if they just want to play my living room.. Open to offers. It's a Midden by the way.


    Don't recognise any of those above though. Might be one step away from being a tribute band....

    Gavin MacNeish

    I think Alan Gorrie is the only original member left, although some of the others are still active in music.

    Gavin MacNeish

    What pisses me off is that I had numerous opportunities to see them and just thought well maybe next time and now it's too late. If they come back to Edinburgh I won't miss it. Still a massive influence on young Scottish bands. There is one in Edinburgh now, who's name eludes me, and the influence is tangible.

    ce hayes

    Gavin MacNeish Onnie McIntyre still plays along with Alan Gorrie, Roger Ball who did all their arrangements no longer performs anymore & lives in Connecticut, Hamish Stuart, Steve Ferrone, & Malcolm (Molly) Duncan perform together in a group called 360 & recently released a album !!!

    gene beckum

    He doesn't have the vocal range or vibrato that Hamish Stuart had back then. Matter of fact, it was Hamish Stuart's sound that "made" AWB appealing back through out the '70's. His falsetto was actually nearly unmatched. Listen to their hits back then and the notes he hits, rivals any of the top falsetto's of the era as well. Check it out, then listen to this video again...Lol.

  68. Melissa Wilson

    Eliot you can sing dude!

    Wendy Matthews

    Melissa Wilson yesssss and so sexy Wendy matthews

  69. Melissa Wilson

    Great song and I remember it as I waked on the beach!

  70. Rose Lorenti

    lovin' this version as I sashay and sway around the kitchen.... yes indeed....

  71. Melissa Wilson

    Eliot Lewis is great!!!   Total Hall & Oates fan and discovered him through that band.


    Dude...me too. I watched all the LFDHs and he was great harmonies and stuff but Daryl should have showcased him more. But really...as I think , he’s got AWB money.....lol he doesn’t care

  72. Melissa Wilson

    Great clip!


    Elliot is perfect for this band. An excellent replacement for Hamish Stuart. No one can truly replace Allan Gorrie, though. His timbre is rare and unmistakable.

  74. mightymouse151

    Please come back to Nashville, Tn...Saw you twice a few years ago at 3rd and Lindsley.

  75. Stewart Nicol as BILLY CONNOLLY

    You may not believe this but this band - The Average White Band were Scottish! From Glasgow, Dundee etc.

    joni baloney

    @Stewart Nicol as BILLY CONNOLLY Most people do not know this!

    Gavin MacNeish

    +Stewart Nicol as BILLY CONNOLLY  Not to mention Perth, Broughty Ferry and Montrose.

    tom rawley


  76. Hudson1910

    I totally LOVE this version of one of my favorite tunes from the 60's originally sung by Dionne Warwick.  Elliot's voice is just superb!!!

  77. Teresa Miller

    AWB Rock the 70s.....

  78. angela135899

    Who's the lead singer?  He's not the original member of the band.........

  79. Wayne Fischer

    I like it!

  80. Tower of Power

    WALK ON BY pieseň skupiny AVERAGE WHITE BAND z konceru v House Of Blue, ktorá bola v rebríčku Billboardu ako siedma skladba skupiny tri týždne od 14. apríla 1979 a skončila na 92.m. V UK rebríčku bola päť týždňov od 28. apríla 1979 a skončila na 45.m.Najlepšie sa umiestnila v R and B rebríčku v ktorom bola 13 týždňov od 31. marca 1979 a skončila na 32.m. a bola desiatou piesňou v TOP 10 tohto rebríčka. Autormi piesne boli Burt Bacharach 1928 hudba a Hal David (1921-2012) text a obrovským hitom sa stala v podaní speváčky Dionne Warwick nar. 12. decembra 1940 v East Orange. V roku 1964 obsadila 6.m. v rebríčku Billboardu a od 20. júna 1964 bola tri týždne na vrchole R and B rebríčka a v roku 1998 bola uvedená na Grammy do siene slávy a v rebríčku časopisu Rolling Stone 500 najlepších piesni skončila na 70.m. Skupina AWB nahrala svoju cover verziu v ľahko zafarbenom štýle disco postavenú na kombinácii reggae a funku. Pieseň pochádzala z albumu FEEL NO FRET, ktorý skupina nahrala v Compass Point studios v Nassau na Bahamách vo vlastnej produkcii spoločne s nahrávacím technikom Gene Paulom. V dvoch skladbách Stop The Rain a Fire Burning hrali Mike Brecker (1949-1996) tenor saxofon, Lew Delgatto byryton saxofon a Randy Brecker trubka.V USA bol v rebríčku Billboardu 15 týždňov od 7. apríla 1979 a skončil na 32.m. Prvý krát sa stalo, že v UK dosiahol lepšie umiestnenie ich album ako v USA.V rebríčku bol 15 týždňov od 10. marca 1979 a už päť dní po vstupe skončil na 15.m. a od BPI získal striebornú platňu a stal sa najpredávanejším albumom AWB vo Veľkej Británii. Druhou úspešnou piesňou bola When Will You Be Mine, ktorej autormi bola celá skupina a v ktorej Hamish hral basgitaru. Táto pieseň uspela len v UK, kde bola v rebríčku päť týždňov od 25. augusta 1979 a 1. septembra 1979 skončila na 49.m., kým na vrchole bola pieseň We Don´t Talk Any More od Cliffa Richarda.Skupinu v čase interpretácie piesne na videu tvorili okrem Gorrieho a McIntyra noví hudobníci Elliot Lewis nar. 10. marca 1962 v Norwalku spev, klavesy, basgitara, ktorý v nej pôsobil od roku 1988 do 2002 a bol autorom hitu Spirit Of Love, ktorý v roku 1988 skončil na 47.m. R and B rebríčka ako ich 14. pieseň.Ďalšími členmi boli Freddy V. vl.m. Alfred Vigdor saxofon a Adam David Deitch bicie. 

  81. Catherine Rew

    AWB was out in 70s when I was in my early 20s. Does anyone here remember or know their music? love this but A love of my own is my fav..


    Put it Where You Want It was the first AWB vinyl that I bought.  Still love it to this day.  One of my faves from that album is still This World Has Music

    Bobby Detore

    Yes Catherine loved AWB. Played so many of their tunes in the 70z w the band I was in.

    Ron Wylie

    Of course we do Catherine, I would guess that is why most of us are here. I loved this band from my first hearing of Pick up the Pieces and it just got better and better


    I'm sure you can find that song here on utube. FWIW it was written by Ned Doheney and a search here brings up both versions as well as others...

  82. ted sheehan

    his voice gets any highier,he b a canary....

  83. ted sheehan

    Elliot is terrible,how he made awb is mind blowing...he sucks,,,

  84. Laurel Faletra

    Live from Daryl's House Elliot Lewis..BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!!

  85. passion4posh

    Damn, he's sexy as hayle for his age and with that voice he could get in 2014.!!!!! you can hear Darryl Halls influence (he fine too)

  86. steve johnston


  87. Pat Hesselgrave

    I see Alan....but is that Elliot singing lead?   Terrific!!!!

  88. BlendedMalt

    SOUL, does come in all FLAVORS

  89. William Shilling


  90. dosanchoas

    ...thought I recognized him from "live from Daryll's house"! (thanks to posters in comments for providing name.)
    Elliot's ONE TALENTED DUDE  -really shining in THIS outfit!!

  91. Tarot-Journeys


  92. spainishgirl

    Sing it Ellliot!!

  93. Shirley Tulas

    Great voice and love the jazzy blueseyness they hit it look at his age his voice is magnificent

  94. M Jordan

    I really like AWB and particulary Elliot from Live From Daryl's House.
    But didn't really like this arrangement. Okay to depart from Warwick and Isaac Hayes versions but FOR ME, falsetto and pace just don't do it.
    BUT - not gonna be an ahole and give it a thumbs down. 

  95. Sabine Overmars


  96. Jerry Johnson

    Very nice 'cover' of a classic. Jazzy 

  97. leegenix

    As much as I love AWB, some songs should just not be tampered with. Dionne Warwick's version is best. Where is that beautiful piano with those major 7th chords between verses and the lovely soft horn parts?
    AWB over funkyfied it although it is not a bad cover of it. At least they gave reference to Miss Warwick.

    Balzac T Bagher

    Nah. The best version of this song belongs to Isaac Hayes.


    @Richard Mongler lol you right...

  98. Dottie Ragins

    I give u 5  stars no doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Jay Geisler

    Eliot Lewis, is one of the best all around singers and players doing this type of music. On this song he even played bass, and may I add, some really great falsetto singing.


    eliot lewis is a BEAST (singin' flawless falsetto like THAT!!)

    Grace Sawyer

    I truly love singing with him, he is amazing!

    John Beard

    Wow. He has a great voice.

    Debra Pratt

    And he’s not bad to look at! I love the way he move his head when he sing! Be still my heart!!!


    Grace Sawyer I love YouTube, was just browsing and ran across this. When I saw the original lead singer wasn't there I started to say oh well...then Elliot hit one note. One of the most flawless, soulful voices I've ever heard and I'm 29 calenders shy of a Benjamin. Combination of the Stylistics, Ambrosia, Righteous Brothers all wrapped up into one with absolutely no effort. GOD BLESSED him with some extra stuff. Does he play the tuba too, dang. Scrolled down further and pulled up Daryl's House and BAMN, now I see why Daryl's background vocals on the show always sound so rich. If you run into him or any members of the group please tell em THANKS. This was truly a magical set.

  100. Melba Johnson

    susan john I fell you on that teeth sitch,but dayummm he so fine!!!!