Average White Band - Sunny Days Lyrics

I wrote a song to sing you
But I couldn't find the right words
When I tried to call you
There was no reply
So I had to keep on hoping
We might meet again somewhere (where)

In this world as you drift into my sweet mind
I wonder as the daylight fades
And the nights grow colder without you
Will I find your kind of love again
Until then

Funny thing love can bring
Sunny days make me think...

You have a way about you
That is difficult to replace
Reaching out to find you
If you hear this song
You will understand what I'm saying
Could it be just like it was before
Once again

Funny thing love can bring
Sunny days make me think of you

Could it be just like it was before?
Once again baby

Funny thing love can bring
Sunny days make me think of you
Every little thing you do

Funny thing love can bring
Sunny days make me think of you
Ooh every little thing you do girl yeah

Funny thing love can bring
Sunny days make me think of you
Ooh my baby

Funny thing love can bring
Sunny days make me think...

Makes me think of you...

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Average White Band Sunny Days Comments
  1. Kevin Collins

    Whole Album sounds like this great!!!!! No one bad song on that album!!!!! AWB BABY!

  2. Soila Cantu


  3. RenaissanceKing

    My favorite song from AWB....


    same here

  4. Stephen Gomes

    Awesome, Goes to show you soul come in all colors!

  5. Jon Tillyard

    Still no one to touch them...........saw them so many times I've lost count, 3 times with KOKOMO........Amazing times.

  6. weyne savane

    Been listening to this song for over 30 years. That guitar solo still gets me every time--so simple, but yet, so soulful.

  7. harpye312

    mehr soul geht nicht..

  8. harpye312

    einfach geil

  9. The First Pharoah TV outreach program


  10. harpye312

    Who loves soulmusic today?????😕

    Kathy Hagan

    I DO >>I DO>>>>I DO

  11. Ricardo King

    Another great great song!!! Very under appreciated beautiful song... Bring Hamish back to the band please!!!

    Stephen Gomes

    I been saying Bring Hamish back years ago!

    Gus Martins

    You think he still sounds this good? He’s almost 70!

    Jon Tillyard

    @Gus Martins No he doesn't Gus, I've seen him a few times past few years, all that falsetto singing has taken it's toll. but, whatever " IT " is, he's still got.

  12. Sheila Rhodes

    This is one of those songs that I can listen to over and over without ever getting tired of hearing it.

  13. Jay Morgam

    awesome Band 40 years later. gonna see them live in Las Vegas. I love you guys. bring back a lot of memories.👍

  14. Tor Kamau

    Great Band, Great Songs, Great Time in American music!


    They're Scottish.


    i was just going to say that and opened your comment!

    Dani & Juan Medrano

    The best

    Dr. Juan Medrano

    The best time in American music!

  15. Sheila Rhodes

    My favorite song on this album.


    same here

  16. bigman9099

    Love this track...AWB for life. I took this album with me to Germany from AIT at Ft Ben Harrison in Naptown. What memories.

  17. jack brink

    love this band. Reminds me of good times and girls. This music makes me think of sunny days years ago. back then wen they made real music

    Roy Greene

    jack brink True! Music today is TRASH!!

  18. Craig Oliver

    💘 it

  19. MrTeatreeoil

    beautiful song should've been a big hit

  20. Devika Follosco

    I love these guys -- beautiful voices and great band -- so much feeling in their music.  Definitely way beyond average!!!

  21. Kevin Michael

    special someone u know who u r

  22. Eric M Washington

    Underrated cut on this magnificent album.


    +Eric M Washington Underrated, overlooked. Congrats if you made it here.

    Eric M Washington

    I own the album

    Dr. Juan Medrano

    Absolutely Mr. Washington. So much great music from this band.

  23. Den M

    Found it great back then and loved each time  I happen to hear it since.

  24. Maxine Dorsey

    Really nice, first time hearing, thanks!

  25. IzzyWife

    OH yes...... 146th & St. Clair Collinwood-Cle OH, the Colemans, the Williams,the Robinsons, the Harbins,.....Summertime hanging out on the porch..........hiding the rum and cola in the water bottles that came with the bike...Thanks L78lancer for this.memory!.

  26. Groonblatt

    Classic. Evocative of the long hot summer of 76. Romance flooding back.

    Dr. Juan Medrano

    I was only 3, but this is a badass song.