Average White Band - Soul Searching Lyrics

Sometimes I'm lazy or maybe just holding back
Anyway it's hard to know the difference
Sometimes I get crazy
But if I do it doesn't matter, no no
What I'm doing is
Soul searching
Digging a little bit deeper everyday, everyday
Soul searching
Looking inside trying to find the way
That it all adds up to what I'm trying to say no no, yeah
It's nothing game about tired hope you get inspired
Got to find your imagination oh
All it needs is one spark to kindle fire within your body
So you see me really
Soul searching
Digging a little bit deeper everyday, everyday
Soul searching
Looking inside trying to find the way that it all adds up to what we have to say
And it ain't no harm in trying anyway, anyway
Sometimes we make music
Sometimes we make love

Still we keep on trying
Soul searching
Digging a little bit deeper everyday baby, everyday
Soul searching
Looking inside trying to find the way baby
Soul searching
Digging a little bit deeper everyday, everyday
That it all adds up to what we're trying to say
It's no use no use crying to yourself girl
No and it ain't no harm in trying anyway
What we're doing is soul searching searching searching

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Average White Band Soul Searching Comments

    I love the album cover!!!!!

  2. NastyMaggots910

    just picked up this vinyl from the used record store.....
    good stuff

  3. Troy Staton

    Rest Well,. Malcolm " Molly" Duncan 🙏 🎷🎷🎷 August 24/ 1945 October 8 / 2019. From Blewfoot.....

  4. Troy Staton

    The Cut! From Blewfoot.....

  5. Angela Gilbert

    Hear that roll of the tongue, they did it before Bruno Mars was even alive.

  6. Jackie Maree Reekie

    Fab..... 🥂

  7. bingochoice

    genius, pure genius

  8. Crooksy Collins

    Someone needs to comment here in 2019! Still soul searching!!! I love you all, and also being an average white band is obviously not raaayyyycist! Gtfo with that nonsense! Peace and FUCKING love !

  9. Robert Lowe

    Still one of my favourite number.. Great sound.

  10. CEHillery

    Robbie was killing the drums ......

    Darhyl Lacy

    Thats Steve Ferrone on the drums

  11. Life 4 Learning

    One of the songs of my life from one of the best bands to ever do it. Still "Soul Searching "...the marathon continues...

  12. Trust The Shooters

    Wrek sent me,

  13. Robert Goodman

    Still Soul Searching....2019...

  14. terry tyler

    17 are soul searching

  15. Samara Molix-Marshall

    I had never heard this song before. I love it!

  16. THEE SILVAS FAM 21 Silvas

    wooooohh this jam is top notch..takes me back as a kid in the late 70's

  17. Thomas Noday

    Great chorus and great vocals by Alan Gorrie. Awesome bridge and guitar solo.

  18. Stella Simmons

    Love it .Love the outro version even more.

  19. James Graham

    This is Steve Ferrone. Robbie was on the white album. He died of an overdose. Steve came aboard on Cut the Cake.

    Darhyl Lacy

    They were personal friends

  20. Seth Tanner

    Stay Strong! Great song. Thanks for uploading. Check out my "Positive Music Vibes Radio" channel. Subscribe, shuffle, and enjoy! The message is in the music.

  21. Tommy Johnson

    Excellent AWB CD

  22. Samuel Hunt

    That's what's up y'all. !!!!


    j'adore grave.

  24. Virginia Grandy

    They definitely deserve an unsung episode

  25. Anthony S

    I remembered back in the middle 70s when I first heard this group on the radio I thought they were black. This legendary Band is from Scotland, and they know how to Jammm.

    Darhyl Lacy

    Most people thought they were..the pop lockers loved them

    jim hutchison

    @Darhyl Lacy lolo as an average white man from dundee scotland the spiritual home of the AWB i knew they were white and i laugh my head off at the fact that many cool brothers had difficulty getting their heads around that fact , i think it pissed james brown off no end , they knew who they were/are and there love of american jazz funk and soul should make everyone smile ,theirs is the ultimate compliment to a wonderful style of music ,embraced to the max by average white scottish guys

    Darhyl Lacy

    @jim hutchison it never surprised me that they were not Americans. Your side of the globe has always embraced and respected Black oriented music to a higher degree than Many Americans have.

  26. T Phillip Gee

    Pure.. deep...sounder R&B funk soul...This is a serious, crisp groove! Thank you AWB for this special album. When this album came out, it took the world by surprise and took us all on a much deeper appreciation of REAL music and musical instruments!

  27. Poetry Man Douglas JSW

    See these guys did their homework... It didn't matter about colours it was the funk that ppl wanted.

    jim hutchison

    as someone who comes from scotland ,dundee in fact ,why do you guys keep going on about colour , its not about colour its the music that matters

    Jackie Ade


  28. Mac Man

    takes me back

  29. Jerry Haynes

    :Love AWB . This is the talent many bands today lack. No computer generated sound here. Thank you Canada!


    These guys were Scottish (in case you didn't know!)

    jim hutchison

    canada ! WTF , nothing against canada , this music is made in scotland, , GLAD YOU LIKE IT AND YES THERE IS A LOT OF SCOTTSH ROOTS IN CANADA ,SO I FORGIVE YOU XXX

  30. velvet garcia

    A.W.B. is tight. This is what u call music

  31. Jerome Hawkins

    Just plain funky y'all, nuff said!

  32. Virginia Grandy

    Another hit by AWB💖💖

  33. KeeLaaGo

    if u luv hiphop bus dem shots

  34. btinsley1

    i remember being 16 years old when this dropped in about 1976.  after school, i went to newberry's dept store after getting off 9 smithfield transit & bought this album for $5.75.  still got the album...not too worse for wear, you know...beer bottle rings on the cover, scratches, a few leftover seeds, frayed ends...you know...can remember all that ish but dont know where in the flip i last put my car keys....like album cover, like owner... 

    yo'  uncle tinsley 

    Mike Evans

    been there, too, my man


    btinsley1 I first heard this on 8- track

    Mike Mcgrath

    btinsley1 how. Cool. Boss

    Mike Mcgrath

    MrTeatreeoil now. That's. Old. School

  35. roger virdi

    So many memories on this gem...thanks...respect

  36. jazz4asahel

    Rest in peace, Robbie McIntosh, drums.

    Jaguar SLM

    jazz4asahel rip Mr McIntosh!

    charlton myers

    robbie mcintosh died i nn 1974

    jim hutchison

    better late than never

  37. pamela day

    still one of the best!

  38. samuel williams

    3:02-3:18 is the best part

  39. Todd Maek

    Rick Ross isn't the only one who's producers used this sample. It was First sampled by young chris' producers on the song named searching featuring wale. Check it out. The song is dope and the beat is actually way harder than the one rick Ross used. Look for young Chris feat wale searching. SUPER DOPE LYRICS AND THE BEAT IS CRAZY. in all honesty, I think who ever did Ross beat was directly influenced by the young Chris beat, more than just the sample alone

    Jaguar SLM

    Todd Maek agreed but Ross version isn't shabby either but young Chris has the better version.

  40. jim hutchison

    loved it when it first came out ,still love it , it stands my test of time , superb

  41. Daryl Dawsonia

    There are still people who are trying to play this song on the drums he was the one and only ,

  42. JaeAmaze90

    3:06 Rich is Gangsta nigga

    samuel williams



    @JaeAmaze90 And 3:02

  43. Dominic Singleton

    Omg....rick ross sampled this for rich is gangsta. Great sample and even better tune!

    Henry Luis



    Did Rick Ross pay AWB for sampling there music?

  44. sweetlouie mercado

    WOW I was a 16 yr old living da sex,drugs and rock n roll life, how we survived I don't no, thanx 4 pos L78lancer, lots of memories

  45. GarbageMan 'NuTinBuTpiCkUp'

    . . 1LL . .

  46. Feelin Nice

    AWB rocks! I remember being in college and the guy in the dorm room next to mine was playing "A Love of Your Own". I didn't believe they were white guy. Picked up their greatest hits album a few weeks later and have been a fan ever since. Good music is like fine wine: It gets better as time passes.

  47. ThomasFromTN

    The best AWB album, by far, was "Soul Searching."

  48. Willie Parnell

    Wow! All thumbs up and NO thumbs down.
    Absolutely no one can can not like this jam and the Average White Band. One of my favorite ALL time bands...when music was had MEANING. Who else agrees with this old time young DAWG?:)

  49. dan williams

    Thanks for posting! As a child of the 70's I really enjoy finding these old tracks on YouTube. This was when we had actual music, where people sang and played instruments. I'm so glad I grew up in this era.

  50. Alvin Lewis

    looking inside trying to find a way! always!!

  51. RAMLIA1


  52. kyle glenn

    Me too!

  53. Pam Madera


  54. teseals

    Thanx for the pos. This was and STILL is my favorite song by AWB!!! Thanx again!!!

  55. Groonblatt

    Love the brass arrangements. Clean. Ferrone has feel to die for.

  56. Norma Gray McDonald

    I completely agree...I've been waiting for this song as well....yessssssssssss! Thx bigtime!!!

  57. Evolveingfaith

    used to sit and jam off this when it first came out!somewhere along the way Ilost the album of course but still remembered the words thaxs!

  58. Troy Kirk

    Who says that White Boys can't Funk it out???

  59. ccfunk1

    do yourself a favor and check this jam out!!! it says it all!!!

  60. 211bill

    Finally !!! Thanks 4 posting.