Average White Band - Reach Out Lyrics

Reach on out and touch me
Give me thrills like I never had
Reach on out and touch me
You got something that is driving me mad

My head is reeling
Nobody ever had me feeling this way

Reach on out and touch me
Well I'm having a bad time waiting for your love
Reach on out and touch me
Keep it moving till I tell ya I've had enough

So come on keep it rising
The feeling is surprising to know (oh.. yeah)

You can take it all
Take it any way you like (oh.. yeah)

I said you can take it all
When you give it back sure gonna do it right (yeah yeah)

(That's what I'm talking about...)

Reach on out and touch me baby
This is what I wanted to know (yeah)
Reach out over here and thrill me with your love
Cause I ain't never had it this way before

Now you can feel it coming on
Just shake it one more time and I'll be gone

Reach out touch me
You better reach out (out, oh baby touch me)

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Average White Band Reach Out Comments
  1. whiderboss

    Drunk as hell but no throwin' up

  2. Troy Staton

    Rest Well,. Malcolm (Molly( Duncan 🎷 🙏. 8/24/45. 10/8/19. From Blewfoot.....

  3. u107261

    Musician Malcolm “Molly” Duncan, one of the founding members of Dundee’s famous Average White Band, has died at the age of 74.

    T Ritz

    Did not know that, Rest in peace Malcolm Duncan!

  4. Funkyard Records

    .....that nappy dug out

  5. Funkentelechy Razzamatazz

    This song has a heavy Booker T and the MGs feel! Love it

    Sean A

    Booker T & The MG's..."Hip Hug Her"

  6. Daybo Franklin

    0:08-0:10 repeat and make your own beat

  7. Troy Staton

    The Cut! From Blewfoot....

  8. Detrimental 313

    4 black brothers in the mothership

  9. B.H.B. TV


  10. B. Rod Clark

    'Steady Mobbin' ' (0:08-0:10) by Ice Cube ('91) and 'House Niggas' by Boogie Down Productions ('90)

  11. Sitakco

    se caen

  12. djquest562

    prince paul brought me here

  13. turtlehead2

    Very Beginning.....Lemme see lemme see/how can I start/if I say stop the violence I won't chart.... KRS ONE House Niggas

  14. turtlehead2

    Give me the nappy and make me happy

  15. Andrew H

    There goes the neighbourhood!

  16. Aaron J. Brooks

    There's goes the neighborhood

  17. B. Rod Clark

    Jumped back in my lowrider/comin' out feelinabout 10lbs lighter!

  18. King Aries

    ice cube had more amps...so she got in

  19. J Bone

    went to mom's house and dropped a load in the bathroom

  20. Cristian Alonso

    doble v

    Cristian Alonso R DE RUMBA!!!

    Margot X

    Jajaja great

  21. mattyhodg1


  22. Steven H

    steady mobbin

  23. Ron Davis

    saw sir jinx bailing
    ..when i hit a left i move felling in whad up loc...

    Funkentelechy Razzamatazz

    Ron Davis don’t you know that niggaz get smoked, that take they life for a joke, get in nigga

  24. Henry Krinkles

    I know this from Steady Mobbin...Sounds a bit like Strange Brew by Cream, though

  25. B. Rod Clark

    Mmmm hmmm...now that's what I call soulful rockin' funky blues baby!

  26. Andrae Coleman

    Since one time so hot
    I got me a stash box
    In my hooptie for the glock

  27. ThyLiquor

    wow. I've just discovered this. That's the sound of Scotland in 1973. Unreal funky sound. This was Huge talent from a place where I'd think it would be Very unlikely to have developed. Thank you, T Ritz for this gem.


    Yeah dude, the British invasion got the British Isles into the blues, soul. The AWB did recruit some brothers in the set up which is cool. Multi-racial rules!

  28. Andy McNeill

    Steady Mobbin' - Ice Cube yayay!!!!!!

  29. Kendo Beatz

    steady mobbin

  30. Roudy Nzuzi

    Steady Mobbin' By Ice cube

    Steady Mobbin'

    hell yeah

  31. khaoe smith

    But Ice Cube got more amps get in bitch

  32. TheRunner75

    I especially like the bass line... Good track.

  33. A. R. TV

    This where Ice Cube got Steady Mobbin from.... Nice!

  34. UNDFTDGordon

    These boys were FONKY!

  35. Michael Brown

    And I might start slingin' bean pies....

    mike 6270

    @Michael Brown i am present to attain capital..because life is nothing more than assets and disregard a harlot

    Tom Waite

    @Michael ringo
    They descend like numbered placards, and in case you were unaware Ice Cube is endowed with the Melpomenean muse, hoes.

    Michael Brown

    @Tom Waite  Immediately following coitus, I purge the seed from my genitalia and don the footwear whose namesake is a basketball center who played at Georgetown University and for the New York Knicks, Patrick Ewing. I exit hastily, as it is apparent that I have discarded a prophylactic on the domicile's grounds. I embark on my journey with alacrity, as though I were the famous race car driver Mario Andretti, and my course of action is due in part, my good woman, to my regular desire to gather with my cohorts and crowd together excitably.

    mike 6270

    @Michael Brown lets start a group. I'll handle the money.

    mike 6270

    @Michael Brown shooting my registered firearm in the proper situation because i would rather a judgement of my peers than to be jettisoned to a hearse by pallbearers. my confidence is positive, therefore i have no need for my pacific telesis device and happily signed a formal agreement for one year through skypager inc. i informed my cohorts to refrain from drinking old english malt liquor because saint ides is a much more intoxicating blend...wretched individuals become inebriated and commence to have a pseudo boxing match in my cul de sac...anger mainfests and testosterone rises for there are harlots in attendance and giving their undivided attention...just for tightly wound hair..however questionable maidens contort into pleased followers. i make it my duty to speak harshly to the harlots because my trust in their ways has dwindled to nothing. if you tell anyone i will physically restrain then strike betty for she should have kept in her mental rolodex i positively move forward

  36. metalfacedoom71

    ...there's goes the neighbourhood....

    Chris Nova777

    yea i keep hearing ice cube ;) kinda hard to hear this without hearing that if u grew up and had that cd "death certificate"

  37. CrazyRaider77

    Sampled by Ice Cube - "Steady Mobbin"(1991) and Yo-Yo - "Put A Lid On it"(1991)

  38. Fofow H.H

    R de Rumba, ¿Eres tu, el científico del ruido? ¿Sí? ¿Eres tú al que llaman hijo secreto del Funk?


    KASE O INTRO 1997

  40. Rick Harding

    you said steady slobbin...like a slob...like a blood

  41. Rick Harding

    why u say slobbin??? what r u, carrrrrip?

  42. tweezey

    So funkyy!!

  43. c2daj2dat

    and prince paul on steady slobbin