Average White Band - Put It Where You Want It Lyrics

Put it where you want it
That won't take much time
We can make the best of it and I could make you mine
Put it where you want it
Bring your love over here (bring it here)
One thing that I'm sure of, honey, mine won't disappear

Put it where you want it
Lay it on the line, (lay it down) you can share your love around
And I can share my time (can't share with nobody)
Put it where you want it, well that ain't hard to do
One man has to win your love, one of us has got to lose

I've been searching the whole wide world
But love like yours is so hard to find
Put it where you want it
Put it where you want it
Put it where you want it
Put it where you want it, I just want you to know

Put it where you want it
That won't take much time
We can make the best of it and I could make you mine
Put it where you want it
Bring your love over here (bring it to me, bring it to me)
One thing that I'm sure of honey, mine won't disappear

I guess there must be a thousand guys who want you
But I'm the one who wants you the most
Put it where you want it...

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Average White Band Put It Where You Want It Comments
  1. Sebastian Baca

    Nothing "average" about this band peoples!

  2. Myron E Jones

    This is the first AWB song I bought!

  3. u107261

    Musician Malcolm “Molly” Duncan, one of the founding members of Dundee’s famous Average White Band, has died at the age of 74.


    What??? So much for an original average white band reunion

  4. rob wilson

    Oh my. I am typing to the beat. Loved these guys from the first time I heard them. Saw AWB in Exeter England around 2005. Great show

  5. Footstompin' Leroy Scott

    Seriously Funky.
    Finest version you'll get of this great tune.

    Tom Stage

    Sorry, Leroy Scott...Gotta disagree with you on that one. The Crusaders version (and written by Joe Sample) is still the best and the funkiest.

  6. Troy Staton

    Word! From Blewfoot....

  7. TheresaG21

    Dam these boys can funk for a bunch of Scots... Saor Alba !!!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  8. Jack Heinemann

    "Mmm, Nice"

  9. u107261

    OmG!! Hamish Stewart's hair ...and so tight...love this

  10. Luisa Falanitule

    So cool ❤️

  11. james pasifull

    McAfro!! 😂

  12. Kilo Band

    The fill at 3.13 is SO Robbie. It's lip synced but still amazing to see & hear him.

    Jason Elias

    Yes.... :)

  13. M.L Jimerson

    The Coolest White Band Ever!!!

  14. smoothjazzaxe

    I didn't know that there were lyrics! Didn't know that anyone had covered the tune. AWB does a bang_up job for sure.


    Yup, when AWB were recording their first album, the Crusaders had just made "Put It Where You Want It" a big hit the year before. AWB asked for permission to cover it -- Alan Gorrie wrote the lyrics -- the Crusaders (or their management) allowed them to do it, and it even became their first-ever single.

  15. M.L Jimerson

    The Coolest White Dudes of All Time!🎷🎸🎤

  16. OldeSkool1

    I didn't know AWB recorded this before The Crusaders.

    Mike Evans

    there's a video on you tube saying this song was from 1971 by the crusaders. either way, the song is boss, regardless of who recorded it first

  17. Hugh Terry

    Singing live, miming the instruments? Clue is the fadeout at the end... Still great!

  18. Koert VAN DRIEL

    Hamish, oh my god ...... can't believe this look

  19. Daft Everton

    N9thing brars thid. X

  20. Jax Moccia

    Brent Carter has my ❤️


    He wasn't in this early lineup!

  21. SQDLVR

    Alan, Hamish and Malcom are gettin it... great early track from AWB

  22. steven purves

    @elderedambrose......great comment...one day you will come out of that bedroom of yours, with your toy....you couldn't lace this guys boots, never mind 'sax'...be serious, cmon lets hear you play, you obviously love yourself


    haha nice one!

  23. mikeorclem

    thanks ...great funk..

  24. Eli Funkenstein

    it´s an orange mushroom fro

  25. Gary Holdsworth

    such great groooooove

  26. Burlats de Montaigne

    Shame they aren't playing live - good vocals tho'

    Saudara Perempuan

    they still playing live
    vr 24 mrt. Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino - Lake Charles, Lake Charles, LA, US
    wo 19 apr. Tin Pan, Richmond, VA, US
    do 20 apr. Rams Head On Stage, Annapolis, MD, US

  27. Jim Bae

    When I listened to this guys 20 some years ago I was thinking 'What the fuck this guys are singing?'. And now? they're awesome. The guys were singing damn great blues.

  28. Butch Tan

    Scottish R&B!!! Och! these laddies are good!

  29. Jeffery Daniels

    This is one of the first songs I heard by AWB. They had a style of their own not just white people trying to be black and not even from the US.

  30. Daniel Woodward

    On drums is the late great Robbie McIntosh, in a rare video appearance. For those who don't know, he was one of the best funk drummers whoever lived, and all by the age of 24!

    Kilo Band

    +Daniel Woodward I saw this line up many times at the Marquee in '73 and will never forget Robbie's groove and spirit. More drummers need to know about him.


    I remember. I saw AWB in Norfolk in 1977 when I was a youngster in the Navy. But he was gone by then.

  31. terrypussypower

    Did the Crusaders have a vocal version of this?

    Daniel Woodward

    +terrypussypower This is the vocal version. Lyrics by AWB.

  32. Katia Vannoy

    mmmm but that guy at the end tho.


    Katia Vannoy 'Whispering Bob Harris'. Parodied later years by John Thomson on the 'Jazz Club' segment of the Fast Show.

  33. Malik Hassan

    Hamish with the 'fro, I'm diggin' it, should have have kept his beard though lol

  34. mooselord flanz

    put it where you want it haaaaha i like that


    funkiest white boys

  36. pretorious700

    To "Tom the funky"...composer=Joe Sample.

  37. CorneliusOswaldFudge

    Just so....damn....tight....what a groove, can't believe these guys are Scottish too! It's like the perfect jam session - just a little more awesome!

    Chris Wurst

    CorneliusOswaldFudge Lol that's so awesome these guys are Scottish because I'm over here thinking the lead singer looks just like Theon Greyjoy

  38. Roxann Henze

    Oh yeh! AVB coming to Leesburg.

  39. Philip Lane

    The lead sax is slightly sharp, just enough to grate on the nerves.

  40. Andy Tedd


  41. Don Colton

    Sheer were the other horns? Recorded?

  42. Josh Myers

    4:33 - I wanna be on what he's on.

    mooselord flanz

    +Josh Myers haha dam sounded like he just got some head

  43. Stievaulx

    None of this is live. It's all mime and lip synch, and if you can't see that and want to have an argument about it, all I can say is FUCK OFF 'COS YOU'RE WRONG! 


    I don't want an argument and I may be wrong, but I don't think I am. It's from The Old Grey Whistle Test and that was a purely live show, they didn't do miming.

    steven purves

    why dont you fuck off....its live, take a look at awb history, they didnt do mime, didnt need too....as usual, you are probably a follower of the rumour mill, god bless you for doing that.....NUMPTY!


    @steven purves In the early years the OGWT wasn't entirely live. Apparently, after 1973 that changed and both vocals and instrumentation were performed live in the studio. Before that backing tracks WERE used - even The Who mimed when they did "Relay". This AWB performance was from July '73 and pre-dated the "100% live" era. They are using a backing track. It's obvious. Have a look at footnote no. 5 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Old_Grey_Whistle_Test 

    Wayne Blanchard

    @Stievaulx - Yes, pre-recorded music track w/live vocals. BBC did that a lot, but the Musicians Union insisted that instead of miming to the record, the band pre-record the tracks and be compensated accordingly. There are numerous indicators here: there is a pad on the snare drum to deaden it's sound; there is at least one visible instance where the hi-hat is played open but that is not heard; Alan Gorries hand moves from the bridge towards the neck yet there is no corresponding tonal change... and the imagery is mainly close-up on the singers, so any instrumental moves that don't sync with the track are not visible. Onnie McIntyre's guitar solo also appears to be live, which makes sense as that would be impossible to mime accurately. True, the AWB was an incredibly fine band. But with the potential for foulups and poor sound on 'live' shows, this pre-recorded music with live vocals was the norm. I've watched this clip many times and must admit that the one real giveaway is that pad on the snare.

  44. EPFstrength5

    @thefunksoulsista I'm only about 2 years late on this response..  Video is still in my favorites

  45. paul figgis

    One thumb needs to put it where it needs to be ! How can you dis this class tune

  46. Martin Goodsmith

    Question is then - where all those saxes come from? Can hear 3, see only one... Overdubs anyone? (I'll ask Hamish - he lives up the road here)

  47. Reidys Home Of Music

    Live music on tv, unheard of! .......

  48. Spartanm333

    I've never seen a Scotsman with an Afro before..... I can rest now. One off my bucket list.

  49. El Dee

    As my dad would say, He's blowing the crook outta that sax!

  50. metalfacedoom71

    pimped out soul

  51. mrstrat222

    Classy version of the Crusaders song!! Nice Groove!!

  52. Michael Santoro

    when music was music!!!!

  53. bill smith

    Whispering Bob at the end... that's either Alan Gorrie's brother, or maybe SNL's Bill Hader. LOL.
    As usual, everything AWB did was awesome.

  54. Lee-O

    Thanks a lot, Dude, I loved them then and I still do now, but I'd never seen such an early video of them, never seen them with Robbie McIntosh. I'm certainly sorry of his early departure, but I must say that to my ears, AWB driven by Steve Ferrone is significantly funkier and more meaty. It's worth seeing Hamish with that incredible mane and is that elegant dude playing guitar Onnie? + It's interesting to see that Alan is on bass here.

  55. Glen Boyle

    long live robbies funky drum grooves rip dude

  56. Glen Boyle

    dig that fro bro.

  57. Alex Blake-Pink

    This is not live, they say on the DVD, and also theres not enough Sax's playing.... lol love the vid though

  58. philandrews100

    Utterly brilliant groovy song.

  59. soepil

    On the "Old grey whistle test" DVD, Hamish Stuart reveals that the band was NOT playing live, although they wanted to. He says, he can't remember if the vocals were mimed as well.

  60. philnunn1969

    the drummer is playing trust me im a drummer

  61. 82Ingy

    Love it and whispering Bob at the end too

  62. Jay Yos

    "And that was put it where you"...what?

  63. bobbysbackingtracks

    Really diiggin this greasy version.

  64. reverandscales

    @tomthefunky Joe Sample.

  65. mademoiselle_macaque

    @EPFstrength5 hell yea just what i thought.

  66. Doubleringer

    I have a this track as an instrumental by a band called Hot Rocks,

  67. tomthefunky

    Didn't J.J Cale write this? Almost positive.

  68. EPFstrength5

    Thats what she said

  69. Randy Kirby

    The song to which you are referring (77wimmut) is "Just Wanna Love You Tonight." It is off the same album that has "Pick Up the Pieces."

  70. WimmutF77

    There was a song on their album that goes: " i've got one evening left before I go, don't want to spend it on my own"........ love that song but can't find it on here. What's the name of the song and the Album it's on? Love their music!

  71. ghtaboma

    The back-beat will take you where you want to go!

  72. MrCherryJuice

    I love this clip from the Old Grey Whistle Test... have for 35+ years. Though the OGWT was a 'live' show, on this Robbie McIntosh has pads on his drums, which suggests 'miming'... Hmmm... Everything seems so accurate though. Possibly the rhythm track was pre-recorded and the solos and vocals live. Nevertheless, great stuff from a sensational band. And you've got to love all these guys... great players who with their 'White Album' would show the world a new face for Soul music. Superb Scots!

  73. MrCherryJuice

    @doncirelli - Apparently Gorrie and McIntosh were both made sick on this occasion. Gorrie with the weaker constitution threw up and thus lived. McIntosh didn't and passed out. He was put in a tub of cold water to 'recover'. In the morning they realized he had died. Apparently Cher's lawyer (the host of the party) was charged with murder, though I heard nothing more on the matter.

  74. miamigroove

    The beauty of the seventies - you could put it where you want it.

  75. Michael Pharoah Ali

    hey guys how abuot a reunion tour with all orignanl members for me your number one FAN! YOU STOOD THE TEST OF TIME.

  76. EPFstrength5

    @mattisheretonight ha what?

  77. Salvadali

    these guys beards have more power than a vagina powered chainsaw

  78. Patrick Mac Gille Eoin

    @relimes Mr. Roger Ball... are you listening to the song fella?

  79. Paul Gerrard

    Malcolm "Molly" Duncan on sax, founder member of the best blue-eyed soul band ever. Great vid!

  80. Steven Mann

    hi dude, steve is actually my name or his steveness or stever or el steverino, sorry for your confusion.

  81. Steven Mann

    there is a bunch of talented musicans having a fun time, is it hamish with the lions main hair? and as for the guy on sax... he is absolutly awsome, sorry to robbies family , I didnt know he has passed on. thanx 4 posting such a great video steve

  82. OGGilmoregirlz1

    @saanzacs .... I didn't know he was gone!!! How long ago?? He was a HELLA drummer!!!

  83. CorneliusOswaldFudge

    pure funky shizzle, love it.

  84. NicotinMan

    Vocals and lead sax are live, not the rest. Was customary then: TV studios were not prepared for record properly a whole live band, that's why most of TV appearances of the 60 and 70's bands sounded badly.
    Anyway, epic song, probably their best. This particular song was as good as the stuff Americans we're doing at the time.

  85. chelliegirl

    None of them "looks like Jesus" on account of none of them being Jewish. Hamish played a better guitar at any rate.

  86. dundeeron

    eh dinna think big hamish went tae shug farquars fir a cut and blowdry lol!!! dundees finest !!! get in !!!!

  87. Peter Bowers

    Scotlands finest

    Long live AWB.

  88. joninpgh

    @relimes They were still touring, I saw them a few years ago. Only about two original members left though.

  89. Efren Bano

    one of my fav during the 70s. great musicians..

  90. Pádraig Floyd

    These were live sets, not pre-recorded like on Top of the Pops.

  91. Sean Forde

    I always thought that they were americans but to my utter surprised they were not. I really like their sound and I wish I had seen them live in their hayday. Classic songwriting and musicianship will never fade away and will surpass all the current fads in music. Thanks for sharing.

  92. yutdosaasc

    You just never can get tired of this...makes my day all the time !

  93. relimes

    Im hoping an AWB reunion of some sort will happen for their 40th next year!

  94. relimes

    Just what does Hamish have against Alan and Onnie that he wont perform with them again, has there been any discord between them?

  95. screamlate2

    Vocals live, possibly one of the sax lines, the rest pre-recorded. That's how they did it then. Made for a nice sound.

  96. Navarino

    well i tell you one thing ....the bass does not correspond to what he's playing at all....not sure about the rest but am 100% sure on the bass

  97. thestevekelly

    Hamish Stuart (born 8 October 1949, Glasgow, Scotland)

  98. thestevekelly

    aye mun, ahm hearin ye!