Average White Band - Let's Go Round Again Lyrics

Baby, I'm back
And right away I have come to you
To see if the love that we knew before
Has past the test of time, ooh
Time could change almost everything
Sometimes it seems the better side are the
Feelings we once shared
So baby

Let's go round again
Maybe we'll turn back the hands of time
Let's go round again
One more time
Let's go round again
Maybe we'll turn back the hands of time
Let's go round again
One more time, one more time, one more time
One more time

Now baby, I know that you think I will be different now
Inside of me nothing has changed
So I'm asking you again, ooh
Please no one else could have brought me back
No one could ever change, the memory I kept within my heart

Let's go round again
Maybe we'll turn back the hands of time
Let's go round again
One more time
Let's go round again
Maybe we'll turn back the hands of time
Let's go round again
One more time, one more time, one more time
One more time
Let's go round again
Maybe we'll turn back the hands of time
Let's go round again
One more time, one more time, one more time
Let's go round again, one more time

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Average White Band Let's Go Round Again Comments
  1. Maria Indriani

    first time i heard this on 2020. we had a fun dance and party with this song.

  2. Eleonora Miranda


  3. 40Duce Trey

    There's still young artists who play this kinda music: Neon Valley, Robin Thicke DJ Cassidy. The disco sound is not dead.

  4. eleonora miranda molina


  5. Stephen Williams

    What a tune, Timeless, never tired of it!!!

  6. the Justice 2020

    Who's listening in 2020?

  7. Guido Schrijnemakers

    Whow, thinking of the good old dancing days!!!

    jrb designer alliance

    Shrine maker, contact Georgina Russel,....
    ..you got work to do,....I think,..

  8. Funk Kick 69

    Perfect Post Funky Friend ! Thank's ...Peace&Funk4Life...


    Adoro está música!

  10. Billy Walkabout

    Disco nights man . What a trip those days man I love them

  11. BananaMetal


  12. 90's TARDIS Locator

    Can I come with you?...

  13. the BonnieLass

    When music had love.

  14. Hilfeed Zugstein


  15. Just passing by.

    Rays place 1980

  16. Gary Jordan

    Had forgotten what a great track this is.

  17. East london A.M.W

    There never got the credit they deserved one of the best soul bands too come out of the UK along with loose ends both did better stateside then at home shame really both should of been global superstars timeless music doesn't get much better than this.

  18. Georgina Russell

    I remember dancing to this in the ritz manchester what a fantastic tune!!!! Even today I still dance to it bring back many memories for me

    jrb designer alliance

    If they think you have died, give instructions, when they bury you, for an air tube, and a buzzer, in case you're actually still alive.!!!

  19. Michael Harned

    Average white bands best song

  20. Rebecca Balonso

    Back in the days (1970’s Disco) my teenage time, this gets me in a real groove...full swing on the dance floor.

  21. owenrification

    As an Average White man I only wish that I could go round again. Alas life doesn't allow re-runs.

  22. Tazmin Thompson

    2019 anyone ?

  23. Glynis Roberts

    Love this song!

  24. Seoul Boy

    this songs way too heavy!!!!!!!!!!!! snatches your heart straight out ya chest and makes you think of that one person, those horns at the end!

    jrb designer alliance

    coinasuerr, conasurr, EXPERT.

  25. Buzz Davis

    Turn back the hands of time. Back to real music. Can I get an amen?

  26. Nick Marino

    Wheels plus

  27. michael ayres

    How the feck can anyone not like this! 45 people must have awful taste in music lol

  28. Mick Dennis

    Steeleys nightclub Sheffield 1980 fantastic memories.

  29. astro dude

    thierry henry video brought me here

  30. The Eternal Induction

    colon pee

  31. Brian Jacob

    I love this song.  It sounds like a Gamble and Huff production from Philadelphia International Records.  It's a remarkable effort for three white guys from Scotland to sound almost exactly like a mid-1970s Sweet Philly group doing a disco tune.  Even though the song is from 1980, it sounds like it's several years older, prior to the Saturday Night Fever craze and all the tinkly-pinkly disco songs that ensued in the US afterwards between 1978 and 1980.

    jrb designer alliance

    Do, er,..

    ....hmm, play that funky music,..

    ....hmm, green onions,...

    Rock and roll Hoochie coo, Johnny Winter, see if YT algorithm, sets you off, on right track,..!!!

  32. Anthony Stephenson

    Just got to dance.

  33. Tesa Freeland

    Reminds me of my roller disco's bk in lreland⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸💕💕💕 ☘☘🇮🇪🇮🇪

  34. David Hoban

    43 people didn't want to go round again.

  35. Gillian Palmer

    My SOUL MATE loving husband sent me this song,he committed suicide days after sending this,words can never express my emotions...

  36. Chris Styles

    It's funny how even though most pop artists in 1980 had moved away from disco, there's at least one disco song on every album.

  37. Tessa Hobden

    So love this song, cooking and dancing in my kitchen😊

  38. Peggy Thomas

    Let's Dance!

  39. misscritique66

    How good was this group...rite? LOVE IT

    Steve Perkins

    misscritique66 Danny Baker always said of the hundreds of bands he saw, this lot just blew him away.


    they are still good! Looking forward to seeing them in May.

  40. Anthony Mont

    Why wasn't this a number 1 Hit , my Favorite Dance Tune probably the Best Disco/Funk song ever IMHO, 💃🎶🎵🎼🎤🔊🔊🎻🎺🎸👍👍👊👊✊✊

  41. George

    Played in the Tayside Bar Dundee

  42. Out Law

    Still good in 2018 👍👍👍👍


    2019 😉

  43. John Briguglio

    outstanding song from an outstanding band Heard it at Krackers in Clifton..... Donna, you were HOT!!! REALLY HOT!!!.

  44. Annie Porrett

    Rivers of Babylon

  45. Tavis Nettleingham

    Sky Sports video for Thierry Henry's come back vs leeds etched this song forever in my head and it is a tuneeeeeee

  46. Hubit01

    You thought this song was from a black disco band from Philly? Nope, it's a bunch of Scottish guys from Dundee. Amazing band.

  47. Mirian P. Aires

    Época maravilhosa, onde só as melhores musicas tocavam \o/ \o/
    Saudades desse tempo, que aproveitei muito com amigos e familiares. \o/ \o/ \o/

  48. Ketts89 Bats

    Great track! and who would of thought they we're from Scotland!

  49. Teresa Palma


  50. Marcus Jackson

    This song is a serious buzz! Has everything you woild want. Listen too it and you are going to move!

  51. Michael Jiannotti

    Great Disco song, can't stop listening, MEMORIES.

  52. Anne Mcmillan

    Can't believe these guys come from Dundee in Scotland

  53. Ian Sampson

    I wish it were 1980 all over again

  54. Sarah jane Champion De Crespigny

    Love it!!!!

  55. Jay Orton

    One of the greatest jazz/funk bands to have come from Scotland.

  56. Nirmalya Dhar

    Came here straight from the Thierry Henry tribute song.
    Where you at 2017 squad ?

  57. monica tranquilli

    Canzone incredibile, ritmo sostenuto molto coinvolgente, belle voci, e che arrangiamento musicale, grazie AuntieSoul, grazie

  58. Score & Sound

    The soundtrack to reliance on government and financial system for change long term should be this!

  59. David Colella

    What a hoot the 80s I was at Gatwick then and that was just one big party 1980 to 1983 whoop woop

  60. Charles Fili

    This is music.

    Mitchell Gilbert

    No shit Charles

  61. Valerio Paolini

    Mamma mia...feel like daning and jumping outta my window...:P

  62. The Saint ST1

    Bona fide classic

  63. Keith Cleaver

    This just came on the radio, and I had to stop what was doing and dance! Why can't music these days be like this?!

    Simon price

    Because Keith sadly it ALWAYS moves on.... But most of the time it moves backwards..

    James Heimbach

    Kids now don't get trained in instruments and music. They expect to become experts in music without effort or discipline.
    The sixties and seventies were a sweet spot in our culture which joined creativity with the musical talent to produce truly good music and good lyrics. It was a magical time not easily duplicated.
    Even my class of 4th and 5th graders easily see the profound difference in music between then and now.

    ManInYourVids _Backup Dancer

    Keith Cleaver 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    Clair Duffy

    That's about the size of it
    Stop and think back.
    Great song.

    Clair Duffy

    Sounds very McDonald /Doobie bros.

  64. lastbus

    Came across advert for AWB visit to New Zealand in 1976, unfortunately Robbie McIntosh was no longer with us as he died from overdose in 1974. RIP

  65. mrmikespence1964


  66. Govt Mule


  67. miguel angel prieto bello

    great song temazo



  68. david pinches

    17 trolls



    My Kind Of Track

    They are trolls they are wack people

  69. TREV617

    clubbing in the 70,s is all in this fabulous track, i do miss those days but loads of great music since then if you care to listen!!!

  70. Kym Crowden

    such a class tune and band ...always be a winner with me so many good memories ...1980 was the year for it all ...🔊🎶💜🎶💜



    Kym Crowden

    mrmikespence1964 thanks ...it will always be my no 1 dont make um like this nomore or bands ...🎵🎵🎵

  71. vincent parlante

    The days and music are always sunny here at 100.3 FM KSNY..Sunny 100.3 fm..taking us back to the late 70's that AWB. ,with let's go round again.😊 one more time..

  72. Fiona Dynowski

    Just never ages..brilliant.

  73. BeatsOneTv

    Tracks fifa 14

  74. Marcelo Reis

    pra quem gosta de música dançante balanço muito bom mesmo.

    jrb designer alliance

    In seculae

  75. Jesus Christ

    Excuse the name my son was messing around

  76. Jesus Christ

    Fab love this song and wish I could back to when music was music 😍😎😎😍

    S Owen

    still is, just get off the FM shit

    jrb designer alliance

    Jesus Christ, right as, er, as usual.

  77. blonde7000

    Welcome to Radio Station AuntieSoul 34, Where we got Rock n roll and soul music to get you in the mood for loving each other like sister and brother! We're taking you back to 1980 for this legendary song by the one and only Average White Band - Lets go round again. Hope your having a lovely Sunday afternoon. :)

  78. Natsy

    Let's go round - one more time!

  79. John Kimmel

    They reached deep to find this soul.

  80. Metron65

    I love it🤓 When music was king😊

  81. Mark Duxberry

    Lets Go Round Again ...

    Mark Edgar

    Mark Duxberry is that a 56 in your pic? Haha

  82. Nigel Groom

    no that would make me 10 years older !!

  83. steve duncan

    What a blast from the past, still love this song as I did back in 1980. It will always make me smile 😀


    Same here Steve.......was a lovely time then wasn't it ? Cheers.

    Sam Tyler

    Summer of 1980.16 years old in London and loving this jam

  84. Seal00754

    I used to use this as a lead into 70's Disco as a club DJ, great music.



  85. Christopher Lloyd

    Never tire of this - playing it all the time.......Classic

  86. Christopher Lloyd

    "The Test of Time"....that's it, they've stood the test of time - always the measure of greatness. Rock on forever...

  87. Pieter Griffioen


  88. masquenada8

    White man with a Soul.

    jrb designer alliance

    Johnny Winter, Rory Gallagher, Bruce someone, ...

    ...and, the most smulchy, down town, up town, cool,....

    ...beyond all else, including, 'rayon',..

    ...Mike Pop Flowers,....

    ...Jimmy Hendrix, the BIG hits man, where GB,..

    ...it's just a fact Scotland, England, you know,..rule,...RULE.

  89. Anthony Stephenson

    Happy Anniversary my Darling wife. XXX

  90. Eddie Grayson

    Another fun song to dance to..

    jrb designer alliance

    Tuck your shirt in huh?

  91. Alan Lee

    That riff

    jrb designer alliance

    Hey mister lyrically cool dude,..

    ...oh wow,..you're cooool,..

    That riff

    ..'the cat',.....

    ...and tomorrow, ..


    ...Friday, sat 'on the mat'.!!!

  92. thomas mcewan

    A great song ,still sounds great today,classic.

    Christopher Lloyd

    +thomas mcewan -Spot on

  93. Diane Alfieri

    Wow!!!! The memories with this song!! I so miss those disco dsys!!! Everything especially music was so real!!! It was all about love!!!! What i would give to go back!!

    vincent parlante

    I still am working the radio biz..but now at a smooth jazz radio station doing voice work in production voicing commercials ..... But back in the late 70's wwhen the hits like this were being played coast to coast on a lot of the old am band radio stations .....before fm radio was really big...I was on the air of a local fm radio station its frequency is 89.1fm back then ??? we use to call the station Disco 89 in the early 90's I worked on another fm station KKSS Hot jammin 97.3 Kiss fm playing these types of the tunes along with C&C Music factory and Markie , Mark ....with a lot of those great up beat tunes of the 70's & 80's decades....the music today as you are 150% is FLAT the industry heads need to wake up....That's my slow nickels worth from Vinny the Hit Man.

    Siobhan Doyle

    if only :-)

    Julie Steeper

    Diane Alfieri I’d go back, too - in a nano-second!

    Liam Oxborough

    totally agree

    Roger Jones

    With you 100per cent Diane.Great comment.

  94. Ian Sampson

    A great song from the waning days of disco.

    Jimm U

    Listen to BBC 6 Music on Sat nights they play all thus kind of classic sounds

    Christopher Lloyd

    +Ian Sampson - So right....

    Ian Sampson

    +Christopher Lloyd I remember when this song was played on American Bandstand

  95. Robert Michael

    ONE GREAT SONG:):):)

  96. Gary Williams

    Hamish Stewart was the lead singer in tenor mode----AWB slamming

    Jovan Parker

    he almost reminds me of Michael Mcdonald

  97. jem wang

    I am quite young, but I stil love this song.

    jrb designer alliance

    ..see you at bingo,..

  98. Anthony Stephenson

    The weekend is almost here.

  99. Bkkersey93

    I forgot his name but the lead singer has some crazy awesome sounding falsetto!💪👍💪

    ce hayes

    Blake Kersey Hamish Stuart