Average White Band - Just Wanna Love You Tonight Lyrics

I've got one evening left before I go
Don't want to spend it one my own
This time tomorrow I'll be on the road
So I got to get on the telephone
I need to see you girl, before I go away
Just got to have your love to remember
Your precious company, ooh
That's what I need today
I won't be back until September

You give me pleasure like I never had
I guess you know just what I like
Even if I'm not your only man
You make me feel as if I am

So tonight I want to have you to myself
'Cause I'm leaving in the morning light
Don't want you running to no one else
Just wanna love you tonight

There is a saying you better not forget
It's always come true for me
They say that what you see is what you get
And woman, you're all that I can see
That's why I'm asking you, oh just try and
Understand me, baby

This ain't time for silly games
And I'm a desperate man, can't you hear it in my voice
Without your love I just wouldn't be the same
So I'm putting my heart out to you, my love
Doing everything within my power
Now I've done my best - did I hear you say yes
I'll be round at your door within the hour

'Cause tonight I want to have you to myself
I'm leaving in the morning light
Don't want you running to no one else
Just wanna love you tonight

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Average White Band Just Wanna Love You Tonight Comments
  1. Walter Grant

    On the way to Germany..

  2. martin chapman


  3. Frank Hernandez

    rosie moreno

  4. Felix KM Galanti

    That haunting awesome pitched voice from Hamish Stuart. "Can you hear it in my voice?"

  5. geesmac

    Sweet Jesus, soul music....well.... for the soul, it always takes me to a happy place, thank you gentlemen and God bless

  6. Todd Tollfree

    Hamish and Allen are the most content 2nd fiddle blue pill dudes on the planet...

  7. Izzy_Is_Oran9e YT

    Izzy love's rock 🎸 💘 Enjoy 1974.



  9. Soila Cantu

    S m o o t h 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶✌❤

  10. Sean French

    I Cee we got 77 haters some people just cant appreciate good Music [email protected]@#"em

  11. Fred Jones

    The White album is classic

  12. Martine & Mary Hernandez

    Bad ass jam!!

  13. Keyboardman88

    This album = a lot of great memories from back in the day.

  14. S Haney

    This might be overused word ( don't care ) totally, totally AWESOME!


    Some things still truly are, and deserve it. 😉

  15. Darlene Johnson

    Reminds me when I was crying because my lover was leaving college for the summer '75.

  16. Ann Robinson

    I love awb Hamish Stewart has an amazing voice

  17. roconnor01

    I think of this song when I think of my beautiful late wife.


    Sorry for your loss. This song has a way of invoking good memories.

  18. BIG Stan

    One of my favorite albums of all time brings back wonderful memories.

  19. Domonique Ayers


    EVEN TODAY 4-23-19

  20. Sonia Maria Miliano

    Linda música!

  21. maoff

    just discover this great band ,so wonderful, don't know why they are'nt so popular as EWF or TOP ?

  22. grgeory d Bishop

    Went to see these guys way back in the seventies .Me with three of my good friends.Walked in and started to look around.As the concert began we looked at each other and realized we and the band were the only white people in the whole place.It was all cool .The folks in front of us started passing joints back to us and told me y'all hang onto it and I'll fire up another .When we smoked the first one he passed another on back .He did that all throughout the concert .They were really cool .They even walked us out of the building.Cool deal all the way around.I have no idea what was in the joints but boy we were blown away.We were wild all night long .Had a great time to.Concert was great to.

  23. dewillirex

    doble v cooooo

  24. Elizabeth Borjon

    Still have this album ✌🏽💜

  25. p3121

    The new music today has me running back to the oldies!

  26. Richard Marshall Bowman

    No group of white guys have ever sounded so soulful....  Ever....

    Susan Malkin

    So very true!!

  27. Gary Augustus

    "...They say that 'what you see, is what you get' and woman, you're all that I can see..."

  28. Izzy_Is_Oran9e YT

    Latino love.💘 enjoy.

  29. Vernell Thomas

    Ran up on this by accident....thanks 🧠

  30. Johnny Munoz

    Take me back to the 70's and a nice car Cruise with the Boyz on a Sunday night on Whittier Blvd. Great Song playing it on my way home.

  31. Don Johnson

    Love this song man

    Loretta Duran

    Ever if your not my only man

  32. Elvira Chagolla

    Elvira 1974-75 in high school sweet memories of a special guy.im 60 now and still listen to this song.

    Leslie M Collins

    I remember first time hearing this album, I was in high school as well, loved it great memories.

  33. Marcus Reeves


  34. Suzie Harrington

    Ive listened to this song since I was in my teens and I still play it, I LOVE IT..!

  35. Phyllis Alexander

    I love this old rhythm and blues music.with average white band and earth wind and fire.and other artists like this.it just does not get better.such voices that are so powerful.and wonderful memories.



  37. Tor Kamau

    Great Band, a wonderful time in American Music, great memories.... Thank you AWB!!

  38. Richard Acosta

    Best music ever R&B is is the best brings back old friends and old memories old girlfriends and Good Times will never be the same

  39. Martine & Mary Hernandez

    Ily baby😍💋👣 Great crusing jam.. Had a great time last night💜💚💝🔐🌍🌙⭐☀🐞🐸🐝

  40. Speed Racer

    Back in 74 ' , I was still in high school and my friends were a few years older than me so I was always ahead of my age group and was already getting in bars and had my own ride . These were nice times with nice music and AWB was my club band an this 8 -track was my weekend tape . Great love song  feeling  the warm summer night upon my face as  I drove down the road listening to this with  right arm around my date holding her close  as this song played.

  41. Rick Muniz

    I played in a band back in the 70s and 80s and these are songs we played, today you don't see band's anymore like AWB and many more. R&B nothing like it.

  42. 4bawbees

    pure class!

  43. Debbie Brown


  44. Vincent Dubois

    ...so underrated...incredible!

  45. Ricardo King

    Hamish Allan Malcom Roger Onnie and Steve... Greatest of all time!!!!

  46. Lennard Covarrubias

    for me summer nite 1969 tr6..top down...in route to Ensenada from ELA..

  47. luis ramirez

    Was of the age of learning ,how to do it right, and I don't mean dancing ! Dreaming about the time machine !

  48. Sylvia Franklin

    This is one of my favorite Awb songs! I always loved this song! Alan and Hamish are killing it with the vocals! I especially love it when Alan says"You give me pleasure like I never had".I love that line. So hot! This song puts you in the mood for love all night long! Thanks guys! I love. you! Sylvia Franklin..Awb fan forever!

    Roy Greene

    Sylvia Franklin Their vocals give me chills!

    Sylvia Franklin

    +Roy Greene I love your comments!You take a nice picture! Sylvia. Franklin.

    Roy Greene

    Sylvia Franklin Aww! Thank you Sylvia! 😊😊😊😊😊😊

    Sylvia Franklin

    +Roy Greene Thank you! I love the happy faces! Sylvia Franklin.

    Roy Greene

    Sylvia Franklin You're welcome! 🎶🎶🎻🎸🎸🎻🎸🎤🎤

  49. The Funkateer

    Just one amazing song from Britain's greatest ever soul band

    Evelyn Price

    Still not from Britain there Scottish

  50. Eddie Lewis

    This song brings back so many memories of leaving my gf for Carmel during the summer and will always live on in my heart, AWB was a big part of my teens growing up, so many timeless jams, this was for you HL.

  51. Colleen Keithley

    💞💞So Many Memories

  52. Matt Martines

    Summer of 75, Bloomsburg University, my theme song leaving Jeannie, was a young man in love, I really missed her, we are still friends today


    Delicious song

  54. jazz4asahel

    To the woman in Corvallis who bought the firewood in 1985.

  55. Allan Riddick


  56. Sa-Ra Atman

    This is my favorite AWB song. Takes me back to the mid-70's when I was just getting my start in this world. Excellent vocals and band.

  57. Julie Fickling

    Mine & Hubby's Song...

  58. Devika Follosco

    I love ya, I love ya, Iove ya ....

  59. Joyce Isaacs

    Jay Martinez from San Gabriel Valley, hope you are well

    Debbie Brown

    Joyce Isaacs

    Debbie Brown

    Joyce Isaacs

    Debbie Brown

    yes, back in the day. Can't go there. Hurts too bad💔

    Joyce Isaacs

    Debbie, did you know him? Is he still alive? Please let me know.

  60. jeff spiers

    Linda Hall , Nick Lee, et al. Pure gold music.

  61. Jeffery Stark

    I went to a party in 1974 and smoked weed for the first time , this album was played all night! I still smoke and groove to AWB !!!

    Rick Muniz

    Jeffery Stark I was playing in band and we played many AWB songs. Your right still in 1974 I'll never forget those nights and the women who crowded the stage. still jamming drums today.

    Frank Civitak

    Awesome bro cool.

  62. Linda Hall

    Straight up classic, smooth music from AWB. REAL music!!!!

  63. Nick Lee

    Ageless quality,listened to AWB for over 25years and hope I will listen for many more.

  64. Bill Mazer

    wonderful sound, what memories

  65. Wayne c

    SOoooooooo cool ya !!

    Roanne Feldbloom

    Memories 1977 want them back

  66. ted sheehan

    classic..smooth 1975

  67. crazyguy684

    Fab music. From AWB. So funky and groovy.

  68. Lynn Morton

    You know what? I must of played this song 50plus x's since I last commented. Im gonna practice & see if I can be on AGT.............

  69. Delmer Wilburn, Jr.

    Saw them in Hollywood Sunday night. Took me back to a very, very fun time in my life, and their music was part of the soundtrack of my life.

    Cockney Red

    mine too.saw them live for the first time in 1973 and seen them many many times since,and they are EVEN BETTER live.
    pure liquid gold for the ears.

  70. uraydog1

    This is still my favorite r&b album, brings back so many good memories with friends that are no longer here

    Edward James

    I remember being in love as a teen and this song was one of my favorites and i played it constantly while spending my summers in Cleveland and being away from my girlfriend, I thought that love would never end. But it was great being in love back then and I played it for the woman that I'm engaged to now and she loves it. AWB always my favorite Blue Eyed Soul group, it doesn't get any better!!!

    Deekay Musiclover

    My favorite as well. Soul Searching

    Sean French

    I'M just a young,N but I feel you on DAT OG

  71. marvin whitehurst



    @marvin whitehurst I'm with you sir, Great memories for me. Awesome band that bridged the gap between white and black. Black and white. Chicks digged this band , dancing, singing and humping...... of course

    marvin whitehurst


  72. christian tranhuy

    thanks frank

  73. Tony Ali

    "Oh" Memories..!! All Good just like the xcellent A.W.B..!!Cannot Get Enuff..Quality(X)

  74. Tami Cooper

    Makes me close my eyes and go back in time to the moments that i lived while listening to this band....
    love them...


    @Tami Cooper I wanna go with you :-)

    ted sheehan

    +Tami Cooper how sweet it was....

    Johnny Taco

    They have a new album half live - half studio songs. Saw them June 17, 2018 and it was beyond impressive.

  75. Brian Whittle

    What a track. These guys were from GLASGOW Scotland !! Where did that fabulous Soul come from.

    mark kearney

    Their heart.

    Cockney Red

    incorrect.they are all from dundee.
    its like calling a new yorker a bostonian.
    also known as the Dundee Horns.


    DUNDEE - East Scotland!! Still are!

  76. william fore


  77. Richard Famiglietti

    I was 22 and in San Diego, I heard this song, bought the 8 track and played it everytime I went out in my car as loud as I could!  Boy those were the days, great memories!

    Michael Richardson

    I was about the same age too, Richard, with my 8 track blasting in my 1974 Mercury Marquis Brougham. It was an awesome time in my life.

  78. Lynn Morton

    Still in love with this song after soooo many years.....I play it again, & agin,.......


    me too. It means as much to me with a woman, as without. It's the feeling that comes through. How good it can be...Jesus Loves

    Ken Ray

    Great song and album one of the best

  79. Chuck Bierwerth

    I just wanna love you Tonight!!!!!!!!

    Loretta Duran

    Why are all these comments so old ,like 4 yrs ago ????

  80. Rose M.

    Absolutely awesome music...great memories! I can't believe that its been 37 years that this music was recorded. It still sounds good. There were several white bands that in the 70s and 80s that had alot of soul to their music. Priceless!


    43 years since....!

  81. 27cazzy

    OMG havnt heard this song for years brings back lots of the old memories

  82. countryncgirl

    Fell in love with AWB the fist time I heard them!! Love this song still sounds as good as it did when I heard it for the first time in 1976!!! 18 and wild back then!!!

  83. LJ Borao

    I wished!!! thanks for the info :)

  84. michael robertson

    Yes , If your in nyc on oct 3rd , They're playing at b.b. kings

  85. TheSuperEnigmatic

    Who knew a bunch of white boys from Scotland could have so much Blue eyed Soul. Saw them twice in '73 and '74. They were even BETTER live.Thanks for the post.

  86. terry mason

    55 and still get chill when ever I hear this, Thank u Robbie Mcintosh

  87. Arlene Gonzales

    I was only 13 yrs old and still rocking this song even more then before

  88. LJ Borao


  89. NavyParasite800

    love it as much as i did as a 23 yr old in 1976

  90. ruppert reddle

    used to play this song over and over
    love it , very smooth and souful

  91. keyop Ronin

    A CLASSIC joint from a CLASSIC Crew!!!! 1L1L!!!!!!!

  92. michael robertson

    one of the best ! This song is the epitome of a strong romance where He wants Her for what may be the final time , Perhaps He is going of to war ,prison , etc . he wants this night to be the most special night that He will ever experience !


    'this time tomorrow I'll be on the road" (band) He's singing to a prostitute

  93. musiclover59

    This is one of my ATF songs. A song and performance of exceptional genius. Alan and Hamish's lead vocals are superb, particularly Alan's "I love ya, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya ................"

    Richard Marshall Bowman

    I am in awe....still, after 40 years.

    Devika Follosco

    I love Hamish's "...can't you hear it in my voice?..."

  94. ted sheehan

    this song still melts me to the ground....the chills....