Average White Band - It's A Mystery Lyrics

When I hear you call my name
So soft and low
I get to feel so good
Way down inside of me
You could have had the choice
Of anyone you want
I can't understand why you're here
Right here beside me now, oh baby

It's a mystery
What you see in me
I know I got to
Keep on seeing you
It's a mystery
What you see in me

When I speak to you
Over the telephone
I just want to be right there
Beside you, girl
Cause holding you and loving you
Is on my mind
I'm so glad, I'm so glad
You feel the same way too

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Average White Band It's A Mystery Comments
  1. django r

    It's a mystery that this song never made it onto the very best of average white band album!!!

  2. tom rawley

    been following them for over 40 years, timeless music, hamish has the sweetest soul voice, saw him last month in dundee, still doi9ng his thing, what a band , what a singer

  3. EricVon bush

    It was I think 1976 went to visit Aunt and Uncle in Vorhees N J cousin came down from New York with this Album had never heard of this Band but bles my socks off its been long time since I heard this tune almost forgot but much love for song and great Band I saw twice 77 and 09

  4. Mark Eade

    I love the back beat bass drum on 2& 4 in chorus.

  5. Angela Gilbert

    Love Hamish

  6. Larry Kelly

    First love music💔💜

  7. Vaughn Miller

    Hamish puts his heart 'n soul in every line... A real vocalist.

  8. William Jackson

    That bass line is a monster....very underrated band

  9. Stevon Jop


  10. The First Pharoah TV outreach program

    That Reggae one drop fill , then those jazzy horns are right on point .

  11. Patrick Anderson

    Come on now, how could you give arguably one of the greatest groups ever an 11 thumbs down on this particular cut? It’s a mystery to me REALLY. I mean what are you seeking in the music industry. This is one of AWBs most masterful hits, I’m happy to say.

    Jon Tillyard

    It's a thumbs down Patrick, because, these people don't have a clue what they're listening to. Saw AWB numerous times in the 70s and 80s they never failed to deliver.

    Chistopher Fields

    This song is self explanatory . It's a mystery in what you see in me. Sound and good music.

  12. Robert Lowe

    Classic song this! one of my favourites !!

    Deirdre Burruss

    Love these guys to death,my favorites forever

  13. harpye312

    yes it is..

    Loretta Duran

    Never get tried of these guys ,love them always

  14. Sir Spence

    ... 'd Like To Think Me And My Krew , Back N' The Day ; Had THE Most Kick'n It Of Timez' In This Whole Wide WORLD On These Boyz' 4 Sure ; Betcha' ??? Live N' Livin' COLOR ; Betcha ??? Spin ;)

  15. david little

    Hamish Stuart is the White Marvin Gaye. AWB sounds like James Brown at times.

    Vaughn Miller

    David Little, you are on point. When I first heard the white album I just knew it was James Brown's band, the guitars, horns and drums.. The first song I hear was pick up the pieces. Love these cats. "AWB FOREVER".. Oh yeah, Marvin and James were two of their favorites.

  16. Stephen Gomes

    Hamish Stuart soulful voice!

  17. harpye312

    what you see

  18. Gus Martins

    I recently read an interview in which Hamish Stuart confided that when he listens to tunes from this era this is the song that leaves him perplexed wondering how he pulled it off. He did, aided by a very nice arrangement, get into a very poignant and pensive space to make this a memorable throw-in into a good album they all said was tough to make on the heels of having just lost original drummer Robbie MacIntosh to an untimely death.

    Dee Burruss

    Love all their songs


    Gus Martins I always loved this song and it is one of my favorite by AWB. Hamish sings so passionately on this song. I find it to be a truly great love song.

    Gerald Farrow

    I saw them do its a mystery in the studio years ago with all the members


    Gerald Farrow: WOW. That must have been something to see. Was producer Arif Mardin in the studio at the time of this recording? It's A Mystery is one of my most beloved AWB songs. Thanks for your comments.

  19. Stephen Gomes

    First three albums by AWB are classics, ooops I mean white Album, Cut the Cake, Soul Searching!! Put it where you want it LP before these LP’s was good also.

  20. Kristen DiThomas

    I was born in 1975 15 years to late. I love 70's music!

    ronald pate

    I was 15 years old when you were born. You missed out. Good times.

  21. Shirley Malone

    This is a JAM.

  22. Cockney Red

    heard the cover of the Crusaders "put it where you want it" in a club way back in '73 and was hooked from then on.
    the White Album is an absolute soul/funk classic.

  23. John Saunders

    love everything by them

    Mary Higgins

    I love everything they made their gr8 voice
    Is the best ever

  24. Lee Wilson

    Real soul and funk.There will never be another band quite like them.

  25. Paul Allison


  26. Bella byrd

    I love this group from back when I was a teenager till now as a glamma lol

  27. Bella byrd

    I love this group from back when I was a teenager till now as a glamma lol

  28. harpye312

    eine meiner ersten lp`s

  29. Ewan McFadyen

    Keep on, keep on, keep on

    Reynaldo Munoz

    Ewan McFadyen hi

  30. Seldomseen

    Was known as "The above average white band" in  my hood!!!!!!

    Henry Ortega

    I'm feeling that. Just wished I'd thought of it. Thanks for serving.

    John Krupa

    so kool


    I need to buy this exact cd. Loving this one as well as others on this cd.

  32. bmpynks

    So unappreciated it's almost disgusting. Wonderful bass line like AWB is known for.

    yvette hairston

    Love this song


    everyone got down with this group

    Elm TreeABC

    Yep! They were one of the few white bands on Soul Train. I remember watching them and the people dancing. Those guys got a couple double looks the first time they were on but not after that live performance. On of the few bands that insisted on playing live. Got to admire that.

  34. Jerome Melgar

    The great Ray Barretto on the congas!

  35. harpye312

    eine meiner ersten lps.....und immer noch mit das beste was es an soulmusik gibt.....unvergesslich, erinnerungen an die besten zeiten

  36. Afi Makalani

    Thanks, Lancer! I try to study the great ones.

  37. Afi Makalani

    It is my honor to post the first comment here. I have adored this song since childhood. I used to play this over and over again and sing along to the hook. Love the way they transitioned the verse to the hook from convential soul/r&b to a reggae bass groove. No diss to Robin Thicke, he's cool. But he does r&b. He has yet to demonstrate the DEPTH of soulfulness that the AWB demonstrate all the time in their songs. You can tell these dudes studied James Brown's horn driven funk and soul.