Average White Band - I Just Can't Give You Up Lyrics

Got a message here that I hope you'll understand
When I met you keeping my distance was the plan
But hey, I never thought you'd get to me this way
I got you, and that's good

I was so scared that I would fall for you at first
Holding back with my love just trying to gain your trust
But now I'm not ashamed to say that
You've got my love in your pocket
And I'm hooked, can't you see

I just can't give you up
'Cause I got you in my blood
I just can't give you up
'Cause I got you 'n' my blood

I got to let you know that you really
Got a hold on me
I'm hooked can't you see

I just can't give you up
'Cause I got you 'n' my blood
I just can't give you up
'Cause I got you in my blood

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Average White Band I Just Can't Give You Up Comments
  1. sundevilification

    for LuAnne

  2. Eddie Roman

    That's my shit.

  3. honey west

    Great band - !!!!!

  4. Vilmar Alves Pereira

    Descoberta boa , não conhecia , um amigo me apresentou , gostei muito.

  5. Sharon Kouadio

    Hush...listen AWB n the house....

  6. Jojo Jones


  7. Jon Tillyard


  8. Johnny Munoz

    the Guitar in this song is off the hook.

  9. EnoVarma

    Looks like it says "Average White Bard" on the jacket.

  10. Esther Barron

    So many memories

  11. harpye312

    best soul band and heatwave


    trop bon

  13. Teo Lentini

    Amazing band !

  14. Samuel Hunt

    For real!!

  15. Vincent Dubois

    ...awesome album...Gorrie, Stuart, what sound!

  16. Patricia Cooper

    love me some AWB.

    Cockney Red

    Who doesnt? i've followed them,and eventually,met them all since i saw one of their first gigs at Ronnie Scotts Upstairs at Ronnies jazz club in Soho,Central London in '72.seen them many times since in various countries,they are EVEN BETTER live than recorded.real,proper musicians with soul to burn.
    you have impeccable taste my dear.

  17. Igor Herculoid

    B.H., Brasil, presente!

  18. graham steele


  19. VOICE

    I never going to forget one day when I was Dj in a Disco, and played this song and sunddenly one girl and boy started to kiss and roll on the floor, jajaja amazing!!

  20. mulattotvc15

    This vocal is right up there ... wot wuz he smokin?

  21. Ronald W Pinckney

    This is the one when it comes to the Average White Band.  Those boys song this song

  22. Devery Lomax

    I saw AWB at the Capital Center just outside Washington D.C.. The Person to Person tour in 1977. They are my all time favorite band!

  23. raff

    hamish Stewart what a voice by far the best singer to come out of Scotland

  24. Stephen Ord

    saw the mighty AWB in their prime with Kokomo supporting, both totally brilliant

    Russell Taylor

    Same here - Edinburgh Odeon - 1975!

  25. Stephen Ord

    saw the mighty AWB in their prime with Kokomo supporting, both totally brilliant

  26. lorraine s

    OMG!!! Didn't think it was possible...yet again seriously good music from them....just danced to this about 7 times straight!! hamish's vocals are inspiring...

  27. Manuel Ruiz


    Adrian Muñoz

    Yo solo puedo decir: "Ufff" cuando la escucho. Qué buenísima rola (y me quedo corto)

  28. geffers54

    Hamish Stewart has the best and i mean the best, falsetto voice I have heard. Smooth, magical tones, effortless and always in tune. Like many, but not enough i think the AWB white album is a classic amongst the best. In the late 70's there were a couple of briiliant bands of the same genre Kokomo being another who breached the gap between black white. A shame that the the likes of AWB and kokomo did not get the recognition they deserves.

  29. Surin Farmwest

    So well rounded and even after all these years years makes me me dance. An underground sound of the time!

  30. bobby martin

    How this one never ended up on a "best of" album, baffles me....one of my all time favorites, and I have every album (except the live ones) from Show Your Hand, to Living In Colour.

    Cockney Red

    every track on that magnificent White (girls bum) album could have made it on to a best of.Arif Mardin knew these boys were special so produced them himself.A landmark soul album,forget their colour,soul is colour blind anyway.

  31. Jay Kumar

    my favorite awb jam :)

  32. william whitton

    how good were these guys,....and Hamish Stuart, his vocal on this is sheer magic.

  33. btinsley1

    one of their songs that is kinda off the radar, but is sooo damn good it HAS to be fattening...

  34. Steve Burston

    My all time blast from my past, loven it even to this day, its right up there with many R&B cuts from that time.

  35. Si Ma

    Fantastic piece of R&B/Funk.Love the music these guys turned out. Special.

  36. RPGH8R

    Mateo & Matos reworked this tune years later

  37. Michael Quinn

    Great vocals on top of a clean arrangement. These guys were the real funk.

  38. Jimmy Brown

    Absolute qaulity. AWB I got you in my blood.


    Lyrics please!!!