Average White Band - Goin' Home Lyrics

Goin' Home, Goin' Home

Goin' Home, Goin' Home
Take a little bit of [?] little bit of soul
And tell them that I'm back too and ready to roll
Take a bit of horns, let them blow
Just put it on the [?]
Goin' Home


Ahhh, yeah, Goin' Home
Ahhh, Goin' Home
Ahhh, yeah, Goin' Home
Goin' Home
Goin' Home
Goin' Home

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Average White Band Goin' Home Comments
  1. Preston Orrick

    Blow them horns, Dundee Horns!!!!!!

  2. Vaughn Miller

    Drummer Steve Ferroni all up in that pocket..

  3. Martin Frye

    I love this album. Great groove. Music from another time, in another world, my childhood.

  4. Waterlec

    If you ain't feelin' the *F U N K* then you're *D E A D !*

  5. Michael Conner

    Going back to Jersey

  6. Stacey King

    I would want AWB'S "Goin' Home" to be played @ my home going memorial service.

  7. Stevie Wayne

    This song makes me think of Soul Train for some reason. Tight jam!

  8. ce hayes

    The Dundee Horns, Blow Y’all Blow !!!

  9. D'Artenya Granger

    Goin' Home - Average White Band 1976 To 2018

  10. Deekay Musiclover

    This Soul Searching album was the joint...telling my age...lol

  11. D'Artenya Granger

    Goin' Home - Average White Band 1976

  12. D'Artenya Granger

    Goin' Home - Average White Band

  13. Horace Jacobs

    This is one of my favorite groups of the 70s and early 80s this group was done this group was good and I hate to see them disassemble

  14. Anthony S

    One of my favorite Groups of All Time. I remembered listening to this cut for the first time at a EWF concerti in Piitsburgh 1977 during intermission. Best Concert Ever!

  15. fanmaxis3004

    who was the guy that had the beard in this band?

    Anthony S

    fanmaxis3004 Hamish Stuart lead singer

  16. Ernie B.

    my favorite lp by them. this should've been givin a +2 pitch to sound faster then released as another single!

  17. brentford buzz

    CLASSIC.........I was 15      lol

  18. Stephen Gomes

    soul searching, classic Lp a must have!

    Cockney Red

    +Stephen Gomes  wrong !! ALL their albums are must haves.fantastic musicians and more funk than a mosquitas tweeter.

    Stephen Gomes

    @Cockney Red I agree with you.

  19. lars karlsøen

    awb-yes they can get an old body like me,really go crazy!he...he.....love the group!

  20. Perry Pickens

    AWB...NEVER been Average...ever!

    Darhyl Lacy

    This a classic..part of collection

  21. Baron Von Shrapnel

    Another great AWB song that KHJ passed over.

  22. Waterlec

    UM, not in my dimension.

  23. Waterlec

    Ya know, this is when there weren't "drum tracks" and people played REAL instruments, sang REAL tracks etc.

    Man, what the hell happened ?

    The Shootist

    music companies, greed and not wanting to deal with musicians and their behaviors.

  24. Buckeyecat2002

    I saw AWB once at the Concord Pavilion. The crowd was nearly all African American grown folks. They had everybody up and dancing. Some things come natural, including "soul." Listen also to The Osaka Monaurail "Archipelago."

  25. Jesse S

    This right here.....was music...and still is today, from the best project they made, thanks for posting!

  26. lobofan22

    Soul Searching was their best, funkiest, tightest album. Way Above Average.

    Anton Zigando

    for real

  27. relimes

    this song is easily mistaken for "pick up the peices"

  28. Terry L Jones Jr

    "the cut"

  29. Jad Xap

    They are truly "no Average White Band!"

  30. Nohorq