Average White Band - For You, For Love Lyrics

Love, has finally come my way
You fill my everyday with love, I think I'll stay around
Your sweet love, has brought new life to me
A pair of eyes to see, so I don't have to dream about
Loving you is changing everything
I've got this song to sing
For you, for love
Oh girl, thank you for the time, we're spending
For the love, for the love that you give
Oh girl, thank you for my life
I thank you every time I think of you and I
Now I live for love
When loneliness is gone, and happiness is found
With love I think I'll stay around
Your sweet love, has taught me something new
Has brought me home to you
So I don't have to dream about
Loving you, is changing everything
I've got this song to sing

For you, for love
Oh girl, thank your smile, for the time we're spending
For the love, for the love that you give
Oh girl, thank you for my life
I thank you every time I think of you and I
Live for, live for, live for love
Loving you is changing everything
I've got this song to sing for you, for love
Oh girl, thank you for the life
I thank you every time I think of you and I
And now live for love
Oh girl, thank your smile, thank you for the time, we're spending
For the love, for the love that you give
Oh girl, thank you for my life
I thank you every time I think of you and I
Now I live for love

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Average White Band For You, For Love Comments
  1. 40Duce Trey

    There is nothing average about Average White Band. They prove soul is deep down inside, not skin deep.


    @bromford ashbeck hope your wife is in heaven

  3. Marcelo Ayres Rosa

    Por favor...
    Não vá embora mais...
    Sonhos tão reais...
    Para sempre,imortais...
    Fique aqui!
    Vem meu novo amor...
    "Versão do Refrão"
    Marcelo Ayres Rosa
    Average White Band
    For You For Love. 1980
    09/01/2020. 00:56

  4. Mike Scott

    They break it down at the end

  5. 박상원

    너무 좋다...

  6. Patricia Daniels

    I love this song so much...so warm & lovely!😊

  7. Klaas Jansen

    and this one standing together listening to it windows open . getting the feel of it.

  8. Marcello Rego

    esse tipo de música ( boa por sinal) parece que entrou em extinção .

  9. The First Pharoah TV outreach program

    The hit on this album

  10. sundevilification

    a taste of yesterday....forever.

  11. Marnie Maretic

    What a happy uplifting piece of music/great harmonies/fabulous arrangement. Heard it in 1980 and have never forgotten it!

  12. Lou Schwick

    i've heard OF them before, but this is the first i song i have actually heard from average white band, and i gotta say that considering how aggressively ironic and sarcastic their name is, i was expecting them to be this aggressive 90s grunge group, not an actual average white band

  13. Soul Man

    Always liked Awb and still loving in 2019 🔈🎶🎶🎶✌🏻

  14. Mitch Salawine

    Thank you so much for posting this! I didn't even know this album existed, although I've been listening to AWB for a lifetime!

  15. David Webb

    Very first album I bought as a teenager was the white album

  16. Buzz Davis

    Too smooth. What an awesome band. Old Skool rules.

  17. Artur Lapurinsh

    Nice song...i love 80's

  18. JokerSins 27

    David Foster did a ton of stuff for many groups but his best work by far came with Chicago. That killer Chicago 17 album was just great.

  19. うめぇぼし

    怒涛の連続転調が美しい(^o^) David Foster氏の曲だとすぐわかる音です。

  20. Jose Abad

    Is the Best music ive ever Heard!

  21. Ken wong

    Did David Pack contributed something to this song?

  22. 池永和之

    This melody & arrangement is similar to『After The Love Has Gone』by Earth,Wind&Fire.I see, so that's how they were works by Bill Champlin.

  23. M. Crow

    For some of us born in the 50's these names mean everything. Foster, Champlin, Hey, Da Costa, Watts, Reichenbach, Grant, Hall, Williams... My God, .. all those fantastic albums.

  24. Marshall Lancaster

    Dig it. Is Boz Scaggs in the house?

  25. Mario Eduardo Calfil Neira

    I love this song! It's so romantic! I will dedicate it to my russian girl!

  26. Vaughn Miller

    Alan Gorrie is working that bass.

  27. サーモン


  28. Purnama Intan

    I keep playing this song before go to sleep...it's relaxing...😉😉😀

  29. Stephen Cashmore

    Takes me back. Good times Oceanside California

  30. progger_ndeso

    kenangan indah bersama lagu ini dan lagu2 sejenisnya (aransemen David Foster)...... saat SMA tahun 1980 an. diputar di radio2 kota Surabaya.

  31. Michael Hester

    The bomb

  32. Chris Styles

    Sounds a lot like Al Jarreau.

  33. Puspita Dewi

    Wow love this song

  34. Anthony S

    This jam is so "Tight'!!


    MITICI !

  36. Jiggs Peterson Negapatan

    I am just wondering what is the genre of this type of music. West Coast Jazz, Crossover or Contemporary Jazz or something else. I do love this type of music that came out on late 70's to mid 80s.

  37. Jiggs Peterson Negapatan

    I had no doubt that david foster had his hands on this musical piece.

    Mario Eduardo Calfil Neira

    This masterpiece was mixed by humberto gatica. He is chilean! Greetings from chile!

  38. jn2006

    that is definitely a beautiful song

  39. Anna Garber

    Wow what a great song fabulous

  40. Gerard Carey

    Top tune from the AWB. Still sounds fresh.

  41. Thomas Pick

    This white band is apeing Earth, Wind, and Fire.

    Stevie Wayne

    It was written by a member of Chicago (Bill Champlin) who also wrote the EWF song After the love is gone.

  42. moab smith bey

    Awesome soul song from the 80s best time old school.

  43. Chris Nova777

    i dont usually like slow jams but this ones not bad

  44. Wulan Rosmeina

    I find myself peaceful to hear this song, i found this song on spotify on the way to campus, this song really help me out of boring traffic in the city.

  45. Gerard Carey

    I have to echo all the previous comments. One of my favourite tracks from the AWB. AN awesome export from Scotland.

  46. Roy de Groot

    Bassline sounds a bit like 'I Can't Help It' by Michael Jackson/Stevie Wonder

  47. Robert Lowe

    Thanks Stevie !!!!

  48. David Norman

    A David foster production I'm sure! Nice horns ! Jerry hey is incredible!

  49. Robert Lowe

    A.W.B. Still the best sound!! followed them all these years, I'll be 66 on the 28th of March,***

    Stevie Wayne

    20 more ahead of you in good health I pray:)

  50. leoj D' Sajenroh

    Amazing song

  51. Marcello Infantellina


  52. Stevie Wayne

    This song is for you Pretty Girl. Times are rough right now but better days are on the way. I am with you all the way and trying my best to be there. Love you the most out of all the billions riding on this spinning experience Mother Earth:)

  53. Stephen Buckner

    Cyhi The Prince- Right side of the bed

  54. 이재현

    미쳤다 진짜

  55. Noha malmsteen

    Beautiful song¡¡¡😍

  56. D Plummer

    Love this.. It's so calmingBeauty takes many forms but these are Angels singing

  57. Michael Redd

    There last great album in 1980, I was in business school. My soundtrack.

  58. MsIsabelle21

    2017...This song has serious staying power!

  59. Anthony Mosby

    one of my favorite songs from the average white band!!!!!

  60. Dave Micklon

    Just a GREAT sound. Both this and EWF's After the Love Has Gone are both in my all-time top 750.

    Fernando Leon

    Dave Micklon ......David Foster is the answer.....regards.

    ce hayes

    Fernando Leon You definitely hear the EW&F arrangements & influence no doubt !!!

  61. stanley janssen

    Was Here...

  62. D Plummer

    Beautiful music and memories

  63. Rebel Chatbout

    this is a beautiful song, wow x

  64. donuthole4sale

    They hit it out of the park with this tune!!!!!!

  65. T Phillip Gee

    Such a class AWB soulful groove. THANK YOU Hamish, Alan, Onnie, Roger, Molly and Steve! THANK YOU AGAIN!

  66. Carlos Araujo

    when i Heard this song for the first time i did not know that AWB made it...37 years ago...Loving you for ever Marianne...

  67. abdispruce almighty

    which version is first, rockie robbins or Awb

  68. Jay Jeon

    Amazing Bill Champlin , Brilliant!!

  69. joannafaith888

    Memories of a groovy group, AWB, sweet Scottish Soul ballad singers. You make smile, bless you!

  70. Michael Wysingle

    I have every album they made. Alan gorrie Hamish Stuart. the best collaboration I ever heard

    John Krupa

    I second that!

  71. psalmsurfer1

    Steve Ferrone..the legend

    Vaughn Miller

    One of the best and one of my favorite drummer's.

    The First Pharoah TV outreach program

    When I first heard that Hi hat work I was blown A way on this song I had to go and try to play it .

  72. David Hunter


  73. Rodrigo Rocha Coutinho

    Wonderful music and voices! I like it! :)

  74. Anthony S

    One of the Greatest Bands ever put together! So Smoove!

    Bill Neath

    Anthony Sloan
    The Best Band to come out of Scotland in.my opinion

  75. lalane vanducci


  76. jazz4asahel

    If fools blow it all to Hell, I'll have heard some great music in my life beforehand.

  77. leoj D' Sajenroh

    what a song. ..

  78. Renny Alfariza

    sukaa bgt sama ini lagu

    Caroline Pummell

    nothing Average about thus! !!!

    Renny Alfariza

    Caroline Pummell 😃

  79. Andriani

    ini lagu enak banget ya Allah

  80. mak hines

    jerry hey...

    Michael Alderete

    mak hines Great trumpet player, session man, and Seawind too.

  81. Thiago guerreiro

    Autores: Roger Ball / Bill Champlin.

  82. Timmy Ryan

    Classy music.

  83. Kathy Harte

    Aww, the memories, loved this band.

  84. danvelgtr

    Awesome track , still sounds fresh in 2016 , I bought this single when it was released in 1980.


    Bill Champlin is an amazing songwriter

    marc grey

    yes. problem is, he does not where he is going..


    means what?

    Michael Alderete

    SHAHIRAN SAHARI Really, Bill? I was gonna look up the composer & producer. This could be EW&F, Jay Graydon, etc. I guess I wasn't too far off.


    Oh fuck yah bill champlin is awesome, jay graydon, steve lukather, david paich.. list goes on

  86. Victor Vintage

    de los mejores álbumes de toda la historia musical, producido por nada más y nada menos que el mismo David Foster.
    y este tema es el mejor de todo el álbum junto con If love only lasts for one night !

  87. Davorius

    Oh yeah, that's it.

  88. Gerard Andal

    Love the song. Reminds me of Manila Bay sunset


    +Gerard Andal Wish I'd never left the Philippines.

  89. The First Pharoah TV outreach program

    I have always been amazed at this band, Class at its best! now I'm ready to take over the drum seat scoot over Steve. lol

  90. Lasse 1964

    close your eyes and imagine so much travel with that beautiful music in the other world full of romance and rhythm.i love that time of music...excellent it was very good years for music business. late of the 70s and early of the 80s the best season for good music (1977 1987)

  91. cell pat

    great ballad! big fans of EW&F indeed. im sure Maurice and Phil are flattered!

  92. wagbelt

    they sound like they originate from California rather than Scotland ,great band ,superb harmonies..

    Perverted Alchemist

    That might have a lot to do with David Foster producing their "Shine" album.

    Lou Schwick

    there was something i heard about british singers having a tendency to sound more american when they sing, due to a combination of how neutral the american accent is phonologically and the dominance of american media

  93. okada aida


  94. Tommy C Wiratama

    aduh.. lagu jadul.. ga ada matinya..

  95. Mike Infante

    Your sweet love has taught me something new!  OH HELLS YEAH!

  96. Alan Deans

    Always reminds me of a fantastic holiday in Magaluf in 1980 - AWB music made that holiday what it was !!

  97. bromford ashbeck

    my wife passed away last year after 33 yrs of living in a  "sea of affection"  , what a powerful song that defines why we must continue to love life  each day , because life is all about change ..... thank you AWB .....

    Chris Nova777

    alot of people dont get to experience that type of connection

  98. Lita Keaton

    Earth Wind and Fire.

    Fernando Leon

    Lita Coppola the same man.......David Foster explain this matter.


    yep. except they are all white boys. :-D

    Shark Versions

    @tall32guy White, apart from drummer Steve Ferrone! There were THREE White guys in EWF. Maurice, Fred and Verdine!

    Vaughn Miller

    @Shark Versions good one, lol.

    Shark Versions

    @Vaughn Miller LOL thanks