Avenged Sevenfold - Wish You Were Here Lyrics

So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell
Blue skies from pain?
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

And did they get you to trade
Your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a leading role in a cage?

How I wish, how I wish you were here
We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl
Year after year
Running over the same old ground
What have we found?
The same old fears
Wish you were here

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Avenged Sevenfold Wish You Were Here Comments
  1. Roséanna park

    I think this song like avril lavigne song's version metal alternative

  2. Denny Ressqy putra pratama

    Nice, i like song, but musick avenged sevenfold tanpa jimmy seperti minum kopi rasa tawar

  3. liljesus

    4:48 Braun Strowman

  4. hankashley

    I like it.

  5. zen poe

    Nice cover by A. 7Fold but the song doesn't fit with the video


    1:46 so cuteee!!

  7. Dosel Video Clips

    best version

  8. Madness Insulation

    4:07 Get better soon James 🥺

  9. Irawadi wadi

    I love this song

  10. Zake seventythree

    I miss my mom an erpat i'll rmber bec. of this Geat Song

  11. Goruthia Player

    I wish you were here Lili, my grandmother he died because of cancer. Like if your grandmother/grandfather died and wish you were here.

    Mi abuela falleció por cancer hace ya bastante tiempo. Deseo que estes aquí, Lili. Like si murió tu abuela/o y desearías que este aquí.

  12. Denmei Phom

    Best cover of this song love it😍😍😍🤘from India

  13. João Souza

    Que música, senhores... Que música.

  14. Ozora Life

    1:55 please dont do like what i think u do mike, Playing Mobile Legends😅

  15. Sangtea Tlau

    I love this song from Mizoram,

  16. Apin Yustendi

    I miss my chelly🇱🇺

  17. Kenneth Shamblin

    This song goes out to my best friend Manuel who lost his life to T-Cell lymphoma stage 4 he died on December 14,2019 he was 42. My you fly high my friend your not hurting anymore we all love you and miss you

  18. alek sandro

    Love from Indonesian 😍😍😍👌👌👌

  19. Onno Wilkens

    Where is the live Performance?
    Anybody know it ?

  20. Sandra Zahra Alidia

    Best version

  21. Riccardo Marini

    Who is @3:52?

  22. Insert Cocaine

    I feel it taste from GUNS AND ROSES...

    Planner Rose

    GnR vibes

    Steve R.

    @Planner Rose , I was thinking this sounds alot like Axl before I saw your comment.

  23. Will of D,ogib


  24. Tanapol Munpinit

    I sad..

  25. Brian Phillips

    He's better than Roger singing this🤣

  26. erebus66

    We miss you jimmy, and for the dead.

  27. The Jimmy boy 2016

    This song means a lot to me and this is my favourite band in the world so its the best of both worlds great job guys love your music foREVer

  28. G.R. Cardoso

    Não me canso de ouvir essa música , melhor cover do pink floyd

  29. bitter butter

    This song... Is it ok for me to cry?☔

  30. Jjacob8600

    playing this over the original song, it sounds amazing..........................

  31. Luis Gonzalez

    Matt´s voice is amazing and syn´s solos are the best



  33. Michael Galecki


  34. Misty Dawn Elliott

    #avengedsevenfold #wishyouwerehere #shads #mshadows #synystergates
    🆕📩 on #victim & #higher walls. ✌🖤😆~always a faithful friend ~〽☠️🦇 #mistydawnelliott #mdawnfoREVer #mrsmshadowsarkansas

  35. Dylan does stupid crap

    Anyone notice one of them is wearing a black Sabbath shirt?

  36. McGhee Foulmouth

    awesome cover of my favourite pink floyd song

  37. Salves pampuarw

    Siting in the corner of my room,
    N it very chilling silence,
    Make me wising some body i realy love

  38. Benjamin Munsong

    One of the best song amongst all the other song i used to play all the time ,so strong and so touching 🥺🥺🥺

  39. Sadeep Shrestha

    All of my love to you dad. rest in peace my hero.

  40. Sendra Hoppoi

    i see Adam Scher A.K.A Braun Strowman

  41. Joe Hoere

    This is pink floyd song that avenged sevenvold covered

  42. Jjacob8600

    Holy shit. i came into this thinking it was gonna be bad.
    *how i was wrong.*

    john mlinarcik

    U and me both. Caught me off guard

  43. Gio Flores

    Sin ofender supero a sus creadores

  44. Party Monsterzilla

    They played this for my cousin at his funeral, i miss you cousin, and your sons miss you too, you were loved by over 4,000 family members and friends love you cousin Paul. Nov 14th 2019! Miss you cousin!

  45. Achon S

    5.3k dislikers? wish you weren't here

  46. Samantha Parker

    Played perfect, oooo I LOVE IT DUDEST!!!! 😄☺🙊🙈🙉👪💋❤💙👀👣

  47. Chris Goss

    Rip dad i miss playing music with you thanks for being my dad and best friend

  48. Movie Man Fan

    5.2K people who disliked this video; wished they were here... with the rest of us enjoying the song and having fun.
    dem sourrie bassturds!

  49. Miko_. ._kun

    R.I.P Grandmaw bev Friday November 15th 2019 may your soul rest easy ❤️😔

  50. Delly-8 Inches-on-my-belly

    I prefer this version. The drums are so clear and the electric guitar. So good!

  51. Bailey Will

    Good cover. also Hetfield!!!

  52. Boy Castro

    At 4:48 i thought i saw Brawn Strawman 😱😱😱

  53. Thomas Clark

    1989-11/08/2019 John Letta. Usmc

  54. saymon magavel

    Brazil 12 de novembro de 2019

  55. I Smoke Daily

    I need to listen to the real version after this... this hurt to listen to


    And why is that?

  56. Jovi Ananda

    Respect from indonesia...this song make me feel so sad about some one..☹️

  57. Munkee Nevah Rong

    Thumbs up from an old guy. 👍

    Garrett [REDACTED]

    *Ok Boomer.*

  58. Bruna Ferreira

    Você tenta andar na linha, mas quem nasceu torta morre torta. Vestindo a farda da vitória.

  59. Khuzhapa Apoktseh

    9 November 2019??🙋🏻‍♂️

  60. Khai Anwar

    they're good. but another band from MALAYSIA did alot better cover back in 1999! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5svX62Ji9E

  61. Patrick Davidson


  62. Panos Panos

    It's amazing how this song can have so many different meanings to every one of us,rarely you can have here with you all people you love, great cover!!

  63. Desi Triprastika

    I love it

  64. Samantha Parker

    What instruments are you using?!? ❤💙

  65. Gzus Piece

    This just hits for Dia De Los Muertos...R.I.P too all your love ones u have lost over the year folks! Also keep rocking Knife master🤘🏽


    Rip Chester Bennington & The Rev

  67. Laura Luise

    Love this group ♥️

  68. Dulcis Est

    We lost one instrument, RIP jimmy

  69. Kathy H

    I really enjoyed every part of this song, but, your guitarist butchered his part. Sorry, I just can not see where the respect for a classic PF song was done.

  70. Ginanjar Dewantara

    😊 a7x

  71. Allan Juggernaut

    this song for my lovely mother..
    she's die with cancer
    thanx a7x,,

    Bijaya Thapa


  72. Badarrudin Mohamad

    dear god vers 2


    RIP The Rev

  74. lukehasthebest trim bruv

    The people that disliked the video clearly have no taste of music

  75. Nick 13

    Tipu c cang bangsat

  76. John Young

    Rip sis, March 19 1998 to June 28 2019, this band reminds so much about you, I love & miss you so much it hurts ❤💔❤

  77. steven dawson

    worst cover ever

  78. Alputraofficial

    Wish you were here 😢

  79. Tyler Hall

    I'm very glad yall covered this song, it was one of my grandfather's favorites songs, loosing him and my mom in two months time was hard and this song helps to ease that

  80. Cah Angon

    Dear God with finger style. https://youtu.be/89FDTtFUBgc what do you think?

  81. mirza arif

    Should it be titled as cover? Cmiiw

  82. bratsounds

    Dylan ❤️

  83. Thomas Casey

    This song was my bestfriend song and everything i wish i could have played this at his funeral i miss him rip jaws

  84. paulus doni

    sounds very good :)
    a7x would be cool if making kinda bon jovi song. rock ballad, or fussion with metal

  85. HazardGamingHG

    I've never seen the ending where they're all walking off the stage, so cute.

    Cah Angon

    Dear God with finger style. https://youtu.be/89FDTtFUBgc what do you think?

  86. Theja Kin

    RIP dad

  87. Theja Kin

    RIP big bro.. Wish u were here

  88. Carlos R. Flores R.

    its just me or i hear at a few seconds when they get off the stage a part of A day in the life of the Beatles?

  89. Kathy Shaw

    You melinials think you know where this comes from???????

  90. Faiq Fayyadh


  91. Diana Jorden

    🐨Love these Guys!! 2019

  92. Josue Espinoza Vargas

    Temaso :( ♡♡

  93. Kinnik Okwad

    Give me goosebumps 💔

  94. A Shot Of Whiskey

    Wish you were here Steven. Thanks for the life we shared until death we part and to death we meet again.

  95. Fang Kisaragi

    Rip papaw, my fallen Alyssa you both will always be in my heart #LEGENDSNEVERDIE

  96. Sugiarti Monika

    Losss enakin lagunya mantap bener🤘