Avenged Sevenfold - Walk Lyrics

Can't you see I'm easily bothered by persistence
One step from lashing out at you...
You want in to get under my skin
And call yourself a friend
I've got more friends like you
What do I do?

Is there no standard anymore?
What it takes, who I am, where I've been belong
You can't be something you're not
Be yourself, by yourself
Stay away from me
A lesson learned in life
Known from the dawn of time

Respect, walk
What did you say?
Respect, walk
Are you talking to me?

Are you talking to me?

Run your mouth when I'm not around
It's easy to achieve
You cry to weak friends that sympathize
Can you hear the violins playing your song?
Those same friends tell me your every word


[Chorus x2]

Are you talking to me?
No way, punk!

[Chorus x2]

Are you talking to me?
Walk on home, boy

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Avenged Sevenfold Walk Comments

    2:37 RE SPECT F***

  2. V1P3R Bl4Z3

    que basura mejor pantera

  3. Adi rvlndr

    I don't like sound of Johnny bass

  4. Raheem Bosley

    What was Zack doin' durin' Gates' solo??

  5. 4Cha d

    Top ten anime crossovers

  6. Onni Dairen

    2019-20 ??? Good :D 'rus' Θ_Θ

  7. peanutman1902

    What the fuck was that solo

  8. Doug Northey

    This gave me shivers!

  9. radrcer

    Weak turned down D

  10. Samantha Smith

    Tune. Avenged smashed it

  11. Joshua Michilena

    Great ass cover 🤘🏼🤘🏼

  12. Jäger Volant

    Was that crowd there for maroon 5 or some shit...

  13. youssef igrou

    If you don't know this song
    "Go Fuck yourself"

  14. Apache Hydro

    Perfect cover

  15. Big Boi

    I think the one with tattoos is good

  16. SCHB 1802

    0:35 did you see patrick star from spongebob?

  17. Vonified

    2:55 Phil's singing with Shadows in the crowd

  18. Mutilasi Jelangkung

    RIP Dimebag , Vinnie , and The Rev

  19. Kinipela Malia

    Yes walk

  20. NICKCRUZ360

    O vocal ficou muito mas muito bom

  21. TheGuyWhoIsAustralian

    Turn the goddamn bass down a bit.

  22. forevermore

    i prefer a7x version more

  23. Saitea Sailo

    If you don't like this song then turn the Fuck around and walk on home

  24. MrClearme

    Too much tattoos

  25. Cody P

    Damn, that bass tone though!

  26. Charles Naylor


  27. Jefferson Ochoa

    🤣Djared Dines sent me here🤣

  28. Richard Przybylek

    Great job rip Darrell and Vinny we all miss you and wish you well

  29. MrMotherfuck123

    Soundman should have walked Home......

  30. odon seel

    I've heard only one song from Avenged Sevenfold. Afterlife. It was cool, but not enough to make me want to buy their stuff. Now I accidentally found this. This is amazing cover. I will buy their album and if it's good, I will buy everything from them.

    Any suggestions which album should I buy first?

  31. Revenger Mukz

    Is there a change in voice at every stage of life. Matt voice was gold then and now what happened

  32. Gh Gh

    That bass tho

  33. Setiono Sapto

    Selamat anda telah menemukan komentar dalam bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar 😊

  34. k00svako

    Pure garbage

  35. Sly the Guy

    A legend covers a legend. Sounds badass with his strong voice.

  36. Robby White Head

    The dislikes are the ones who walked home

  37. Alexis Montalban

    No sabia que daddy yankee cantaba metal xD

  38. MegaRabbit09

    3:12 is that Phil in the crowd?

  39. jack daniel

    Leave it for Phil 🖐

  40. SCHB 1802

    Perfect bass clanking

  41. Ilia Chigogidze

    4:19 OMG

  42. Leandro B.M

    Aguante el metal la concha de su madre!!!

  43. washington mendes


  44. Kevin133sdr

    Jhonny Christ - Walk

  45. Dragoy

    Avenged Sevenfold are singing Walk better than Pantera

  46. jacob_the_music_man

    Phill anselmo qnd rest of Pantera members would be disappointed in this cover i bet especially phill anselmo.

  47. Diego Garcia

    Daddy yanke lol

  48. Belnikorn

    1 question why tf is there patrick plushie in 0:36


    Good eye

  49. TallSomeone

    Gimmick band.

  50. Mark Wullenschneider

    Saw this performed in Denver at a Justin Bieber concert... totally started the pit

  51. Jayanth Perera

    If anyone who is a rock fan but doesnt listen to Avenged Sevenfold... No fuckin point of listening to Rock if it's a rock fan.

  52. KingKobraJoe

    That voice tho 😁🔥🔥👌

  53. Angela Duncan

    Shiiiid he sounds better than Phil Anselmo

  54. Feryzawa

    Johny Christ: can i have my bass solo?
    other a7x member: i have a better idea

  55. The Best Of Minecraft

    Jared dines anyone?

  56. Dread Lord

    The fact that 80% of this crowd of "metalheads" has no fucking clue what this song is, is sad. If your gonna be a metal fan, or any kind of music fan, then dont just be modern. Learn the roots and classics too. It helps you understand and appreciate it a hell of a lot more

  57. Wade Wilson

    No, no, no very bad copy!

  58. MAN IN RED


  59. Lil Dyl

    This sucks

  60. Nightmare Zer0

    This is better than their studio version (A7X's Studio version of this cover)

  61. Jose eduardo Diaz


  62. Krain Wolf

    That bass tone is nasty and i love it

  63. Celia Menezes

    Pqp demais A7X sensacional!!!!

  64. Skelihdrum

    They did a good job on the song but the mix sucked. Not the bands fault.

  65. Cryonic

    This song is my fucking shit

  66. F1K0V4

    this is not lit

  67. Fungrt

    Weird to think there had to have been a couple ppl who didn’t know this song

  68. TheEditingShop

    0:59 - Nicely done, cameraman, nicely done.

  69. Top Floor Inc

    A highly covered song but A7X did it best 💯

  70. Thoth EmeraldTablets

    Just... No.

  71. Cobrali

    i dont care what they like to listen or what they CAN play. i hate them for the emo shit music they make.

  72. Ra zat

    I love you Dimebagg♥️

  73. Jefferson Ochoa

    Djared Dines😂 sent me here

  74. Dennis Alif Setiawan

    Johnny Christ did a good job there

  75. SlavicSoul

    Its good and all. But this cover seems dragging

  76. Один из нас

    Какой кошмар...Полупидоры хотят втиснуться в мир конкретного металла.чтоб ты ежами срал гандон б/ушный!

  77. Storm10112

    bass sounds like a muffler dragging on a highway

  78. buttz krieg

    Bass sounds horrendous

    Tomás Matias

    sounds great, he's using a sansamp multi effect

    buttz krieg

    @Tomás Matiasthe effects would sound better if he would raise the strings so they dont rattle and buzz on the fretboard every time he strikes a string.

  79. XII XII


  80. Mason French

    With this performance of the song, A7X makes it sounds more melodic, more gritty than the original.

  81. Arnie art

    i cant believe so many people really like this, only 4,5K dislikes? what happened to metal..?

  82. 666


  83. Robert Allan Cabalsi

    This is madness

  84. Castlehill650

    Love this cover, but the bass player lightweight blew it.

  85. Liberty1982

    Um...... no

  86. Noble 6

    That hardcore bass distortion sounds sick as fuck.

  87. Dominic Hughes

    Dimebag would punch you all right in the fucking mouth for this shitty version

  88. feel so good

    정말 잘부릅니다.... 왠만한 원곡 라이브를 뛰어넘는 커버임.

  89. J Sour

    Fuck yeah 🇩🇴♠️🎯🔥🧨💪🏻

  90. Tsaliba Sangtam

    Matt Shadow voice is better

  91. Man


  92. Zane Heyl

    Fuck this. They destroyed it. This sucks. Timing is out, anger is gone, accent sucks, body language is as stiff as a pen... No respect for Pantera.

  93. Ressurection From Ashes

    When the hell did Avenged Sevenfold invite tool on stage? LMAO, not complaining. Johnny Christ lit that bass up. Great cover boys!!


    This Cover better than Original.. ^💀^


    You fill me with rage.

  95. Rockoholic34

    M.shadows he can sing any type of songs just like corey does.🤟🏽

  96. Linux4UnMe

    The bassist is a TWANGER! lol

  97. Pedro Malaya

    Nice vocal avenge ..next to phil anselmo.

  98. Daniel Gammie

    Pantera 4 Live!Nice try A7X...