Avenged Sevenfold - Waking The Fallen Lyrics

Wake the ones and rise tonight
Fallen souls we shine so bright

Rise now and ever
Leave your memory

Rise now and ever
Leave your memory

No one can touch us

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Avenged Sevenfold Waking The Fallen Comments
  1. Waldeo

    Hopefully I run across something like this but longer just to hear the shear earth-rocking potential in a full length song.

  2. MultIplay3r

    This fucking rocks!! Best intro!

  3. facundo balmaceda

    Hello... from argentina...... good avenged

  4. Ghoulish Toad

    this album is so much more influential than it gets credit for

  5. Kaiden Goehring

    I am chosen

  6. TrustyTryhard Gamer

    Waking the fallen story:

    Not too long ago, there were three friends named Damien, Matt, and Jimmy. These boys grew up together and were the best of friends. These boys would often sit and wonder about the world around them and their very existence (hence remissions) Throughout life however, they began to have different plans for different paths in life which lead to a lot of arguments and eventually their falling out. (Hence desecrated through reverence) Matt and Damien went their separate ways leaving Jimmy in the middle having to deal with the pain of losing the two most important people in his life. This tore him in half and brought lots of grief (hence second heartbeat) during their split damien had to deal with the lost of his brother at the hands of a murderer which influenced him to find and kill the man. (Hence chapter four) this however didn't heal the wound that it left which lead him to take his own life (hence I wont see you tonight which is his suicide letter to Matt and Jimmy) after hearing about their friend's passing Matt and Jimmy felt a burning hate and rage toward their friend for leaving and wanted to join him but they held on for each other. Matt started to fall into a similar depression not being able to get over the lost of his friend and began to long for death as well (hence clairvoyant disease) finding this out, Jimmy tried to talk with Matt and keep his only living friend here (hence unholy confession and the lyric "nothing will last in this life") Hearing his friend telling him to get over the death of someone they loved sent Matt over the edge causing him to shoot jimmy (hence radiant eclipse and the lyrics "two nights ago i was shot, a bullet sunk straight through my skull. A friend pulled the trigger that silenced me") coming to his senses, Matt saw what he did and realized that he was now alone in this world but couldn't take it so he killed himself as well (hence all things will end since he was the last friend alive) in the afterlife, the three friends weren't accepted into heaven or hell so they were damned to stay in this world (hence eternal rest) and tonight they've been given the chance to rise from their graves and watch their story play in front of their eyes before they return to their forever resting place (hence waking the fallen and why it comes first in the album cause the album is them watching their story in spirit and hence waking the fallen resurrected which is them going back to their graves.) *the end*

  7. Kelli Michelle


  8. Preston Whittaker

    The beginning of this intro sounds like something out of one of the Halo games.

  9. Zeke Marzell

    The true fans of Avenged sevenfold. We remember the old school albums that these emo kids seem to disregard and call themselves fans of

  10. Peter vong

    One of the few albums I still love listening to from beginning to end.

  11. H. E. M.

    Back when every band had an intro song 😂

  12. ChakraMan2003

    This album came out the day I was born.

  13. Jojo's Swifty

    Damn, this is impressive for something that came out in 2003.

  14. Be One

    Who remembers first listening to this album and hearing this?

  15. M Bayrak

    This and City of Evil were really the only albums when they came up with an inspired name, rather than naming the album with their main song.

  16. Daniel Gurga

    After this album they sucked

  17. Peyton Mcpherson

    Does Synyster Gates sing on this song?

  18. Thirsty Soda1x

    Best intro to an album I've ever heard.

  19. Kyle Carsten

    Eighth grade, waiting for the bus during a brutal winter in Flint, Michigan. Listening on a busted up mp3 player. 2005ish. Great album.

  20. M Reza Pahlevi

    What's is the lyrics 😂

    Thirsty Soda1x

    Look on google it tells you

    Thirsty Soda1x


  21. Kay Rose

    Ugh one of the many albums that shaped who I am today

  22. J The Nerd

    God...This Self Titled Intro Is Very Powerful, It Leads Into The Band's First Successful Song, It Also Slowly Builds Into Unholy Confessions.

  23. Death Bat115

    Thumbs up if you have a deathbat tattoo 🤟🏼🦇

  24. Death Bat115

    This intro gives me the best eargasm ever 🙈🦇 goooosebumps

  25. Bubbles_McStuffin97

    I remember listening to this album for the first time with my step brother. I was like 6 or 7 so it scared the shit out of me haha but my brother said it's how it's supposed to be. He said this album is for true metal fans and people who really appreciate art and to this day this album scares the shit out of me but that fear is what makes me appreciate this beautiful work of art called "waking the fallen"

  26. Badkittymia meow


    Braizin 420

    Badkittymia meow ❤️

  27. A R


  28. Madara Uchiha

    after "Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet" I "Waking the Fallen" from "City Of Evil" but he "Avenged Sevenfold" to Me,thats Give Me "Nightmare FoREVer",and I "Hail to the King" at "The Stage"

  29. tiriinss

    Dude this has some the stage vibes

  30. Detalixip

    i love it but it's too short

  31. welp

    His voice works well with the guitars

  32. Foxy zorritoplayer

    0:45 - 1:38 scream

  33. Mbari Hogun

    Powerful ~

  34. Bruno Borba

    The best intro ever! So dark, so creepy!

  35. phildogMcfly

    I have to listen to this album at least once every quarter of a century

  36. Wallucks

    *G O O S E B U M P S*

    Nittaya Vongthienthong

    Olivier Hudok

  37. Gaspard Chavenon

    Instru is sooo Epic

  38. Zach Ariston

    This has such a cool groove to it

  39. 2vid Wynd

    I wish this lasted at least 4 mins.

  40. Shawn S

    friend let me listen to chapter 4 over a decade ago, been listening to metal ever since

  41. Daniel Ingram

    1:39 No one can fuck us

  42. David Rojas

    Who still remember's putting this into their car's CD player for the first time?

    Awareness Network

    Fuckin 2 young to have a car but was the last year I used CD player freshman year. This CD was a regular!

    Lindsey Morgan

    I'm a year late but I still put this CD on in my car :)


    What’s a cd?


    Sorry, I use Vinyl.

    Bashing Over Racing

    @Max4Million lol

  43. Angela Gyurka

    The best ever A7X ablum! Huge like!

  44. jason wascon

    there is a longer version if you look hard enough js

  45. Jesse Dey


  46. VirtualGhost7301 CyRÉ N0•RAK


  47. Tyler Robinson

    I'm not going to lie, that intro is pretty creepy.

    Death Bat115

    Tyler Robinson it’s a good thing

  48. Alej4ndro

    Que pasó con Sounding The Seventh Trumpet?

  49. AngGhy-Yani -Vlog-

    please for the personnel a7x, I ask to release an album that tells the story of Jimmy "The Rev" sullvan


    anggi priyandani090 there probably is one. The Rev will be missed.


    Nightmare? Lol

  50. Yusra Channel

    For Hopeless Records, please don't block my video "Avenged Sevenfold Second Heartbeat Guitar Acoustic Cover" because I'm not use this song from your account, I'm use the song from other source. Thanks

  51. eggdog b

    my favorite song of this album is I Won't See You Tonight part 1

    michael branscum

    So go comment that on i won't see you 1
    not here dafuq

    Alfie Voice

    I love Chapter Four and Unholy Confessions

    Thirsty Soda1x

    @SignatureRarity same


    For me it's Clairvoyant Disease, Chapter Four and IWSYT Pt. 1

    Mario Bastida Pelegrín

    1- second hearbeat
    2- remenissions
    3- and all the things end

  52. Alex Fancher


    Mr. SlippyFist

    They have it on here, just look up Sounding The Seventh Trumpet and it should show all songs. They even have the demos.

    Ayden Puckett

    Copyright reasons, I don't think that hopeless records was involved in the song so if it's uploaded they try to take the entirety down.


    Its finally unblocked


    I can't found The Art of Subconscious Illusion. I've tried looking freaking everywhere yet it's been taken down in every location. My best guess is A7X wants to pretend it doesn't exist.



  53. Armia7x Lind


    best of best


  54. ContactingTheDead


    david mincey

    ContactingTheDead hands down the best

  55. dankweedz

    Fucking stupid ass facebook won't let me share this w/ my friends.
    upvote if you have same issue

    The Maniac Core

    Just copy and paste the link, it works fine

  56. Stephen Sturgis

    love getting high to this song

    Stephen Sturgis

    Horror and Halloween 101 Yes, I do!

    Horror and Halloween 101

    @Stephen Sturgis Damn, sweet! SoaD is my second favorite band, A7X is #1. 

    Stephen Sturgis

    Horror and Halloween 101 Same! Really enjoyed the new album The Stage and I'm psyched to hear SoaD's new album

    Horror and Halloween 101

    @Stephen Sturgis The Stage was awesone. Was disappointed at first, but now I love every song except Simulation, which I just can't seem to get into. And yeah, I'm super stoked for the new SoaD album. I have a feeling it'll come out before their UK tours next summer, since their tours would support it. Either that, or they'll introduce new songs during their tours and have the album released after the summer. Either way, I'm excited.

    millio miller

    Stephen Sturgis got high drove all of I -45 while listening to this album

  57. Daniel Lopez

    i love this album <3

  58. Josh Jensen

    this album is amazing on shrooms

    eggdog b


    Death Bat115

    Oh dear 🙈

  59. yrmtn dsxcghj

    0:52 doew anyone know which is this song???

    Michael Wagner

    This song?

  60. olivia

    Does anyone know what the song at the very end of this song is


    its all the same song, but if you're asking the song that comes after this then its unholy confessions

  61. Nate dawg115

    I wish this was longer :(

    Don’t Worryaboutit

    Listen to "waking the fallen resurrected"

    Antonio compagnone

    Nate dawg115 that's the intro

    Nathan Johnson

    @Don’t Worryaboutit Im the same guy on my other account, and I just listened to it, its awesome!

    River Throat

    It's. A. Fucking. Introduction.

  62. carlos amparano

    How can I download this intro?

    f. z.

    you buy it on amazon/itunes

  63. marjke jasmine

    I'm new here to Avenged Sevenfold :3

    Nine Mars

    I didn't read the replies before commenting... Sorry... :(


    LOL Good one

    A7X Lover

    Welcome to the A7X family

    Thirsty Soda1x

    First you must pay your respects to jimmy. foREVer

  64. Unknown Users

    sounds like fear factory

  65. Faris Slipknot

    abah kau


    kau slipknot pi jejauh , shuhhh


    Faris Slipknot slipknot dh ketinggalan zaman lhhh we

  66. devino larsen

    Their best one. .. its dumb he dont scream anymore.

    Aquanox 19

    +devino larsen He had throat surgery that's why he quit screaming for a while. Now he's screaming better.

    Miguel Guerra

    He does but M.Shadows got surgery. But he was able to scream still. Don't worry he will do it though most likely on the new album.

    Aquanox 19

    M Shadows did some screaming on the Nightmare album


    +devino larsen He blew his voice out on this album. I don't know if he got surgery but if he did he probably won't scream very much because he doesn't want to blow out his voice again.

    Nine Mars

    Miguel Guerra Nope. The Stage had no screaming that I'm aware of.

  67. Brosse Adam


    mia Riedel

    yeees \m/

    2vid Wynd

    Brosse Adam me too.
    I c*mmed .


  68. Captain Levi Ackerman

    I love this intro, it's dark and haunting and describes the album, this is their darkest album


    Half this album is about the bible.

    Logan Cabianca

    Captain Levi Ackerman I'd have to disagree with that. The nightmare album is there darkest album.


    Nightmare is its saddest mostly fiction self titled is the best though

    Death Bat115

    Captain Levi Ackerman also one of the best albums in my opinion

    Isaac Rumley

    Eh that's debatable between Nightmate especially after the Rev passed

  69. Evan Muller

    the album that changed it all for a7x

    Jules McGrules

    He's right. This album got them exposure and led to them being signed.

    MNRS E.B.

    More like City of Evil

    Buster McMuffin

    i mean it was only their second one...


    @MNRS E.B. agree City of Evil was their first major success, the first two albums actually sold very badly

    Nicholas Harper

    @L04D This album got them traction for City of Evil. This album got them exposure.

  70. Mason Tatum


  71. Dean Lokey

    Waking The Fallen < Waking The Fallen: Resurrected

  72. Brendon Adams

    Miss anything?

  73. Hayden James Ledingham

    After hearing the resurected version of this, i've forgotten how basic this was

    Noorliza Warner

    +TheDeathbat 26 but there is beauty in simplicity.

    Hayden James Ledingham

    +Noorliza Warner yes there is but I really repulsing call this a beautiful song
    Epic yes
    But resurrected is better in my opinion
    That being said there are lots of songs that are very basic and possibly the best songs written

  74. Eduardo Davila

    este grupo de rock me late mucho me gustaria que estuvieran en mi pais

    Foxy zorritoplayer

    Eduardo Davila es Metalcore, aunque generalmente suben Heavy Metal

  75. Talden J

    Jerks you stole Overkill's mascot

    Talden J

    it isn't called the death bat that was some stupid thing that they came up with, you see overkill has been around since the 80s and this so called (death bat) you say is named chalie.

    Ed Hance

    +Talden J Overkill stole it from Queensryche

    Talden J

    dude it isn't a winged skull it is some weird looking blade thing,

    Ljubomir Jovanovic

    people probably made drawings of winged skulls 2000 years ago. It's not just a metal thing. besides who cares, just listen to the music

    jose jimenez

    Talden J lol overkill sucks bro

  76. Hitmanhunter117

    I play this in the beginning of the Crota Raid. The screaming is from the Hive. After enter entering into the thrall pit, 'Unholy Confessions' plays.

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 2015

    Destiny player^^^😂😂😂😂

  77. Stonewall380 Entertainment

    Okay, some people are idiots. The reason this song is so short is because it's an intro to the album and to Unholy Confessions, basically. But it sounds amazing and it's perfect. Stop complaining that it's so short.

    2vid Wynd

    Stonewall380 Entertainment yea
    It's amazing \m/


    We know it's an intro, we just wish it was longer. Why is that so difficult to understand?

    Bellah Babydoll


    Death Bat115

    This dark into fits perfectly to unholy confessions
    A7X foREVer


    It's demo

  78. Grumpy Qisyn

    I wish they would continue to make an intro song for each album. It'll be like a trademark which will be sooooo coooooool!!!

    Horror and Halloween 101

    They didn't do a intro song for The Stage...

    June Bellegarde

    Horror and Halloween 101 yeah the stage had a Intro it WAS the stage

    Not Stephen

    pink floyd does that a lot

    millio miller

    they didn’t want to

    Mr. SlippyFist

    Slipknot does that, Pink Floyd does it and so do other bands.

  79. Turimtijadol

    So fucking awesome :D

  80. Hellcat Kämpfer

    why so damn short??

    Jacob DeMille

    @Nazrul Hellcat Tanker Idiots. This is the intro to the album xD

    Hellcat Kämpfer

    @Jacob DeMille i know you *insert bad words here*! I wish this is was extended version


    Listen to the Waken The Fallen Resurrected version. It's a bit different than this one and bit longer

  81. Leyton Kirkpatrick

    why is this not a full song xD

    lucas ferreira

    *---------* Crazy :3 

    Kevin de Groot

    TBH it was quite dissapointing. It kicks ass but it still doesn't feel like a song because of its structuring. Sounds like random bits of brilliant melodies put together.


    @Kevin de Groot This song is amazing. Resurrected made it badass.

    Mrs. Monsterhigh

    Same complaints here :D i think its just a song to introduce the new album- forREVer

    Chloe Hope

    it's an intro..

  82. madgunner111

    short song but great song

  83. Tomas Garces Chaparro

    They should, as in the album, use it as an unholy confessions intro.

    Lev Hard

    unholy confessions has crazy amazing intro ,too.

    Mr. SlippyFist

    This is for Chapter Four

  84. Marcus Zimmer

    This should've been a real song, damit!

    Dion Peeters

    Marcus Zimmer wtf you think it is then

    Thirsty Soda1x

    It is a real song.

    WBJ Bepoleon

    Thirsty Soda it’s an intro to unholy confessions and the album

    Thirsty Soda1x

    @WBJ Bepoleon I know..

  85. JakeYencikMusic

    I like the 1-2 minute album intros on STST and waking the fallen thy should've had them in later albums i could see one perfectly fitting in nightmare and fading into save me

  86. Ada Bejan Ballıktaş

    OMG, is that all

  87. Wilford Brimley

    You're thinking of Nile.

  88. Shellee

    3 one of the very greatest

  89. LordNefarious

    1 year later.. 150k views achieved.

  90. MezmerKaiser

    This has the easiest guitar part in A7X history

  91. Jordan Cook

    No one can touch us

  92. neoZ3365

    Egyptian metal? Listen to Ra.

  93. Nicholas May

    She should have said you wish you were robin

  94. Viola Forconi

    16 persone non capiscono un cazzo in fatto di musica

  95. Robert Gerhardt

    this song is where is all started for me.....

  96. Zach H