Avenged Sevenfold - Until The End Lyrics

Weekends on young and angry streets
We meet, drink 'till trouble found us there
Living life as without a care
We've had our fights, been black and blue
It's true, I've even gone to jail for you my friends
Bet your life that I'd do it again

(Until the End)

Don't change the way you think of me
We're from the same story
Life moves on, can't stay the same
For some of us, I'm worried, yeah

While some have gone their separate ways
There's some still caught up with the past
And stead to move on, you're missing most of your life
They say it's hard to stay the same
When some fail, while other men seem to gain, but friends
I'll be with you here until the end

(Until the End)

Don't change the way you think of me
We're from the same story
Life moves on, can't stay the same
For some of us, I'm worried

We're all falling forward
With no signs of slow
Some moving faster
That's all that I wanted
I wanted

I know it's hard
It's passing by
Be out all night
So reminisce won't bring you back
Just look ahead and hold on tight

We're all falling forward
With no signs of slow
Some moving faster
That's all that I wanted
I wanted

Don't change the way you think of me
Oh yeah

Until the end
Until the end
Until the end
Until the end

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Avenged Sevenfold Until The End Comments
  1. Emmanuel Lyanzaw

    14 Feb. 2020 Anyone??

  2. Eliad Lanreb


  3. Austin Phillips

    One of the most underrated A7X songs ever!! Like why was this not on any of their main albums

  4. Bruticus

    So, when does this come to spotify?

    Christian S

    7th of february

  5. Rossi Stevan

    avenged the best

  6. Nada Fajri

    Kesini gara-gara kangen seseorang yang bikin gue suka lagu A7X:(

  7. 15gladuis

    The album is coming out on iTunes in 2020 :)

  8. Can Arslan

    finally, it will be on spotify

    C J

    Yes the diamonds in the rough album will be available to stream on Spotify and apple music from the 7th of February

    C J

    @CrazyHead884 7th of February

    Lil xan

    I really like a7x

    Marcos Souza

    Can Arslan Not in Brazil :(

    Batu Mag

    2 daysss

  9. Ravi Mahira

    RIP James Owens Sullivan

  10. Ali Sabara


  11. DRSA TV

    In the highschool this is my fav music while smoking weed ,,,yeah until the endd........

  12. Dhedy Bina


  13. jl mang

    What genre is this guy? 🤔 Is this a metal?

  14. Heri Son

    Until the end

  15. Devin Ghost

    2020 anyone ?? 😎

  16. William Bgr

    2020 🖐️

  17. anarchy alkion

    Best fucking song ever!!!!!!

  18. yan lanouette

    One of the best a7x song

  19. atieclxx

    2010 > 2020

  20. Allie Burns

    Anyone know why this one isn’t on Apple Music? It’s so good but I just found this song because of a Facebook comment 😂

  21. Peri Faridz

    29 Desember 2019?

    Yulius Tata Nugraha


    Peri Faridz

    Kuningan nihhh Jawa Barat

    Rossi Stevan

    solo bro

  22. Hiago Rodrigues

    Essa música é tão boa que sempre tenho que voltar pra ouvir depois de um tempo

  23. Luqman Yahya

    Rest in peace jimmy 🙌🏻

  24. Black Veil

    why this song is fuckin underrated ?

  25. Lyan Mangte


  26. matthew shadows

    Love uwie mohjang thea n latifahtul Khoiriyah hadi

  27. derry aji

    I like it alwais

  28. Tate Tate

    Thank you for the HD lyrics

    And also thank you for the lyrics again in the description

  29. Nur Kimsoohyun


  30. zackyvengeace

    Why thia song noting in spotify

  31. Ari Sykes

    please add this album to spotify

  32. Kessio Drums - Piauí Bateras

    Música top👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  33. Ibrahim YTC

    27-11-2019 Indonesia 👍💟

  34. ANTO A.S

    Gua suka lagu2 avenged .. yng ska lagu ini jempol ny mna

  35. Gogod Prakoso

    Only this song nothing in spotify

  36. Call Me Noob

    Bukan orang indo namanya kalo gak bikin kalender dikomenan youtube,ANDA NORAK!!!

  37. Wan Amirul

    21 november 2019😊

  38. Zhiyed Maulana

    2020 anyone? Like

    Alican Özçelik

    Are you time traveler or something? :D

  39. McSleuth Burgur

    I'm a pretty emotionally stunted person by the standards of everyone around me, I don't really feel or express emotions the same way other people do, but this is one of the few things that has made me step away from my computer. The only other time recently was playing Bioshock when Fontaine brings up fighting you like putting down a dog in pain. My first dog was euthanized because of cancerous tumors that couldn't be removed due to his age when I was about 10 and beginning to understand what death was, and that hit a sensitive spot even 14 years later

  40. Ifan Fahri

    November 2019

  41. Siti Aisyah

    Oct 2019

  42. amosng 350

    Breaking Benjamin he stole your song.

  43. Alex Pfoze

    India🇮🇳 2019

  44. Haryadi Haryadi

    Tetep mantullllll...sampai sekarang

  45. Andre firmanS

    okt 2019🇮🇩

  46. Michael Avila

    God I wish they would put the full album on spotify

  47. mas tiar

    We are from the same story

  48. Azy Munky

    Im a time traveller, anyone from 2029?

    Gok Ridho Kislew

    Hello ma bro, I'm from 2034

    Caio Fabeni

    I'm watching in 1992

    Julio Hutabarat

    Hi! I'm from 2069

  49. Eat More Chicken

    The power of the internet, lets you find songs that you’ve never heard by your favorite bands.

  50. Ethorg Productions

    Rip all of my friendships. See you on the other side I hope

  51. Own me

    13/10/2019 from thailand 🇹🇭

  52. Angam Jerico

    Say yooooo to aveng sevenfold I love aveng sevenfold party

  53. -RATHALOS-

    I lost a good friend in 2018 and it was my fucking fault, i still hate myself for it, i listen to a7x a lot, they give me courage, hope, and peace

  54. Jinvely Official

    12 Oktober 2019😎🔥Perfect and Amazing for Melodis...

  55. Rizky Wonosobo

    Wong indonesia merapat. Mangan tempe kemul karo musikan 😄

  56. Lana Radja

    Ok nice

  57. Atuo Sorii

    Avenged sevenfold is always in my heart💜❤

  58. Ebi Febrianto 07

    Lagu kesukaan..
    Salam dari Indonesia

  59. Why So Serious !!

    this album before or after The Rev ( James Sullivan ) is death ?

    Why So Serious !!

    @Agarthan Reaper ohhh . sorry im new fan here🙋

    Agarthan Reaper

    @Why So Serious !! cant you tell that in the bridge it doesnt sound like matt's raw voice? it is doubled with the rev's i am not sure and heard it from anyone. but i assume since really sounds like it


    Fckin awesome song

  61. Jamen RED DOT

    Penak.e pass lekk!!

  62. Yoga Nurilman

    Amazing lyric's☺☺
    Like if u agree✌✌

  63. Red White

    22 September 2019, 11:13 pm

  64. Will Gembel

    2019 09 20?

  65. Imat R

    2019 ?
    I'm from Indonesian. I love avenged Sevenfold 😍

    ronny anggara


    fahryz alfahrizie

    Gass poll

    Rizky Wonosobo

    Dou you know 🤔🤔 wa ciau ciau wo ai ni cau fu ciu cie ??

    Gok Ridho Kislew

    from Indonesian ?
    Rip English 🤣😁

  66. Rahman Arifin

    foREVer 2019 ..

  67. Crazy!

    I'm not crying !!! My eyes are sweaty !!!!

  68. Wilwa Saputra

    rip the rivjimmy

  69. anggi nugeraha

    getting old getting hot

  70. Lyricando as musicas boas

    30/08/2019. Brasil!!!!

  71. Animasi Missqueen

    Asw :")

  72. Midknight Plague

    His voice has so much power and emotion behind it, it's not even funny

  73. 8Ball K-rismaOneツ

    From Indonesia 🇲🇨2019!!!!

    Azy Munky

    Bootcamp anjir

    Ahmad Fikri Herlambang

    I'm here

    Gule Sira

    Lagu fav ini

    David Radafa

    Hadir cok jancok

    Jancok Mania

    Soiye cok

  74. Saerozi Muhammad


  75. Deepak Dulal

    listening this today and forever (24th August 2019)

  76. risky fap

    Matt's chest voice will always be god tier while his head voice will always remain slightly above average with the occasional rise to demi god tier. Brb punching Matt/Axl's vocal coach

  77. NV a7x

    “ Just look ahead and HOLD ON TIIIIGHT!!! “ 💯⚡️🎤💪🏼

  78. Aris Wahono

    some day avengad go to, indonesia. my contry. bicause I like A song avengad7fol seyou

  79. saprol jr

    14 aug 2019

  80. Rangga tap

    Jakarta, August 14 2019,still enjoy it (Indonesia)

    Ratu Shofura

    alus alus

  81. Yusuf Apriyanto

    Indonesia fans 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨

  82. Rifky Bregez

    Salam dari lapas narkotika bayur samarinda hendra tatto

  83. Dimas Arya

    It's sad to remember my friends high school..now me and she is so far


    Jimmy the sullivan

  85. aditia kocak

    I love jimmy..... R. I. P

  86. BTX Xeroxs

    Love song..

  87. Dedi Agus

    Wuenak tenan lagune bang🤟

  88. A7X Legend

    I need to download diamonds in the rough can someone send me a link to buy the album onto my phone ?

  89. อรณิชา ภิรมย์ทอง


  90. OG syRUP

    Until the end

  91. Ceto Tampan

    The rev

  92. Rifki Alif