Avenged Sevenfold - This Means War Lyrics

Hide my face again, harbor in the shadows
Feel this weight of sin hammering away
Die - with the guilt of a thousand AWOL soldiers
Die - watch the scythe usher me astray

I can't go on this way
Not as I am today
The ugly side of me is strong

Take aim, a loaded gun.
Pull back on all who run.
A coward's truth inside the wrong.

This means war
This means war
This means war

Lash your tongue of bane
Carry me to nowhere
Mental holocaust
Battle never ends
Lie! Mask the pain
Of a child who's forsaken
Lie! To myself
Praise the new regime

I left me long ago
Reasons you'll never know
No one to miss me when I'm gone
With no more words to say
No argument to stay.
Another post I don't belong

This means war
This means war
This means war
This means war
This means war

No home to call my own
No finding someone new
No one to break the fall
No one to see me through
No name to carry on
No promise for today
No one to hear the call
No tattered flag to raise

Walk the razor's edge
Cut into the madness
Question all you trust
Buy into the fear
I see the man ripping at my soul now
I, I know the man
I know him all too well

There's nothing here for free
Lost who I want to be
My serpent blood can strike so cold
On any given day
I'll take it all away
Another thought I can't control

This means war
This means war
This means war
This means war
This means war

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Avenged Sevenfold This Means War Comments
  1. Naufal Nbl

    i dont understand what drama is this, they said a lot of a7x and metallica. overall i love this song so much

  2. Glenn Hertel

    Yea Give Kim A Gun.

  3. Glenn Hertel

    What Does not Even Make The News.

  4. Arnold Ouko Drummer On His Throne

    IS the drummer Matt Mcguire

  5. Samy

    My neck : Oh shit,here we go again..

  6. jl mang

    When it comes to guitar riff and solo metallica doesn't get a chance 🙈🙈

  7. Fernanda New

    I like us

  8. Hami Lena

    Los acabo de conocer..me volaron la mente¡¡¡¡

  9. Turbokid67

    10x better than was but true, can't deny.

  10. Mahfud Maulana

    please sing the song of the warmth of the soul 🙏

  11. Nokoltian Z

    WWE 2k15 Nostalgia

  12. oh oh


  13. Amber133 Xo

    This song and Metallica’s sad but true sound similar

    Matthieu Bazen.

    A7X Is influenced by Metallica and a special by the black album

  14. 3dgar 7eandro

    This is the real shit!!!! Just good music 🤘🤘🤘

  15. Rap DNB

    0:52 imagine walking down into a stripclub and she slides down the pole this exact moment

  16. Putra Tra

    no peace
    no justice

  17. Linoge Z

    No idea why these children are hating on other metal bands. You guys simply dont understand it yet

  18. omponk lek

    Energine nyong ddi full maning🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. Craig B

    On the record, it states, Metallica is partly the reason why A7X is so popular now.

  20. Você Falou em Memes?

    5:00 os BR

  21. På trikken spiller jeg bass

    Metallica called, they want their song back

  22. Moto Crisis

    Good morning fans indonesia forever new .....evengead Sevenfold ............2020 .

    Forever .......rock

  23. ashsoulreaper \m/

    3 years ago this was the heaviest song I knew, oh how that has changed.


    clearly didn’t listen to god hates us 3 years ago then

  24. Toures Tiu

    sad but ...
    wait, what?

  25. sebastian hifh voltage !

    sa ce bon groupe j’adore à 100% est vive les médiévale avec du rock dans les camion, j'ai stoppée 2016 me j’écoute toujours du rock usa !

  26. Juan Carlos Vargas

    Amo! esta canción ♥

  27. The Boomer Destroyer of Humor

    WOWIE they made sad but true 2?!?!?!?!

  28. Ghost B.c Español

    A7x Forever ❤

  29. Menos Once

    Donald Trump: Send Bombs to Irán.

    Irán: 1:57


    If you don't stop the war The war will stop you

  30. Adrian Tay

    So Iran fired missiles into base housing US troops. This means war. Believe it, its sad but true.

    What is life?

    The US assasinated people from Iran

  31. Lurut

    here we go again bois

  32. Akira Ken

    1:56 me after just got drafted to the ww3

    Honey. Just. No.

    Akira Ken aww don’t say that

  33. a s

    War with iran 😀

  34. Moto Crisis

    Good morning evengead sevenfold amazig fans indonesia forever new boy mania

  35. Zach Myers

    Wonder if Trump is cruising in his blacked out Tahoe with this song blaring right now

  36. Thomaz Ahualli De Sanctis

    Aê meeeeu Braassiiiiil emocionando novamente

  37. Nεr๐لคmξธ [ลป]

    **WWIII** Soundtrack

  38. MacroMega Gamer

    All the song its a copy of Sad but true, this is a metallica song but with avenged sevenfold

  39. Sai Pranav

    Sad but true and this means war may have similar sounding riffs but they’re at different tempos and different tunings! So how’s that a COPY!? Plus this song is meant to be a tribute, so similarities were bound to be present!

  40. vl rt vl

    Anyone in January 4 2020✌

  41. Vinny Silveira

    some idiot told another to kill a guy, and now this song came to mind

  42. Jon MFL

    Alguem antes da terceira guerra mundial ?

    Extremo Gui

    tamo ai

    Victor Dos Santos

    Brasileiro são sem limites kkkkkkkkk

    Armando Rmz .l.

    Sopa de macaco?

  43. Hassagi Hunter

    Early 2020 anyone ?

  44. Tadeo Guerra

    I think that at any moment of the song I'll hear somthing like: "You know it's sad but true!!!!!!"

  45. D. N.

    When someone ate your leftovers that you been saving

  46. Erick Car

    6,571 imbéciles... increíble!! 200,225 sabios!!! Maravilloso!!

  47. Billy Costigan


  48. MrGrudgehammer

    i love this group but the millennial twats of today could not come close to the brutality of real men...this is the only song from this group i dont agree with..

  49. YA _RRCB

    Mettalzeven​ fold 🤟🤘🤘🤘

  50. Syn95gates


  51. Diablo 6661

    Please come to Malaysia Again :')

  52. Emerson Vilhena


  53. Alexander Gaikhangthui

    Waww .....give it to me ....this mean war


    23 Desember 2019🍃

  55. Fazx Jazx

    คนไทย ไลน์หน่อย

  56. Theadore Bundy

    its sad but true...

  57. ปิยะณัฐ พุ่มเพชร


  58. Shadow UnkNown

    Cool realy cool

  59. Zzz Izzie

    5:01 BRAZIIIIL 🇧🇷

  60. J Kanzler


  61. Syn Shadows

    Imagine if The Rev still alive...

  62. Luminoso Max.

    is metallica

  63. Hugo Dutra

    best song from álbum is Shepherd of fire a acid rain ...

  64. Robert Robinson

    This song is pure adrenalin.

  65. mad eldon

    I'm your drea... oh shit wrong song

  66. Alif Haziq


  67. superHAPPYrocks

    Does anyone else sing Metallicas Sad But True over the main verse riff every time???


    I am 12 and my dad played it and I didn’t stop playing it

  69. Erik Humleker

    I went to see Metallica, and who opened for them? ....Avenged Sevenfold. All I can say is. F yeah! 👍🤜🎼

    Richard Boulier

    damn was just thinking i would love to see a concert like that.

  70. Aris Gtr

    6,5K People does not like sad but tru...i mean this means war

  71. Muhammad Irsyazman


  72. lil tactical

    whos came from WWE 2k15?


    It looks like sad but true
    It's a awesome music

  74. Thanongsak Changwangprang

    แน่นๆ ดิบๆ

  75. Aysegul Ayvazoglu

    1 tane Türk yokmu

  76. Republican and a Metalhead


  77. -Omega Zero-

    WWE2K15 memories

  78. Gadis Dayak

    hadir Indonesia

  79. Justin Rodriguez

    Saddd but truuuuue. Oh wait...its not Metallica?

  80. Diego fernando

    Mana ni suara negara +62

  81. David Alexander


  82. masteRocker

    Sad but true..

  83. Jasmin Suppan


  84. Maximus Areilius

    Metallica . Sad But True. Ill say it again. 🤨

  85. Jesus

    Viendo esto mientras Chile se cae a pedazos por Piñera

  86. Борис Раилов

    Тема просто бомбезная. Как вы такую годноту сделали, я не понимаю!

  87. Divining Oil Designs

    Wow! Sad But True anyone? They know that right?

    I’m like “oh it’s Sad but True!” They sound like Metallica in so many songs.

    I’m sure they know that though. ♥️

  88. مصطفى ابراهيم الكبيسي

    Waaaaaaar 😠😠😠😠 fuck to government 🤘🤟🤟🤟✌️✌️✌️💪💪😏👊👊✊✊✊✊

  89. Nicol L

    I love🤘🏾❤️
    Avenged sevenfold💀

  90. Doberman


  91. Rafaël Sonneveld

    The guitas in the beginning sounds a little bit like blackened intro

  92. Super Mario Connor

    This song is to sad but true

  93. Chiruplangki Surong

    What a beautiful creation this means war,🤺🗣️👈💀👉🤘🤘✊💣💥🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  94. Damion Gipson

    As soon as bro puts on his shades they become Avenged sevenfold

  95. Niel Barrientos

    I love that guitar solo..