Avenged Sevenfold - Thick And Thin Lyrics

I don't want to know
And I don't want to see you in this place
Your kind is a disgrace as I spit in your face
And I don't want to hear anymore
A friend is fucked with while he's having fun on the dance floor

Get the fuck out of here now
Come on you kids, stand your ground
This is your show, it's your family
All of my friends there for me

There's four-hundred more of us then them
So kick them out
Keep it positive
Keep it real
Keep it true
Together with my friends
I'll be there for you

There's four-hundred more of us then them
So kick them out
Keep it positive
Keep it real
Keep it true
Together with my friends
I'll be there for you

Through the problems thick and thin and problems we'll fight through
This is to my brothers; I'll be there for you
Through the problems thick and thin and problems we'll fight through
This is to my family; I'll be there for you

I don't want to know
And I don't want to see you in this place
Your kind is a disgrace as I spit in your face
And I don't want to hear anymore
A friend is fucked with while he's having fun on the dance floor

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Avenged Sevenfold Thick And Thin Comments
  1. J Skyler

    I wish I could have seen them live before they released City of Evil.

  2. PrinceOfM4rs20 __

    the breakdowns are killer. also can’t believe The Rev recorded all these songs in one take. he was so special.

  3. Muhammad Royhan

    OMG is this screamo or screampunk bulshit

  4. Jay hyler

    I went to an A7X concert back in 2014 and held of a sign that said "MATT LET ME SCREAM THICK AND THIN WITH YOU ON STAGE!!!!!" He flipped me off. So I flipped it around and it said "NO?? IS IT BECAUSE YOU CAN'T SCREAM ANYMORE???" needless to say, I was escorted out. Just kidding but now I might do it!

  5. Yuri Aniki

    I love how my girlfriend remembered me about this song.. 😭

    thank you, sweety xD

  6. Otoniel Vallejos Lavaire

    Bro, im crying, its the best one

  7. Jonny catt

    Best avenged song period!

  8. LongShooting Show


  9. LongShooting Show

    This is about sticking with family and friends even if times are tough just remember you have your friends and family

    LongShooting Show

    I think

  10. AimanPlays77

    The Riffs Are Sick

  11. The Headbanging Dog

    This song is about something disgusting

  12. ATG IMM

    Wish avenged sevenfold could make an album similar to their older stuff. They're still amazing but holy fuck this song was an adrenaline rush

  13. Farhan Saputra Yahman

    Still listening to this song

  14. owen miller

    This has got to be the most wholesome song Avenged has ever written

  15. Daniel amaral

    Best a7x album for sure

  16. Ziaul Hoq

    these songs, these riffs, these demonic vocal style were introduced when they were just around 20! No surprise, they've become the metal leaders of this century.

  17. Osiris D. Aimztaroth


  18. Егор Цыба

    It was 2000. Album: Avenged Sevenfold EP (don't be confused with 2007 self-titled album).

  19. Bag of cheese

    Dang the nostalgia hit hard

  20. Bruno Montoya

    Sounding the seventh trumpet (a7x) vs master of puppets (Metallica) vs Slipknot (spliknot) vs any SOAD album. Vote now!

    Forgotten Faces

    Bruno Montoya Slipknot for sure

    The Headbanging Dog

    Avenged sevenfold for sure

  21. Antonio Pedro dos Santos Costa

    2018 e pra sempre A7X

  22. Angela Cordova

    Killing in the name

  23. DestinyHunter

    Do you know how cool it'd be if they did an acoustic to this?

  24. Robert B

    A friend is fucked with while he's humping men on the dance flooor

  25. element guy

    Ok to me this is the best and most underrated song and album I wish they would remaster it :) 3/12/18

    Craig Jones Jr

    I love this whole album. Jesus I just spent the past how don't know much time just jamming to this whole album from the front in order just to feel like I have a meaning. God they knew what they were doing. God bless Avenged. To the core.

  26. One Punch Man

    my fav song from this album..

  27. alex pratt

    I don't want to know. And I don't want to see you in this place.
    Your kind is a disgrace as I spit in your face.
    And I don't want to hear anymore.
    A friend is fucked with while he's having fun on the dance floor.
    Get the fuck out of here now.
    Come on you kids, stand your ground.
    This is your show, it's your family.
    All of my friends there for me.
    There's four-hundred more of us then them.
    So kick them out.
    Keep it positive.
    Keep it real. Keep it true.
    Together with my friends.
    I'll be there for you. x2
    Through the problems thick and thin and problems we'll fight through.
    This is to my brothers, I ll be there for you.
    Through the problems thick and thin and problems we'll fight through.
    This is to my family, I'll be there for you.
    I don't…

  28. Playedplains 61

    0:23 that bass is badass

  29. Justin Rogers

    Converge? Is that you?

  30. M-J Carbonneau

    This album needs more singing. The fair balance between screaming and singing is what makes Waking The Fallen so good.


    Yeah i guess, but this album is more metalcore and not as metal as WTF, metalcore has heavier riffs and the screams are so much heavier, i like how different this album is to WTF. Of course both are fucking gold though

  31. Mad Zaki

    this song smashing to party shit people!

  32. BigBonkers

    This song is like my penis Thick and thin

  33. darkstar100x

    Lyrics sound like something from an ADTR song. And the breakdown at 0:45 is sick.

    Craig Jones Jr

    Love that ADTR and who did to think they took ideas from:)

  34. jacob folgers

    who exactly are they talking about ?...

  35. Jesse Dey


  36. Jesse Dey


  37. Natália Vitória

    Amo mt, musica foda dms🖤


    BR curtindo essa musica :O

    Keith Marple

    Dhcyh fthetd kpvthrt

  38. Helmy Fahmiansyah

    Fan amatiran a7x pasti lebih suka lagu dear god & so far away dibanding ini...



  39. Horror and Halloween 101

    Holy hell, that riff is so good.

    Random Metalhead

    I literally see you every-fucking-where.

    Feels good to see some hardcore dedicated fans right there.

  40. Mr.FinPC

    Amazing riff

  41. Dalton Robert Pepple

    Why does "Thick and Thin" sound a lot like "An Epic of a Time Wasted"?

    Mats Smits

    Same chords in the beginning, bass line is different


    Because they were young artists

  42. DropDeadGaby

    @Nikomak99 lol

  43. TheZaapT

    easily one of the best songs on sounding the seventh trumpet, cant believe it never got more recognized.

    why am I watching this

    TheZaapT this song is amazing

    Random Metalhead


    Gino Fáctàp

    probably 'cause of the awful lyrics

  44. Joker

    my favorite song

  45. Fabio F

    Best album from A7X. Indeed.

    M-J Carbonneau

    Waking The Fallen is way better tbh. In fact, this is probably my least favorite album from them, which is ironic because thier other metalcore album is my favorite.


    Jeez... I don't think i could pick between the two. I go back and forth between them both constantly

    MNRS E.B.

    Their other style is much better, like City of Evil and nightmare

    Alan H.

    i like waking the fallen more, not as raw but deep lyrics, this songs lyrics like most of the songs on this album besides a few (darkness surrounding, shattered by broken dreams, an epic of time wasted, to end the rapture) and these ones are my favorites on the album


    City of Evil and Nightmare are much better done, you may or may not like their new style, but they have improved a lot in terms of writing and composition, and no one can deny that.

  46. ThatOneGuyPablo

    Someone got it :P

  47. Nicolas Hegedus

    Love to play it on guitar... its fairly easy

    Dale Springhetti

    play it on drums. we good. the demo unleashed the same songs on sst.

  48. Ollie Ross


  49. ThatOneGuyPablo

    No one likes you either dumbshit =D

  50. Mikael Hållander

    It's Metalcore but to be honest I don't think that it matters. It's awesome music regardless of the genre :)

    ghazian hindami

    Mikael Hållander

  51. Ollie Ross

    this is awful.

    Ido Brom

    Lol you have no taste in real music this song is SICKKKKK

    Gage Masters

    I would stop ur face so far in that you'd have no head when I was done

    River Throat

    Lame little fuck

    Vapr Oska

    Awfully good*

    Jacob Swain

    Eaterofworld S right?

  52. Danextbestthing69

    This is metalcore/screaming shit

    Clorox Bleach

    Danextbestthing69 yeah you have any problems?


    It grows on you. Maybe when you get older you will like it. ;)

    Diego Casas

    You should have regretted this the rev will feast on your soul foREVer

    River Throat

    It's good

  53. hydrobassist

    i have spent the last 3 years tryna remember the name of this fuckin song and then someone sent it to me tonight just to send me a song lmao

  54. sap298

    does it realy matter?

  55. Ishuzbeatdwns Az.

    shadowshocker99 knows his shit....

  56. Ishuzbeatdwns Az.

    punk/metalcore???? metalcore is punk/metal Yeh this song is good
    been too long since I've heard it

  57. appleipodtouch2g

    5 people got fucked up moshing at 0:44

  58. Nicole Cournoyer

    I just started listening to these guys 2 months ago. I havnt listened to anyone else since and this album is now my favorite. I hope as a band they regress.

    Alex Caldwell

    Nicole Cournoyer i know right, such safe mainstream music they make now i cant listen to much past Waking the Fallen

    Alex Caldwell

    Nicole Cournoyer lol 4 years ago still no regression... closest we got to the oldies is God Hates Us and Not Ready to die

  59. richig761

    @tiagometalcore I realize this. That's what I said. lol

  60. Vampyr

    @richig761 it's' is metalcore a mix of metal and hardcore punk

  61. Vampyr

    @DropDeadGaby it's metalcore

  62. Vampyr

    @97pe it's metalcore

  63. Fixacny krem blendadent


  64. richig761

    @CletusGoldsteinberg This isn't punk man. It has punk influence, it's predominately metal.

  65. richig761

    @97pe Meh... it's hard to say at the beginning of their career. They were doing so much different stuff. Hardcore, Metalcore, Heavy Metal, Punk, Hardcore Punk, Piano Ballads, Hard Rock, and the list goes on and on really. I don't think you can classify them or most of their individual songs into one genre. I think that's a bit unfair.

  66. anonymous

    this song has been stuck in my head for soo long now. the is a fucking awesome song!!!

  67. 97pe

    OKKKKKKKKK FINE its metalcore!!!!!

  68. Nicolas Hegedus

    @97pe metalcore most likely

  69. erickisnumberone

    haha 5 people are thick. haha. but seriously... obesity is not a laughing matter...(hehe)

  70. Ben Rosia

    @97pe it's nu-metal.

  71. Elijah Barquist

    I wish I owned the orginal Sounding The Seventh Trumpet. I have Pinkly Smooth's album, Warmness On The Soul EP. Waking The Fallen, City Of Evil, All Excess, Avenged Sevenfold, Diamonds In The Rough & Live In The LBC, Welcome To The Family EP,Nightmare. I need the 1999 and 2000 demo(which I will never have because it's impossible basically) and the Sounding The Seventh Trumpet released by Goodlife Records

    Playedplains 61

    I got you fam - https://tubeunblock.me/watch?v=oO0rahy1WA0
    Also make sure your on your computer when you download and download it to your drive so you're able to access it through your phone and download it there. It'll download in video format but you'll still get the audio from the album. I've been doing with 46 other albums since I found out how to do it. Full, Free, Fun.


    Don’t forget Walk EP. also now you gotta get HTTK, WTF: Res, The Stage, and it’s deluxe counterpart.

    Tyler Mlagenovich

    Pinkly Smooth? That's not Avenged Sevenfold is it?

    Jonny Lee

    I have the Hopeless Records version of STST and all the other A7X albums (except DitR and Stage Deluxe edition). How did you get ahold of Unfortunate Snort?? I've been wanting that for so long.

    Zero Of The Beat

    Would you ever sell your pinky smooth album? I know this comment is very old but I need to know.

  72. The Uberman

    0:46 - 1:12 is the best fucking guitar EVER

  73. The Uberman

    @97pe punk/metalcore

  74. VoltaStuff

    @DropDeadGaby this is metalcore punk

  75. Douche bag

    I like to pretend I know the words but when i see the words it ruins the song

  76. Daryl McLean

    @Death55Bat Well said my man, most people don't actually know this exists. :(

  77. aidan gordon

    when i clicked this song i was eating bread after it im eating toast

  78. Douche bag

    @uofmhurricanes0 people download the album so they dont have to listen to it in crap quality

  79. Zack

    You can hear the punk/hardcore punk influence a lot in this album but I'd class it as a style of metalcore personally, whatever it is, I love it.

  80. Death55Bat

    BEST ALBUM!!! dont let it die out

  81. seymour butts


  82. 97pe

    Ok its metalcore ...i got it!

  83. Rowan Borsten

    @97pe just metal i think =)

  84. Jesper Vingqvist

    @97pe it is hardcore now...

  85. theaggiefan54

    @97pe it's metalcore

  86. DropDeadGaby

    @uofmhurricanes0 yeah lol

  87. Tholomew

    @97pe This is actually Thrash Metal, pretty much Metal with a bit of punk in it.

  88. Ryan Holder

    @DropDeadGaby It's Metalcore :3

  89. LTY124

    @Hawksmack71 argh! i shouldn't have said anything, i bet they did it on purpose! XD

  90. The Uberman

    all i can find on frostwire is the stupid demo version of the song and i cant stand his screaming. i want this demonic shit. any1 have a link for a FREE download of this?

  91. Cynthia Flores

    @97pe is metalcore ;)

  92. DropDeadGaby

    @97pe I think it's metal.

  93. 97pe

    ?? this is like hardcore punk ...or punk /metalcore?

  94. Douche bag

    This is one of my neighbors favorite songs

  95. panteraslipknot200

    @klopmarick Yes.

  96. Marick KIop

    first a7X?

  97. Witching Hour

    how is this metalcore?

  98. LTY124

    @hiabuddyoldpal cool! well that's ok then, i don;t really mind haha!

  99. Brandon B

    @LTY124 Well, I can't say I hate the song, but I don't love it either. They've definatly had their better songs.

    But that's just my opinion.