Avenged Sevenfold - The Fight Lyrics

The problem with society's been how do we teach
And if they'll believe.
We'll fight this battle for years to come
'Til we all accept that we can stand on our own.
Grandfather used his hands, he worked them to the bone.
Provide his family with a happy home, alone.

Don't take your aggression out on me.
My own man is all I'm meant to be.

This common place is so lazy, old, and tired
All your ideas are so fucking uninspired.
Takes more than one idea
More than one person to fight the fight
How many times have you taught and not conspired?

You don't wanna be, they never say
But don't call us the liars

We've walked these alleys a thousand times
And scattered around a thousand lies.
They are trying to hold you down
Your life may be hard
But keep your feet on the ground.
Why don't I have the finer things that others have?
The chance is there if you want it all that bad.
So bad.

Don't take your aggression out on me.
My own man is all I'm meant to be.

This common place is so lazy, old, and tired
All your ideas are so fucking uninspired.
Takes more than one idea
More than one person to fight the fight
How many times have you taught and not conspired?

Don't try and get me confused.
Cause I do understand.
And sometimes people need help.
That they may need a hand
When this problems going on.
A thing you have to get straight
Is that you don't own my hand.
And I don't owe you a thing.
So don't think about how sorry you feel
And now you're treated so bad.

This common place is so lazy, old, and tired
All your ideas are so fucking uninspired.
Takes more than one idea
More than one person to fight the fight
How many times have you taught and not conspired?

And as we race we look back and we've come so far.
While some may conquer, the others had it so hard.
But in this day we just complain while there's no one for us to fight.
I guess we're bored and it's how we keep us occupied

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Avenged Sevenfold The Fight Comments
  1. Tyler Dye

    All of these songs released on February 7! Finally getting the recognition they deserve.

    Skinnyman_a7x _Slayer


  2. Michael Marceleno

    I think this song is directed to people want things whether it be material or societally but instead of working, going through hell to get that big payoff at the end they sit and complain. They blame others for their own faults and use the same complains over and over again. I believe the most hated man in human history Adolf Hitler said this “if you tell big enough lie and tell it frequently enough people will believe it”.

    However other people are willing to help you just need to ask and prove that your not just wasting their time.

    For example certain people on welfare checks from the government abuse it. The idea behind it is that they will help you til you can get back on your feet and support yourself. It’s not meant to be your income for the next 30-40 years.

    Basically even though it’s hard and you may not like it hard work will get you somewhere you just don’t know when it will happen.

    N.P.C 7,000,000,000

    that quote isn't actually from hitler-

    Michael Marceleno

    N.P.C 7,000,000,000 I just looked up some hitler quotes on google. Thank you though for clarifying.

  3. Mr. Unholy

    Fuck the welfare state, this song is the truth

  4. Dub&Puck Tv

    This song i love it is so groovy and catchy but the beginning lyrics are ass until it gets to the grabdfather part


    *Girl I Know* is the same. Grooving track but the lyrics are kinda whack.

    A few of the tracks on this album just seem unfinished by Avenged's standards. As grooving as these songs are, I can see why they were considered B sides.


    ... love this song never heard fuçk in this song till youtube

  6. Sinister Devil

    Why do I feel like this song was written to a flat earther or to an anti vaxxer?

    R Garcia

    It's directed at Social Justice Warriors and Snowflakes...

    Sinister Devil

    @R Garcia that makes sense haha

    Mr. Unholy

    Hahhaa everyone whos right out center is an anti vaxxer or flat earther hahaha hear me a mighty intellectual.

  7. risky fap

    Ah yes back when I lost all hope in a7x for going soft, age is a funny thing.

    Mohamed Frahat

    Well they did develop a lot with the years
    I generally prefer the new music starting with city of evil where they softened their tone
    I think it suited them more

    risky fap

    Waking the fallen is one of the best metalcore albums of all time thoughhhh

    Mohamed Frahat

    I love every freaking thing A7X have ever made
    Waking the fallen was amazing
    Waking the seventh trumpet is my least favorite but i still like it

  8. Y̷u̷n̷g̷_̷s̷l̷u̷m̷p̷

    Good old days I still have all their cd’s

  9. Colton Strain

    Fucking beautiful

  10. Clutchhitnick44

    Holy hell I love this song.

  11. FalloutFan66

    Seriously, why the fuck didn’t they put this on the Self-Titled Album?!

    S2 Loading

    https://youtu.be/H5wQIoAXOUg Solo Lesson The Fight Avenged

  12. Bass Cover

    21 disslikes ????? Who da fuck are they

    S2 Loading

    https://youtu.be/H5wQIoAXOUg Solo Lesson The Fight Avenged

  13. Turtle Person


    Ghost Reaper

    Omg ur still listening

    Andy The Drummer

    @Ghost Reaper ofc he is

  14. Julian van der Sluijs


  15. Russian Guy

    This song will probably make you cry if you are in an emotional state... just saying

    Temsuwati Temsu Aier

    U said it already

  16. Daniel Diaz

    When are they going to be on Spotify??!😩


    Its 2019, man. Just download them.


    Probably never, since the songs weren't officially released


    @Rems Yes they were. Diamonds In The Rough album was an official release, but only released with the Live in the LBC dvd. And that was in 2008.


    February 7th

  17. Vojta Pánek

    If @ 3:19 you don't flip major shit and lose control, you are not a normal human being...

  18. Nyomio

    i really like this song but boy oh boy does it remind me that i don’t have the same political views as this band. does make me understand why people are
    republicans, tho, i guess. i just don’t agree and this song’s... a lil on the nose, so... eh,m. catchy tho.

    holy shit, someone make a rise against vs avenged sevenfold mashup. thatd be probably the perfect political music mashup. PLEASe.

    Legend Of Memes

    @Nyomio Mhm, agree to disagree. We know our sides. Wasn't looking for an argument though it may seem, but I was sharing my views. To each their own, friend. Have a lovely day. 😃


    Legend Of Memes have a lovely day as well! :^)

    iDrunk RS

    @Nyomio good luck getting a drink with McCain, he passed away last year.


    pretty sure i posted that before he passed. or right after or somethin idk. i meant metaphorically anyway, dude lmao

    Tyler Hicks

    I’m a liberal but love this song because of its sound and what I gather from the meaning behind it.
    Regardless, it’s fucking awesome how much music can bring us together. A7X foREVer.

  19. Thallanar Rabidtooth

    3:58 M. Shadows REALLY loves pie!



    Eliot Roberts

    @megqxz XD

    Dank Starscream

    Like Dean Winchester

  20. Choco Piew

    Pertarungan! (Indonesian meaning for The Fight) and what is yours?

    alejandro aleman

    La Pelea in spanish :^)

    Азат Шакенов

    Shaykas (Kazakh)

    Batis Seven

    "الصراع" Ásiraá
    Arabic of course

  21. son uva digger fan

    I'm playing this song to abunch of lgbts and sjws and feminists

    Legend Of Memes

    @Yakob Mhm, cooler than shouting fuck men and all whites are racist.

    Christian Allison

    @Legend Of Memes This was the greatest comeback I've ever seen... Bravo, my memey brother, bravo

    Legend Of Memes

    @Christian Allison Thank you my Memelord friend.

    Joseph Clark

    Not all members of the lgbtq community hate white people.. especially in countries such as the UK. Most people usually don't give a shit


    im definitely late: but isnt the belief that all sjws / feminists or whatever hate white people and men is what you're criticizing?

  22. Ross Horan

    I had the uncensored version yet this song was censored.

    el rumi

    Which part?

  23. cara de dedo

    one of the beat songs ever


    sup peeps sttooppp

  24. De Oliveira Damien

    Avenged Sevenfold vs SJW cucks.

    Senor cows

    De Oliveira Damien “this common place is lazy, old and tired, all your ideas so fucking uninspired” perfectly captures all SJWs


    @Senor cows you really dont see the irony in your statement?

    LongShooting Show

    A7x foREVer

  25. James Iscoa

    I hate the fact that this is not on spotify._.

    t. p.

    February 7th

    Brandon Etzel

    t. p. I’m glad someone else came to this song once it got announced lmao

    Alessio Negri

    @duetchland fox 7th jan

  26. Ridzky Fathurachman

    Diamond in the Rough the must be overrated album


    If anything, it's an underrated album, not overrated

    Ridzky Fathurachman

    Jacob5664 yep, i know. But for me DITR still the best after CityofEvil


    Highly underrated. City of Evil doesn't have a main-station song. I could argue this, Demons, or Dancing Dead are.


    @curleyfrii Seize The Day is pretty mainstream

    Mohamed Frahat

    Last timei checked bat country gave the band a huge push and it was one of their most streamed songs
    Some big fans of the band did not even hear about DIR so yeah
    And there's also beawt and the harlotand alongside seize the day i don't think it was a wise thing to say that this album didn't have an main station songs

  27. Socialist_ Soyboy

    This belongs on The Stage

    crtitical thinking

    New fan? 🤔

    Corina 333



    This song is over a decade old. And it's on the Diamonds in the Rough album.

    Krillitfast 21

    Halomaster 213 it’s amazing

  28. Malditions Inhomes


  29. MyOnly Hope

    *Why u dislike this bro...You good bro*


    I can't help

  31. Kennykenny

    This song is a kick on those liberal asses.

  32. Imam Ambarawa

    Lagu kesukaan dari kecil

  33. Patrick Junge

    ALL right who was the person who disliked this


    @HazardGamingHG SJW stands for Social Justice Warrior.

    They believe that men are less than women instead of equal to them and they believe everything made by men is sexist so since Avenged Sevenfold is an all male band, SJW's automatically hate them


    @LazyTrashPanda that's fucking stupid, most bands are male

    Christian Allison

    @HazardGamingHG An SJW is a term used to describe Liberals with illogical arguments and hypocritical judgment. While generally accepted by the Left, they are the most annoying characters on this earth to the Right. We commonly write them off as ignorant and illogical because of their attitudes and arguments.


    @Christian Allison oh ok and yeah that other guy said since A7X is an all male band that means those people automatically hate A7X. I hate those people now. Plus if you hate A7X, I'll hate you and we cant be friends lol.

    Hoze 123

    the russian bots

  34. Brendon Martinson

    Sucks some of these songs aren't on iTunes.

    Brandon Etzel

    Brendon Martinson they will be in February!!

  35. Juan Sanchez

    Fuck the hell yes!! This song is the shit

    Random Metalhead

    A7X and Slipknot tbh.

    Hayden Smith

    Random Metalhead hell yeah

  36. Faffy :v

    Buen trabajo bro like y un suscriptor más :D

    Agustin Rapiman

    Digno de los dioses prro :v

    Serhat Murat Asbit

    Hola jajajisj