Avenged Sevenfold - Tension Lyrics

I wake up every morning, bright and early
Roll out of bed but I'm never quite alone
Tension is pulling me in all directions
And all of these problems use me as their own
Sometimes the pressure will just drive you crazy
At any time I could explode
I need some piece of mind, it's got me tired
Don't wanna lose it, but I'm turning down that road

I need a moment 'cause I've spread myself to thin
We all need a moment in our life
Works hard, the days too long
And that's just where it begins
Tension has had us all this time

I sit in traffic every single morning
Just as I arrive, I'm slaving to the grind
Making the money so I feed my family
But I can't raise them, 'cause I ain't got the time
I got no free days on my busy schedule
I turn the page and it's the same
Don't like my situation, you don't either
Don't wanna look back scared, I'm working life away

I need a moment 'cause I've spread myself to thin
We all need a moment in our life
Works hard, the days too long
And that's just where it begins
Tension has had us all this time

But every now and then
I drive alone
An open road
Hot summer day
A gentle breeze that feels alright
All alone
And I can't feel no pain
Only strength
Enjoy the sights
I feel alive
Relaxing here just feels alright
Far from home

I need a moment 'cause I've spread myself to thin
We all need a moment in our life
Works hard, the days too long
And that's just where it begins
Tension has had us all this time

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Avenged Sevenfold Tension Comments
  1. Dee two

    still here from the day this was released

  2. Risqi Andriawan

    2:22 - 3:37 was just so beautiful, so deep.

  3. Selim

    Solos 😍

  4. Travis Burton

    Working classes anthem.

  5. Lungin Lh

    I m 18 running and
    This Amazing song Scared me of Going to Adulhood,
    Now i m missing my old days
    now I get less and lesser friend Life become more boring day to day and i remember This is life. Sad× world.
    Hope those who see this have a great life looking at this.

  6. FAR Virtual Drumming

    My full daily dose on this song! 30 oct 2019

  7. addiena

    Can relate with the lyrics rn😩

    Shido Uchiha

    Same here

  8. deadline 911

    2019 and still watching

  9. deadline 911

    This song needs a revival and I'm the person who will do that

  10. skiy


  11. Henrik H

    I think the intro sounds a bit mysterious or creepy😉🤘 but its a great song. A7X FOREVER

  12. Criplledsatan

    this sounds doom music

  13. NV a7x

    Beautiful, deep, I think we all can relate. 😢😔🙏🏼💯❤️🔥

  14. Smoke420 & Chill Amdromeda

    Every time I see a pice of meat on a video game called vention I think of this song

  15. Red Zie

    Who's listening to this while doing homework or thesis?😂😭We're on the sama page😭

  16. Miguel Cunha

    What album is this from? Or single?

    Nathan Robison

    Diamonds in the rough. Its made of songs that never made it onto the self-titled album

  17. Arick A4

    Underrated album

  18. Giulia Fioretti

    Mano do céu...

  19. tommy dommer

    Well this decribes my life

  20. Muslim Zakaria

    2:07 to 3:37

  21. Nick Ax789

    Work's hard, the day's too long and that's just where it begins

  22. Robert Martin

    Anybody know where i can find an instrumental to this

  23. xdarkknightx09


  24. Nelson Sobral

    Incredible music,amazing lyrics! Ax7 foREVer 🤘🏼

  25. Gregory Ruhono

    Why spotify why?

    David Barney

    And Pandora

  26. Sepha seven ex

    Nice guitar solo 👍👍👍👍

  27. DANA Hmar

    One of my favorite song ever

  28. DANA Hmar

    Avenged forever

  29. F2X PR02P3C7

    johnny needs to use slap on more of his basslines

  30. Gabriel Shinoda

    2 0 1 9

    le4n kaos

    No one cares

  31. Murray

    Release the album on apple music

  32. Ipang Riyadi

    2019 ?? who still watching this video

    Jack Collins

    OF COURSE. foREVer and always

    Sigit ireng Matdesu

    Lu ngomong apaan bro gue kagak ngerti 😁🙏

    Edo. J

    @Sigit ireng Matdesu Indonesia 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨


    I will watch every year I live

  33. Nick Shepley

    Thanks for uploading the correct lyrics

  34. Wild DogV2.0

    What makes me mad is that the album that has this great song and more great songs is not on the iTunes Store thanks apple if you are hearing this please add this album please

    David Barney

    Nor Pandora and Spotify

    Wild DogV2.0

    David Barney facts dude facts

  35. Wild DogV2.0

    Very awesome song I love A7X a lot,I wear their merch everyday to show my support and my gosh I love this band foREVer 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🎸🎶🤘

  36. Brandon B

    Damn...they have lyrics that are better than rappers!?!?

  37. Shdhd Nsjdjd

    Turn the page

  38. Ato Lamz

    One of the best song......

  39. DeadWired

    "I've spread myself to thin" i think of spreading butter on bread

    Joshua Marv

    It's sped

  40. Abay 1993

    Tension has had us all this time

  41. Pappah Qballs

    Lagu rock sepanjang masa

  42. Bobin Bob

    This song give me tension 😌

  43. Tarina Siakeng

    salute a7x

  44. Ian Balbas

    dirty beat

  45. JustAFrench A7x fan

    The intro groove so much !!

  46. JustAFrench A7x fan

    OMG Jimmy where did you get so much talent ? 😍😍😍

  47. best of best

    6 sene gecmis

    best of best

    6 sene +9 ay gecmis

  48. JustAFrench A7x fan

    Omg this intro

  49. jackman017m

    excelente part from 2:07 to 3:37 , it gets me goosebumps , so much feeling!

    My autism is exacerbated saying this, but


    Brandon B

    My autism is exacerbated saying this, but it's actually not and I'm just confused.

  50. ZMan1471

    lmao these celebrities have no clue what its like living a layman life

  51. Red Zie

    This song make Me STRONG!!! I LOVE A7X SOOO SOO SO MUCH!!!

  52. Jason Skywalker

    21 people broke from this tension.

  53. Éricles Ferreira

    Making the money so I feed my family,
    But I cant raise them cause I aint got the time ♪

  54. John DiStefano

    Love this song!

  55. Kimberly Whitney Perez

    missing broken hearts cant feel the same again for all of them when they couldnt see the crime waiting stuck straded blocked in the sands of time.. why cant you find the end of the rapture its getting them to open their minds to a new version of lines that arent scripted to stay the same... I feel like Ive been waititng that was the hardest part to find out that it all started with a song and a smile singing along with you falling asleep to the sound of your voice and wondering if youll be there when I wake up? xoxo WHisperZ

  56. Clever Username

    I like the song but has anyone read the name of the youtuber that posted this?

    your mom

    Jesus Christ it's jason bourne

    Top Tips

    Clever Username Hahaha! 😂


    Woah greendaysandham

  57. Mya Unlocked

    Beautiful lyrics, beautiful bassline, beautiful drums, everything this beautiful in this song. This song needs more recognition

    loki 3030

    agreed this and crossroads are my two favorite songs by A7X at the moment

    Rafael J

    O think ALL Diamonds In The Rough songs deserved to be recognized

  58. Smesh

    "Far from home"

    Pam Hebberd


  59. Rohan

    One of my closest friends passed away last week. He loved this song & band.

    Rip Robbie.


    Dude, you gotta chill

    dwi ruta simbolon

    turut berbelasungkawa untuk itu bro.
    rip Robbie

    Senry Gaming Channel

    rip robbie

    Rafael J

    R.I.P. Robbie

    Vijay Taak

    Rip Robbie..
    I have made..

    The soli cover to tension ...
    Pls watch it in my channel..n Subscribe for more avenged sevenfold channel..

  60. Versace Coffins

    i listen to this every day before work


    i listen to this in traffic every morning. i feel you

    Versace Coffins

    Such a beautiful song, i wish people knew about this and until the end but sadly most people dont :/


    I'm pretty sure this song is about modern day slavery. We wake up, we're never alone, we goto work/school, and we comeback. Rinse and repeat

    My autism is exacerbated saying this, but

    @Tybear r/im14andthisisdeep

  61. NathanDrums

    That double bass holy crap!! I love it.

    Stevekev Bryid

    @KubbasPL especially due to the fact that he's using a closed hi-hat, he's no doubt using a single pedal, I'm 100 percent certain. Just because it was done in studio doesn't mean jimmy would have "cheated" and used a separate, closed hat track, or trigger. Especially for something that is well within his skill level. I know the kick in the verse definitely does sound like it could be a double pedal because of the speed, but kicking at that speed is nothing for a proficient or more advanced drummer. Even just listening to it, there's a distinct difference between how it sounds using single pedal opposed to double. Its not so easy to pick up, but drummers with a good ear can pick up on this and understand what I'm saying.

    Stevekev Bryid

    @KubbasPL you're actually right, I was only considering the main drum part on the verse, not the double kick used at the end of the measure for that "fill" part. What I said applies to the main drum part in the verse, not those fills, so tou were correct in what you said.

    Joel Mahay

    @Stevekev Bryid jimmy had a closed hi hat on his kit so he most likely used two feet for the bass

    G-Force Drummer

    Theres' such a thing called a hi-hat clutch look it up.. that is definitely done with double bass no doubt.. a song like scream is a single pedal

    JustAFrench A7x fan

    Cian Reeves O'shea Jimmy got a pedal to each feet but don't got double pedal

  62. Yuli Prasetio

    Very Nice Song (y)

  63. Niko Molina

    Such an underrated A7X song...


    this song is good man and im CRIPPLED satan saying this

  64. Alejandro Piñero

    That final solo.

  65. Valda Pelagio

    is this considered rapping? it's not, because it's M Shadows, right? Please tell me it isn't!

    Zach McAtee

    Montrix duh, everyone knows that

    Mr. SlippyFist

    nu metal is basically metal and rap. Avenged sevenfold has done nu metal, why does it matter as long as the song is good?


    Valda Pelagio are you mad? Every fast vocals considered rapping? This is METAL!😈😈😈

    Nicholas Stambuck

    Blinded in chains

    Juan Carlos

    Nicholas Stambuck bout to say the same thing

  66. angel marie


  67. Grumpy Qisyn

    He does. The lyrics.

  68. Francis Eduardo Cárdenas Ortiz

    is the real life

  69. Jonathan

    this song is perfect. <3

  70. Theolppoman

    I just fucking love the drums in this song! foREVer

    Mr Burger

    Theolppoman still listening?

  71. Chad Thompson

    I love how he manages to rhyme pain and strength together.

  72. ahmad firdaus

    I like drum cover of tension

    your mom

    ahmad firdaus R.I.P