Avenged Sevenfold - Sunny Disposition Lyrics

We've been through hell. Sewn up our eyes.
Found fuel in meds. Viewed through the narrow.
Encouraged fear when so inclined.
Bought peace through wars that doomed our children to die.

Ego is sure to fix the world.
Served up to happy boys and girls.
I'd make a decision if granted the privilege but I'm afraid my taste is unrefined
And no one likes cheap wine.

When the clouds kiss your eye,
Shadows stain on the high-rise
Raise your thumb to the sky

You own the burg. We sleep in streets.
You dine then waste. We forage to eat.
Well who pays the tab when you cross the line?
Who writes the check? Who's herding the swine?

Just takes a fence to rule the roost.
As long as the scale has been reduced.
How can we see outside of the pen when survival has possession of our minds?
Calmly walk the line.

When the clouds kiss your eye,
Shadows stain on the high-rise
Raise your thumb to the sky
All good things come with time
When you know then you'll know
Such a marvelous find in an illusion

(Vlader Lauder sat in sorrow
For all his teeth had gone
He drank sweet rum
While fingering his gun
And eyeballed a feast
Not one bite he could eat
Somebody cut off his head!)

Dear radiation, my sweet friend
Let agents dance upon my nerves
Let sunlight glow under my skin
Let toxins seep into my soul

When the clouds kiss your eye,
Shadows stain on the high-rise
Raise your thumb to the sky
All good things come with time
When you know then you'll know
Such a marvelous time I will find in an illusion

It's an illusion...

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Avenged Sevenfold Sunny Disposition Comments
  1. Blane Veatch

    No one, absolutely no one.
    *liking cheap wine*

  2. asdfqwerasdfqwer

    I didn't particularly like the whole The Stage record but now that I listened to it some more I love it and I think that Avenged Sevenfold meanwhile is on a completely other level of songwriting.

    It seems like every song of theirs is worth a whole subgenre of metal dedicated to it, with hundreds of bands trying to imitate the original song because every song of theirs just seems perfect like it's always has been meant to be this way.

  3. alfroze ralte

    All good things come with time. When you know then you'll know
    Avenged Sevenfold run's my soul

  4. Só Alê

    Vim aqui pelo Lucas Palmeira

  5. Nathan Morais

    If the second verse part been done with growls, it would be 80% as any Opeth song

  6. KibbleTr1ck28

    Is just me or does this song kinda got like that mr bungle feel

    Aaron Czerwinski

    They're fans. They have a cover of Retrovertigo.

  7. Synyster Rev

    No one likes cheap wine

  8. Synyster Rev

    This song becomes one of my favorite a7x songs. Great songs. Their each and every song iz a masterpiece. And this album is just ......

  9. SuperSparrow45

    I like this song, but I also like cheap wine.

  10. Anwesh Pradhan

    May fav album of A7X

  11. ayy james

    The trumpet section reminds me of being on acid

  12. Genesis Bravo Almazan

    I remember that last time I didn't like this song and now I like this song 🔥💯

  13. The uncharted fanboy

    This is a great song! But is it just me or are the trumpet part kinda creepy? I mean it’s great but still

    Truls Olsen

    I think it's sort of a callback to their old "creepy" era. They used to have trumpets like that in quite a few songs iirc. Listen to songs like A Little Piece Of Heaven and you'll see what I mean

    Dennis Saputra

    But i love that part lol

    Alex M

    @Dennis Saputra dude, same. So fucking eerie


    Fishbones playing the instrumentals. watch the Studio sessions for this song, some good stuff in that video


    It really reminds me of some fictious 1920's city streets where all the mafia shit happen

  14. Slyfoot Soldier

    I friggin' love this song!

  15. San Diego


  16. Dhani

    1:24 Epic trumpet

  17. rakefire impala

    I didn't like this song at first but now I realize it's groovy and melodic. I like it!

    Agustin Jauregui

    happened to me with the whole album, its my favorite now

    Halomaster 213

    Agustin Jauregui The Stage is an album where you have to listen to all the songs at least twice to like them. It did that for me on Exist, now Exist and it’s one of my favorite songs.


    @Halomaster 213 Yeh i started listening to A7X around 2016 or 2017 and this album was out already the only song from this album i listened was stage and on the others i was like Meh but now this year i finally listened to these through Roman sky and now it's my favorite album

  18. ThatOneBassDrummer

    That really is some sexy sax 😂


    Thats a trumpet

    Harz Matt

    Kinda creepy af

    Vojta Pánek

    It's both, guys

    Jim Norris


  19. TheSporehacker

    I think the Stage is one of their best albums


    don't worry man, the best song and the best album already "Exist" s
    XD kkk

    The uncharted fanboy

    Costa5569 nope, best album the stage best song... is God damn


    I think the Stage IS their best album.

    Rafael J

    The Stage is the best of The Stage.

    Amar Fawwas

    Yep that's true. Yet.

  20. MyOnly Hope

    *This tune is amazing (Every song I listen to)*

  21. MyOnly Hope

    *And no one likes cheap wine*
    Me *No one likes cheap alcohol* End of

  22. Tono Ru

    2:51 me full beard carried in a chariot parading MY kingdom.

  23. Ashleigh Smith

    one lonely dislike as of dec 20, 2017

  24. San Pevo


  25. Zack McDonald

    I thought he said "False light." not "Fossilize." Oh well.

    Agustin Rapiman

    No, he said Fossilize. Listen well to each word

    The uncharted fanboy

    I thougth he Said false alarm XD

    Kurtis Pittman

    I thought he said "for sunlight"


    It is Fossilize on this one also i'm pretty sure in the Vlader Lauder part its "someone should cut off his head" not "Somebody cut off his head"


    @The uncharted fanboy same

  26. Agustin Rapiman

    A7XLyrics do you know why I can not watch the Waking The Fallen and STST videos?

    IlSeba 64

    We can't see these videos because they have copyright. You can only find Waking The Fallen on Hopeless' Record channel and Warmness on the Soul.

    Agustin Rapiman

    Yeah it's sad. But before i can view the videos in this channel. Around July of 2016 about I could not see them anymore :(

    Love Metal

    here bro u can vistit this web site and listen to sounding the seventh trumpet


    Agustin Rapiman


    Love Metal

  27. mish

    no esta disponible :c


    El video no está disponible para móviles, en una pc si se puede ver.


    Feede_ rashos al rato lo vere gracias x el dato :3

    Marko Vargas

    sandra mariscal por que dicen eso?:o yo si lo puedo ver, que raro jaja xD

    Foxy zorritoplayer

    @Feede_ yo lo veo en mi móvil :v

  28. KorbinX

    thanks man!