Avenged Sevenfold - Shepherd Of Fire Lyrics

Let's take a moment and break the ice
So my intentions are known
See I have pity in watching you suffer
I know the feeling of being damned alone
I've got a storybook of my own

Don't you see I am your pride
Agent of wealth
Bearer of needs?
(And you know it's right)
I am your war
Arming the strong
Aiding the weak
Know me by name
Shepherd of fire

Well I can promise you paradise
No need to serve on your knees
And when you're lost in the darkest of hours
Take a moment and tell me who you see
Won't tell you who not to be

Now you know I am your pride
Agent of wealth
Bearer of needs
(And you know it's right)
I am your war
Arming the strong
Aiding the weak
Know me by name
Shepherd of fire

Disciple of the cross and champion in suffering
Immerse yourself into the kingdom of redemption
Harden your mind through the chains of the divine
Make way the shepherd of fire

Through the ages of time
I've been known for my hate
But I'm a dealer of simple choices
For me it's never too late

I am your pride
Agent of wealth
Bearer of needs
(And you know it's right)
I am your war
Arming the strong
Aiding the weak

I am your wrath
I am your guilt
I am your lust
(And you know it's right)
I am your law
I am your star
I am your trust

Know me by name
Shepherd of fire

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Avenged Sevenfold Shepherd Of Fire Comments
  1. MJ Gacha Life

    This a kind of song that I play when I'm riding a bike and holding a sawn off shotgun in the middle of the town full of zombies

  2. DANNY juarez

    Imma be playing this in iran

  3. fueledbydanny

    it’s 2020 and we’re still listening

  4. James Eure

    I wish i could go back in time just to relieve middle school days😕 coming back from school grinding origins with my nigga man

  5. Enes Keskin

    waow its 2020 and im still listening

  6. Where are my Chettos

    Can anybody tell me where can I find a song similar to this one

  7. Xalaxxi

    Love this band to death ❤️

  8. Adam Beasley

    Who is still listening in 2020?

  9. Scorpsub

    People no gamer : amazing song

    Gamers: song of origins

    Daniel Cordero


    Daniel Cordero

    3rd day

    Daniel Cordero

    Dont fear the reaper

  10. Tempest

    Welcome to 2020

  11. Kenzie Mann

    What is this song about?

  12. Starla Brunetta

    T Posing right at the beginning of the video

  13. jordan T

    I still remember the 1st day I heard this ,lost my metal and head banging virginity , that was 6 years ago

  14. Raditya Adyuta

    1:04 my favorite part

  15. Trainspush Through

    2020 early anyone?

  16. Evan Johnson

    great song, but i can't be the only one that thinks that it should be "know me by name, shepherd of flame" rather than fire?

  17. chadguess44

    They do a good job of copying Metallica but with a shitty singer

  18. MrOrigin2005

    the drum'er must have got brain damage after shaking his head that much : }

  19. ACW 2973

    Is it weird that I still hear the zombies shouting and moaning.

  20. Mattin Sayf

    يمني ٢٠١٩؟؟؟

  21. Gary the legend jones

    Apocalypse playlists

  22. Cristian Gonzalez

    Terrible music , Metallica fucked up everything!

  23. Ian wilkinson

    Am I the only one that noticed towards the end when their in the car they looked like they had Misfit skulls flashed over their faces? lol

  24. Sarah Key

    i felt like i was in the band because i was singing it

  25. the furri husky

    The people:this music is soo cool

    Me:no sé si lo dije bien así que perdón y si, no entiendo ni la mitad de los comentarios

  26. alligator snappy

    We all know the actual music clip

  27. Denlaw

    I love this fucking Band. Horns up. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  28. Jeffrey Carrera


  29. KO '

    Who's still listen in 2019 Thailand ❤

  30. Cynthia Morelock

    this song reminds me of black ops 2-3

  31. Isaac Rumley

    I only come to this album for the solos

  32. Kevin133sdr

    1:08 Master of Puppets ??????

  33. Una Luna Elvish Witch Fae


  34. O iludido ;3

    É isso kkkk, Mec música fala tu BRs :v

  35. Rodolfo Passos dos Santos

    arin should've never left

  36. SkyBooster


  37. Henry Sparks

    My god take anyone you like, just give back jimmy (the rev for you newbies).

  38. VaL 0

    update for ppl from the past: Zombies ended.


    this is actually sad

  39. Rafi Bagaskara

    This Song Matches With Hellsing So Much

  40. Lana TBR

    The legend car... Bat country, So far away, Shepherd of fire 🙌🙌

    Rahardian Wahyu Haryanto

    Lol i don't even notice that XD

  41. Mirza

    Sebastian Espinosa brought me here

  42. Franklin Clinton


  43. victor hampton

    Hey the origins trailer goes well with this awesome song tho

  44. Shannon O'Brien

    Read it and weap....Pray for your children....Now they will suffer because of your unjust actions.

  45. Nicholas Rusz

    Good studio shitty live

  46. Kikom Jamir

    anyone from india

  47. Jexx Ken

    Bro, every time I play Origins I never skip the intro to hear this beautiful song

  48. Gavilan 109

    this is the official video, but everyone knows that official video it's on black ops II, ORIGINS

  49. prism_34

    This is literally a hybrid of for whom the bell tolls and enter sandman I love it

  50. John Scano

    Fuck Google.

  51. Willem DaEnemy

    This is what I see when I have sleep paralysis

  52. John Scano

    Google, you all are pussies, liars, amd thieves. First Class America.


    Everyone like “all the people that came from cod are pussies” well maybe we like the song so maybe we came here so what? I bet you probably live in your moms basement

  54. ToolyXD

    I cant listen to this without imagining Zombies growling, screaming and shooting

  55. I Like Trains

    Who says the 'And you know it's right' line in the chorus?

  56. Fati26037 Majukedepan


  57. irving garcia ocejo

    2019 who?

  58. N-Gin & TonicTM

    I'm here not just because I love Avenged Sevenfold, but also because our lives rest on three soldiers sent to stop out outbreak...

    "My name is Samantha. I'm going to tell you how all this *really* began..."

  59. Sync Playz

    All you cod fans go listen to songs like: hail to the king
    Coming home
    Welcome to the family
    Bat country
    This means war
    Or just listen to every avenged sevenfold song because they are amazing I'm not naming all but there are some good ones

  60. Calalosan


  61. Cadoshi DVerdad

    All: Fiiiiiiiiire
    Me: TAKEO

  62. Empandas Al horno


    me: lets play origins

  63. Leandro Lima

    Do caralho 🔥🔥🔥

  64. scotty mills

    Weird story incoming:but the first time I heard this me and my ex broke up, then as soon as this song released we both heard it and meet up at a lake and got back together lol I married her ;-; still with her, no regrets

  65. Revv

    why does this video remind me of Holiday

  66. alexandre gonsalvez

    end of 2019 ?

  67. Saidt Ilham

    Drummernya terlalu santuy ah👎👎

  68. Josh Whittaker

    Who else thinks it should be shepherd of flame instead of fire

  69. Juan Jesus Bueno

    it begins long ago,
    on the battlefiedls of the Great War...

  70. argh666

    Copy of Enter Sandman Song - Metallica

  71. Aldo Lopez

    Es la primera vez que veo el video oficial de la cancion

  72. scott brigner

    I hate that this song starts out like hell's bells. Every time it comes on the radio I get excited and then I am quickly disappointed...

  73. mike g

    Could be a good album of it didn't sound just like Metallica. This song in particular is Enter Sandman completely

    mike g

    @Seaside greatest band ever


    @mike g yes

    mike g

    Great minds think alike

    mike g

    @Seaside I see you have good taste lol


    @mike g yeah

  74. Ressurection From Ashes

    I love A7X in general, but it still would've been sick asf if they would have used the origins cutscenes as the official vid. But they probably couldn't do that cuz of copyright or something idk.

  75. Lolanda Kessay

    FUCK ORIGINS!!!! Haha jk
    Call of Duty Rocks!!
    Zombie Intro Rocks!!!
    ROCKS!!!! A7X foREVer!!!!!


  76. kraken voker

    This song last scene kinda remind me of Afterlife last scene

  77. hopetown 27

    The music vid for origins is better than this music vid by a long shot


    What music video there's no music video in origins

  78. Villain

    Legends says, your mind hears the zombie screams even though they're not there.

    Vicious Man Junk

    Villain underrated comment

    Nathan McCabe


  79. Damian Quick

    The 9.2k got eaten by zombies
    Holy crap I realize how bad that was, im so sorry

  80. Michael Harness

    This song is about me. Now say I’m crazy as fuck. Or anything else that’s disrespectful. Please. Just don’t look into the sky and say I love you Michael. Never do that.

  81. Izz Israq

    Uhhh is syn's guitar not connected during the main solo?


    pero que bien que me la pasaba matando sombis

  83. Guilherme Barbosa

    Essa musica gela a alma!

  84. xEduardo22x

    Black ops Nostalic 😟

  85. brandon sperle

    When I first heard this I thought the lyric was “Barron of meat” instead of “bearer of needs”

    Max Romero

    And you know it's right

  86. Rebel Spy

    I just discovered Avenged Sevenfold... I'm obsessed


    Welcome to this big crazy family!

    Jays Parker

    Welcome 💀🦇

    Nai Lematua

    Doesn't matter whether you're new to their music or just rediscovering this band, there is always room for newcomers to love their music and appreciate them just as I have been doing since 2005. Welcome to the A7X family brother 🤟🤟

    Andrew Hoffer

    Need to check out "Almost easy" think it was in guitar hero 3 or first rock band. That's where I was introduced to A7X. My favorite band of all time with Slipknot close behind.

    Rebel Spy

    @Andrew Hoffer good taste 😂

  87. Sokarez

    This song should be called "Shepherd of Flame" cuz "Know me by name, Shepherd of Fire" don't fucken rhyme

  88. MrOrigin2005

    me:avenged sevenfold
    girl:bruno mars
    me:get out!

    Cadoshi DVerdad

    Un español random por este comentario ;)

  89. Delton Aldrich

    Everyone else: Black Ops Origins

    Me: The Boat scene from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


    i love Willy Wonka

    Delton Aldrich

    @godly_boi 346 All of the disturbing imagery.


    Sonu Baruah the film isnt old fucking idiot

    Broken Helmet

    I was thinking the same thing lmao

  90. AnonymousMusic 2625

    This shits fuckin bad ass, 2019 anyone?

  91. Mayozilla *

    6 años en youtube y esta obra de arte sigue siendo maravillosa.

  92. Kuziemek

    listen to this song right after enter sandman

  93. fã do general

    40% fans
    9999999999% cod bo2(3) zombies