Avenged Sevenfold - Save Me Lyrics


They all know
They all know

Sorry did I wake your dreams?
Some questions run too deep
We only only wake up when we sleep
Led by the lunar light, trouble's all we'd find
Lost our way tonight

Is it something we said?
Is it something we said to them?
Is it something we said?

Save me
I'm trapped in a vile world,
Where the end game's all the same as every other
We're only here to die
Save me
I'm losing my only dream,
I can use some guiding light, some place to go
If you hear me let me know

They all know
They all know

Ever since the day you left my fate's been set unknown
How many years to walk this path alone?
So much to see tonight, so why'd you close your eyes?
Why can't I shut mine?

Is it something we did?
Is it something we did to them?
Is it something we did?

Save me
I'm trapped in a vile world
Where the end game's all the same as every other
We're only here to die
Save me
I'm losing my only dream
I can use some guiding light, some place to go
If you hear me let me know, if you hear me let me know


Help me find my way
I said help me find my way
No pulse inside of me
Stone cold lips and heresy
All lies and to a degree
Losing who I wanna be

You'll find out right now

He may be out of his mind, but some day you will find
That sanity left us all blind, and dragged us all behind
A moment seen through those eyes, crystal blue disguise
They say that all beauty must die, I say it just moves on...

If you'd only open your mind, then someday you will find
Insanity left us behind, and walked right through the door
I can see the pictures clear as yesterday, pictures all my own
I can hear the voices begging you to stay, but know you're not alone

Save me
I'm trapped in a vile world
Where the end game's all the same as every other
We're only here to die
Save me
I'm losing my only dream
I can use some guiding light, some place to go
If you hear me let me know, if you hear me let me know

Tonight we all die young [6x]
Tonight we all die
Tonight we all die young

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Avenged Sevenfold Save Me Comments
  1. Toby Howe

    This is way better than bohemian rhapsody

  2. Dimas Ady Saputra

    Iam lossing my only dream....

  3. luis siles

    every minute of this master pice deserves a place in our hearts

  4. Quinlan McParland

    Its "only ever" not "only only". I have no clue why the lyrics were changed

  5. dandi putra

    I love a7x

  6. Matt Beals

    I hear you

  7. Aiden Mendoza

    Tonight we all die young.

  8. Joselito Otilesoj

    This is just fucking AWESOMEEE

  9. Joselito Otilesoj


  10. Adhani Yellow 651

    I was present in Bandung Indonesia 7 December 2019, I know this song in 2010

  11. Żurecki Mistrz



    The guitar always makes me cum just awesome

  13. Shawn Boettinger

    Dec 2nd 2019...anyone

  14. kok kok

    *awesome musicalness*

  15. Dragon Berry

    Too bad the new A7X blows donkey balls...😑🤔🤨😔 Can't be avenged if your not being avenged!


    вери вел естюдеёй.....ёптель

  17. smile

    Eargasm with earphones on.

  18. Just iNstinct iT

    2019 Dec 1

  19. julio kautsar

    am i way too late to recognize Avenged sevefold ? I never knew there is such an amazing band... why youtube keep recommend shits on my time line ?????? DAMN I LOVE THIS

  20. joe


  21. alzajr

    27 nov 2019, sambil mainin kaki mana?

  22. Mohamed Tahir

    solo in 5:48 broke something inside me 💔

  23. Muklis argoja

    Indonesian wellcom

  24. Dermerion I

    I can't give a like to this song as many times as it deserves

  25. Geno m Grishaber


  26. TheSonguete96

    1:16 - 1:24 what is that sound?

    Zkyl music

    Violin pizzicato

  27. Maulana Sidiq


  28. agus setyawan

    Hear this song, i thing there is so much part that usually Mike Portnoy can do more..

  29. Samantha Parker

    Mineeeee mineeee mineeee!!! I have claimed.you. Bahahhaah x

    Samantha Parker

    Always dreams of yous lot 😇😈😻👻❤💙💖

  30. A Shot Of Whiskey

    Omg the drum rolls. Guitar if course but those drums omg

  31. Chris Jones

    This is by far their best album!!! I fucking love Ax7!!!!!

    Xeno Gaming

    Yea i love ax7

  32. Валентина Петрова

    I like this "*Awesome musicalness*" phrase (: It greatly describes the whole song

  33. parag goyal

    the strings and voices on keyboard reminds of dream theater

  34. space man

    I found you once again

  35. Lalhruai mawia

    Anyone in Nov 2019?

  36. Uchiha Sasuke

    This masterpiece should have a billions viewers!❤️

  37. Douglas Buznego

    Tonight we all die young

  38. Aina I

    1:23 that 8D sounds makes me felt like syn was guitaring around me in my room


    Man idk why I stopped listening to this song I forgot how damn beautiful it was.

  40. Emil Johan Majani

    Metal #YOLO

  41. Sean Brooks

    I love avenged sevenfold and this song here is godly~

  42. Nicolas Franchini

    I showed this song to my work partner, he says that is "too boring, the intro is way long, when start the guy singing? 10 minutes? Take it off" he is still in the hospital.


    Save me

  44. Mr. Brownstone

    That bass intro 🤘

  45. pensak sawangnetr

    หวังว่าวันนี้คฃไม่มีใครถูกขัง Skull

  46. Aaron Contreras

    0:00 - 10:57 the best part!

  47. Cocain Shack69

    When you're a player 1:53

  48. sigil

    i remember 2011-12 being mad that this song had gone generally unrecognized by even fans of A7X. Revisiting their music after these years is gonna be so awesome, Im glad people recognize this influential art.

  49. Anant Sapkota

    that moment when 10 minutes long song is less than 1 minute. :(

  50. skiy


  51. Imam Azharis

    2019 bro like A7X forever

  52. June Meldrum

    67 years old and I love this band...There is real talent here if others would take the time to listen...Not all bands nowadays are sh.. this is proper lyrics and real music, just because it's not beethovan or bach does'nt mean its not brilliant ..

  53. Febrina Adellia

    cuk kangen banget sm lagu ini, pas jaman smp seneng banget😍

  54. Matthew Pettus

    This song is crazy

  55. Kheisen Eiden

    Queen: We got the legend 'Bohemian Rhapsody' 6minutes

    Green Day: Hold my beer! 'Jesus of Suburbia' 9minutes

    A7X: HAHAHAHA WTF!!! 'Save Me' 10minutes

  56. Hendrawan Prasetyo

    Who's watching this in 2022?

  57. Spicy

    Is no one gonna talk about 9:22? The best part in my opinion

  58. Louis-Philippe Racine

    It is 8d at the beginning!

  59. Stevany Restu

    I love it so much:)

  60. Ryan aries Munandar

    Hipu pisan iyeu lagu, nyeredet kana hate

  61. Matt Sepan The Hylian

    9:22 - 10:40: the guards at area 51 on September 20 when millions of naruto runners and millions of Kyles on monster energy drinks emerge from the desert horizon running full speed towards the gate.

  62. Zek Awungshi

    This is called heavy metal
    Drumming sounds like anything best song a7x ever

  63. Kites Korner

    This song opens doors to another life!

  64. Yofi Syafrudin

    Hello madafaka im from indon :v
    Enak ya lagunya

  65. Ti Samudra

    Old but gold
    Legend never die

  66. Abdelhadi Di Meziane

    when i traveled my agony in 4 years ago, despite that I was serounded by many of my friends and people I was feeling that I'm alone n i find this song it's driving me to hopeless but in fact it made me want to live so it's the totally opposite of what the lyrics says in the song
    tnx A7X

  67. Mr X

    "tonight we all die young"
    Kids with depression like me: Yaay

  68. Kaytlin Paige

    Awesome musicalness lol

  69. Alguien Anormal

    Man, i fuckin cried with thus song, so deep!

  70. Thibaut Leurquin

    Mike Portnoy is sush a beast ! We can really feel the Dream theater influence on that one ! Such a good prog song

  71. Subham Edge

    We are only here to die

  72. Xx Death xX

    “Im trapped in a vile world

    Where the endgames all the same as every other

    We’re only here to die”

    As a nihilist, I’ve never encountered lyrics that relate so deeply with my take on life. This song makes me feel like people sometimes feel the way I do everyday. Against the current of life deep in the well of knowledge. Cursed to wander this desolate world that seem to last an eternity and a second all at the same time. And for no good reason, just for the sake of living. I love this song. It sings to me 🖤

  73. Al Bi


  74. Zam BlazerZ

    I'm so missing to playing this song man... Damn!!! Hahaha

  75. Rin Tohsaka

    I hear you Avenged Sevenfold. I hear you.
    You're thoughts and prayers reached me when I was in the middle of committing suicide and I have been delivered from depression.

    Much love to all who read this, know that you are loved by the world, even if you hate it.

  76. Grogz S

    Is it just me or the drums in this song was entirely arranged by Portnoy?

    Thibaut Leurquin

    I think you’re right, it really sounds like a Dream Theater song !

  77. William Hall

    I like the part where this came into existence.

  78. Assman Santos

    0:46 - 1:46
    Best minute of my life

  79. Aztec Aztec


  80. ainunbojan bojan


  81. VanTheMan

    By far the greatest A7X song ever made

  82. Nadira Meuthia

    Doctor : You have 11 minute to die
    me :

  83. Nightmarez_420

    2019 anyone?

  84. Delilah Loves Eminem

    Love this

  85. Najib Loners

    wish you were here

  86. Seba Santana

    Hearing 1st Time


    i can play the part after he said skull


    me like dat guitar solo

  89. Noval Fahreza

    Anyone here august 2019?

  90. Kocka Crussader

    30 july 2019

  91. Gaming R99

    So underratedd !!!