Avenged Sevenfold - Runaway Lyrics

As I walk along
I wonder what went wrong
With our love, a love that was so strong
And as I still walk on
I think of the things we've done
Together, a-while our hearts were young

I'm a-walkin' in the rain
Tears are fallin' and I feel the pain
Wishin' you were here by me
To end this misery
And I wonder
I wah-wah-wah-wah-wonder
Why, why, why, why, why she ran away
And I wonder
A-where she will stay-ay
My little runaway
Run, run, run, run, runaway

I'm a-walkin' in the rain
Tears are fallin' and I feel the pain
Wishin' you were here by me
To end this misery
I wonder
I wah-wah-wah-wah-wonder
Why, why, why, why, why she ran away
And I wonder
A-where she will stay-ay
My little runaway
Run, run, run, run, runaway
Run, run, run, run, runaway
Run, run, run, run, runaway

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Avenged Sevenfold Runaway Comments
  1. I'M Odo

    Like a punk song

  2. Ozora Life

    Back to old day avenged.drum rules in all the song😀☝️💯

  3. Ozora Life

    Really suitable voice for anime song😍



  5. NewSuperSuuSGamr00096

    I miss the old Kanye

  6. Jjacob8600

    i see a lot of covers came out in 2017..wow
    still amazing though..

  7. KO '

    Who's still listen in 2019 Thailand ❤

  8. Grand Chariot

    Live and let die?

  9. Shaqiel Haykal

    This band consists of fucking talented musicians and not getting the recognition they should've gotten.

  10. Gerardo Ramirez

    Awesome track.. also Who remembers zacky vs first song? "Woke up in the morning today what did I see I saw some weed saying come and smoke me" 😂

  11. Spirit of Vengeance

    Why do I feel a Japan Rock vibe here? this is awesome!

  12. Muhammad Arief

    Ca 2222222 ca

  13. Brenda Jaramillo

    Pero simplemente que hermosa vos tiene Zacky🤩💘😍🤤

  14. Brenda Jaramillo

    Que vue vue vue vuelva, yo no sé porque de fue, pero se alejó de mi.... Los que son de México sabrán de que canción es. 😂

    I love A7X for the end of the times. 🤤😍❤️

  15. Meg R.L.

    Wow. The beginning had me thinking this was gonna be a cover of "You Could Be Mine" by Guns N' Roses.

  16. Richen Joshi

    Zacky sounds like Billie Joe Armstrong 😍

  17. Annisa Widya

    Zacky Shadows😂😍

  18. joestrummerize

    BAD RELIGION-DRUMS :-) Wackerman

  19. Kiko Dias

    U could be mine drum beat

  20. Osiris D. Aimztaroth

    I love bat A7x religion with Zavky

  21. Mark Schlingloff

    I remember listening to the original artist with my grandma, great song!

  22. Envectus HD Gaming

    Am I the only one that seemed to think this drum tempo and guitar tempo is very punk rock and not metal that's the first thing that grabbed me about this well that and this is an amazing cover.

  23. Seli Márquez


  24. Nick

    Fuckin love it!! Zacky's voice sounds great, badass cover 👍

  25. arekisis

    if you think this song is not A7X's style, then you never heard 'Street' from their first album

  26. Shadow Blood 2

    Zacky tell me how the fuck you do those raspy vocals😂

  27. Lal ruatkima

    Repeat button is broken

  28. RedPill TheNormies

    Warren is just as good of a guitarist as he is a person. He always comes into my work. Good guy. As is M Shadows and Synyster Gates father-in-law. Very cool dude.

  29. Jackie Wilson

    My granddaughter has autism. She's a runner. Its the scariest thing. All precautions in place and she's stealthy. Its scary as hell.

  30. Josh Horváth

    Zack absolutely nails this. Love it.

  31. Nicko Martinez

    el zacky rifandosela como no

  32. SovietSpoon597

    For all the uncultered emos https://youtu.be/0S13mP_pfEc heres the song they did a cover of.

  33. Hylthek J

    these "the stage" extras make me think that they lost a bet and had to make a bunch of song according to challenges.

  34. Black Rainbow

    reminds me of the first album!

  35. Andrew Higgs

    Its OK for most rock bands to do covers.
    I personally don't mind covers. I think A7X hold this perfectly

  36. Seli Márquez

    2019 👏💘

  37. Samuel Rivas Valencia

    Misfits <3

  38. Mr. Quantum Nuts

    this version blows lol

  39. Nadia Yh

    Vanina - Dave je meurs

  40. Fred1022

    If he did every song like this on tour for a 2 hr show. He'd blow his voice just like shadows

  41. Damien Darhk

    Still think Synyster should sing eventually.

  42. RydogGamer

    Where was Matt at?

  43. Hilih Khintil


  44. Rentauris

    Los mejores a7x

  45. Jadima Hutabarat

    Addicted to this

  46. Kaulitz Marley

    Omg zacky!! ❤❤❤😍😍👍

  47. Bob Vader

    Playing on 0.75x speed.. just me or someone else ?

  48. Chris Entera

    I love Zacky on this. Lel

  49. Mississippi Mud Runner

    They did pretty damn good with the cover... good job
    Original: Del Shannon runaway

  50. Dani Sbrugnera

    More Zacky singing please ❤️

  51. Mega Pertiwi

    OH MY GOD....ZACKY 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  52. Frankie K

    Nearly 4.k people agree that the failed solo attempt completely ruined this song.

  53. Arctic _ Feline

    Vietnam era music mixing with Avenged Sevenfold? Unexpected, but cool

  54. Dillon Krix

    Who else imediately thought of You Could Be Mine with those drums in the beginning

  55. Sheila Murphy

    The vandals. Punk gods

  56. The Fury

    Bro zacky kills it on vocals

  57. gonzalo pereyra

    I am a huge a7x but I dont like this song

  58. cantika bangeta

    yusuf el satu 5534527

  59. Blue River & Zen Garden

    Love Zacky's voice ❤️💜🤘

  60. KeepItMarvelous

    i love this band so much

  61. jesus zamalloa

    Que bonito Guns N Roses 🖤 me encanta esta canción You Could be mine ✨

    Lorena Alisson

    jesus zamalloa me enojas

  62. Prof Daniel

    Bad religion x avenged sevenfold

  63. Emilio Carrasco

    Vengeance School hahaha

  64. Tieu Kha Vu

    I like it. Better than the Original one. But overall, great song in history of Rock N Roll

  65. Metal girl

    1.000.000views from me

  66. James Myers

    Hearing this as a bass player and loving the drums.

  67. Rais

    Nice Zacky

  68. Adi Pambudi

    i love green day :D

  69. Þórsteinn

    I still like the original song but never the less nice remake.

  70. CanIPlayWithMadness

    Sad that all those Bieber fans gave a thumbs down.

  71. Staci Smith

    Loving this! Zacky has an amazing voice, would love to hear him singing more

  72. Everett Jones

    How am i just now seeing this for the first time!?

  73. José Augusto dos Santos

    "É ÓTIMO"

  74. Mike Gillespie

    Why are all the new videos taken off of your channel? Please don't tell me you're going back to WB?!?!?!?!?! I thought it was amazing you were exploring your musical depths...... right, wrong, or indifferent....

  75. Wølfløve


  76. austin roughton

    I would love to hear more covers with Avenged Sevenfold see what they got with older songs

  77. YT_RageFire

    When I was thinking somebody else covered this song...this wasn't the one I was thinking off. Pretty cool.

  78. BlueFlameBird

    Zacky is so fucking adorable

  79. Jeffrey Flanders

    So glad i grew up on solid gold music so i don't have to look up the original by Del Shannon! A7X covered this very well. Zacky did awesome with the vocals and Warren Fitzgerald was a great choice for doing the solo

  80. POMax


  81. Red happy

    Yang nyanyi kok ganti?

  82. Denisse Morales

    Zacky tiene una voz muy sexy y linda💜😂👌👌👌

  83. Calroy NZ

    Holy shit this is awesome!!!!

    Cheers boys great job🤘

  84. Tim Hill

    I like it, a lot.

  85. Beruang Laut

    Sounds like pop punk to me

  86. John Smithy

    The punk rock version of del Shannon's runnaway is lame unless y'all are quiet riot. Pretty positive five finger could do it better as a duet.

  87. HurricaneHomer9

    Amazing but I still do prefer the original.

  88. jacob lowe

    not usually a fan of this band but really like this song! might actually go see them at download now

  89. Marwan Abd El-Ghany

    Zack voice is perfect for this song

  90. TheRandomizer777

    I hope they will change their drummer with some bad ass heavy metal...this doesn't sound like avengend sevenfold style.Nothing bad happend with the actual drummer but it doesn't like a metal one at all.Not even a heavy metal one...I think the drummer have a big influence on the band,especially now when Jimmy died...Sincerely I don't want a special drummer...only a heavy metal one or something more appropiate to A7X style

  91. Prof Daniel

    Bad sevenfold hahaha 😂

  92. Rafael Sousa

    Só a galera das antigas vão curtir esse som punk do caralho ! Hehehe

    Rafael Sousa

    Apesar de que esse som ė oriundo da década de 60 e
    veio se transformando ao longo dos anos !

  93. Sandra Richter

    3:26 ❤️

  94. M. Shadows

    2018 and still watching

  95. crtitical thinking

    This song was release at the time of breaking up with mu ex... It hurts so bad listening to this ond