Avenged Sevenfold - Planets Lyrics

Godless - meteoric war,
Anger – our existence nevermore.
You awoke the giants who were dormant in the sky,
Comets raining death from a fiery eye.

Mother of all, your time is coming,
One with eternity.
When planets collide,
Planets collide.

Damage – galaxy destruct,
Endless - celestial orbit corrupt.
You will be forgotten like the others lost in time,
Dead civilization left behind.


Take heed, the violent march is closing in,
You can't defeat them on your own.
Weapons are loaded for the final stand,
And they're all aimed at you from heaven!

Planets collide.
Planets collide.
Planets collide.
Planets collide.

You will be forgotten like the others lost in time,
Dead civilization left behind.


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Avenged Sevenfold Planets Comments
  1. INDAG0 M00N

    WITCH~☆Historical text or myth inspired"Planets Lyrics"~the SUN is shining in Dallas for the first time in 3 days...&this-INDAG0-Mamma Lost Some [email protected]👿❤💋👇

  2. Gabriel Díaz

    4:45 "You should have known, the price of evil, and it hurts to know that you belong here, yeah!"

  3. Occlehnorton


  4. Occlehnorton

    Bill Burr would love a7x

  5. Virginia Railfan67

    @ 1:36 when 2 600lb people run into each other at full speed

  6. Yuri

    Vtnc q musica fodaaa mas o brasileirinho quer ouvir anitta e pablo vital kkkkkkkk

  7. Jar Nasrokhi

    5:40 November rain ending

  8. Arturo Santillan

    Great song, this song could easily be part of the stage, i think it maybe was somewhat as a starting point fort that record

  9. Flávio dias

    My favorite song 🎶😈 super style 😈.

  10. crav

    0:55 and so on reminds me of Megadeth's Symphony of Destruction, lol

  11. Jjacob8600

    i dont know how avenged sevenfold can be so badass

  12. Илья Иванов


  13. Max4Million


  14. Garrett [REDACTED]


  15. Brendan Strode

    272 will be forgotten like the lost and time, and be the dead civilization left behind

  16. Rialy Andriamiseza

    I'm learning music theory and I think the drum intro is a 4:5 polyrythm. Can anyone please confirm this ?

  17. Ildebrando González

    This song may be in "The Stage" album and fits perfectly

  18. ShinraFugitives

    just imagine all their influences being metal bands and then you have Holst and his planets symphonies playing their way into this song. I can definitely hear it in the instrumentation. something about this just sounds like Mars, Bringer of War.

  19. DL Nan0

    Should've put this song in tag der toten

  20. Ghost of war

    RIP the rev. Avenged sevenfold never lost there original feel and will continue to make good music

  21. Ean Thomas

    This is a good song for Za Warudo!

    Ean Thomas

    @MinecraftTutorialsAndGameplayTheKidGamer/vlogger69 what, you don't like kakioine donuts?

  22. InfernoSlayer

    okay let’s just be honest this one wasn’t that good okay

  23. Antonio Corona

    If u don't like A7X then FUCK U!!!!!!!

  24. lil miss mary jane

    Still love this band to death. 🤩


    it would be weird not to be haha

  25. Spectre Kills


  26. Dakota Jones

    Thise base drums when the chorus comes in.. Damn dude.. The rev is proud in heaven.

  27. Ronnie Hill

    Song reminds me of the movie "Knowing"

  28. ish the fish

    my cat is a planet

  29. alan oliveira


    Avenged Sevenfold

    Godless, meteoric war
    ​Anger, our existence nevermore
    ​You awoke the giants who were dormant in the sky
    ​Comets raining death from a fiery eye

    ​Mother of all, your time is coming
    ​One with eternity
    ​When planets collide
    ​Planets collide

    ​Damage, galaxy destruct
    ​Endless, celestial a bit corrupt
    ​You will be forgotten like the others lost in time
    ​Deaths symbolization, left behind

    ​Mother of all, your time is coming
    One with eternity
    When planets collide
    Planets collide

    Take heed the final march is closing in
    ​You can't defeat them on your own
    ​Weapons are longing for the final stand
    ​And their all aimed at you from heaven

    ​Planets collide
    ​Planets collide
    ​Planets collide
    ​Planets collide

    ​You will be forgotten like the others lost in time
    Deaths symbolization, left behind

    ​Mother of all, your time is coming
    One with eternity
    When planets collide
    Planets collide

    Read The Bones

    Celestial *Orbit corrupt.
    Dead *Civilization left behind

    Read The Bones

    They're* all aimed at you from heaven

    Read The Bones

    Weapons are *loaded for the final stand

  30. NotInControl198

    This one of those song to listen to when ur mad but get someone back and u do it in the most sneaky way. I’ve done it before and adding the song is amazing. It’s also good for playing games and ur going against mass scaled armies and defeat them while the song comes to an end. Instant erections😂

  31. Spkychica

    Has a spooky melody kinda like The Rev helped make it. Niiice.

  32. plullum 18


  33. Fiction

    why TF was synyster gates trying to summon the fucking devil with this solo

  34. The Legend

    Holy shit, if you turn the speed to .75, it sounds exactly like a fucking Metallica song. (Note: I know this album was inspired by them)

  35. The city of evil


  36. John Nelsestuen

    Meteor at war? We are at war? I cant decide.


    He says "meteoric war"

    John Nelsestuen

    @L3giTxSniPE ah, that makes sense, thanks.

  37. Jeremy Johnson

    Battery by Metallica anyone?

  38. Teppa Inc.

    Vocals: Synyster Gates???


  39. Kris Kachelein

    So I really need to know if they got inspiration from planets by holst. Classical piece, beautiful.

  40. Joaquin Gonzalez

    Former drummer and Syn gates killed this !!!!

  41. Richard Dutton

    this song belongs on The Stage lol

  42. Kayte Lopez

    Still listening 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  43. Justin Hall

    That was a cool planet.

  44. Styielz Groulx

    Holy shit !! Listen to this song in playback mode 1.5x faster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dooo itttttt then hit the heart cuz its siiiick

    Shadow Aqix

    It is pretty sick I won’t lie

    Styielz Groulx

    @Shadow Aqix I can't find another song thus far where that would work. Its as if its a different song!

  45. Roby Ramoslugo

    This song sounds like when a superhero snaps and goes in a murder spree.

  46. MattTravis

    Anyone notice how it says Synyster is singing in the description?


    MattTravis 2:32 background

  47. Max Romero

    Predecessor to The Stage

  48. K4RN4GE911

    Weapons are loaded for the final stand
    And they're all aimed at you from Heaven.

    I imagine that being a line before a massive battle scene from an action RPG or something, I fucking love it.

  49. LLoydLimoDriver

    I’m paying attention to the vocals and m shadows voice is so powerful on this album. The stage seems so weak in comparison vocally


    Is your pfp Kamikaze from Eminem? 😮

  50. Angel :D

    One of my favourite songs

  51. MrChristian04

    I’m curious if any inspiration for this song came from Gustav Holst, though I doubt it.

  52. Anonymous Serial Killer

    This song reminds me that the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies will collide.

    After they first collide, the galaxies will merge into one. Despite plowing into each other at full force, there are not expected to be direct collisions between stars in the two galaxies, because there is so much open space between them. The coming together will, however, knock the stars into different orbits.


    Was not expecting to see this on a A7X video/song... but I love space so I'm glad i saw it

    Anonymous Serial Killer

    MattTravis Thanks 😁 I love space too.

  53. El mundo de angel(1.0)

    El mejor álbum si salieran 10 mas de esta banda lo seguiría comprando son los mejores

  54. CHAR MER

    I like this,🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘


    163 persons will collide planets

  56. Rentauris


    El mundo de angel(1.0)


  57. WarrenPeace 217


  58. Alex Avendano

    Makes me want to go to space

  59. J The Nerd

    Not The Best They've Done, But Its Kinda Badass

  60. Anti Held

    00:37 jizz in my pants

  61. Wild DogV2.0

    This is amazing 10 out of 10 keep up the awesome work avenged sevenfold I love y’all’s music

  62. Patrick Doran

    'Hail to the King' has taken a bunch of shit since its release, but it's my favorite A7X album, and this is one of their stand-out songs.

    Travis Spaulding

    Coulter Sheppard you’re on drugs 💀 Requiem is one of my favorites on the entire album.

    Coulter Sheppard

    @Travis Spaulding It's Been Several Months Since I've Taken Anything Stronger Than Allergy Suppressors, And I've Never In My Life Had Recreational Drugs Of Any Kind. I'll Chalk This Up To A Difference In Taste. Again, I Will Say There Is No Song On The Album I _Don't Like_. It's Just That Planets And Requiem I Like The Least.

    Travis Spaulding

    Coulter Sheppard that’s better


    huh, I was of the opinion this was their best album to date.

    Read The Bones

    @Coulter Sheppard Why Do You Capitalize Every Fuckin' Word?

  63. sois belle à ta façon !

    One of my favorite songs :)

  64. Damien 666158

    4:56 - 4:58 = favorite part

  65. The Truth is only Perspective

    4 years of blowing out speakers to this shit and I'm still wondering how this ain't a staple on the radio... Pussy nation

    Billy Fusco Jr.

    Mainly because it isn't a single, and it's too long for radio. Yeah, it's stupid, but at least it came out in the first place so we can enjoy it.

  66. Franz II

    I love this song and the song

  67. Revelation Twelve

    Im rev 12. Im the mother of all and I am here...and standing strong as steel.

    A7X foREVer

    Revelation Twelve what the fuck?


    @A7X foREVer bible reference that seems to correlate with the song I guess

  68. Grace Malcolm


  69. The Toaster

    Its like the drum they use is my ear drum 😂

  70. Non-Casual One

    underrated af

  71. Dana Freeman

    Their style stayed original god bless A7X

    R.I.P the Rev an good man gone too soon

  72. troy zane

    Just bought this album and the city of evil very good albums

  73. No !!!

    going to concert July 26 hartford

    A7X foREVer


    Herz aus Stahl

    @A7X foREVer saw them in sweden 2017, it was fucking awesome, sucked that they canceled for you people ;(

  74. Casi Peach

    And there all aimed at you from HEAVEN!!!!!!! FUCKING FANFUCKINGTASTIC

  75. Alejandro Hernandez

    Their best song imo

  76. matt jeske

    Everything about this song is tight except the angels,and demons lyrics

  77. matt jeske

    Everything about this song is tight except the angels,and demons lyrics

  78. TheBlackKnight1o1

    Remind me again why people hate this album? Every song on it is gold.

    Black Heart

    They think it's a rip-off of Metallica even though it's a tribute to their inspirations, Metallica being a major one.


    People disliked it because it doesn't really sound unique like avenged sevenfold always has been. I love this album though and this song is the best one on it, but it's not my favorite or second or third favorite. Favorite album is their self titled album

  79. speve _

    Yes 69th comment

    Please help me

    steve jackson

    Traigando sugar twist

  80. Kenneth Britt

    It’s weird that people hate certain albums from bands but I am the type of guy that likes every album from any artist from metal and rock genres.

    Alexander Stavrou

    Dominator Elite4 Same here

    Jeremy Johnson

    I could never hate an A7X album. I dont much care for The Stage, but it's still awesome. Its just not my style really. My favorite moments are this album, city of evil, and Nightmare.


    A7x is probably the only band that I like all albums, they never disapoint.

    Bernardo Guedes

    You're the weird one liking everything. Clearly your ear sucks and you can't tell gold from shit.

    Grease That Emo

    I think people only hate this album cuz it sounds like Metallica even tho that’s the point

  81. Conner Smith

    Loved the background instraments definitely made up for the fact that the vocals were meaningless
    But don't get me wrong love 7fold the song did not meet my standards for them though

    Nicholas Aulger

    Dare I say fuck you


    @Nicholas Aulger oh my gosh how dare you

    Grease That Emo

    You have some high ass standards then

  82. houses of the jimbert

    /=💀=\ Avenged sevenfold emoji



    Sonu Baruah




    V.J.B Official

    /=💀=\ Wow that's cool

  83. calvin simmons

    Greatest music I've heard fuck heeaaaaa nice

  84. seth gage

    One of the most underrated indeed but too bad 4:00 AM is more underrated

  85. Demo Veggie

    107 people are moons.

    Dylan Morris

    And u sir are not one of them


    I am a moron. I was looking for the actual good song “planets collide” by Crowbar and got this shit instead smh.


    You encouraged more


    @jakeybball A good song, too, but very different in style & purpose.

  86. Killme xd

    Seen it live over summer. It was crazy. As they played this the astronaut on the album cover for the stage came out as a giant 3D blow up.

    Eric Olsen

    I don't remember an astronaut on that album cover

    C B

    Eric Olsen There’s an alt version of the stages cover where it’s kinda like the normal one but there’s an astronaut emerging from the huge cloud thing

  87. Patrick Junge

    i like this song so much, i chose it to play in pregame warm-ups for (american) football

  88. Alan H.

    i cant believe people say hail to the king is bad is this song bad? no its fucking awesome one of my favorites


    yes it is


    nah, pretty overrated

    Grease That Emo

    Actually pretty underrated this song is

  89. Gary Shiffert

    This album alone is badass one thier best

    Herz aus Stahl

    city of evil. This album is fucking boring


    Herz aus Stahl true fans like every album

  90. Kayte Lopez


  91. son uva digger fan

    This song should've came out with the stage album

    Jules McGrules

    sonuvadigger Fan it's like a precursor to it. Acid rain is awesome as well.

  92. Aidan Stone

    Drummer is a beast


    Aaron was really good but rip


    MrMoon Aaron?


    MrMoon Oh. They had a drummer named Arin at one point. Didn’t know that.

  93. Arttturo Reyes

    This world going to end lol

  94. Stalagmite115

    how could you say that, this song is one of their best

    Maruchan Chiken

    Stalagmite115 Bc it is