Avenged Sevenfold - Natural Born Killer Lyrics

One snap for the dying
One click to end the day
Another story with a mangled scene
It couldn't happen any other way

You wanna talk about it?
I'm begging you to walk in my shoes any time
Watch the clock till you unwind
You wanna cry about it
It's making me consider that I've lost my mind
The way I see you must be blind

So this is the world you left behind
This is the guilt that consumes you

So die alone
This is the one thing that I won't do
So say your prayers
Cause I ain't leaving here without you

Can't bribe me with money
Can't shower me with shame
Another killer from a broken home
Until you cover me with manic fame

You wanna know about it?
But I'm a be fucking with you every time
Story broken, you're behind
And when you ask about it?
You can rest assured I'll give you my best side
Seems we all have friends to find

So this is the hate I've been born to
Full are the tales of the untrue

So die alone
This is the one thing that I won't do
So say your prayers
Cause I ain't leaving here without you

And I'm waiting
Waiting for the days to slowly pass me by
(And all the promises I'll find)
No hesitating, you pull the trigger now your story's left behind
I know you want to see me fry
Like my soul, you won't survive

So die alone
This is the one thing that I won't do
So say your prayers
Cause I ain't leaving here without you

To die unknown
Would crush the fish-lens we all see through
To kill the glare
Expose the ugliness we hold true

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Avenged Sevenfold Natural Born Killer Comments
  1. Jason Zhao

    thought the drums were mike portnoy



  3. Jacob Savoie

    The intro is so hard to play. My friend and I tried to learn it for 2 hours. It’s not impossible, but hard.

  4. Tanner Armstrong

    Who listening in 2019

  5. Ash ash

    Lack of fear gets you into so woven web situations ya know. Opps! Fml!!!!!

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  11. Bullet Silvertip

    This song made me have a new appreciation for them

  12. Malsawmkimi Nohnai

    Any from Earth 🌏 World.

    Like for them.

  13. Monsters 14 19

    Mauricio No Esta Comiendo Tonterias En El 2047

  14. Monsters 14 19

    Natural Born Killer 2047

  15. Austin Afridi

    Natural born *selection*

  16. randovids

    If u play the song 34s after 11:59, you can start new years off with the ding and a sick solo

  17. Patrick O'Neill

    If you play Natural Born Killer at 11:59:34 on New Year's Eve, the "ding" will play at exactly midnight, starting the New Year with a sick-ass rift.

  18. F100 Garage


  19. Vicente García


  20. Daniel Siegler

    Everybody put this song on December 31st, at exactly 23:59:34, the bell will be at exactly 00:00, and we all start 2020 with an awesome riff!

  21. ling ling

    if i was a thirteen yr oid girl... maybe id let this shit band run through me


    Ok boomer

    ling ling

    @HUNK the autism is strong in this one

  22. Berto7x

    why does the intro sound similar to Metallica's Master of Puppets? don't you guys feel it?

  23. Exiled Sku11

    yall ever just
    *D I N G !*

  24. Luís Dantas

    a música dá um gás incrível

  25. Childish GamYeetO

    666th comment

  26. Childish GamYeetO

    One mkrey

  27. Dr.Disco

    That little 'ting' almost makes me laugh every time. Its great. Truly.

  28. emer1tus

    Literally sounds like Almost Easy

  29. Rick Timmy

    *Types in google how to make human leather products*


    Hell yea

  31. Nico Gimenez

    Clave la playlist del vectorga

  32. danfer vallasco

    jack : es hora del espectáculo

  33. Luca Robledo

    I played this at my grandad's grave and he came back to life.

    Nathan Johnston

    Luca Robledo woke

  34. The Metalheads

    Mike portnoy recorded this, and not the rev, still amazing


    Someone: likes the video
    Me: *That was very cash money of you*

  36. Riya S

    bruh does anyone else think this kinda sounds like parts of endless sacrifice by dream theater

  37. Magical Kaiju Pro

    I showed this to my dogs now they are grizzly bears

  38. The3lolek

    Everybody laughs at the ding when i imagine an empty bullet shell hitting concrete floor

    Gavin Carrigan

    The3lolek or someone reloading an M1 Garand

  39. Dermerion I

    I really love it at 2:56, it's just so beautiful.

  40. Jake Ritter

    My teeth hurt

  41. Tonislav Furlanski

    Dear god , i just wish to become the most sadistic killer ever

  42. Jjacob8600

    Showed this to youtube...

    *_they stopped the demonetization_*
    actually no, no they didnt. nevermi-

  43. Miguel Simbra

    A7X! S2

  44. diddlydaisy

    imagine this on guitar hero lmao
    that's just *asking* for a trip to the emergency room

  45. Samantha Parker

    Come find me.

  46. Amairani

    This should be called "The Ding"

  47. Nightmare Studio's

    0:00 -5:15 is best part

  48. pu150


  49. Magical Kaiju Pro

    I showed this to my cat now he's a lion I also showed my dog this now she's a bear
    I showed My Weaner dog too now she's a wolf

  50. Sharpnife

    all of it is good

  51. Jay Johnson


  52. GreenGirlEats

    I miss the phase when my mother thought I was the spawn of satan

  53. Ian Worley

    This song alone deserves to have its own album

  54. Myriot 25

    Bruh that riff

  55. alex Hayabusa

    Matt shadow

  56. Elite toster 12

    Best part0-515

  57. Andrew Ford

    The intro alone reminds me of DOOM

  58. Yoffo

    Did Syn have a musical stroke at 0:20?

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  62. unbrokeN

    0:26 Reminds me of almost easy

  63. ChungGs

    why do I hear boss music 0:26

  64. Monsters 14 19

    Psylocke 2019

  65. Monsters 14 19

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    Mañana Es Dia De Mierdez 2019

  68. Kim Ehrenschiöld


  69. Isam hiraka

    My left ear is broken...

  70. First Last

    This song turned me into a jew

  71. CamJam 312

    Goooood GOD that *ding* gave me a fat nut

  72. deceiver

    That Andy Wallace mix is so punchy and organic.

  73. Johnny

    Still waiting them to play this masterpiece live..

  74. Mike Lane

    ×1.5 speed

  75. Harvey Berry

    Haters: Well clearly this is a rip off of Metallica's "for whom the bell tolls"

  76. Bradley Caughorn

    This song makes me wanna infect cancer and kill it slowly like it has done to people for years!

  77. Zonagon Knightingale

    Just realized the album cover has "foREVer" on the Tombstone.


    This is one my themes now.....💀☠️💀

  79. Scarecrow

    Please drive like a bat outta hell when blasting this thru your speakers

  80. Animal2002 Lover

    When you see someone you hate (one snap for the dying)

  81. Jordan Diehl

    Is the song about Cancer?

  82. Lt Skittles


  83. Msbuds 918

    That fucking ding

  84. Metal Monkey

    Best song on the album for me. My all-time favourite A7x songs are 1: Almost Easy, 2: Afterlife, 3: This

  85. CRÅṡH x

    Musicao da porra ;v

  86. Detective Assassin

    1:41 Orgasmic <3

  87. Grace Gracy Boo

    Beautifull <3

  88. Beverly Ivey

    Die alone this is the one thing I won’t do!!

  89. Simon Bolivar

    This is Zackys Style 🤘 ❤️ foREVer !



  91. Monsters 14 19

    Hombre Lobo 2019

  92. Ed. Paul

    I swear, everytime when the solo comes, I'd leave out evrything I would be doing at that moment n enjoy the melody!! 🥁🎸👌

  93. Stoopid haw

    Can anyone give an explanation of this song? I’ve looked all over but I can’t really find anything.