Avenged Sevenfold - Lost It All Lyrics

Run away, I'm living with a hole inside
A piece of me that I have yet to find
Edge of reason, lines uneven, turn me off, feel the blood so cold
Like a product that was bought and sold, asking me for the impossible

I ain't waiting for a miracle; I ain't waiting for the world to change
Under my skin lives the reason, under my armor I lost it all

No more faith, no savior made of our designs
Fooled me before, I tell ya' not this time
Raped my body, lost my vision, lost my mind, I had to let it go
Another day living irrational, another day inside this dying soul

I ain't waiting for a miracle; I ain't waiting for the world to change
Under my skin lives the reason, under my armor I lost it all

There's something in your eyes
A part of me that I recognize
I wanna let you know
We'd be there if we could and it's alright
You taught me how to feel
It's no wonder I'd do anything
Tell me why'd you have to go
With the worst to come lost the best I know
Time - seems like we lost it all

Burn it all! Burn it to the fucking ground!
Believe the words that I don't want me around
Life revision, indecision, world collision, and heads will roll
With nothing left except the pain to show
Mental manic driven overflow

I ain't waiting for a miracle; I ain't waiting for the world to change
Under my skin lives the reason, under my armor I lost it all

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Avenged Sevenfold Lost It All Comments
  1. Hayden Dewey

    I have never heard this song ever and I thought I heard all ax7 songs where the fuck has this been??

  2. lukethecoolfool

    Just checking in before this is re-released in a few days :)

  3. r_a_s

    “Burn it all, burn it to the fucking ground!”

  4. PapaDanMrMetalMan

    They are finally releasing this on Diamonds in the rough!!

  5. Thaddeus Russell

    Just now finding this 10 years later

    zakk stewart

    welp same
    after they just released set me free :)

  6. Kylo Ren

    Takes me back to City of Evil. Reminds me of "Beast and the Harlot" for some reason

  7. Brandon Skare

    Excuse me but the guitar in this song is ridiculous

    Omar Yañez Zavala

    how come "ridiculous" it is?? Explain it...

  8. Cyro

    Only a real A7X finds this song. And those who do, thank you for appreciating such a great group. B)

  9. JacobShack

    Nothing beats that melodic section leading into the solo. Of course, the solo itself is magic also. Everything glorious about A7X encapsulated there.

  10. 2-D Luna

    Good song but this isn't on the album? Maybe a deluxe version idk


    2-D Luna Deluxe Version

  11. la p'tite chêvre

    J aime tellement cette chanson que je l écoute H24 . Nightmare est pour moi leur meilleur meilleur album . Avec Walking thé fallen et city of evil bien sûr ! Continuez comme ça c est gars 😘

  12. Berto7x

    anyone hear 'Warmness on the Soul' @ 2:34 ?

  13. Arikxul

    I've never heard his song wtf

  14. noozle

    Wtf,did I just found the best song ever???why didn't I found this earlier

  15. 斉藤朱夏

    Ive know a7x since forever and this the first time ive heard this song... Im so ashamed of myself

  16. unboundwildride

    Forgot this song existed. I'm so glad I thought about it and found it again

  17. Ethan Herbert

    God I love the guitars at 2:30

  18. Rafael Pereira

    Why this song isn't in spotify? ...

  19. bear poker

    Avenged sevenfold vs disturb vs twisted sister

  20. BlazingE

    2:32 to 2:47 sounds like something off of City Of Evil

  21. CityOfAngels7x

    Their best album and best era.... Easily.

  22. Gray Phoenix

    A7x is my favourite band

  23. Ceasze

    Grew up on this song, haven’t heard it in almost 2 years, THE MEMORIES

    SS 00

    i forgot the song as well, how could i even...

  24. Ceasze


    Justin Hopkins

    just buy it

  25. Dylan Jackson

    Good for when your on your in your last mag and 2 flags behind enemy lines.


    When your on your In your

  26. BlackSepiksEye

    This wasnt on the version of this album i got years ago. How have i never heard this?

  27. TheLev

    Lol I never knew about this song

  28. AKHMASSI Mohamed

    underrated shit

  29. lexdar

    The shortest straw someone?

    Alexi Luffy

    I just realized there's similarities!

  30. ShockSurge

    how did I just learn about this

  31. Martin McGuire

    Lost it all, Dancing Dead, Until the end, Carry on and Crossroads are too good to be B-Sides

  32. Fercible Cóssescionns

    Under my skin,live the reason,under my armor i lost it all

  33. Greg D'Alessandro

    why is this song not on Spotify?

  34. d3gonzo

    Can we get this on spotify?

  35. JAB Gaming

    The people that has disliked this has really lost it all

  36. Sustain The Higher

    Well damn

  37. Matt Bermo

    Does anybody know why the sound quality of this song is poorer that the rest of the album?

  38. Top Tips

    That change on beat at the start is so different from most songs made these days. That's because a7x takes risks, unlike these 'pop songs'.

  39. A.T.A marksman

    2:37 the twin guitar sounds like some old video game

  40. Sprite]

    Alguien español :v

  41. john fischetti

    I'm a huge a7x fan, and I just found this song for the first time.

    Sustain The Higher

    john fischetti yeah same

    Bradley Bailey

    john fischetti top of my playlist now

  42. ANGLER

    This song fits in the album right after god hates us

  43. Marwan Abd El-Ghany


  44. Adrian Alvarado

    Shortest straw its similar at the beginning

  45. Lord Skywalker

    This song is the fucking best!!! So heavy!!

  46. Lee Jaehwan

    favourite a7x song

  47. Krillitfast 21

    If only this were longer

  48. Krillitfast 21

    Time seem like we’ve lost it all

  49. Mitchel Januszka

    Not on Spotify???

    Chris C

    Mitchel Januszka neither is diamonds in the rough

  50. joaog98

    Keep coming back to this song. Killer!

  51. M Dzul Nurfaisal

    Many metal/metalcore/post hardcore bands is short aged coz it less creativity and monoton genre. It's why A7X always make experiments in their albums


    So true.

  52. Lucas Rodrigues

    Put this song on Spotify please

  53. julius purnomo

    2:38 love good reaction melody

  54. only the dead know peace

    2:00 start of the best guitar rift ever. You can thank me later

  55. Top Tips

    I am waiting for a miracle, I'm just waiting for their next song.

    Top Tips

    I don't mean it in a negative way. Their songs are amazing, in other words, miracles.

  56. julius purnomo

    Love u avenged !!!😄

  57. Mariano Abundiz

    How does this only have 7k views? This is one of their best songs.

    I say that about all their songs but I mean hey..whatever...

    Tanner O'Neal

    It has 1.7 million

  58. Firetracks

    These riffs on the verses remind me of another song


    Shortest straw by metallica

  59. Monsterman1218

    Practically all there songs are my favorites. But I wonder why they don’t make a album with just b-side songs?? I mean I want this song on Spotify!!

  60. Cory Black

    This is one of my favorite songs by avenged sevenfold but why isnt it in the nightmare album. It clearly has the nightmare album cover art on the front of the video. In addition to that it would complete the album. Also why can i not find this on spotify or pretty much anything else.

  61. Rt XR

    The song reminds me of someone. I didn't even like him at first... years later he became not just a friend but the best friend I ever had.
    RIP Paul

  62. Jake L. R.

    This! Needs! To! Be! On! Spotify!!!!!!

  63. erockerr789

    This would be known as one of their best songs ever if it wasn't hard to find

  64. Carmen Sotelo

    Cómo no, BvB, que se copian de esta banda justo tienen una canción titulada igual

  65. A7X M.M.B

    Why can't I find this song live ?

  66. Isyfa

    avenged sevenfold try making anime song


    Holy sh*t dude! This song looks like an anime OP 😂😂😂😂

  67. Lonnie Schaefer

    Happy 7th Nightmare!!!

  68. Mercedes Jackson

    Why isn't this on the Album???

    Wild DogV2.0

    Mercedes Jackson it’s on the extended version of the album

  69. Paulo Victor

    Very Nice Drum

  70. 배원식

    Since Rev gone away... I Lost It All...

  71. • W y a t t •


  72. Todd Michael

    God damn gates shreds the fuck outta this song

  73. Daniel Estrelinha

    7 years and heads still roll...

  74. DynamiicGameZ

    Well that solo is REALLY EPIC

  75. DeathMetalDemon

    I am a huge A7x fan and I've never heard this song! I feel guilty😜

  76. Boss Dogg

    who else searched up lost it all for black veil brides then scrolled down and found this?

  77. Dominik Šosták

    great work mike :) those drums were fn sensational


    There's something in your eyes 👀 a part of me that I recognize 😏

  79. Jaidyn Headford

    idk Dont know how I didn't found this year's a ago

  80. dinowars


  81. sherry rosendahl

    avenge is like a mix between Metallica AC-DC and the rev

  82. John Martin


  83. Luigi Tuazon

    I fucking love this song.

  84. Jeremy Babin

    When the fuck did I miss this? What the fuck is this masterpiece? Who the fuck made this? Why the fuck am I just now hearing this? Where the fuck have I been?

    Isaiah Richardson

    Jeremy Babin Do you even sevenfold bro? 😋

  85. Odyssey Underground

    so I have the CD and I don't know how to play the hidden track halp

    Alexander Hayward

    It isn't a hidden track. It's a bonus track on the Deluxe edition.

    Odyssey Underground

    Alexander Hayward ooh okay! thank you and is that the same for St.James as well?

    Alexander Hayward

    Yes except St James wasn't released ever, it's a B side from Hail to the King.

  86. Nickie Ymbong

    fucking solo....

  87. Paulino Sanchez

    this is actually weird because they have two different songs lost and lost it all

  88. Horror and Halloween 101

    They should of put this on the album everywhere, not just in Japan. I would of fit perfectly between Natural Born Killer and So Far Away.

  89. S. O.

    "With the worst to come, lost the best I know." This line man. Too. Powerful.

    S. O.

    Aydan Kennison Sorry for getting back to you this late, you didn't show up in my notifications. I interpreted the line in this way: the person who is singing knows that rough/hard times are coming, and now he lost presumably his best friend. In your best friend, you know you can confide, or tell him if you're facing problems, or those hard times, i previously mentioned. But now, the singer's best friend has passed away, so he has no one to help him face those hard times.

    Haywire Needy

    Sven Ober

    S. O.

    Haywire Needy Hey, what's up? :D

    Wild DogV2.0

    Sven Ober facts

    My autism is exacerbated saying this, but

    @Wild DogV2.0 Hush, degenerate.

  90. TheSamuraiApocalypse

    I wish this came with the album so I could hear it in my car.

  91. Dalton Robert Pepple

    Spotify doesn't have this song, smh

    Sam Garcia

    Dalton Robert Pepple That's because you can only get this song on iTunes

    Dalton Robert Pepple

    That sux

  92. Fanatyk xm

    After all this years i still feel pain ..
    this song is full of this pain tho... .-.

  93. Jake Eaton

    I had no idea this track even existed. It's fucking awesome

  94. TacticalSeven35

    Where is this from

    Aquanox 19

    Nightmare deluxe edition

    Horror and Halloween 101

    It's the Japanese bonus track from Nightmare, so you don't get it on the album unless you live in Japan or you just get the Japanese edition of the album.

  95. Zeth Horn

    did the Rev drum this?

    Dale Hallock

    No, i believe this is arin lejjay.

    Mark Thompson

    Zeth Horn it was mike portnoy

    The Squid

    Mike Portnoy has been their best drummer since Jimmy

  96. Dusty The Sweeper bot

    Burn it all

    Burn it to the fucking ground